History of Deaf Idaho Redskins

History of Deaf Idaho Redskins


Hello History of Deaf Idaho Redskins, I finally found my 1985 Deaflympic games in Los Angeles, CA with Jerry Wilding, who was a coach.. A few years ago I tagged three pictures of 1973, 1977 and 1981 Deaflympic games team ...I used to attend 4 times of Deaflympic games from 1500meters , 5000 meters run , and 10,000 meters run... I got 4 silver medals and two events almost to win Gold medals in Bucharest, Romania in 1977....
Do you remember my sister name Rachel Kerr
She died 12/19/04
That picture was 1980 or 1982
She gradution in 1985

History of Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind (ISSDB/ISDB) Share your memories of your school experience. The mascot "Redskins" have been retired.

We respect the Native Americans (reason for removal of Redskins name). The memories remain in our minds and hearts. New mascot is now Raptors (after 1990 - pending date verification). The Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind (ISDB) was first established in 1906 in Boise, Idaho, and operated there until it burned down on December 8, 1908. The Idaho Legislature passed an act on March 16, 1909 est

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Watch Video Everyone ~ that included you!!! Musical of American Sign Language of Postive from Negtive! ISDB Refuse to add my name i ask then what i understand let it go! from negtive from you! thank you ~ Click on www.Facebook.com on the bottom will bring up the video!



This is Peggy: Janette and I went to ISDB museum 2 weeks ago and took picture. This was Melanie Oxley's art work, she started when she was about 20 years old or older. After she passed away her boyfriend Jack wanted to save them so gave to Jerry Wilding for the museum. Melanie did really wonderful work. The 2nd photo I took pic alone and you could see Melanie did used color pencils and made dots to create a picture. PLEASE do click on each photo, the first you need to see more on the top.

Two different merry go arounds 06/28/2016

First photo: Me on the merry go around.

Second photo: My siblings, Mary, me, Paul and Ted on the merry go around swing. I found the original photo instead of the negative, OK here is the story: On my timeline see the video of my scar the one near the ankle was from this merry go around swing.

First photo: Me on the merry go around.

Second photo: My siblings, Mary, me, Paul and Ted on the merry go around swing. I found the original photo instead of the negative, OK here is the story: On my timeline see the video of my scar the one near the ankle was from this merry go around swing.

Untitled Album 06/23/2016

TBT: Miss this friend of mine, sweet Deaf friend, April Bluemer (Hernandez).

Peggy here: TBT: Miss this friend of mine, sweet Deaf friend, April Bluemer (Hernandez). April passed away in Oct. 1994.


Timeline Photos


This is Mark here, Since June 1, 2016 I out of Vaction at this time , will be back on June 30th. 2016 . Peggy Cutler, Nan and Merry will be here post up and take care of information . any question ask Admin! Thank you

Untitled Album 06/09/2016

This is Peggy: 3 photos 1971 - 1973 I took with my camera while at school at ISDB

This is Peggy: 3 photos 1971 - 1973 I took with my camera while at school at ISDB

[06/07/16]   Only 4 administrators can post photos so if any of you want to post school photos you took with your cameras during your school years, please send photos to History of Deaf Redskins private message and we will post them for you. On this page you click on the white bar Message up there. Thanks. We will be happy to do for you. Oh I just added now to tell who said this and this is me Peggy Cutler, I posted the status yesterday.


James Yarbrough's photo
Class of 1971 Spring break
Death Valley
Chris Hunter took picture of it.(information from Joan Drown)
Ann Reins, Ronnie Fields, James Yarbrough, Bob Smith, Joan Drown and Pete Mazda (information names from Bob Smith)

[05/06/16]   Wondering about Mrs. Martha Bird, she would be in her mid 90's. Her husband Mr. Paul Bird passed away in 1994.

[05/03/16]   This is Peggy Cutler: My mother saved alot of stuff then I saved alot but rid some things years ago. This is one of them a pamphlet for Christmas play in 1973. I scanned the front and inside so 2 photos to show. You will NEED to click on each photo to see whole. Thanks.


Janette and I (Peggy) kept forgetting to ask you today when we went to see you guys, where did that sign go??


Timeline Photos


Wig Wam


"Deaf Children at Twin Falls, Idaho...."

[05/01/16]   This is Mark here , How Many of you Remember those days Building Linclon Inn hotel Burn @nite Everyone walking down to downtown watch those Fire , Yes Dorm superiour allow everyone walk down to watch Fire burn down! I knew this day of the memories when I was little (do you anyone know what year and what day is this? is happening???


