Accomplishment Coaching

The world's finest coach training program. Our founder and CEO, Christopher McAuliffe, saw a gap in the coaching world for the "Harvard of coaching."

In 2003, he trained the first group of coaches in San Diego. Since then, Accomplishment Coaching has trained dozens of coaches in Chicago; New York; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating as usual


HAPPENING TONIGHT! All Accomplishment Coaching Affiliates who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ Community are invited to come, be heard, and celebrate your identity as a coach and leader in this world.

See the Zoom information in the December Newsletter sent out this morning.


This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our community of coaches, leaders, and coaches-in-training.

We are grateful for this time to be mindful of the possibility of what happens when we remove the barriers to love.

What are you thankful for?


Want to be a fly 🦟 on the wall for free? 🤗 Listening to a coaching conversation is an intimate experience and hearing a coach be trained is illuminating.

Michelle Akin, MCC is at the helm of training the coach during our Behind the Scenes: How Coaches are Crafted this upcoming Monday.

It's a FREE opportunity to listen in and perhaps even receive some training for yourself. This session is for coaches, those interested in coaching, clients curious about training, or anyone interested in Accomplishment Coaching and is eager to be a fly on the wall.

✅ Come listen to a live coaching session
✅ Hear the free training for the coach
✅ Make notes of what you hear in the training
✅ Ask questions at the end
✅ Receive a FREE coaching session as a benefit
✅ Learn about our other offerings

The Link to Register is here:


Halloween 🎃 and Coaching. Join this Affiliate benefit ⬇️


In case any of our grads or participants need a last minute costume idea… 🙃😏

📸 Selfie by Michelle Akin


Hi 👋🏻! It’s been a minute… the Social Media Team has been working behind the scenes on a few things. For now, what’s new?


It’s ! We are so thankful for ALL of our coaches, coach trainers, and coaches-in-training.

YOU enrich our community and our lives!

Tag a coach who you want to acknowledge today.


Are you an Accomplishment Coaching graduate living in San Diego or Southern California?

In case you missed last week's Affiliate Email, we are hosting a second in-person gathering for graduates and affiliates. This is not open to the public, however all grads and affiliates can bring a plus one!

Space is limited, and we still have room for a few more RSVPs.

✅This is all about community and coming together
✅ Learn what people are up to now and what the greatest takeaway they got from the program
✅ Make new relationships and revitalize other ones

Reach out to 2019 Graduate Annie Petersen for details and to confirm your RSVP.


Happy Labor Day! To our coaches who may be taking the day off and finishing up Fifth Week, enjoy every minute.

To those working today, tending to emergencies and needs of all kinds, thank you for your dedication. If you find yourself interested in learning more about us, click on the link in the profile! ⬆️


BENEFITS! 🚨 Read 👇🏻 for more! September is just around the corner and we have a wealth of offerings for our graduates who are affiliates.

Sometimes we post about them here, and the best place to learn what's going on is through the Affiliate Newsletter. The most recent email came out on August 19.

Here's some of what you may have missed:

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Community Forum, next call September 8 at 7 PM ET

🤩 Workshop Leader Certification Course, begins September 8 with Mick Carbo

✅ Coaches Thrive, Mondays at 12 PM ET, resuming September 12

🌎 Community Connection with CEO Christopher McAuliffe also at 12 PM ET on September 12

💵 Business Bootcamp begins September 20

🎙 Get Loud with Denise Yamada and Alex Terranova is set to resume this Autumn, too.

We don't want you to miss out, so please check your email. If you are an affiliate and not receiving these messages please send us a DM.

With love,
💖 from the Accomplishment Coaching Social Media Team and Chief Affiliate Officer Laura Westman


Remember seeing these in person?

Now that our San Diego Monthly and New York Programs are in person and we’ve updated our logo, new roll ups have been made and are on display!

We are still an International Coaching Federation accredited ontological, personal transformation, and leadership development program just with a new logo and a new tagline. Transformation. Really.

If you’re scrolling through Instagram and thinking, “I want to be there,” we get it!

