Electrical Training Institute

We Provide Industry Leading Training for the Electrical, and Sound & Telecommunications where you earn while you learn. We are a State of California and Department of Labor approved Electrical Apprenticeship.

Learn with us for a carrer in Electrical Construction. Great pay and college credit without student loans. Come back as Journeymen for life long learning!

Mission: The Electrical Training Institute (ETI) of San Diego and Imperial Counties, in alliance with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 569 and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) of San Diego, provides a professional cutting-edge team of industry-leading electrical workers through innovative training in emerging technologies. The Electrical Training Institute strives to develop a higher standard of living for all members of the community as we progress toward a better place for everyone to work and live.

Operating as usual

IBEW Hour Power

The training at the Alaska Electrical Apprenticeship in the Alaska IBEW is very similar to ours. But when adapting to the outdoor elements Alaska has to offer, they are very different and must be adaptable. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NecaSanDiego

Alaska...the last frontier… is more than 660,000 square miles… most of which is uninhabited, extreme terrain. And every square inch is managed by the men and women of IBEW Local 1547, to ensure power remains uninterrupted.

Whether it’s construction or maintenance, inside or outside, the linemen, electricians and technicians of the state wide local have been trained to not only work safely, but to also be prepared for any and all conditions.

As part of these nimble programs, the Alaskan apprenticeship school developed a drone certification course to further show the value their linemen can offer contractors.

While learning how to properly turn the screws is an important part of working in the field, the apprentice school recognizes that it’s just as vital for their journeymen to be squared away between the ears.

Being prepared to work safely and accomplish any task or project, in any weather condition, the brothers and sisters of 1547 keep on in spite of the challenges.

That’s the Alaskan Way.



We look forward in participating in the The National City Chamber event and hope to spread the word in the community.

nationalcitychamber.org REGISTRATION Employers and Job Seekers are invited to participate in our 3rd VIRTUAL Job Fair that connects regional employers with hundreds of job seekers. This job fair invites young adults ages 18-29 years old to participate and take advantage of entry level, career, and training opportunities. #...

Thanks to 2nd year apprentice, Robert Miner, for fullfilling the request of Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) of having someone who is currently in the apprenticeship. This is part of the Green Careers Webinar Series they are hosting. Great job talking to the next generation of electrical workers! #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW559 #NECASanDiego

Take a look at this great opportunity for apprentices! You don’t want to miss it. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

This is a great opportunity for Apprentices! Register here: http://bit.ly/NECA2020Live #NECA2020LIVE National Electrical Contractors Association - NECA

CIMC Escondido Field Office

Escondido Field Office is having a Virtual Job and Resource Fair!! September 22, 2020 from 1-3pm You need to register for this event. Please click the link to register. The first 25 people to register and attend the event will get a Amazon Gift Card!!


Way to go and keep up the hard work! #ApprenticeshipWorks

A man from another trade approached me today by the elevator and asked about my story. He said he sees me walk through the gate every morning and while he’s doing his rounds, he always sees me working. He said he was impressed because this work is hard and that the trades could use a larger female presence.

“I know every day and every project will have its moments. I’m thankful for my job and the opportunity to be here, but that short conversation made me a little extra thankful. No make up, no filter, dirty. If I can do it, anyone can.” Lyndsay Lyons~1st year Sound Apprentice working at the UCSD Living & Learning project. #TradesWoman #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego #UnitedSparkies

IBEW Local 569

IBEW 569 members at Emerson-Bandini Elementary School in San Diego’s Southcrest neighborhood, working for Baker Electric doing new construction, whole site modernization, and exterior improvements. #IBEW569 builds schools and stronger communities.

#IBEWproud #UnionStrong #WeAreIBEW569 #unionelectrician #essentialworkers #Construction #StaySafe #journeyman #sparkylife #bluecollarbrotherhood #webuildamerica #strongertogether #ibewlife #bluecollar #electrician #PLAsWork #LocalHire


Veteran Career Pathways - Careers in the Construction & Building Trades

Anyone in the OC area!

eventbrite.com An overview for veterans of career possibilities with the construction & building trades

Congratulations to the Pre-Apprentices and their completion of our program! 6 weeks of in classroom and hands-on learning. 2 weeks of paid on-the-job-training with a NECA San Diego contractor. IBEW Local 569 #ApprenticeshipWorks

Congratulations to our lead instructor Kenneth Collier on his 25th year with IBEW Local 569!

