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Here's a video of international master James Canty Going over a game between Stockfish, which we all know to be The main chess engine, and Scorpio, another chess engine. Lately, I find it amusing to see the engines fight it out over opening sequences that have been around for hundreds of years before computers were invented by humans that invented the game being analyzed. Can a thing created be greater than the creator?
Anyway I like the way James explains the game and it's a Portuguese Scandinavian so the modern Scandinavian is like a Portuguese variation or something like that I hope you enjoy the video especially if you play against the Scandinavian or if you play it like some people I know.


11 Classic Chess Sayings 05/28/2024

Here are some interesting chess quotes of wisdom, wit, and humor.

11 Classic Chess Sayings The Chess.com content team voted on the best chess sayings. Here they are.


Puzzle of the day. Black to play and Draw (not get mated)

2024 RFM Summer Camp Expo 03/15/2024

What a fabulous day connecting area summer camps with families at the 2024 RFM Summer Camp Expo - a great time was had by all!

Bobby Fischer's Incredible King's Indian Attack 03/08/2024

Let's learn the King's Indian Attack

Bobby Fischer's Incredible King's Indian Attack 🔔 Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and turn on notifications for more chess content and openings! :)Bobby Fischer was renowned for his opening preparation an...

Photos from Henrico Chess Academy's post 03/04/2024

We had a great time at the RFM summer camp expo this weekend!


Henrico Chess Academy February Rapid


Move of the day 🔥 | Karthiketan vs Haimovich (2017)


I've been a chess coach for a while now and have noticed that interest in playing chess is definitely picking up. I still remember spending my Saturday afternoons at the Richmond Public Library on Franklin teaching chess to a couple of kids and their parents for free. My friend Nick Petrillo proved to be an excellent chess coach with the ability to articulate complicated chess principles well enough for a five-year-old to understand. That was then. Now we have dozens of people show up at the Institute of Contemporary Art in the heart of VCU every Saturday. People of all sorts, not just children but also young adults. Apparently inspired by the Netflix mini-series "Queen's Gambit" many people took to playing chess online during the pandemic shutdown. From 10/01/2020 to 04/01/2022, Chess.com saw the number of monthly active users double from roughly 8 million to nearly 17 million.

The New York Times reported, "Chess is Booming"
Chess hasn’t seen popularity like this since the 1972 World Chess Championship.

If you checked YouTube for the popularity of Chess streamers you would probably find it skyrocketing as well. Magnus Carlson (who invented being late to a blitz match and winning anyway), Hikaru Nakamura (who invented Chess Streaming on YouTube), and Alexandra Botez (who invented a popular gambit), all have become somewhat famous by promoting chess, on YouTube at least.

Anyway, the increase in interest in chess is one of the reasons my wife Tina and I started the Henrico Chess Academy, which is a great place to play and learn. And, we have a tournament coming up this coming Saturday, February 10 so if you're a chess player looking for a tournament check out HenricoChessAcademy.com


Puzzle me this mate

TITLE MATCH: Magnus v Wesley! Wesley Must Win on Demand! Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 Set 2 01/06/2024

In the Champions Chess Tour in game 2 of the Finals, Magnus Carlson with the white pieces resigns to Wesley So making the score 1 to 1 since Magnus won game 1. What a game! But can anybody tell me why So was shaking his head so early in the game? So got into Carlson's head obviously. So crafty, like a fox I'd say. So goes for a psychological advantage simply by looking worried in an equal position! Be prepared, be confident, play well but look worried?
Wesley is my newest chess hero even though Carlson went on to win the match by winning game 4 as white.

TITLE MATCH: Magnus v Wesley! Wesley Must Win on Demand! Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 Set 2 The biggest tour in chess all comes down to this. The top eight players from this year's Champions Chess Tour have traveled to Toronto for the LIVE Finals to...


Lot's to say about the ECA December 2023 Action/Scholastic tournament this past Saturday. One of own took 5th place in the under 1000 section with 3 wins out of 4 games. In fact, if wins only were the case then that's a three way tie for 3rd. Not bad at all. Good job Aneesh! Out of 23 contestants you rose to the top because of your hard work. I have all the games in Lichess.

POWERFUL Chess Strategies | Speedrun Episode 9 11/30/2023

Here's a video by Eric Rosen, an international master, demonstrating and explaining basic chess principles.

POWERFUL Chess Strategies | Speedrun Episode 9 In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I try to climb the rating ladder while providing lots of lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I pl...


Here is a really good checkmate pattern study on Lichess.

Checkmate Patterns Named A chess study by jomega

Founders Online: “The Morals of Chess”, [before 28 June 1779] 11/18/2023

So, just a note about perseverance. This is one of the qualities of the mind that Benjamin Franklin says may be acquired or strengthened by playing chess. Ben calls it,

" the habit of not being discouraged by present bad appearences in the state of our affairs, the habit of hoping for a favourable change, and that of persevering in the search of resources "

So, chin up everyone and keep on playing.
Shake off the losses,
Keep on striving for success and one day you will find it

Founders Online: “The Morals of Chess”, [before 28 June 1779] “The Morals of Chess”, [before 28 June 1779]


I have been going over the games played at our scholastic Chess League at Publix Crossridge on Staples Mill Rd in Glen Allen where we meet on Wednesdays to play and analyze our games. You may ask yourself, why not just play online? Good question!
Over-the-board (otb) play is just better for so many reasons. First of all, you are playing people In Real Life (irl) and making friendships that will last a lifetime. How do I know this? Easy. The friends I made playing chess 30 years ago are still my friends today, that's how I know.
Otb games irl however are different than online games in many other ways. For example, if you are playing online and you try to castle even though your King has moved to recapture for the Queen exchange that occurred on d8 previously, guess what, you can't castle because it is illegal and the computer won't let you. But in real life, there is nothing stopping your hand from castling anyway. But, if your opponent notices that you have already moved your King then they have to say something and stop the game. If your opponent doesn't notice then the game goes on as if nothing happened. In casual blitz with a time control of 5 minutes or less and you fail to move out of check then your opponent can just take your King.
Also, irl there is a clock to hit after each move so you have to remember to hit your clock after you move or you could simply run out of time.
Wednesday Chess League is for kids 18 and under so if you or someone you know is interested in joining us on Wednesday leave a message in the comments.


How to PUNISH Beginner Mistakes: 10 Instructive Chess Games 10/24/2023

Here is an instructional video that focuses on beginner mistakes. Let's learn from these mistakes!

How to PUNISH Beginner Mistakes: 10 Instructive Chess Games In this video, I play the some of the first chess games on my new speedrun account. Every single games provides lots of lessons that are essential for chess ...


Our new league is starting September 6! Registration link is in the first comment.

Photos from Henrico Chess Academy's post 06/26/2023

We had a wonderful weekend with our June Blitz and Rapid tournament. We can't wait for our August tournament!

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I have been going over the games played at our scholastic Chess League at Publix Crossridge on Staples Mill Rd in Glen A...




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