Quantum Multiversal Consciousness

Quantum Multiversal Consciousness


Welcome you Dr Gautam Chatterjee Sir for the special discussion session on Sankhya Philosophy's role towards the irradiation of the current negative situation! 😇😇
Is it possible to see the sun as green?
Ancient Eastern cultures throughout time understood the sacred science and the power of the individual energy centers of the body. Of course, they had different names for them that were related to the contemporary language of that specific time. For example, I'm sure you've heard the word Chakra, but I question how many people truly comprehend what that word actually means. Fast forward to today, and there are many misinterpretations and misunderstandings of that simple word as well as many others, which both weaken the meaning of it and reduce our ability to interact with these mystical centers.

Great video!
What do you think about the Cabal Secret Society? I have been watching a lot of episodes on Gaia and it keeps coming up. There is a belief that we should have a one world government but is that just playing into the hands of the Cabal? Are we under the illusion that we have a free government elected by the people in the US?
The signiture of harmony the FRACTAL in me is 3
Compilation Book of 3
Has 3 rules.
* Follow the Evidence wherever it leads. The Evidence has to be reproducible over and over again.

* If one is a theory one needs to be willing to try to prove it wrong as much as one tries to prove that it is right.

* The Ultimate Arbiter of Truth is Experiment, not the comfort one derives from one’s prior beliefs, nor the beauty or elegance one ascribes to ones theoretical model.

The ONE thing
that is TrueLY ONE, (all else in existence are made by QTM4s
TimeSpace& Energy)
GGGG Energy,
0 ZERO EQUAL Energy Feild Unified Feild, Quantum Feild, Devine Feild Energy Creation Feild, GGGGIGANTIC!


Divided itself 2 Times.

1 Time our tick tick tick
1Time & our Space( 3 dementions)
3 Time Space& 3Energy💥💥💥
Energy is 3
Light, Color, Sound
LIGHT is3=3
amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.

Color is3=3

Sound is 3= 3
picth, loudness and tone

All of the information from the first tick of 0Time, that makes "me" & all 3s, is in the 1st LIGHT of 3💥 that we see.

When you get to 3 it starts the spin and the gloriously musical Colorful geometical Fractals of Nature that make Eternity.

At the Planck scale there are 3 pairs of quarks.

Ther are basically 3 Quarks in a Proton.

The 3 particles that make up an Atom: are3 proton neutron and electron.

99.9% of an atom is made of Space-TIME.

A hydrogen atom is about 99.9999999999996% space. Put another way, if a hydrogen atom were the size of the earth, the proton at its center would be about 600 feet across.

Our sun is one of 3 stars that made "me".

Our sun is a 3rd Generation Star.

Our 1 sun shines so warm and free, the other 2 made the matter of "me"

by burning hot and scattering around, to form 3 divides of elements (matter,,). The 3 devides of matter, (Elementary Table) made our earth of more 3s x3x 3...

There are 12 particles of Matter, (4 forces of nature)

That formed of our LIVING planet, the 3rd rock from the sun -Our mother Earth.

Around the 3rd planet from our sun We" learn our Earth has 3 protection rings around it just like our skin that protects our body AND has 3 layers. Theres so many more

-Of many many many 3s to make an incrediable working machine of the body. Time space makes up 99.999% of our cells in our body.

Every part of our body uses a component of 3 to make it work.
our ears
our eyes
our fingers
our toes
our feet
our legs
our body....
There are 3 "energy system brains" with thier own chemicals, jobs, hormons below the HEART. They have a slower frequency beat that the heart.
And there are 3 Higher
Frequency ENERGY Systems Above the HEART. ♥️They have a much higher frequency beat than the Heart. The Higher you go the faster the frequency vibrations.

We have 3 MAJOR Brains:

1 The Stem Brain. Unconcious

2.The Limbic Brain.
Sub Conscious

3rd. &The Neocortex

Quantum4KingTime and it's *TIMES 3,

Time-Space &3Energy, created us,
lives us,
die with us,
it laughs with us,
and cries with us,
it's right there with us all the TTTtime.
EXCEPT....the 3rd brain. !!
Not NOT Not the Neo Cortex the AwAreness aware Brain,... According to cognitive scientists we only use .05% of it..... the rest of what we do and say and feel is run by our mammalian 🧐 SUB..subconscious brain.

Now is the Time to turn it ON.

ITis a Gift from QUANTUM0TIME .

Atonement with All 3s of Nature and Time.

Awareness Bring a Better Definition to LIFE & ALL of its Energies.