Updated JW class schedule with CPR/First Aid classes included. They fill up fast! #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

We hold an instructor meeting before every new semester. In these trying times, communication is more important than ever. Our Training Director, Kevin, wants to be able to answer any questions and have open conversations for any situation that may occur. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

Inside Wire Apprentices receive a percentage of Journeyman wages & will be affected by the wage increase based on the period they are in. The period they are in is based on OJT & class hours completed. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

BOOM! Today, wages for IBEW 569 Inside Journeyman Electricians increased by $2.65 to $47.65 per hour, with a total package of $64.20 including health and retirement benefits.

Please refer to our agreements for additional information.

#LiveBetterWorkUnion | #UnionStrong

Journeyman Fall 2020 class schedule! It is also posted on our website. www.etiedu.org From the home page hover over Continuing Education and then click on Journeyman Class Schedule. #IBEW569 #NecaSanDiego

North America's Building Trades Unions

Apply today! Please go to our website etiedu.org and see how to begin your future in a solid career path.

Make TODAY the day.

Begin your path towards a family-sustaining, Building Trades UNION career ✊

Last day before being sent out to a signatory NECA San Diego contractor as either Material Handler 3 (MH) or Street Light Tech 5 (STLT Tech) classification of IBEW Local 569. This will complete the last part of the Pre-Apprenticeship with at least 2 weeks of paid on-the-job training. #ApprenticeshipWorks

Cable management and dressing cable is an integral part of ensuring everything is perfect and where it's supposed to go. Whether these Pre-Apprentices apply for the Sound & Telecommunications program or the Inside Wire program, learning on Cat. 6 data cable will give them the practice to efficiently pay attention to detail. #ApprenticeshipWorks

Pulling in wire is important to know how to do properly without compromising the wire. This requires more communication and teamwork which we instill from day one to the Pre-Apprentices. #ApprenticeshipWorks

We do our best to give the Pre-Apprentices as many different tasks as possible like cutting Unistrut with a hacksaw using a tri-stand chain vice to safely secure it. Then filing the sharp edges off the Unistrut. #ApprenticeshipWorks

Training Director, Kevin Johnson, speaking with the Pre-Apprentices to give them advice and answer any questions in preparation on the next steps in their early career. As a graduate of ETI from the Inside Wireman program, Kevin cares deeply about ALL the students and offering the best training. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

Pre-apprentices installed a new cable tray in shop 2. They learned that being a perfectionist is what makes our work look like art and necessary. Using several levels at a time to ensure it was 100%. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NecaSanDiego

Pre-Apprentices doing more hands-on learning. Installing devices and connecting them properly following the code book is always a must. #ApprenticeshipWorks

The Fast-Start Sound & Telecommunications class last week practicing on two separate tasks simultaneously. One group knot tying and the other working together to pull wire in the cable tray. Today all of them are with their first assigned contractors of paid on the job training! Congratulations! #EarnWhileYouLearn #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego


John Mohammed Khan organized by Electrical Training Institute of SD Imperial

John Khan was an Inside Wireman Apprentice at Electrical Training Institute (ETI) in Imperial County. He lived in El Centro, CA. He passed away due to complications of COVID-19. At ETI of San Diego and Imperial Counties, along with IBEW Local 569, and NECA San Diego, we are a family. We hope to help out our extended family through this rough time.