The good news is our San Diego in-person program will be open for registration until our next Module September 10-11. 😀
Our New York program will remain open for registration until the following weekend, September 17-18. 😀

If in-person is your thing, drop a comment below or send us a message and we’ll get you connected to our fabulous leaders.


Coach - Christine Sachs, MA, MCC
Bebuo Christianne Ewa
Denise Yamada
Annie Petersen

Or, just share one of your favorite memories of seeing this in person!


Time is running out and registration is open NOW!

Three weeks from today, the most comprehensive training around leading a workshop and implementing some of the key proprietary materials that we offer gets underway.

This training is beyond leading a workshop, it's about presence, deepening listening skills, holding space, and all of it can lead to growing your business and filling your workshops.

Send us a message if you have any questions!

Photos from Accomplishment Coaching's post 08/07/2022

Our San Diego Monthly Program is back in person and begins in less than a week on August 13! 👏😃

Senior Program Training Leader Denise Yamada and declared Team Leader Annie Petersen are thrilled to be back in person!

So, as a way to ramp up to Day 1, we decided to host an in-person community gathering Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens - Liberty Station on August 6.

Swipe to see some of the moments and reunions of these lovely humans from San Diego Monthly 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, and 2021-2022! ❤️

Graduates from San Diego Intensive 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 also joined.

As an icebreaker, we asked the following questions:
(1) Who are you and what program did you graduate from?
(2) What is your favorite memory from your program?
(3) What have you accomplished since graduation?

Feel free to answer for yourself, or save for the next event...

Stay tuned for details about our next in-person community gathering in San Diego! It's coming soon!


— We’re doing a thing TOMORROW in San Diego for our graduates and affiliates. Join Denise Yamada for this afternoon of community.
We have about 9-10 spots left and we’d love to see you!

Photos from Alex Terranova's post 08/04/2022

Celebrating 2016 New York Graduate Alex Terranova and his successes. Congratulations on this feature, Alex!


Are you a graduate or affiliate living in San Diego? If so, we are hosting a community event on Saturday.

Space is limited and RSVP is required. If you did not receive the affiliate email, please DM for details!

We have room for 10 more.


Wednesdays are for wins.

(Well, every day we celebrate wins…)

Share yours in the comments below ⬇️.

Photos from Accomplishment Coaching's post 07/27/2022

Our Workshop Leader Certification Course is coming back in just over a month!

Now, we have new pricing as this program is available to ALL graduates, with a price discount for affiliates.

This program launches September 8 and is a favorite of those who have done the program.

Just check out the testimonial below!

Hope you'll join us.


Reminder for our Affiliates ⬇️
Coaches Thrive is Monday morning with Laura Westman.
Find the Zoom Link in your Affiliate Newsletter.


We have received a lot of questions about the time change of Coaches Thrive. 

West Coast: 9 AM
Central: 11 AM
East Coast: Noon

This coming Monday, Personal Development and Executive Coach and Senior Program Training Leader Denise Yamada will be leading the call.

As a reminder to our graduates, Coaches Thrive is a free benefit of being an Affiliate. You’ll find the link to attend in your Affiliate Newsletter sent on Wednesday, July 13.

See you there!


As a consequence of being a trained coach, you will see things about your clients that are getting in their way.

As a consequence of being human, you will hold back on saying some of those things, for fear of angering or upsetting the client, and potentially losing their business.

Ironically, the opposite is more likely.

When you stay safe and comfortable with your clients, you’ll soon find that your clients stop having breakthroughs.

All manner of things begin to occur after that. For example, the client will…

▶️ Plateau in their growth
▶️ Not reach their goals
▶️ Become complacent
▶️Suddenly see no value in coaching

To name a few.

That’s why, as a best practice, we suggest SAYING that thing that you THINK will get you fired, coaches. 😅🔥

And hey… maybe you will get fired… or hung up on… or groaned at…

OR… perhaps they will allow it to change their life. 😁😁

This job is a risky one, but the payoff on the other side is: transformation. Something life-altering. If only you are able to get your fear out of the way, and say the thing.


This is common knowledge in sports.

