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This is #CommunitySquash. Get ready for a movement. Don't miss the 20 second mark...


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During this last week of #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re looking back on some milestones and achievements of our Black community members. Our first spotlight is Lonnie Gibbs, a member of the first graduating class of STREETSQUASH. In 2005, Gibbs became the first Black SEA alumnus to play varsity college squash. He attended Wesleyan University, co-captained the squash team, and is now a teacher and member of StreetSquash's Board of Directors.
STREETSQUASH alumnus and former CitySquash staff member Raheem Logan recently published his very own children's book! Black Boy Fly is loosely based on Raheem's experiences and tells the story of a young Black boy navigating an unfamiliar space and looking to find his way through this new sport in his life, squash.

“I didn't do this alone,” says Raheem. “I had an amazing team. My illustrator Delvonte Smith helped bring this vision to life. We just wanted to remind our young ones that they are capable of flying into wherever their passions lie.”

Congratulations, Raheem!
Now this is truly some “street squash”. STREETSQUASH what do you think?
Not only has George ended Streetsquash Newark but he has also cut into our scholarship fund . He SIGNIFICANTLY cut our scholarship . We worked hard for 6 straight years . For nothing . He’s still withholding the amount and making the staff do his dirty work which is unfair for them. I wish he would take accountability for his actions instead of making everyone else be the bearer of bad news . DONT DELETE MY POST EITHER !
We are excited to introduce SEA's #SquashingTheCurveChallenge!! Starting today, we will be sharing a weekly challenge on social media for folks in our network to complete. SEA's very own director of squash Edgardo is helping kick off the inaugural challenge. Check out the video and instructions below and let's squash the curve together.

Challenge: Bounce the squash ball while balancing on one leg for one minute.

To participate:
1. Film yourself completing the challenge.
2. Direct message your video to us at Squash and Education Alliance along with your name, your member program, and your grade level.
3. Follow along on our instagram, twitter, and pages to see submissions from your peers across the SEA network.

#changingthegame #squashandeducation #squashingthecurvechallenge
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We would like to extend a big thank you to our non-profit partners SquashDrive, CitySquash and STREETSQUASH and to our entire community! 💙 #stayhome
Street squash isolation 10 days in.
Street squash at home 10 days into isolation. Flynny Bartlett.
Mentoring Day at Streetsquash Newark Newark. A great job by Mentor Collab member Bomaya Kamara of STREETSQUASH
Peace Family: Please join us with your children. It's our 2nd KWANZAA KINARA WORKSHOP on December 14 @ 2 - 5pm. It's $40 per adult and $5 per child. You will be making your own KINARA (candle holder). The children will be making KWANZAA CARDS and doing KWANZAA ACTIVITIES. There's only 40 spots, so you don't wanna miss this event. RSVP BY DECEMBER 7TH. If you can't make it please share with a friend. There will be REFRESHMENTS and a Great presentation by our Mama Miasha Ongoza the Woodcraft Artist from Philadelphia. Peace

StreetSquash is an after-school program in Harlem and Newark that aims to help each student reach hi

Operating as usual

Rebuilding Our Lives, organized by Latasha Bailey 05/31/2022

Rebuilding Our Lives, organized by Latasha Bailey

To our StreetSquash Community,

We are saddened to hear the news that a 2005 graduate of our program suffered a fire at her apartment building and she and her three small children are looking for assistance.

We are sharing her GoFundMe page for anyone who feels they can help.

Rebuilding Our Lives, organized by Latasha Bailey Hello, My Name is Latasha, and I am raising money for my family and me to get back on our feet a… Latasha Bailey needs your support for Rebuilding Our Lives


We have to give a huge shoutout to Khissaiyia who won the GU 19 division at the Darien Junior Silver Round Robin in over the weekend! ⁠

Not only did she come away with first place, but she got the victory on her birthday!⁠

She won a total of four matches, sweeping two of them. ⁠

"I didn't know how it was gonna turn out because squash can be really unpredictable," Khissaiyia said. "I didn't know if I was gonna win, but I really wanted to. I was happy."⁠

Congratulations and happy birthday to Khissaiyia!⁠


is fully invested in the success of its students both personally and academically.

When someone is struggling, we provide tutors to allow the to get up to par.

And it works. Just one hour per week has allowed Osiris P. to go from a failing math student to an A and B student.

StreetSquash Welcomes New Team Members | StreetSquash 05/20/2022

StreetSquash Welcomes New Team Members | StreetSquash

is growing!⁠

Recently we've brought on new staff members to help our organization continue to do the amazing things we do day in and day out. ⁠

Perhaps the most exciting news of late is we've fully staffed our CASAS department. These are the individuals who prepare students for college and also guide students through their college experience. ⁠

We also have a new Manager of Communications to help spread the word about all the great things happening at StreetSquash. ⁠

Head to the link here -- to read more about the newest additions to our staff. ⁠

There's even more good news. A new Academic Coordinator is starting in mid-June, and a new Deputy Director is slated to start the day after . We'll have more details on those hires soon.⁠

Meanwhile, the process is well under way for a and a Coordinator. ⁠

StreetSquash Welcomes New Team Members | StreetSquash StreetSquash has brought on new staff members in recent months as the organization continues to thrive following the height of COVID-19. 

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 05/19/2022

What an incredible time we had on May 18th when volunteers from came to to interact with all of our !