ENERGY WE ARE, Made by the wondrous glorious

0 BIG X KISSEST E 0 by 3
Time to SEE 3
The Angels.... 1Time +1Space &= 3Energy. OO-OO Q4s
Off Spring ♥️
QUANTUM4 IS Equal. Equal negative to equal positive. It is all of the energy in the universe and more out of our universe. About Quantum Zero Energy power is the one that created us it divided itself and made our tic of time and our beautiful space ..that ENERGY is of 3 color light and sound. These three also divided into 3. We are 3. TIME,Space& ENERGY.
TIMESFACEinEnergy.com 🔻♥️🔺️
11 yr compilation study on nature history and science looking for 3s. Big news came with it 11 yrs later. 3BrightAngels.com
Time Space & Energy
Ready for 2020
Who are you? Just curious. 🦋😎

Inspire, Teach & Raise Awareness on a Multi-Dimensional Level! Dr J Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Greg

Operating as usual


You are the product of your thoughts and your thoughts are subject to change. Change your thoughts and you will change who you are


Pay attention to black and white, all or none labels. These indicate high survival modes and polarization.

Hold yourself accountable to see the other side, to awaken to the balance so you get an objective view and build certainty in your life.

If you live congruently with your highest value, you end up thriving.

Somebody who’s truly THRIVING is more likely to see their life events in more neutral perspectives – ones they can use to their resilient advantage.

If you attempt to live according to your lower values, you end up only surviving.

Somebody who’s merely SURVIVING in life will most likely label things as either “good” or “bad”.


“A soulmate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communication and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace. This kind of relationship is so important to the soul that many have said there is nothing more precious in life.”

— Thomas Moore

[ Art • “Love Incense” by Greg Spalenka ]


A 1500 year old, Mayan ceramic figure with removable helmet, found in El Perú-Waka, Petén, Guatemala.



Rare iridescent huge Ammonite Fossil from Southern Alberta, Canada

Photo: Wang Zhang


When the world values you, it’s because you value yourself.

You’re not here to compare yourself to others. You’re here to compare your own actions to your own highest values and your own most meaningful objectives and mission and look at how congruent they are.

You automatically devalue yourself when you try to live in someone else’s values because you have compared yourself to them and are trying to be someone you’re not.

You are not designed to excel when you compare yourself to others.

The devaluation of yourself by thinking that you need fixing results from not being true to yourself.

You don’t need to fix yourself when you’re authentic.
You don’t need to fix yourself when you’re inspired by what’s highest in priority in your life, and you’re living congruent with that daily.
You don’t need to fix yourself when you stop judging others and love them with equanimity.

As a result, you’ll likely be filled with gratitude and appreciation for others and have individuals value you in return.


“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind doesn't understand”
- Rumi ·


"Geometry, which before the origin of things was coeternal with the divine mind, being God himself, [...], supplied God with patterns for the creation of the world."
- Johannes Kepler, The Harmony of the World, 1619

Art: exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum by Anila Agha

Trans-Texas Quest - Texas Trail Running 11/22/2022

Trans-Texas Quest - Texas Trail Running

Trans-Texas Quest - Texas Trail Running In one day, he is going to run a marathon, then another marathon. Then he is going to repeat that the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Ken is about to start his Trans-Texas quest. Running


The eye of Sauron!


Blue architecture of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

✍️ Samarkand is the name of a city in Uzbekistan. It is located in the middle. Precisely in Samarqand Province, Uzbekistan. This city is the third largest city in Uzbekistan.

✍️ Samarkand is a very old city, which was founded nearly 3 thousand years. Alexander the Great conquered the city in 329 BC. The Greeks call it "Marakanda". At that time, and also later Samarkand was an important city on the Silk Road from China to the west.

✍️ In the early Islamic period of the 7th century the city developed rapidly until the destruction by Genghis Khan in 1220. In the 14th century Eastern Leng made Samarkand the capital of a large kingdom.

✍️ In 1868, Samarkand became part of the Russian empire, and from 1925 to 1930 the city was the capital of the Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan.


Deeper Gnosis "Mana":
We're Multi-Dimensional beings living in Infinities of Universes.
Through my minds eye looking out is literally all Fractal pieces of me. It's all my Universe (Literally) waiting for me to Align up to whatever I want. If I think bad or do wrong to someone. I'm only Poisoning myself. There's no Scarcity. It's all already mine!
The same thing through your eyes looking out. It's all already your Universe. Same laws apply.
This is why they say the World is you pushed out or the world is mirroring you.

Quantum Nat - YouTube 11/22/2022

Quantum Nat - YouTube

Quantum Nat - YouTube Welcome to my personal library... You will find anything from meditation clips, breathing techniques, best of inspiring teachers & much more. In the hopes th...

Some words of Encouragement for those that need it as the Holidays are coming up! 11/22/2022

Some words of Encouragement for those that need it as the Holidays are coming up!

I wanted to make a short video with a few words of Encouragement for those that need it the most as we start this Holiday Season.

You are not Alone!

"The INFINITE within you Can Not Fail!"

Write this down and post it in multiple places so that you can view it every day!

Love Light & Peace!

Δοξάστε το Θεό

- The Christ

Some words of Encouragement for those that need it as the Holidays are coming up! I wanted to make a short video with a few words of Encouragement for those that need it the most as we start this Holiday Season. You are not Alone!"The INFI...

This is why it can be challenging to Recondition/Reprogram our Subconscious mind! 11/21/2022

This is why it can be challenging to Recondition/Reprogram our Subconscious mind!

