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Preschool zero-six years Professional development and training in Pikler®, RIE®, Montessori & RCB It All Starts Here Supporting the child, provider, and parent in an education experience from birth through Kindergarten

Mission: *Demonstration Site for best practices at zero-six *Professional Resources for early childhood providers *Parental Support and network

Operating as usual

You can never play too much!

Put Play on the Curriculum

If we are going to provide for all learning, then we need to make a provision for Play. Play belongs on the curriculum.

[thanks to let the children play for this great poster]

A decade ago... our School Founder, Beverly Kovach!

Ten years ago! Celebrating the first Pikler training in USA! On the cover of Exchange Press World Forum Foundation Janet Gonzalez-Mena Beverly Kovach Anna Tardos Bonnie Neugebauer Elsa Chahin

RIE® 31st Annual Infant-Toddler Conference for Parents and Professionals

Resources for Infant Educarers Conference starts tomorrow! Across the Lifespan: Educaring® Changes Lives

Perth Children's Occupational Therapy

The perfect little graphic by @kristin.wiens

Happiness is saving the lid from your can of tomatoes for infant play and then turning it over to discover...

RIE® 31st Annual Infant-Toddler Conference for Parents and Professionals

This year Resources for Infant Educarers brings the conference to you. Now, parents and early childhood professionals can access the latest research and practical applications right from their home. Please join us in attending RIE's Annual Conference. Across the Lifespan: Educaring® Changes Lives

Parents, Do These 5 Things Before Returning to Child Care

Good Points! "As life moves into the next phase of the new normal, here are 5 tings to do before you send your child back to their daycare center."

Letters to the Editor: SC is facing a child care crisis

Sad, but true... a HUGE shoutout to our frontline providers. We see you! I’m sounding the alarm. We’re amid a child care crisis that will have long-term effects on the vitality of our community and economy.

Families looking for care for their LO can join us virtually for our Open House next week. Please register in advance. See you then!

YES! We are back!!

and we have limited availability within our infant, young toddler and 2nd year communities. Contact us for details.

"Peoples minds are changed through observation..."

-Will Rogers

What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns

What Parents Can Learn from Child Care Centers on School Safety The Y, and New York City's Department of Education, have been caring for tens of thousands of children during the pandemic. Neither has had reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks.

Resources for Infant Educarers


Highly recommend subscribing to RIE's Youtube channel. Good stuff there for parents and educarers. Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE®)'s mission is to improve the life of infants and toddlers through respectful care. We do this by teaching Magda Gerber’s...

Allergies, Colds and COVID: How to Tell the Difference

Helpful information on how to tell the difference between allergies, colds, the flu & COVID. As we begin to shift into the warmer months, common health concerns often jump from cold and flu to allergies. This is made all the more complicated by the presence of COVID-19, and the fact that we are still learning new information about this novel virus from day to day.

well said...

Co Regulation to Assist Self Regulation
Our role is to be alongside our children to calm and comfort them when their big emotions have overwhelmed them, not to send them away or punish them. Punishing them for being overwhelmed with emotion sends a clear message about relationship. As Gabor Maté says. "If you want to discipline kids you actually have to make them our disciples. And a disciple is not someone who is afraid of you, a disciple is someone who loves you and wants to belong to you and follow you. So discipline is the very opposite of punishment."
Check out this great clip (10 minutes 10 seconds)with Gabor, "How Not to Screw Up Your Kids":

Magda Gerber

LOVE that ALL of our classrooms have attached outdoor porches and free movement to access nature throughout the day!

“Babies thrive out-of-doors. They sleep better, eat better, look better, play better, and learn better. Fresh air both soothes and stimulates. I always tell parents how much more easily they could raise healthy, 'happy' children if they would make outdoor living a regular habit for their babies.” – Magda Gerber, Dear Parent: Caring for Infants With Respect

At birth, babies look equally at faces of all races. At 3 months, babies look more at faces that match the race of their caregivers

Pikler USA

Please take a moment to listen in with Anna and Agnes- two of our most favorite mentors and an inspiration to our work here at Little Learners Lodge. What wonderful women of wisdom!

Watch now! Here's the recording of our latest free webinar.