On the court, NB volunteers ran drills, played matches, and in some cases learned how to play the game from StreetSquash students.

In the , participated in a exercise with the students as they worked on , understanding consequences of their choices, and making the kids aware that they can't always buy everything they want.

Neuberger Berman has been sending volunteers to StreetSquash for several years and we're always for their of our program.

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 05/16/2022

Thanks to our friends from Squash Haven Capitol Squash and CitySquash for joining us this weekend at the Squash and Education Alliance Individual Regional at the facility in !

And a big congrats to the programs who took home all the first place prizes!

more about the event here -- and check out tons of there too!

We look forward to matching up against SEA students again at the Individual Nationals in early at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center in !


People are out today but we're looking forward to Cinco De Julio!

July 5th is when our Summer Discovery program begins!

It's open to anyone that will be entering 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th grade in the Fall of 2022!

Students play squash, swim, take field trips and participate in a whole variety of activities. And for anyone considering joining StreetSquash full-time, this is a great opportunity to see if it's the right fit!

Stay tuned for details on how to register. But to find out more about the program, head here -->

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 05/04/2022

Thank you so much to James Willstrop for stopping by yesterday to hit around with our !

We love having players participating in the Tournament of Champions coming to visit! And this is certainly not the first time that James has stopped by.

It's invaluable to have a former world number one squash player come and work with the kids!

We wish James good luck in his second round matchup today!

Squash and Education Alliance

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 04/29/2022

who come through choose a variety of paths to pursue following high school .

We provide regardless of what the students opt to do.

Earlier this week, we held a fair so students could hear more about college life and determine if a post-secondary education is the path they want to take.

Representatives from Purchase College, SUNY Clark University LaGuardia Community College New York City College of Technology (City Tech) News Bronx Community College Mercy College, SUNY Oswego and SUNY Old Westbury all presented information about their respective schools.

We're to all the schools and students who participated and we support all our students regardless of what they ultimately decide.

The individuals in our CASAS department work closely with students to help them achieve their after high school.


Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 04/26/2022

Our are more than just players! Put them in any venue and they're ready to compete!

We had the opportunity to bring several of our students in and it was an absolute blast! 🎳

Squash and Education Alliance Bowlero


There's a lot of former StreetSquashers out in the world doing great things!

Our new feature will highlight those who have gone through our program to look at what they're up to now.

@itsdsandino was one of the first students to ever come through StreetSquash shortly after it was founded.

Now he's running a magazine, a clothing line, and supporting individuals living with HIV and AIDS.

Head here ( to find out more about Daequan's time at and all the things he's done in the years since.

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 04/20/2022

The fun continues! Today we took a bunch of our students on a trip to @skyzone to play , , and just jump around and have a good time!

Kids were all over the place!

Squash and Education Alliance

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 04/19/2022

It's in which means no for !

Our facility remains open this week for but as always, we like to provide students more than just that.

Our incredible team turned our into a dreamland for a day and hosted a special "Let's Taco Bout It" event!

But we have to ask: What's your favorite kind of taco?


Sound off in the comments!

Squash and Education Alliance


We're still basking in the of our win from just over a week ago!

And now we want ! are on this week but some are still coming into to prepare for the SEA Individual Nationals in coming up in !

Our students once again will compete at the @spectercenter, but this time they'll compete individually, rather than in teams.

At this link (, find out how YOU can help StreetSquash bring more hardware back to in less than two months from now!

@ussquash @squasheducation


Attention !

We're inviting all our former students back to our facility for a night of and !

The goes down April 28th from 6pm to 8pm!

Please tag all former StreetSquashers you know in the comments so they don't miss out!

StreetSquash High School Boys Team Wins Championship at SEA Team Nationals | StreetSquash 04/11/2022

StreetSquash High School Boys Team Wins Championship at SEA Team Nationals | StreetSquash


Over the weekend, the StreetSquash Boys High School team won the at SEA Team Nationals at the @spectercenter in !

The boys battled hard all weekend long to bring home the victory.

A total of 22 traveled to for the tournament and they all played their hearts out.

Head here ( for more details from the and to see more .

@squasheducation @ussquash

StreetSquash High School Boys Team Wins Championship at SEA Team Nationals | StreetSquash It was a thrilling weekend (Apr. 8-10, 2022) for the StreetSquash High School Boys National team who came away with a championship victory at the first SEA Team Nationals since before the pandemic.


It's the final day of SEA Team Nationals at the @spectercenter in !

And we are thrilled to announce that one of our boys teams has made it to the against @squashbusters!

Check the link in our bio so you can watch the !

Let's go StreetSquash!!!

@ussquash @squasheducation

Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 04/08/2022

Today is the big day! SEA Team Nationals at the @spectercenter in !

Let's highlight one more student -- Habi Sarr!

She's got family ties to as she's following in the footsteps of her sister.

Habi is now enjoying herself and one day hopes to work in either or .

Stay tuned to our Instagram for updates from the and check the link here for information! --


Photos from STREETSQUASH's post 04/07/2022

is the big day! We're just one day away from SEA Team Nationals at the @spectercenter in !

Another student who will be competing is Matthew Aldana who found his calling during the .

He wants to be in real estate post graduation.

But he also loves which he says is definitely his favorite part of .

For more details on this weekend's @squasheducation competition and for details, go here:

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Chief Squash Officer Simba and senior Fatima are inspiring us to ALWAYS keep our rackets UP! 💪🏽
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