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Michelle Mullady is a spiritual life coach, best-selling motivational/inspirational author, master energy therapist, angel intuitive, meditation instructor, prayer chaplain, and transformational healing workshop leader. She is the author of seven books and countless articles, on the topics of loving yourself, creating positive relationships, feeling all of your feelings, healing triggers, moving forward from grief, releasing anger, embracing forgiveness and igniting intuition. She has appeared on various radio shows, lived and worked in the United States and Mexico for 25 years seeing private clients, leading meditation circles, and teaching workshops. As a heart-centered lightworker for the codependency recovery movement, Michelle uses holistic approaches to inspire and empower countless people to heal their own lives and relationships by learning to love themselves, develop healthy lifestyle practices and begin to live like they really mean it. She was honored to be a featured internationally recognized life coach/healer in Visionary Insight Press' Best-Selling Book "Spiritual Leader Directory 2018: Top Picks". Her book "The Joy of Loving Yourself: 101 Ways to a Happier You" was spotlighted in Aspire Magazine's Top 10 Inspiring Books list! These books will change the way you live and love. For more information about the services I offer or to schedule an appointment please call my office at 1-210-501-9582 or email me at [email protected] Visit my website at http://www.michellemullady.com Copyright 2019 Michelle Mullady

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FB memory photos!

This special holiday message is brought to you by "The Santa Beard Project" (GONE WILD) ...

~Give huge hugs.
~Take lots of deep breaths.
~Play with your loved ones.
~Giggle, chuckle, and laugh as much as possible.
~Sing and dance to Christmas songs.
~Fill their stockings with cans of shaving cream and make your own white
Christmas like we did. Lol!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas love and light to all!

Wedding Officiant ... it is an honor to be in the presence of true love.

Soul Sunday ...

Today, utter a silent prayer and let the miracles begin. There is great power in the simple act of opening your heart, mind, and life to prayer. When you pray, you are inviting Divine support to help you. You are giving permission to a Loving Presence to intervene on your behalf. Or you gain the strength, courage, or patience to handle a difficult situation with grace and wisdom.

Our beautiful Christmas tree is lighting up our home.

Soul Sunday ...

Winter wedding in Texas ...

You can communicate your prayer intentions through numerous forms of expression. The easiest method is simply to speak aloud whatever you have to say as you light a candle. Other creative ideas include writing a message on paper and burning it in a candle flame and carving a message onto your candle in the form of a symbolic word, phrase, or drawing.

December 1st, 1995 I walked into my first meeting for the friends and family members of alcoholics/prescription drug addicts. I grew up in this disease. Celebrating 25 years of healing magic and abundant miracles. Thanks to all in this global fellowship. My gratitude is immense. I AM BLESSED! Thank you God!

This cloud stayed with me for 30 minutes in the early am hours. I felt deeply aware of, connected to and surrounded by the angels during this hike. My entire being consumed the peace filled vibrations that emanated from this particular formation. At one point I saw a smiling heart-shaped face showering me with love.

Love and light to you ...

Life is good ...

Angel signs ...

Tuesday vibes ...

#DivineLove as source and supply says that if you tune into the highest level where all is One, your needs will be met in the ideal way. This is, of course, the extreme opposite of how the multitudes have been taught to live. If you are like many people, you attach yourself to your #fears instead of the #solutions and end of #feeling run down by #obsessive thinking and a desire to try to control everything as well as everyone in your life.
The new belief that you are being encouraged to adopt is that the #Universe is using your experiences and relationships as a transmitter to bring you an #abundance of good. When you look at #transforming anything that opposes this idea, the real #healing work begins.
This realization will take practice, since your ingrained response is most likely one of grasping and holding onto what you fear you might loose. Actually letting go and trusting God is a #healthier way to live.
A wonderful client of mine recently shared several stories with me about how she has been putting this into practice after she was dismissed from a job last year that she really hadn't enjoyed for quite a while. Prior to her release from this position, we had been looking into several layers of beliefs in different areas related to why she kept showing up for her unappreciative employer and working long hours for his business. At just the right time, she was let go. She understood that she had learned her #lessons .
During the last eight months, money has shown up for her in so many miraculous ways, she had plenty of time to work on some art projects that had been tugging at her heart, she has traveled, and enjoyed being more available for her family. She spoke to me from a serene place of having faith in God's plan for her and how she wasn't in all of the fear that she used to feel. Now at the perfect time a wonderful new job with very nice people came knocking at her door with no effort on her part.
Ask yourself, "What am I clinging to at this time in my life? What am I willing to be willing to #surrender to the Divine?"
If you are looking for someone to offer you a fresh #perspective and counsel, please visit my website @michellemullady

Road trippin on my own today ... Seagrove, Florida here I come!

One-Minute Awakenings

Breathe in and out through the nose, and, even as you read, feel or sense or imagine that with every inhale you can draw divine light in through the entire surface of your body. Simply imagine that each slow, deep, inhaled breath is drawing divine light in through every cell of your body, that the whole outer surface of your skin opens to and receives divine light with each deep inhaled breath. And, even as you read, feel or sense or imagine that with every exhale you are shining divine light outward, like a burning flame, with every exhale the entire surface of your body releases divine light, radiates divine light. Continue breathing in through the skin, and radiating out through the skin, for a few minutes more, as your eyes softly close ...

Michelle Mullady

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and fearful? If you answered yes this could be the support you have been desiring. I am offering a 4-session “Embracing Your Serenity” Spiritual Life Coaching package to help you get through the Coronavirus pandemic and to assist you to grow through this process. Take the first steps to relax your body, calm your emotions, and comfort your soul.