🏀 Play full out
🏈 Don’t leave anything on the field/court
⚽️ Follow. Through.

When it comes to a lot of different areas of life, however, it’s not such common knowledge.

Think about it, though…

The energy you carry from one thing to the next… that energy is not benign. If you give up toward the end of a goal, scrap that goal entirely, and move on to something new… you bring that “giving up” energy right along with you to the next thing.

New jobs, relationships, planner books… they all have this sparkle. It’s shiny and new. THIS TIME it’s going to be different.

Even though, this time, I AM NOT being different.

It’s a strange way to think, isn’t it?

So try this on for size:
Next time you end something, be it a job, a relationship, the pursuit of a goal, or even a planner book, choose to end it the way you intend to begin the next.

Perhaps with gratitude, enthusiasm, love, rigor, the list goes on…

The point is to choose how you’d like to begin the next thing, and start practicing that way of being NOW.


This is a safe space to share, to be out loud, and be in community.


A little message for you 👇🏻.

How will you be spending Fifth Week?


Such a brilliant quote that has been shared many times over by coaches in our community.

It makes sense that it is so resonant; coaching and leadership development are so rooted in the practice of gaining new awareness so that we can make informed choices.

Response, here, is distinct from reaction.

Reactions are knee-jerk, predictable, and typically born from fear.

When we can actually slow down enough to notice the space between the stimulus and the response, we can then begin to make purposeful choices in that space.


The first time a toddler dresses themself, it’s a huge deal. They not only went in and chose their outfit, but they managed to get it all on without the assistance of an adult. Amazing! In fact, it’s not only amazing the first time it happens, but each subsequent time it happens after that for an extended period.

It’s new. It’s an accomplishment. It requires acknowledgement.

There is some point, however, where it becomes commonplace. The child is on to the next level of growth. Seeking the next accomplishment that will wow their parents or guardians.

How does this relate to coach and leadership development?

Great question!

Often, a place we see leaders get stunted in their growth, is that they are looking for acknowledgement for putting their pants on.

It makes sense that as humans, we’d want to keep repeating the things that we are already good at. It feels good to be good at things, right?!

However, it can sometimes blind us from what the next level is.

Look in your own life… where are you looking for acknowledgement for simply putting your pants on? What’s it keeping you from?


A lot of our graduates are smirking (or scowling) at this one.

It is perhaps one of the most irritating questions that anyone in leadership training gets asked. At least, it’s irritating when you’re actively trying to avoid your own leadership.

It makes sense, since many of us have been conditioned (by school, or other structures like it) to always ask permission before taking action.

This habit shows up very clearly during leadership training and development. Someone takes on the role of leading their team, and then proceeds to ask others what they or the team should do.

It’s a perfectly natural thing to do!

The thing that actually creates growth in someone’s leadership, however, is practicing being the one to create the plan, and then be open to feedback and collaboration from others.

Bring your vision to the table, work to get your team on board with what you see. Hear them and their feedback, and work together to create a shared vision.

Most of us just try to do this in reverse, by getting everyone else’s opinion first. This is more practiced. Safer.

But consider what it would do for your life as a whole if you had a strong muscle in having your OWN vision for how something could go. To show up to the table, any table, with something to contribute. With the habitual instinct to bring your leadership, rather than be a follower.

For those reading this who have made this shift, will you share below what impact it’s had on your life?


Handle your scandal.

Said differently: take the drama out of your life.

Scandals are big, morally questionable events that incite public outrage, so clearly, the above phrase is used to exaggerate or even make light of a situation, rather than to label it an actual “scandal.”

And we need to make light of the things we are regarding as heavy if we want to be able to move them.

Often, we make things more dramatic than they actually need to be, and our inner self-saboteurs can create or invent drama, simply out of habit.

To “handle your scandal” is to slow down, reflect on what is actually occurring, and get supported to take purposeful steps forward.

Easier said than done, but when you are surrounded by a team of people who will not only point out your excess of drama, but will stand with you to “handle” it, you become more and more immune to self-sabotage.

We’d love to hear from some coaches in our community in the comments. What’s the scandal that you’ve handled through this work?

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