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Photos from Online Global Classroom's post 10/06/2023

Welcome to Korea!! Our cultural trips begins tomorrow. See you soon!!


Howdy Friends! ๐Ÿค 

Take advantage of weekly English Level 1 Group Class hosted by Online Global Classroom via Zoom! Bilingual native English teacher. Feel free to share! โค๏ธ

English beginner class will be held on every Monday from 7:00-8:00pm Mexico/ 7:00-8:00pm central starting November 13, 2023. Duration 1 hour. Classes are progressive and continue to the next level.

English Level 1 (no experience required)
Time: 8:00-9:00pm Mexico/ 9:00-10:00pm central

Cost: $100 per person (12-weeks).
Ages 15 years old and up

Requirement: Must have a laptop or tablet.

Space is limited!

For more details message:
DM us or [email protected]

Register for English classes:


Congratulations Niko! We are proud of you!


If thereโ€™s a โ€œsecretโ€ or โ€œhackโ€ to learning a foreign language, itโ€™s this: hours and hours of awkward and strenuous conversation with people better than you in that language.

1. An hour of conversation (with corrections and a dictionary for reference) is as good as five hours in a classroom and 10 hours with a language course by yourself.
There are a few reasons for this. The first is motivation.

2. I donโ€™t care how cool your study guide is, youโ€™re going to be far more invested and motivated to communicate with a live person in front of you than a book or audio program on your computer.

The second reason is that language is something that needs to be processed, not memorized. In my experience, staring and memorizing a word in a book or with flashcards 100 times simply does not stick the same way as being forced to use a word in conversation a mere two or three times.

3. I believe the reason is that our minds place more priority on memories which involve actual human and social experiences, memories which have emotions tied to them.

So, for instance, if I look up the verb for โ€œto complainโ€ and use it in a sentence with a new friend, chances are Iโ€™m always going to associate that word with that specific interaction and conversation I was having with her. Whereas I can blow by that same word 20 times with flashcards, and even though I may get it right, I havenโ€™t actually practiced implementing it. It means nothing to me, so it is less likely to stick with me.


Though not always an option, the immersive strategy is perfect for mastering a foreign language. The reason is that you get exposed to the target language around the clock. And when abroad and without another option, than to speak all day, youโ€™ll force yourself to articulate as a native quickly. In the beginning, you might get tempted to stick with English. Resist the urge and find the strength to remain passionate about the new skill.


Congratulate Emily on her hard work learning Spanish. ๐Ÿ‘


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Hey OGC Friends!

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Congratulate Leandra on her hard work learning Korean. ๐Ÿ‘


Congratulate Kaley on her hard work learning Spanish and ASL.


Bonjour Friends!

Take advantage of weekly French Level 1 Group Class hosted by Online Global Classroom via Zoom! Feel free to share! โค๏ธ

French beginner class will be held on every Friday from 5:00-6:00pm central starting July 17, 2023. Duration 1 hour. Classes are progressive and continue to the next level.

Friday Level 1 (no experience required)
Time: 5:00-6:00pm/central

Cost: $100 per person (12-weeks).
Ages 15 years old and up

Requirement: Must have a laptop or tablet.

For more details message:
DM us or [email protected]

Register for French classes:


Join us in congratulating Jude on his hard work learning ASL for over 1 year with OGC. ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ‘


Please share! ๐Ÿ™

Are you looking for part-time work? We are hiring experienced online teachers for Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Join our JW team of teachers.

Flexible schedule and pay ranges between $15-$20 per hour.

Please contact us for details at [email protected] or DM us


Want FREE classes or extra income? We are looking for affiliates. Contact us for details on the program at [email protected] or DM us .


I Love You Wall (Le mur des je tโ€™aime) in Parisโ€™s Jehan-Rictus Square was created by two artists as a rendezvous location for lovers and a lasting monument to eternal adoration.

Covered in 612 lava tiles, the wall features the words โ€œI love youโ€ in 311 languagesโ€ฆ

Letโ€™s see how many different ways we can say, โ€œI love youโ€โ€ฆ ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ


Bonjour Friends!

