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A carcinogen is a substance that causes cancer. Cooking methods that reduce carcinogens are boiling, steaming, poaching, and stewing. Red meat (beef, lamb, and pork) is classified as a group 2A carcinogen no matter the cooking method, while fish and chicken are not. Avoid cooking ALL meats at high temperatures!


If you are doing total body workouts, they should be done at most 3 times a week. Focus on exercises that use these movement patterns to hit all muscle groups.


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These are diets are not only beneficial for athletes but also for almost every other individual. Each of these help reduce the risk of disease. Which one do you think would help benefit you the most?


Here are a few food changes that you can make for weight loss, reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as many other diseases! Follow for more!


Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is essential for proper mental and physical health. Here are some tips that could help if you are having trouble falling or staying asleep. Consult with a doctor about possible medications if you believe that you have a sleep disorder.

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The core is important because it provides balance and stability. It consists of the back, hip, pelvic, abdominal, and diaphragm muscles. Having a weak core can lead to low back pain, poor posture, and other serious injuries. You can never go wrong with some core training!


When you stop any type of physical activity (group exercise, yoga, resistance training, cycling, running, etc) you are at risk of losing all of the potential health benefits you can gain from participating in these activities. Stay active to avoid the effects of detraining.

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Gluten is almost in everything we eat. If you experience any of these symptoms regularly (which are very common), then try a gluten-free diet for a month and see how you feel after. A gluten-free diet includes fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean and non-processed meat, and low-fat dairy.

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Exercise has many benefits but it also comes with some risks. If you are exercising alone be sure to follow proper guidelines and training parameters. Training with a professional and participating in group exercise classes are also recommended.

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After physical activity have you ever felt happier or calmer? Have you ever felt relief from your problems when exercising? Moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes 3-5 days a week has been proven to help improve brain and mental health.


Don’t drink as much water as you should? You can add these fruits and veggies into your diet to help you stay hydrated. Do this by either eating them whole, blending them into smoothies, or juicing them.

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Nutrition is so important for our health. Many of the things that we eat and drink everyday are not good for us. Not all cholesterol is bad but too much is not good either. Monitor the amount of these foods listed to reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Do you have a goal to be more flexible? Are you experiencing tightness and stiffness? Here are 3 beneficial types of stretching of stretching that will help increase range of motion.

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Ever felt so sore for a couple of days after you worked out very hard? Did it hurt so bad to point that you had to take few days off from the gym? Here is the reason why


Protein is a macronutrient. It is important to consume enough protein right after a workout while the muscle tissue is most receptive.

Follow for more tips!


Life is too short to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Our goal is to encourage proper eating habits and fitness training to make individuals lower risk of chronic illness! Contact today to start your total health journey!

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Aerobic capacity is used as a general indicator of health. The chances of developing a chronic illness are reduced greatly. It is not only beneficial for endurance athletes. All individuals should monitor and maintain their aerobic capacity!

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