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Tonight’s show kicks off in a little over an hour, so there’s still time to grab your FREE ticket and head to BD Morningside to watch Mwindo! See you soon! 🙌

Thank you so much to Christopher and his mom Chicky for donating 12 bottles of formula to our BD Morningside Hub. Formula and baby food are always a high priority on our needs wish list. We are grateful to be able to share these resources with our families and make sure they have what they need to raise healthy babies. Thanks again to Christopher and Chicky for their generosity and support!
Watching her grow along with our BD Morningside hub, Rakisha Odom is the epitome of what it is to be a true leader. Hear her describe the magic of and how she's been hooked on all that our community hubs have to offer children and families. Learn more about Rakisha, and our work by watching this highlight and visit to find out how you too can .
We want to give a huge shout out to Joshua Arntson, Motor City Grounds Crew, and the Morningside Community Organization Board who partnered this with us this Thanksgiving to provide meals to our Brilliant Detroit families in the BD Morningside community.

Together we were able to feed nearly 50 families in need. Volunteers from the board and staff from the Grounds Crew teamed up to pack, distribute and deliver meals to families who did not have transportation and seniors who were unable to get out of their homes or prepare meals.

Brilliant Detroit is grateful to have such awesome partners in this work. Both the Motor City Grounds Crew and the Morningside Board have supported the Morningside BD site since the beginning.
🚨 Program Alert!
Join us and every Thursday at 4PM for 8 weeks as we virtually host Arts & Scraps at with BD Morningside! Arts & Scraps helps children reimagine recycled industrial materials into many different things, inspiring them to think, create, and innovate. **Each topic comes with an Art & Scraps Kit***

Register Here:

Program Dates & Topics:
(Thursdays at 4PM)
🧡 Week #1, 12/9/21: Friends of the Earth
🧡 Week #2, 12/16/21: Insects
🧡 Week #3, 1/6/22: New Fish
🧡 Week #4, 1/13/21: Inventions
🧡 Week #5, 1/20/22: Alternative Fuels
🧡 Week #6, 2/10/22: Wearable Tech
🧡 Week #7, 2/17/22, How High
🧡 Week #8, 2/24/22, Space & Aliens
Tuesday's Activities:

3pm Hustle Lessons with Sheri Preyer

430pm Yoga with Crowns On

5PM Martial Arts

BD Dexter Linwood
BD Fitzgerald
BD Brightmoor
BD Morningside
BD Martin Park
Brilliant Detroit
Good Afternoon,
Just a quick reminder Autumn Tech workshops start today at 5pm

BD Brightmoor
BD Fitzgerald
BD Dexter Linwood
BD Morningside
Brilliant Detroit
Hello, I just joined the Morningside Healthlink Challenge. It's so fun! We're having a vegetable taste, salad, and water challenges! Like this post and join us! We have an official game board and everything! Julia said the carrot feels soft because we cooked it but is was very hard before.
Carrots feel cold...
12:30-1:30pm join us for What is therapy zoom

BD Dexter Linwood BD Martin Park BD Fitzgerald BD Morningside
What a celebration we had in BD Morningside as we joined together for fellowship and celebration this past week. Thank you to our amazing community and partners who want what is best for their kids and families!

Brilliant Detroit's Morningside Community page for early childhood development, educational resource

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We are all smiles because TODAY is COOKIES AND COCOA! Come by the house between 3:30-5:30pm to enjoys some Hot Cocoa and decorate some cookies! Hope to see your smiling face there😁🍪☕️


On Friday, December 9, Marygrove Conservancy will be hosting a holiday celebration! From 5-9 pm, experience the sights and sounds of the season for free. Reserve your spot at


We are incredibly grateful to each of you who joined us in building awareness + support in creating more Kid Success Neighborhoods over the next two years! Your gifts of time, talent, and personal donations are all direct ways to help us get to 24 hubs by 2024. We know the children and families we serve with/for/by will greatly appreciate all your support. Thank you for being on !


There are not enough words (or characters) to express our gratitude and appreciation for each of you who’ve reached out, shared and donated personally to via this year's Giving Tuesday 2022 campaign. We are filled with &love 🧡Thank you for your generosity and thank you for being + your support of 💯

Timeline photos 11/30/2022

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who participated in our campaign! We are grateful for all the who shared their love + support to help us raise funds to expand to 24 hubs by 2024. A generous Giving Partner will double every donation through midnight tonight. Every dollar raised will help us increase the literacy rates of the children in Detroit, make sure that our families have accessible resources they need, and ensure that our programming continues to grow. Donate @


One of our favorite things to do here at Brilliant, is to read with our kids! Today we will have Storytime here at Morningside from 4:30-5:30pm! Bring the kids by while we enjoy a snack and read some books!