Dialogue with the Infant and Young Child: A Question-and-Answer with Anna Tardos and Dr. Agnes Szanto-Feder

In collaboration with

This is your opportunity to learn from the source! Please join Elsa Chahin and Pia Dögl in conversation with Anna Tardos and Dr. Agnes Szanto-Feder, child psychologists and the world’s leading Pikler® experts, with more than 60 years of experience in the field of early childhood education and development.

In this FREE, one-hour webinar, we’ll be speaking with our experts about how important the quality of attention both infant/child and adult pay one another is. It is this dialogue that allows the child, from even the youngest age, to define themself and play an active role in their own development. Sometimes it is easy to understand and come into dialogue with the baby, but what about those situations where it’s difficult to understand each other?

About our experts:

Anna Tardos, Director Emerita of the Pikler-Lóczy Association Hungary is a child psychologist with more than 60 years of experience with early childhood education. Her work at the Pikler® House includes research, pedagogical work, and management. She also speaks nationally and internationally about early childhood development, care and education. In 1998, she became the director of the Pikler® Institute, where she has continued to carry on the work of her mother, Dr. Emmi Pikler. She has published dozens of articles in five languages, and is also author, co-author and editor of many books and curricula. In addition, Mrs. Tardos is an honorary member of the French division of the International Professional Organization, World Association for Infant Mental Health and of the University of Liege. She continues to provide support to the Emmi Pikler® Daycare Center, and Pikler® Parent-Child groups, and she also continues to teach courses offered at Lóczy and abroad.

Dr. Agnes Szanto-Feder had very early contact with Dr. Emmi Pikler, since Dr. Pikler was the family pediatrician when she was born. She has been living in France since 1956 where she received Masters Degree and Doctorate in Psychology in the research of the psychomotor development of young children. She has been working since 1973; first as psychologist in a nursery, later as Professor of Early Childhood at Universities in France, Belgium, Italy, and Argentina. As a keynote speaker at International Conferences (U.S.A., South America and Europe), Dr. Szanto-Feder is a founding-member and Vice-President of the Pikler-Lóczy Association of France and of the International Pikler Association, as well as serving on the board of directors of Pikler/ Lóczy USA. She has authored several books translated to six languages. Dr. Szanto-Feder has two daughters and enjoys spending time with them.

Pia Dögl is a parenting counselor, author, and social entrepreneur. Pia has focused her work on fostering the precious potential of children and the empathetic well being of the whole family. Pia founded the organization Beginning Well, which offers parents and caregivers practical support for mindful care. Her book, Beginning Well - Empathy From The Very Beginning, was published in autumn 2018 in English and will soon be available in Mandarin. Pia works internationally with groups and organizations on self-awareness and the unfolding of unique capacities, that's what her new company is about.

Elsa Chahin, President and CEO of Pikler USA is an in-demand speaker, writer, teacher, infant-toddler consultant, and is one of only two Pikler® certified and accredited trainers of the Pikler® Pedagogy in North America. In addition, Chahin, a RIE® Associate, has served as a keynote speaker and presenter at over 125 national and international conferences and seminars on the topic of caring for babies with respect. She recently co-authored the book, In Loving Hands: How the Rights for Young Children Living in Children’s Homes Offer Hope and Happiness In Today’s World, with Anna Tardos, Dr. Pikler’s daughter. Chahin, who has been mentored by Ute Strub since 2004 and named as her successor, is a working group leader for World Forum Foundation™, a PITC Trainer and a UCLA Certified Lactation Educator. Chahin, a rare leader who not only brings passion and commitment to her work, but also a deep knowledge coupled with both insight and generosity, was a professional ballerina and has practiced yoga, meditation and mindfulness for 25 years. Above all, she is a joyous mom.

Beginning Well Daily Empathy Elsa Chahin The Pikler Collection Pikler International Rede Pikler Brasil Pikler Loczy France Pikler Luxembourg World Association for Infant Mental Health - WAIMH World Forum Foundation Pikler UK Association

As we lead the way in demonstrating best practices in early childhood education during a pandemic with a June return, we reflect on our accomplishments:

*Mount Pleasant's most experienced childcare facility established in 1977

*First infant program (1980)

*First Montessori school East of the Cooper (1988)

*First RIE Certified Infant/Toddler East Coast Center

*Awarded first Public Mount Pleasant Charter Elementary School (ECMCS)

*First RIE Certified Satellite Training Program (Florida)

*First certified RIE on-line Foundations Course

Our highly qualified early childhood professionals are all trained in RIE ( and over half hold Montessori credentials at the 0-3 or 3-6 level. We maintain on faculty bilingual instructors, Orton-Gillingham certified guides, Master Naturalists, Suzuki trained teachers and are dedicated to ensuring that each person entrusted in our care reaches his or her fullest potential through a partnership with parents.

