Ancient African Spirituality

Ancient African Spirituality

Alchemy of the Soul: Embracing Mental and Emotional Transmutation ✨🌟 Join me on the journey.

Operating as usual


People love playing games.
Until someone matches their Engery.
Sore thumbs stick out, ghost pop out
every blue moon to hunt humans.
Just because a real one stays out of the way.
Doesn't mean he can't use the shadows to play games.


When them real ones, show up, and show out. My heart is filled with joy, because of all the love that's being shown. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️


Shout out to my newest followers! Excited to have you onboard!

Vele Nkwanyana, Portia Mpumi, Mitaho Khetsi, Nels Seaga, Chiamaka Kubheka, NtombizamaNgolo Mtungwa, Sosha Ntombi Miya, Soi Maggie, Ba Gatsheni, Nomfundo Nxumalo, Caroline Nomasomi, Thelma Mguni


Threw out the our plight (being at the bottom) not all of us struggled. Some thought differently, and made a difference.

The Demiurge Creation (Sofia's Fall) 01/05/2023

What if this were true.

The Demiurge Creation (Sofia's Fall) (S) The goal of Gnostic movements was to awaken the Devine spark in each of us, so that it could return to where it belonged. This also solved the problem of...


Once you realize Consciousness is in your life as a blessing, your life will run way smoother.


Peace be still...


I hope y'all enjoyed this page, because in 14 days it'll be gone.


From darkness came light, is really interpreted as from ignorance came wisdom. That's why it is said that we must crawl before we can walk.


Where it all began...


Stay tune...


The 11 laws of the spirit.

0. Peace (staying calm and relax in challenging situations)
1. Oneness with God (Consciousness) and others.
2. Wisdom (critical thinking)
3. Spiritual power (emotional control)
4. Love and sharing (giving yourself to God by loving to be at peace, plus one with God and other. Along with thinking critically, and controlling your emotions)
5. Divine justice (cause and effect) if you follow the laws of the spirit you'll have good outcomes, if not you'll have bad outcomes.
6. Will (freedom of choice) choose to follow the laws of the spirit for good outcomes, or choose not to, and have bad outcomes.
7. Imagination (pre-rehearsal hall) image yourself following the laws of the spirit.
8. Affirmations (pledges) pledge to follow the laws of the spirit.
9. Programing (Receptivity) be willing to except the laws of the spirit.
10. Testing grounds (emotions, and physical body) practice putting the energy into physically living the 11 laws of the spirit.

Photos from Ancient African Spirituality's post 06/30/2022

My Royal bloodline

Photos from Ancient African Spirituality's post 06/30/2022

More of my ancestors...

Photos from Ancient African Spirituality's post 06/29/2022

Just got my true ancestry DNA reading back.
This is my royal blood line.


From earth to heaven in my baby ship called my conscience.
Unconsciousness to consciousness is like the moon is just like the moon is a reflection of the sun's light.
You chose what you want in life.
Peaceful or chaotic.


Amen is the first sphere on the tree of life, aka the first law of the spirit.
It represents a peace that can't be disturbed by anything or anyone in the world. We gain this peace through meditation; which we use to see ourselves at peace in the face of all adversities. By doing so we program our minds, emotions, and physical bodies to react with peace in all challenging situations.


God is not of flesh and blood, but he can become flesh and spirit, thru anyone who choose to become his words in flesh & spirit.
God's words are peaceful, wise, and full of spiritual power; unifying everything at once.
Any words resembling these words, are God words.
Because the Supreme Consciousness is peaceful, full of unlimited wisdom, and spiritual power, along with a presence that is everywhere at once. Because it's in everything, at once.
The only object that Consciousness created, that can tap into it's Will; is Men/Women.
Because they themselves are made in the image of Consciousness.
Unlimited Awareness is all we have over all the other creations.
Everything else submits to instinct.
But us as peaceful beings, can unify to see beyond the instincts; with logic and reasoning.
Plus we can use our higher spiritual powers; to tame our emotions and sensations.
If we first give ourselves to God, and expect nothing in return.
So that we may do the same with others... (an act of true love)
To help us produce positive causes, for positive effects.
Yes indeed...
Us acting out the will of God to change our lives; just by putting gods laws into our minds.
Then living them out; inorder to understand; how it feels to be the words God in the flesh.
We've been using man's words for a minute in the flesh and spirit, why not try Gods.
Aren't you tired of the bumps and bruises?



Growth stages of life; infancy, childhood, adolescence, early, mid, and late adulthood. What was normal, hence acceptable for an earlier stage is not so for the later stages. We must learn to see that a great deal that is wrong in the world is the survival of the child in the adult stage. People marry and still want to live the singles life; they become adults and still want to be cared for as children are; they are elders and still want to act like sexy spring chickens and roosters, and so on. Besides changing to meet the demands of the growth stages of life, we must be able to effectively transcend habits that are bad or no longer useful, to be able to establish new habits. Do away with the immature you, to make way for the mature you.




Hearsay is a tool for left brained people.
They love decorating their human self image.


See yourself as your higher self (mature self) in your imagination.


What is God and what is man?
God is Consciousness and man is a vessel God made in order for it to experience life.


Chemistry, from the Greek word χημΡία (khΔ“meia) meaning "cast together" or "pour together"

Remember the Greeks, were students of the
ancient Egypt (Kemet) people. So now you should understand why they spelled it (khemeia)

The Egyptians called their country Kemet, literally the "Black Land" (kem meant "black" in ancient Egyptian). The name derived from the colour of the rich and fertile black soil which was due to the annually occurring Nile inundation. So Kemet was the cultivated area along the Nile valley.

I love this breakdown


Are you a human or divine being?


10 min full body workout...

Jumping jacks (b) 15 (i) 30 (a) 60

Squats (b) 7 (i) 15 (a) 30

Burpees (b) 5 (i) 10 (a) 20

Push ups (b) 7 (i) 15 (a) 30

Lunges (b) 4 (i) 8 (a) 16 EA. Leg

Pike push (b) 7 (i) 15 (a) 30

Superman (b) 7 (i) 15 (a) 30

Climbs (b) 10 (i) 20 (a) 40

Squats/calf raises (b) 5 (i) 10 (a) 20

Bicycles (b) 5 (i) 10 (a) 20

Jump ropes (b) 7 (i) 15 (a) 30

B = beginners

I = intermediate

A = Advance

Along with meditation everyday is priceless.


Neter 0

This Neter represents a peace that can't be disturbed by nothing in world.
Because it's free of emotional conditioning.


Sphere 3

This sphere represents spiritual power which is control over your emotions.
Something one must have in order to create positive outcomes for themselves.


Sphere 2

This sphere represents wisdom learned from within thru reasoning.
When you do a logical deductions you create facts, but when you dwell off hearsay, you end up with beliefs.


Neter 1

This Neter is our true identity which is consciousness.
When we become one with it, we become one with God (Consciousness) and others.
This is the state of selflessness that we must be in at all times.
Instead of identifying with the sensory and physical body which is the cause of selfishness, and the wrong doing in the world.
This sphere also activates the savior within aka your conscience.

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