Why is it so challenging to Recondition/Reprogram our Subconscious mind?

This video will help you understand the answer to the question above.

The information I will be discussing in this video is PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE!

I will leave some links below as a form of reference.

A single drop of our DNA holds 733 Terabytes of information. The DNA in our body holds 13.5 Million years of information.
Ironically, Scientists say this is how old the Universe is.
Not a Coincidence!

PEER-REVIEWED SCIENCE also says we are passed down 14 Generations of our lineage through our DNA.

This is very EMPOWERING information if you can wrap your mind around this.
Listen to my video for an explanation of how I see this through my eyes.

Be sure to share this video to help other people who may be struggling with this same issue.

If we are Unaware of this information we can't use it as a tool to help us grow!
However, by being informed we can use this to reach Unimaginable levels of Consciousness (Self-Realization)

Links discussed in this video:


SUBSCRIBE: https://youtube.com/user/jlunavrbb

-The Christ


This is why it can be challenging to Recondition/Reprogram our Subconscious mind! I will explain why it can be challenging to Recondition our Subconscious mind!The information I will be discussing in this video is PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE!I w...


The Secret is to find the balance..lol

Stay in your lane! J/S😛


"Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere."
- Blaise Pascal

Explore the holofractal nature of space-time in the free unified science course from ResonanceScience.org

Art by Kateřina Rožníčková


Ι hear you guys, I hear you! 🤣


Including your own personal thoughts!

How are you thinking today?

Are you CONGRATULATING people in your inner Mind/Thoughts or are you HATING on them?

What you think and feel today will affect your tomorrow.

Be sure you're feeding your Garden of Eden the correct seeds.


Beautiful Natural Red Vanadinite Crystal On Matrix from Midelt, Morocco.
Photo: Rachid El Maadour


The 22/11/22 portal is about to open.
This is like an energetic test of all the work we've been doing all year long.
2022 was an energetic milestone in the process of the Great Healing of humanity.
The repetitive sequence of the numbers 1 and 2 are pointing towards initiation and union. Union was the vibrational theme of 2022 anyway. 2022 was and still is a numeric portal that activated the frequency of Union as a prerequisite before we make the quantum leap forward.
This activation is also preparing us for the 12/12 energy portal next month.
The numbers 1 and 2 have created a binary code of encoded quantum data all year long. During this activation, we will be called to recapitulate all the work we have done in 2022 and many of us will watch it passing like a movie in front of our eyes. It will give you a sense of the big picture. Like you now have all the pieces of the puzzle and you can finally have clarity.
This zoom out experience will finally be stabilized during the 12/12 activation when the frequencies of both numbers will be double merged. The fusion will be completed. Union will be accomplished just before we reach the Winter Solstice.
During the 22/11/22 portal the Sun in Scorpio is trining Jupiter in Pisces, illuminating all possibilities of expansion and integration of our Divine nature.
Do your quantum work, and look in your journals all dates of the year that we had the repetitive sequences of the numbers 1 and 2. Connecting the dots will reveal a pattern. A pattern on how to create Union. You will be able to see there the whole trajectory of the process.
And so it is 🙏


Hey, it took me 46 yrs, but I finally figured it all out! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Δοξάστε το Θεό

Follow the breadcrumbs and enjoy your journey!🙏🙏🙏

- The Christ


DECEMBER WEBINAR with Dr John Demartini


Today November 15, the Sun is trining Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio is trining Jupiter in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio is sextiling Pluto in Capricorn.
These are high vibrational celestial formations bringing forth elevated frequencies of higher spiritual realms. This is a pure spiritual activation.
Open up to delivering Divine Messages from light beings, divine avatars and ascended masters of the highest dimensions.
Cosmic wisdom will be in flow in high streams of light codes, visions, epiphanies, dreams, out of body experiences.
This is a Divine Contact. This is connection to the Source. This is Oneness.
Let it flow through you. Become the flow!
And so it is 🙏


Whenever you’re not on the path of mastery, you tend to polarize yourself instead of synthesizing yourself.

Your brain is doing everything it can to help you have governance, be authentic, and to be inspired.

Systems 1 thinking is the basic animal part of the brain where you emotionally react before thinking.

Systems 2 thinking is where you think before you react; in other words, where you have self-governance.

Systems 2 thinking is a byproduct of living by priority and synthesizing your conscious and unconscious together.

This is where you access the transcendental states of gratitude, love, inspiration, enthusiasm, certainty, and presence. These are the culmination of an authentic pathway.

The Science of Being Great Audiobook by Wallace D. Wattles 11/15/2022

The Science of Being Great Audiobook by Wallace D. Wattles


The Science of Being Great Audiobook by Wallace D. Wattles From the author of The Science of Getting Rich, this book is Wallace D. Wattles' attempt to bring together the wisdom of the world's great religious leaders ...


Amazing :)

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic 11/12/2022

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic Discover and learn the Lord's Prayer in it's original Aramaic version, the language that Jeshua (Jesus) spoke. Aramaic is a language of vibration, and the p...

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