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I help teachers and homeschooling families find practical ways to implement the Montessori method!

Operating as usual


Been on the lookout for a "tell me what to do and when to do it" sort of lower elementary Montessori math scope and sequence? Then you'll love these comprehensive printable record keeping charts!

Each strand of math (numeration, each operation, math facts, fractions, geometry, plus time, money, measurements, data analysis, and patterns/logic) is all broken down so you can more easily guide your 5 - 10 year old students!

Lessons have the needed materials, prerequisites, and notes to help you more forward with confidence.

Click the link in the comments! Happy to answer any questions you may have!


Lots of elementary Montessorians are BIG fans of the Montessori Squaring lessons like me! I needed guided type worksheets for these concepts for my tutoring and thought maybe other Montessorians would find them helpful.

This is the perfect thing for those kids who need some 'oomph' back in their math lives!


My son and another beloved student of mine enjoying division with repeating decimals back in the day! They were like the Energizer bunnies! 😂


I love this idea on several levels! Not only would the child's preferred phrases be super comforting to them, but the phrases could also offer insight into the child's areas of insecurity. That peek into a kid's mindset could prove valuable in offering them support as they grow!

Have you ever done this?


Oh, boy.... 😶

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Goodness, yes! That kid was a trooper. 😂

Thankfully I figured out easier ways to break down all those checkerboard lessons!

If this is an area where you're struggling, ask away! If you're killing it on checkerboard, drop your favorite tip in the comments. 😀


Better late than never 😉

Teachers Are Not OK, Even Though We Need Them to Be 12/23/2021

"Teachers commonly said it would help if their school or district provided additional time to plan or catch up, reduced class sizes, waived some expectations or required tasks during periods of particularly high stress, or reduced the number of required meetings."

Administrators who really listen, then respond with action, can make all the difference when it comes to retaining teachers.

I'd love to hear stories of a time you went to an administrator with a problem and received the help you needed!

Teachers Are Not OK, Even Though We Need Them to Be The pandemic has put teachers through the wringer. Administrators must think about staff well-being differently.


Oh my goodness, YES! I still make connections between different lessons when I'm working with a kid and it just delights me!

What about you? 😀


Too funny!


I'll admit I used to really enjoy working late on Fridays to be ready to roll Monday morning....

So I'm just minding my own business, sitting at my desk planning, and my phone buzzes. It's a pic of me sitting at my desk planning. 😳

Thankfully, it was just Mark, my stalker-husband, waiting in my window. Whew! 😂


I've been asking, "What questions do you have?", during lessons for years, and it really normalized uncertainty during the learning process.

It gives permission for high performing students to set aside any ego they may have developed about always understanding new things right away. And it also emboldens slower learners to voice their questions with less fear of stigma.

How do you create a safe environment for the learning process?

Timeline photos 11/05/2021

Was this a LONG week for anyone else???


Feeling the first half of this these days! I'm still working on the internalizing the second half... .Who's with me?


What a cool idea! A low key way to get a feel for how individual students are feeling. Have you used anything like this in your classroom?


Friday it is. Learn geometry they will.


I wish this had been a Monday morning! No excuses! 🥴🙃😂


What was your favorite math lesson this week?

Mine? Division Bingo where the child chooses a random division fact tile then places the answer tile on the mute (blank) division chart. 😀



Hands up! Who's felt this way helping their kid with math? 😂

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In one of the homeschooling Montessori groups recently, there was confusion about what the order of the numbers in a multiplication fact problem means and how the array should be configured.

So I decided to geek out and make a little visual walk through of why the Montessori method of showing multiplication facts using bead bars is so excellent!

Also.... I'm in no way picking on Khan Academy. I love Khan and incorporate a lot of the videos and activities in my tutoring practice. But the way Khan Academy describes the relationship between factors in multiplication fact problems in consistent with that traditionally taught, so I used a problem of theirs as an example.

Anyhoo, let me know what you think!


Ceres was the head of the AMS training center when I was certified. 😬


This can be such a tough thing in the moment, but it's completely true.


Oliver and I do TKD with one of my former students, and though I haven't taught her in 5 years, she asked for math advice yesterday afternoon.

Morgan: So we're studying volume and surface area of cones and spheres and I know the formulas, but I want to really understand why they're the right formulas, you know? So I asked my teacher today why, and she said she had no idea.... Do you have any resources that can help me understand?

I've lent her some nomenclature cards I happened to have on the topic, and was just SO honored to have been asked!

And I'm DELIGHTED that this teen girl wants to know the whys of math still! Montessori math for the win! 😁


Happy Wednesday!


I hadn't thought of it this way, but yeah, these kids have been though a LOT.


Some fun facts about the 45 Layout of Golden Beads!

First, the diagram from Montessori's book "Psychoarithmetic" shows the values from least to greatest top to bottom, whereas my AMS 6-9 math album from 2008 shows the greatest values at the top and with lower values below. I've seen other AMS albums that show the same orientation as mine.

I can think of rationales for each scenario: Laying out the material with lowest materials at the top of the rug makes sense because while counting from 1 to 9, we're also moving top to bottom, just like we read. But in the layout that begins from the bottom, the materials get higher in value as they appear 'higher' on the rug.

What does your album show and how do you like it?

Also, there has been some chatter in Montessori homeschooling Facebook groups about whether 9 thousand cubes would suffice to complete the 45 Layout, or if it was necessary to purchase 45 thousand cubes to mimic the work done for the other place values.

In my classroom, I've only ever used 9, mostly because rounding up 36 more from various classrooms was such a chore. Kids never seemed to mind. We just scooted the stack of thousand cubes up the line of numbers as each one was added.

Fascinatingly, in "Psychoarithmetic" AND my math album, it is specifically noted that only 1 thousand cube is needed for this lesson.

Personally, I think the lesson impact would suffer if only 1 thousand cube were used, but I'm open to other views! I'd love to hear what you think!

The book was first published in 1934 in Spain, and I'm wondering if a scarcity of materials was the impetus for using fewer pieces of material.

Anyway, these are a few of the tidbits floating through my mind recently.

How do you present the 45 Layout? And do you ever use the term Bird's Eye View for the same lesson?


I've often said that "yet" is one of the most powerful words you can use in the classroom... It's also very helpful to use with ourselves!

Do you use "yet"... yet? 😉

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