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Mindfulness 03/07/2023

In this video, we explore the practice of mindfulness and its benefits for self-improvement.

Mindfulness In this video, we explore the practice of mindfulness and its benefits for self-improvement. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present moment...


You can lead a horse to water…………………
But you can’t make him drink. Yup that was me. Do you have opportunities that you are not taking advantage of? Do you have skills that you need and can learn but…?
Why is that do you think? Why procrastinate? What is the fear that’s preventing you from busting out? Is your why not clear enough? Is your vision of the future too cloudy?
Most people, like myself, in a lifetime attend multiple self-help seminars, workshops and events. Read countless self-help books and listen to audios. We are hyped for a bit but then our idea of reality steps in. Years go by and our personal progress is nominal at best. Please don’t take this wrong. I am not saying that they are useless. There is at some point though where there is just too much info. Just having to sort through all that info and pick which applies to you. Now how to apply it over and over.
Well, that in my opinion can create a sense of self helplessness. So, head back up to the top of this article and ask yourself those questions again. Let’s create an active discussion without judgement on this. Let’s explore the overwhelm of info and its effects. I can’t wait to hear from you.



Well, if you don’t know the story it is about three pigs who are being hounded and chased by a wolf. One of the two pigs loved to play 24/7. The second pig, not so much but never would pay attention to what needed to be done first. He lacked a sense of priority. The third was a bit more diligent. While he played at times, he put his attention to his needs and prioritized those needs.
So, after being chased for days, the first super 24/7 playful pig, who wouldn’t put the effort in, built a house of stray. He always expended the least amount of effort even when attempting to keep the wolf out. Well, that wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down. Yes they did escape but the chase continued.
The second pig put a little more effort in and built his house of sticks but not too strong. The wolfs huffing and puffing took that house down as well. Again, they escaped narrowly.
Now the third pig, mister diligent, took the time and effort and learned the skills needed to build a strong foundation. This is why he built his house out of bricks. No amount of huffing and puffing was taking this house down. So, the pigs now had a safety net. He knew he could always count on that foundation. No matter where they went in those woods his skills went with him.
Now, the supposed moral of the story is, work hard, be diligent and success will be yours. While those components may be true for some there is nothing wrong with working smarter instead of harder. Also being focused while being diligent. My experience with Self-coaching is that it helps you build your foundation for success out of mental bricks. It teaches you priority, focus and diligence that serve your better self. See, without a good foundation “Your House” will likely be blown down. The advantage my clients and myself receive from self-coaching is, whenever life tries to blow you down, that solid foundation keeps you grounded and safe.


Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to focus the more distracted you get? That is because your real focus, consciously, is on the distraction. You have trained your conscious brain to seek out that which it already knows, confusion. There is mathematic principle that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Questions, like why can’t I concentrate? Just bring about the answer your brain is familiar with, and the cycle repeats itself. It seeks out the shortest distance between two points. The question and the answer you are all too familiar with.
Resolution, well ask yourself better questions to get better answers. Your subconscious will seek out the better result. Truly, it will find the productive answer that gets you from point A to point Z in the shortest time possible. So, for example, instead of asking, why can’t I focus? Say, what do I need to do to focus? Reframe your question for a more positive result. Your computer like brain will search the data you’re not even aware of. It will give you you’re aha moment. Use your subconscious like a pair of binoculars, dial yourself in, get clear on what you need. Focus requires clarity. Let that be the driving force to the result you need. I would love, love ,love to hear from everyone on this. I believe focus and clarity are game changers. What about you?


Discipline or How to Train Your Dragon.

Hey what’s up? today I want to open a discussion on discipline. Having always been a rule follower you could say I had discipline of a sort. I mean you need discipline to follow rules, right? but what about self-discipline where you write the rules. Man did I struggle with that. Sometimes I found that my self-imposed rules in fact were constantly changing to fit my mood and holding me back. They often created seeds of doubt. Do you find this to be true in you as well. Through self-exploration I have come to gain some clarity on discipline. See, for me discipline is seeing the act through all its stages to completion, once you are clear on your why.
Then for me discipline was no longer such a harsh word. It just became that which I needed to do. Comment below, all thoughts and questions are most welcomed.

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