Do you remember Mr.Robert Dawson, principal of the Department of the Deaf in 1965?? Tell me about Mr. Dawson.

rasmussenfuneralhome.com 04/26/2016

Rasmussen Funeral Home Obituary for LeRoy Eugene Germann

This is Mark here ~ i got information from Charles Stanger post and Sad for Leroy Eugene Gemann who passed away, he lived in Burley, He Attended in Idaho School for the Deaf. RIP Leroy!!!

rasmussenfuneralhome.com LeRoy Eugene GermannBURLEY - Leroy Eugene Germann, 80, of Burley, passed away Tuesday, April 19, 2016, at Safe Haven Homes of Burley.He was born Dec. 8, 1935, in Orofino, Idaho to Harold Harry and Mary Frances Adams Germann. He was the third child, of four brothers and four sisters.LeRoy had spinal…


Remember of this day brand new Hosptial nearby ISDB in 1966

Gooding New Hospital 1966


Gooding County Historical Society

Kendrick Drug Store


Kendrick Drug Store Soda Fountain Remember??????

Kendrick Drug Store Soda Fountain


This is Mark here, Found in Gooding County Historical Society Took new paper rememerance of the days !

New Pool Deaf Blind School 1966


Building History


Two photos of Joan Bauman and one with Tammy Admire, Joan Bauman my favorite former house mother. Those are my pictures I took. By Peggy Cutler


Too bad I did not save my unused name tags, I rid of them in 1980's but I have 2 my mother sewn on my doll clothes, I only found 2 of them. The blue clothes are doll pajamas and my mother made them, she made dolls clothes, coats and blankets for my dolls.

[04/11/16]   Newspaper in May 24, 1979

[04/09/16]   Peggy Cutler's "My former housemothers since I entered and graduated 1962-1977: Mrs. Savage, Mrs. McCall, Mrs. Dains, Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. Wood - those people passed away and only have 2 still living are Gloria Finch (Bartz) and Joan Bauman. I remembered most of them as my housemothers. OHOH more......Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Jean Maxwell both were my housemothers also. I think more oh yes Mrs. June Smith. Some housemothers stayed for short time others for long time."

www.lindquistmortuary.com 04/08/2016

Obituary for Keith C Nelson | Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries

Keith C. Nelson graduated from ISDB. He passed away yesterday. http://www.lindquistmortuary.com/notices/Keith-Nelson

www.lindquistmortuary.com Keith C Nelson November 28, 1934 ~ April 7, 2016   Keith C Nelson, 81 passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 7, 2016 after a courageous battle from his returning...

Quess who? 04/08/2016

Quess who?

[03/30/16]   Peggy Cutler and Merry Evenson were talking about dress code...and here Peggy Cutler's "Merry, this is from my status about dress code who fought and talked to Mrs. Bird. Lynn and Nadene did together won the rights of wearing pants.

Lynn Drown: I did it. I fought and principal Bird said ok as long you don't wear jeans. ha i wear nice pants.
Unlike · Reply · 5 · March 6 at 1:43pm

Peggy Cutler: Okay so it was you. Thanks.
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Sheila Russell Palmer: That's the Lynn Drown that I remember, know and Love.
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Lynn Drown: thanks. heart emoticon
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Merry Watkins Evenson: Oh that was you Lynn ok awesome lol I remember and was excited but didn't know I thought it was Marlene Andersen.
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Nadene Neal: Yes! I did discussed with Mr. Bird then finally allowed the girls to wear nice pants. No jeans. I remember Lynn what she did same. We won!
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Lynn Drown: Yeah I wasn't sure who did with me. You are one of them, anyone else?
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Ann Reins have my permission to post this up and Picture of history was taken by Bert Reins ! It was old picture i found of Bert. 1977's Good Picture!!! Post by Mark Svedin


Peggy Cutler's post and newspaper
Oh good I can post in here! :D
Okay here is thie article I got from the newspaper, I got the newspapers at a yard sale so on April 2014 I use a software program and painstaking made it all fit in one page wow lots of work and I was proud. On top of the headline I cropped from front cover and put up above the article so can be on one page. Let me know if you can read or not. I saved other one without the headline.


MascotDB.com - Idaho School for the Deaf & Blind Redskins

This is Mark here ~ Hello Everyone, Idaho School for the Deaf Redskins Had been change to Raptors in 1990's . here information http://mascotdb.com/team.php?id=134424 so That mean We.. will work between 1908 to 1990, The Raptor History will work their own. We will not work on after 1990's Thank you
Can you explain why It's change? all of the Generation of Redskins was so upset that been changes to Raptors wonder why?

mascotdb.com Idaho School for the Deaf & Blind Redskins page containing logos, website, social media, facebook and twitter links for high school, college, and professional sports teams

www3.gendisasters.com 03/16/2016

Boise, ID Childrens School Is Burned, Dec 1908 | GenDisasters ... Genealogy in Tragedy,...

This is Mark here ~ I found Idaho School for the Deaf building burned in 1908 http://www3.gendisasters.com/idaho/10003/boise-id-childrens-school-burned-dec-1908 inBoise, Idaho

How Many did you Remember ?


[03/08/16]   This is Mark here, I Decided to move the Book of Optimist in other Group will getting too much room so i transfer and join the group and join to look the History Book of the Optimist , Click here to join the Group Enjoyed !

There will be tons coming up ~