All the money raised will go directly to his sister Lilly (pictured) for the burial and funeral costs. She is currently going through Chemo to fight cancer and we wish her all the best.

gofundme.com John Khan was an Inside Wireman Apprentice at Electrical Training In… Electrical Training Institute of SD Imperial needs your support for John Mohammed Khan

The Pre-Apprentices helped assemble the solar array. They gained some experience of working together as a team using communication and each having tasks to complete. Learning about Photovoltaic (PV) arrays is important in our industry and we were able to give them a brief overview of how it works.#ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

Milwaukee Tool came here today to talk to the Pre-Apprentices and Fast-Start Sound Apprentices about new tools, safety, and special priced packages for all apprentices. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

10 Sound and Telecommunication apprentices in the Fast-Start hands on portion are learning how to drill into concrete They have already completed the virtual (textbook) portion of the class and will finish this week and head out to their assigned contractor. The Sound & Telecommunications apprenticeship program is 4 years. In order to graduate they must pass the California state tests: Voice Data Video (VDV) and Fire Life Safety (FLS) and will be classified as a Journeyman Sound Technician. A few other certifications: fiber optics, copper cabling, and OSHA 30. #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

Pre-Apprentices practice installing boxes on drywall and on metal studs. Learning how to correctly, safely, and efficiently work with different tools and devices in a controlled environment at the school is what we do here. Their Instructor, Garrett, is right there with them to assist and advise for all of it. #PreApprenticeship #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

We have worked hard to ensure we are able to keep classes going using virtual platforms and, when necessary, in class hands-on labs with: smaller class sizes, staggered breaks, masks required at all times, temperature checks before entering, sanitizing spray everywhere each day, and extra hand sanitizer stations throughout the school. It has been a team effort all the way around! #ApprenticeshipWorks #Essential

Here's how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we train new electricians. http://www.ibew.org/media-center/Articles/20Daily/2008/Pandemic

Today the Vista Innovation & Design Academy (VIDA) received 820 of each: IBEW Local 569 pencils, NECA San Diego mini tape measures, and Electrical Training Institute key lanyards. As a team we will overcome the pandemic and do everything we can to assist kids to be able to learn virtually and some of these items can assist in that. Vista Unified School District #ApprenticeshipWorks

Ewmc SanDiego is a charter group we love to work with to help the communities of San Diego in educating about the #apprenticeship for #career opportunities in the electrical industry. Please help to support Alianza Ewmc, which is a committee under EWMC San Diego. Working together to support and promote a solid middle class life. #AlianzaEWMC #Alianza #EWMCSanDiego #ApprenticeshipWorks #IBEW569 #NECASanDiego

Learn more about Alianza 569 and check out their new T-shirts: ewmcsandiego.com/shirts-1. If you are interested in purchasing their t-shirts, or have questions about shipping costs, please email Alianza 569 at [email protected]. (The T shirts are not available for purchase at our Hall.)
Alianza seeks to further the purpose of Electrical Workers Minority Caucus of San Diego and Imperial Counties and #IBEW by engaging with Latino communities throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. #1u

If you’re interested in gaining experience while waiting to go through the application process to get into our apprenticeship check out the CW1 (entry level) opportunity. Go to IBEW Local 569 hall at 4545 Viewridge Ave. and ask to sign the entry level work books. #ApprenticeshipWorks

JOB ALERT! #IBEW569 these open calls today:

2 CE 5 long calls for NB Baker Electric

1 CW 4 long call for NB Baker Electric

1 CW 3 long call for HMT Electric

2 CW 3 long calls for NB Baker Electric

3 CW 2 long calls for Conti Corp (Imperial Valley)

2 CW 2 long calls for NB Baker Electric

1 CW 1 long call for NB Baker Electric

Call #IBEW 569 for details: 858-569-8900. #jobseekers #LiveBetterWorkUnion #1u #electrician

Happy Birthday Kenneth Collier!

⚡️🎉Happy Birthday Ken Collier 🎉⚡️
Ken is Lead Instructor at our Electrical Training Institute and is an excellent mentor to our 500+ apprentices!


Union Solidarity for Stronger Communities

Unions have a strong tradition of supporting working families and our communities through tough times. We thank our IBEW Local 569 electricians and power pro...


The Electrical Worker Online

ibew.org The monthly newspaper of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, representing 750,000 workers throughout the United States and Canada. Breaking news and analysis from the largest electrical workers union in North America.

Our Story

We are a State of California and Department of Labor approved Electrical Apprenticeship. Learn with us for a career in Electrical Construction. Great pay and college credit without student loans. Come back as Journeymen for life long learning!

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