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It's ! One of the most incredible things the little ones we serve will often remind us about is "Caring is sharing!" So remember, everyone who has love and care to share can impact our communities! All donations toward our goal will be matched to help us expand to 24 hubs by 2024. Our dream is to ensure every child in Detroit can access programming and activities that support them in school readiness! Donate @

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This year we are mixing things up for and collaborating with some of our favorite fellow nonprofits in a SE Michigan Charity Live Stream! You can support Spread Art, , , , and Via Facebook live this afternoon from 12 pm to 5 pm. Donations can be made via links in Livestream or @

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As we get closer to , we know it can be overwhelming to think about how and where to give your time, talents, and donations... Here at Brilliant Detroit, we believe the most significant impact we can make in our Kid Success Neighborhoods is through relationship and community building. If you want to check out what opportunities are available to with us, please visit to learn about our commitment to creating Kid Success Neighborhoods in Detroit. Donate @


As you develop a bedtime routine with your child, test out closing each day with a conversation, song or game that encourages them to share what they are grateful for each day! helps young learners learn essential social and emotional skills.

Timeline photos 11/27/2022

Ready, set, give… This , we are challenging to encourage 24 people to donate $24 to help us reach our goal of 24 hubs in Detroit neighborhoods by 2024. and accept our challenge! You can support us in achieving our goal by donating and sharing our posts with your networks via social media, e-mail, or even text! Donate @

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At Brilliant Detroit, our entire team is thankful every day to be a part of the lives of all the children and families we serve at each of our community-based hubs. While there is always lots of learning and joy shared, we admit the best part of our work are the acts of kindness, relationships, and growth we get to be a part of along the way. This year for , we hope to grow the number of neighborhoods we serve to reach 24 hubs by 2024! Donations of $24 or more will be matched by a generous donor. Your donations will help us increase the number of participating in our programs and activities within the coming years! Donate @

Timeline photos 11/25/2022

Brilliant Family, this week we’re launching our campaign, and we would love your support! Help us reach our goal of 24 neighborhood hubs across Detroit by 2024 by making a personal donation to our campaign. When you pledge $24 or more to our campaign, a generous Brilliant Giving Partner will match your donation! Thank you for being BRILLIANT and joining us in BUILDING kid success neighborhoods throughout Detroit. Donate @

Photos from BD Morningside's post 11/23/2022

Today was the perfect way to end our week before Thanksgiving! From arts and crafts to playing outside in the beautiful weather, a ton of fun was had today at Morningside.

Just a reminder, our hub is closed the next two days for Thanksgiving. See everyone next week!!!


It’s Tech Hub Tuesday!!! Come by anytime between 1-5 today to use one of our computers, WiFi or even print something out! Come stop by and say Hi! 💻 🖨️🖱️


Calling all heroes! is 11/29 & we are challenging the many to encourage 24 people in their network to donate $24 to help us reach our goal of 24 hubs in Detroit neighborhoods by 2024. Will you and accept our challenge? Donate @


As we near the Thanksgiving holidays, engage your child/children in a conversation about being grateful for their awesomeness! Such skills can help young, growing minds gain confidence and self-appreciation!


This , support Kids Success by accepting our 24 by 2024 challenge! Your donation will help us ensure kid success in every Detroit neighborhood. and help us create 24-community-based hubs by 2024, where families with young children will have what they need to be school-ready, healthy and stable!

Photos from BD Morningside's post 11/17/2022

Storytime at Brilliant is a great on-ramp for you and your family! We take an hour to read to kids and with kids. As well as enjoy a snack after school! Storytime is Tuesdays to Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm. Come read with us! 📖📚


Do you love Detroit? And believe every child deserves to be set up for success no matter where they live? and help us spread the word about our upcoming Giving Tuesday campaign. This year, we aim to raise awareness + funds to reach 24 hubs by 2024. You can help us achieve our goal by: 1) sharing our posts with your network; or 2) donating $24 (or more) between now and Nov. 29th!


At each of our Brilliant Detroit hubs, we love watching our families learn with their children, and our programs focus on the foundational years (infancy thru 8-years-old). This month, with little ones about gratefulness can help them understand the importance of moments and individuals in our families.


Got lightly used or new winter clothes to pass along? Each of our Brilliant Detroit hubs could use winter accessories and clothing to share with our growing participants! Whether you represent an organization or want to gather items from your friends and family, please let us know if you're interested in collecting new and unwrapped toys and games for the Brilliant kids. Please contact Aryeh Perlman at [email protected] or comment here, and we'll be in touch!


Brilliant Families, November is a perfect time to talk to your little ones about gratitude! can mean asking questions, singing or playing as you explain to them what gratitude can look and feel like. It is never too early for children to celebrate the good in their world.