Take advantage of weekly French Level 1 Group Class hosted by Online Global Classroom via Zoom! Feel free to share! โค๏ธ

French beginner class will be held on every Monday from 5:00-6:00pm central starting June 9, 2023. Duration 1 hour. Classes are progressive and continue to the next level.

Friday Level 1 (no experience required)
Time: 5:00-6:00pm/central

Cost: $100 per person (12-weeks).
Ages 15 years old and up

Requirement: Must have a laptop or tablet.

For more details message:
DM us or [email protected]

Register for French classes:


Join us in congratulating Jacqueline on her hard work learning Korean. ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ‘


Hola Friends,

Spanish kids summer camp is booking now!

OGC Spanish kids summer camp starts Tuesdays, June 6, 2023 via Zoom for kids from 5-10 years of age.

Time: 2:30-2:55pm/central

Cost is $50 USD per child. Max 7 students. Classes are fun & interactive. Space is limited. Classes are 25-minute class. All classes are 6-weeks, once a week.

We also have kids group classes available in English and ASL.

Dates and times vary, contact us at info@onlineglobalclassroom or DM for more details.


Letโ€™s practice Chinese!!

Repost โ€ข learnchinesewith_yiyi


Tune in this month to OGC2GO Embrace your Passion on Spotify or Podcasts as we sit down with guest Twyla Waffo who is a tax specialist. We will chat about โ€œHow to choose a tax professional.โ€ If you are an educator, entrepreneur, digital nomad, L&D or DEI professional and would like to be a guest in an upcoming episode please contact us.

Timeline photos 03/07/2023

Think in your target language
People say youโ€™re not fluent in a foreign language until you catch yourself thinking in it. That makes sense.
Thinking directly in your target language as much as possible will help you avoid errors and speed up the learning and speaking process. It could also help you avoid confusion in the middle of a conversation.
If you do need to translate, be strategic about it. Referring to the languages that you already know and using translation can be used to your advantage, but there are ways to do it efficiently and correctly.
What you could do is think about all the short and simple sentences you use in your daily communication. What sentences do you need at the grocery store? At the post office? At work? At home?
Use a trusted resource for your sentences so that theyโ€™re guaranteed to be correct. Learn how to say them, and then always think them to yourself as you go about your daily business.

Timeline photos 02/28/2023

Get plenty of comprehensible input
When you start to feel tired, switch from active learning to passive learning by doing what you would normally do in your native language in your target language. In other words, take in comprehensible input.
Comprehensible input means material in your target language that you can understandโ€“but itโ€™s still slightly above your level because there are some words or grammar concepts that you donโ€™t know.
According to one of the most influential theories in linguistics, getting comprehensible input is how people acquire and become fluent in a language. To get good at a language fast, youโ€™d want to get a lot of comprehensible input (listening and reading), especially at the start.
This is pretty fun to apply because input can mean TV shows, comics, online videos, podcasts or even actual conversations that you overhear in your target language. Keep reading for tips on how to use these resources in the best way!
The catch is that they have to be comprehensible, though. If you watch a movie without understanding the lines at all, take it down a few notches and choose easier material!

Timeline photos 02/21/2023

Study smart
Some more great strategies for integrating new words alongside and beyond flashcards include:
โ€ข Visualize and vocalize. Visualize the word youโ€™re learning, imagine the image of what it represents and say the new word aloud. This helps you connect the concepts and can improve memorization.
โ€ข Gesture. The brain learns better when you use physical actions while learning. Take advantage of this by gesturing. If you want to learn the German word Schuh (shoe), say the word while you pretend to put on a shoe.
โ€ข Talk when you read and write. It will help you remember faster if you vocalize your target language. Read anything that you read or write out loud and try to mimic the accent of a true native while doing this. Remember that the goal is to eventually speak, so this step is important!
โ€ข Use mnemonic devices. Make up a sentence with the new word youโ€™re learning, the meaning of the word and a word in your native language that sounds similar. For example, if you want to learn the Spanish word mesa (table), you could make up a sentence like, โ€œMy kitchen table is always a mess!โ€

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