As we adjust our practice to ensure the safety and well-being of our community, we will not compromise the memories, learnings, and experiences for the children in our care. We've got this!

Stay strong, ya'll and see you in person in a couple of weeks!

How to Help Children Learn to Manage Their Emotions Under Stress

School consultant and infant specialist, Ruth Anne Hammond, presents this free webinar on supporting the well-being of young children. Register here: RIE® Webinar with Ruth Anne Hammond


We have so many wonderful resources for new and expectant parents at our center and within our network of RIE/Pikler experts.

We know this is a critical stage for both baby and parent. Now, how best to resource them?

"The postnatal period (post-birth) is key to a mother's well-being, her adaptation to changes and the formation of a positive relationship with her baby." CNN Health covers why this period is even more critical during COVID-19.

Great Parenting Simplified

Super Duper Resource for parents and teachers alike!

Great kid, great parent is the nutshell of what we are about! We help educated mamas with school-aged kids to raise happy, successful kids with the growth mindset they need to thrive in spite of their current stress, overwhelm or challenges w their child!

So, this is happening...

Beverly Kovach's RIE FOUNDATIONS course goes online starting in May! We are honored to be entrusted with Magda Gerber's work as we help guide the next generation of teachers working with young children.

Online Parent Support Workshops | Steven Rhodes

Date night, anyone? We will meet for an hour. I’ll have a theme or topic for us to discuss. You, the participants, will likely have many things to discuss and share.

Coronavirus Pandemic Could Lead to Permanent Loss of Nearly 4.5 Million Child Care Slots - Center for American Progress

0-6 is the MOST IMPORTANT TIME IN YOUR CHILD'S ENTIRE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. Many child care programs will be unable to reopen without significant federal support, causing existing shortages to skyrocket and leaving the millions who rely on child care to work in a bind.

Support our local CSF and LLL/MMP Graduate family Abundant Seafood. Fresh is best!

Boat is back and we are open 12-6 at both locations!

Steven Rhodes - Parent Educator

Steven is an excellent RIE and Pikler experienced father and mentor. What a wonderful resource! Especially love this new offering forming just for fathers. Highly recommend.

Parents of Children 0-7: join me and other parents in the same boat for a relaxed, supportive online workshop this week. Bring questions, struggles, successes and frustrations. Participation is at whatever level is comfortable for you. Those who have never attended a parent class are welcome.

As _every_ father is a stay-at-home dad right now, I am having my first workshop just for fathers this Wednesday and weekly on Wednesday evenings.

Thursdays are open workshop for all parents.

See my website for more info on weekly offerings and to signup for my email list:

Email me to register and get the Zoom meeting link: [email protected]

Hope you can make it! Steven

Montessori School of Mount Pleasant

Fellow MMP Parent, Dr. Viktoriya Magid, shares her thoughts on Parenting During Covid19. Stay healthy and wish us back together soon!

Zoom time with our young toddlers and the Infant/Toddler Teaching Community looks like...

Beverly Kovach

Being with Babies while you work can be a challenge to balance. We hope this (free) resource can be of value to parents as they prepare their home environments and schedules with babies in mind.

Parents of young children and infants now working from home, may find this resource extra helpful during these times. And it's free!

Toddlers will get a chance to see how our classroom beans, cucumbers and wildflowers are growing during our next Zoom get together.

How are you staying connected with your little ones?

From one of our first responder parents... Can anyone in the Charleston area help?

From one of our first responder parents... Can anyone in the Charleston area help?

Can we please add CHILDCARE PROVIDERS to this list? While our center is closed, many more must stay open to provide childcare for first responders and essential employees.

Pediatrician: No Coronavirus Break Playdates. Here's Why.

Hang tight, Parents. Your teachers are busy now developing individual activities for your child and preparing materials for you to "check out" from the school and use from home. Looking ahead to more weeks at home during the outbreak can feel pretty bleak. But with coronavirus, playdates indoors are not the solution.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Mount Pleasant?

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