Veterans Day for Kids Cartoon! Learn Fun Facts about Veterans Day for Elementary Students 11/11/2022

Veterans Day for Kids Cartoon! Learn Fun Facts about Veterans Day for Elementary Students

Looking for a fun way to share with your children why it is that we celebrate each November 11th? Be sure to check out this fun video from the channel. A fun, educational track for K-8 students that are among our favorites to share with Brilliant families eager to learn more about our national holidays! Even if your kiddos are not school-age yet, you can engage them in to explain the day's meaning. If you are a veteran, thank you for your service!

Veterans Day for Kids Cartoon! Learn Fun Facts about Veterans Day for Elementary Students Day kids learn with cartoons, watch this educational video for students delivering fun facts about Veteran...


Good afternoon Morningsiders don’t hav WIFI? Come on by! Don’t have a computer but need to do a job search or homework? We have you covered with our open Tech Hub hours, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 1-5pm at 5050 Balfour in the heart of the beautiful Morningside community!

Hope to see you there!

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How often do you make arts and crafts with your kiddo? Not only are these activities engaging and fun, but they also have developmental benefits. Art helps progress cognitive skills through decision-making, experimenting and problem-solving. And, of course, art is the perfect chance to encourage creativity and self-expression! To check out our programming with art, go to today.

Rocket Companies 11/10/2022

Rocket Companies

Earlier this year, our Brilliant Detroit Morningside team had the opportunity to spend the day with Rocket Companies to highlight the impact of the Connect 313 collective work to close Detroit's digital divide across all of our communities. Through our partnership with and planning with the great folks , families we serve have been connected to working devices and stable, low-cost wi-fi and access to vital digital education workshops right in their neighborhood. Thank you, Salesforce, for highlighting this vital work! Hear more about this work's impact on our ability to serve our Kid Success Neighborhoods in minute 18 of the Shift, MSNBC series @

Rocket Companies Rocket Companies uses technology to make home buying more convenient and accessible while making a difference in Detroit.


Family fun night at Brilliant BD Morningside! Starting Friday, November 18th.

Let’s have fun together!


Family fun night at Brilliant BD Morningside! Starting Friday, November 18th.

Let’s have fun together!


Morningside join us Tuesday- Thursday for “It’s Story Time” bring all the kiddos!


Morningside join us Tuesday- Thursday for “It’s Story Time” bring all the kiddos!


Families across the country need accessible, affordable, quality . Today, go to the polls and vote for candidates who this and make families a priority. Learn more from our and 🧡


Have you or your family needed to use a computer or needed to use WIFI? We have a solution for you! One of the awesome parts of our House is our TECH HUB!
Come to our Tech Hub during the week. Tuesday and Thursday we have hours where you can come in, without an appointment, and use one of our laptops or use our free WIFI. Come by the Tech Hub on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1-5pm @ 5050 Balfour Rd

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Looking for a fun way to give back to your community? Consider signing up to be a Brilliant Detroit volunteer! Our kids are a blast, and our team could always use extra hands to keep them happy and engaged in our programs. If you’d like to make a difference, sign up to join our fantastic volunteer team today at

Daylight Savings Time for Kids 11/06/2022

Daylight Savings Time for Kids

Brilliant Families don't forget to "fall back" and change your clocks this morning! The US and Canada are two countries that still follow this annual tradition. You can teach your little ones about it via this fun video @

Daylight Savings Time for Kids Daylight Savings Time is explained in a simple way in this video for kids! Learn about George Hudson and the fun reason he proposed the idea of Daylight Savi...


Did you know it is NOT too late to enroll in child care or school this year? Our partners at Hope Starts Here have launched a new online tool to help you search for and enroll your children in early education programs in Detroit and Wayne County. Ready. Set. Enroll is a curated collection of enrollment-specific resources to help you decide what programs best suit you and your child’s needs. Visit‐set‐enroll to get started today.


Happy November Morningside! What is one thing that comes to mind when you think of November?... THANKSGIVING! We are hosting a Thanksgiving Community Dinner on November 17th! We will have a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins, crafts for the kids, Story time, and fun with our Morningside family. In order for us to get a proper headcount for food, please register for this dinner so we have enough food for everyone. Register Here ->


Learning doesn't just happen in classrooms. At Brilliant Detroit, we believe that children and their families learn and retain more when there's food and fun involved in a program or activity! If you are eager to help your child or children be kindergarten ready, be sure to check out where our hubs are located at


Brilliant Families did you know even before your baby can read on there own there's plenty of ways to engage them with books. with infants and toddlers can involve you asking your child questions about a story, singing to them about a character or element in the book or asking them to point to objects they may recognize in the book. Learning in such a fun way can help children get excited about reading.


We must make the potential of a national priority. It’s time for all of us, including Congress, to . Brilliant family, as elections are fast approaching, be sure to learn more about how policymakers feel on critical issues impacting your family! We are proud to support all of the partners behind . and make sure you vote with your babies in mind this November.

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Did you know babies start the process of learning and talking right at birth? The first "baby talk" is nonverbal and hap... Teakwondo





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