The goal of these one-to-one supportive consultations is to help you maintain emotional health and psychological well-being during isolation, quarantine, stress and anxiety, as well as make good use of your time at home, including doing things that help you evolve and thrive.

I want to share with you what I have learned during my 30 years of experience about how to develop positive mental health, stay optimistic, seek spiritual guidance and not get lost in a downward spiral of worry, fear and anxiety. If you don't want to get dragged down by restlessness, despair and grief this Embracing Your Serenity Spiritual Life Coaching package is for you!

Click the link for all of the details about my individualized, holistic (body-mind-emotions-spirit) approach!

Get all of the details at https://www.michellemullady.com/spiritual-life-coaching.html

Please feel free to use this uplifting prayer to illumine our world with love.

'As I open my heart and manifest a light in the world. I give rise to love within myself and allow this love to be delivered in abundance, on the wings of angels, across our beloved planet. Thank you, Holy Mother-Father God, for sending your gifts of compassion, peace, and love to all those who need it. My entire being is flowing with gratitude with the knowledge that you are the light that leads them to serenity, and I surrender all I can to you, trusting your presence will guide us.

And so it is ... Amen!'

Michelle Mullady

Instagram Contest ... https://www.instagram.com/MichelleMullady/

WIN a 60-Minute #Stress Solution Life #Coaching Session...

@michellemullady + @lifecoachangel are teaming up to give two lucky winners a chance to win a 1 hr individual coaching session (total value of $190). Contest ends on Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2020.

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One thing we already know is that life as you knew it has already been turned upside down and it feels STRANGE, STRESSFUL, and DISRUPTIVE to almost everyone I am talking to these days. Many people are afraid for their loved ones and concerned about finances. It is TOO EASY to get wound up in worry, impacting both your mental and physical health. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. ❤️

There has never been a better time to learn positive coping strategies and stress-management techniques! Fear, worry and isolation will wreak havoc on your mental health if you don’t make the DECISION to prioritize your psychological and emotional well-being. ❤️

The current times provide an OPPORTUNITY… for compassion… for growth… for self-love... for inner peace... You do NOT have to feel trapped in FEAR, WORRY and HOPELESSNESS!

Peace begins with you. It’s time to embrace the surprising connections between you and the universe.

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Honoring my father who is a retired Air Force officer, my brother who served in the Navy, and my mom who served in the Air Force as well.

Thank you to my many friends and clients who have stood watch over this country during times of war and peace! May God bless you!

You are all in my prayers today!

I shuffled this deck and pulled a card for you. This is your message from Spirit.

When you are trying to come to grips with tough issues and cope with stressful situations, and you’ve done all you can for the moment, what then? Do something that will nurture your mind, body, emotions, or spirit. You might like to read a book, fill up a few pages in your journal with how you feel, or listen to some upbeat music and dance in your kitchen. You could make yourself a healthy meal, call a dear friend, sit quietly and meditate, or cuddle on the couch with one of your loved ones (fur babies included).
Being on a healing journey means that you learn to recognize when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious and you honor that by making choices about what you are willing to do to relieve that stress. A relaxing bath, a massage, a nap, a fun bike ride, or watching a good movie are definitely acts of self-love during times of accumulated tension. These are positive ways to pass moments that might otherwise be wasted away on fear and worry.
One of your primary responsibilities is to take loving care of yourself, so I invite you to find small ways to do something for your mind, body, emotions, and spirit this weekend.

Michelle 💖

Soul Sunday ...


Prayers and appreciation to all of the Democrat and Republican vote counters who working so hard to complete this process.

Because every voice matters!

ractice being present. Learn from the voices seeking light, love, peace, and equality for us all. Listen attentively. This is complicated and it has deep energetic cords attached to our collective acceptance. Please don't stay stuck in your acknowledged fears. Instead rise up into your connection to a higher spiritual awareness with this healing prayer. We are awakening to a Higher Heart experience where LIGHT is being reborn.
Please use this prayer as often as needed from my best-selling co-authored book 365 Days of Angel Prayers.
“Dearest God and Angels,

I call forth a golden spiral of healing light and gleaming love from my heart to hold our world in this loving healing consciousness, inviting the angels to speed and ground the healing rays upon the Earth to bless all humanity.
I pray for the awakening of the human race and the dawning of a new era of peace, health, and harmony on our planet. I pray for the upliftment of every member of humankind into the realm of Divine Agreement that we are all godly in creation, whole and holy, loved and loving. I pray for perfect spiritual attunement to resonate between Earth and her human children.

365 Days of Angel Prayers is available for purchase at https://www.michellemullady.com/shop.html

Awww a Spiritual Life Coaching couple that I support on their healing journey left these beautiful flowers and a precious card at my front door. My heart is happy. 💖

Birthday love and light!

It’s my birthday! 💓

This too shall pass.

Got my vote in on Sunday afternoon in #sanantonio #texas ... felt so good to play my part in this very important election.

#empowerment #planyourvote #vote #vote2020 #voteforchange #alllivesmatter #transformation #democracy #saveourdemocracy #votevotevote

Take an official break from worrying, controlling, obsessing, fixing, and problem solving to renew your energy. Just for today, let the pressure off and consciously choose to bond with peace.
Do universe is unfolding perfectly. You don’t have to hang on. You can relax and let go. You can go with the flow. You always have everything you need. You have all the love you need within your own heart. You are a lovable and loving person. You are whole as yourself. Divine love is guiding you and you are always taken care of. The universe always provides.

With Love and Light,
Michelle 💖
#letgoandletgod #letgoandgrow #innerpeace #spiritualjourney #theuniversehasyourback #satx #positivevibes #positivemindset #selflove #selfcare #wellbeing #release #letgo #freeyourself

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I can support you to heal from:​

  • Feeling not good enough, or "too much" or "too little"

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