Providing Individual Coaching/Group Trainings to Parents/Educators on Early Child Development

The Keedzi Training team consists of mother and daughter duo Delana and Lauren Coetzee. We dedicate our lives to help children, parents, and teachers because we believe we can make a difference in kids' futures by equipping people with information and practical tools for raising and educating kids. We develop custom training courses in early child development topics for Parents, Teachers, Administ

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How can I help a ‘dysregulated’ kid in school or at home ?

Start by Lending them OUR nervous system. ... !!

When kids are overwhelmed by feelings the emotional side of the brain 🧠 isn’t communicating with the rational side, which normally regulates emotions and plans the best way to deal with a situation. 💥

It’s not effective to try to reason with a child who’s dysregulated.
To discuss what happened, you need to wait until a child’s rational faculties are back “online.”

Do not try to talk to them because they cannot respond to logic or reason. Instead, stay calm, show empathy, help them become self-aware, and guide them through sensory experiences and calming strategies.
Be supportive and encouraging.
Help children feel cared about, valued, and understood as they learn to regulate.

(My ‘unregulated’ teen, at school, usually needs a phone call home to me, to borrow my nervous system ).. ❤️


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First Feelings: The Foundation of Healthy Development, Starting From Birth 08/06/2023

First Feelings: The Foundation of Healthy Development, Starting From Birth It’s so important for parents to help their child learn how to cope with their feelings. Learn how parents are their child’s guide in sharing the joys and coping with the challenges, starting on day one. It wasn’t that long ago that the conventional wisdom was that babies were pretty much blob... 04/20/2023

Join Keedzi Trainer, Lauren Coetzee, for a Virtual Parenting Class entitled "The Pyramid Model for Effective Parenting" The course is designed to offer parents a comprehensive look at how forming healthy, positive relationships with children can foster an environment in which children can learn, grow and thrive and parents can address challenging behavior holistically with strategies for both prevention and intervention.

This virtual class will be a 8 week course that meets once a week over Zoom for 1.5 hrs. Classes will begin the week of May 15th. The two time options are: Tuesday evenings at 8pm and Friday mornings at 10am.

Cost is $160 per person. Class is open to Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, or anyone that cares for a child!

To register, please email [email protected] with your name, phone number, and preferred class time. Feel free to email with any questions you might have as well!

For more info about the program, visit -06d5-4c4c-80de-8248b1594dae


Check out the info for an in-person group on trauma happening in Spring, TX. Starts on February 8th, no cost and open to anyone 18 and up.

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Photos from The Contented Child, Child Wellbeing Consultancy's post 12/07/2022

After a lifetime of giving back to their communities, on September 11 celebrates the contribution older adults have on the lives of young people. Encourage your friends and family, or help them, swap their regular Facebook profile or cover photos with one that includes their grandparents and/or grandchildren and keep it up throughout the week.


"Babies are such a nice way to start people "- Don Herold,American writer, 20th century


"Healing the Wounds of the Heart" Online women’s groups - presented by Delana and Lauren Coetzee. We are facilitators of Healing Groups through the American Bible Society which is a partner in the Trauma Healing Institute.
Please visit our website to register:

Thursday Evening Sessions: Start September 23 from 7 – 9pm
Tuesday Morning Sessions: Start October 5, 2021 from 9:30am – 11:30am

Based on your personal experiences and what you may have seen happening around you, there are huge variations in the impact of COVID-19 and all that has come in contact with it. Let’s spend some time thinking and talking about what has happened in our churches and communities, and how the pandemic has affected each of us personally. It has been proven that Healing comes when you share your thoughts and feelings with others.

If you are tired of constantly thinking about hurts in your past and ready to face it and move forward or you are a caregiver who wants to help others who have experienced trauma or hardships, this program model is a proven approach using applied Scripture and best mental health principles, to address spiritual and emotional wounds caused by hardships, pain and trauma of broken relationships, domestic violence, abuse, natural disasters, and similar events. Through this program, participants will be able to examine their own lives and identify areas of trauma, hurts, and heart wounds, then practice how to truly surrender our hurts to Christ and receive His healing. For more information on the Trauma Healing Institute visit

These sessions are intended for:
• Women ages 18+, who have experienced hardships and hurts in the past and struggle to live life to the fullest in the present, knowing they are still dealing with the pain of these wounds of the heart.
• Caregivers and those working with people from hard places (e.g. Anti-sex trafficking volunteers), or those who would want to explore becoming a trauma healing facilitator so that they can provide basic care for those wounded by trauma and loss.

We aim to create a safe space for all participants to heal and grow and for this reason our Healing Groups are closed groups, which means visitors aren't allowed and no new participants can join after the group started. Groups are online, free of charge and the group sizes are limited. We need a minimum of 6 to run a group and can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants.

Please visit our website to register:


Encouraging Reading Readiness and Independent Reading: Using hand puppets when you are reading Can enhance your child's engagement with this story the puppet can help describe and act out some of the scenes in the story, or name the objects and actions, or prompt the child to talk by asking him what he thinks will happen next or how will he solve the problem.
We present a comprehensive Core Parenting Program Online and in-person to empower parents with knowledge and practical skills to self-evaluate their parenting skills and to identify areas that need improvement or intervention. For more details or to contact us go to our website


Encouraging Reading Readiness and Independent Reading:
Reading with your child is an important way of building language, reading readiness, and eventually, independent reading. Reading together with preschool children sets the stage for later reading success. Let your preschool child pick out books and topics that he /she is interested in. Find a quiet place to read and turn off screens and telephones so there are no distractions. As you read keep your pace slow and follow your child's lead as you look at and talk about the pictures. You can have fun labeling or finding objects in the pictures as well as reading the real story words. You can extend the ideas in the pictures to your child's own experience, for example: If there is a picture of a dog or cat, talk with your child about a particular dog or cat that you know.

The purpose of our parenting program is to stimulate conversations, new ideas, warn of pitfalls, recognize learning opportunities and teachable moments, and help parents find parenting tools that will work best for them and for their children. For more details or to contact us go to our website


3 Tips for Child-directed play:
1. Follow your child's lead and interests
2. Give your child time and follow their pace.
3. Model cooperation by doing what your child wants you to do.

The purpose of our parenting program is to stimulate conversations, new ideas, warn of pitfalls, recognize learning opportunities and teachable moments, and help parents find parenting tools that will work best for them and for their children. For more details or to contact us go to our website

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We are a Training Company. The Keedzi Training team consists of mother and daughter duo Delana and Lauren Coetzee.

We are registered trainers with Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS)* and approved to train early child professionals in Texas.We develop custom training courses in any early child development topic for early child practitioners, parenting organizations, support groups, preschools and other early child care facilities.

*TECPDS is a statewide system that approves early childhood Trainers and their trainings. Trainers listed on the Trainer Registry have gone through an approval process that is defined by a set of qualifications which include early childhood expertise and experience, and knowledge of adult learning theories and principles.





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