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Take a journey into classic fairy tales through a Jungian perspective. Early bird registration closes Dec. 3rd. Continuing ed credits available. Join us online this winter for a unique Jungian series that will immerse you in the power of fairy tales and storytelling. Fairy tales reveal everyday truths with an emphasis on symbolic language and archetypal patterns. Fairy tales demonstrate the timeless, universal patterns of human nature through fantastical metaphors. At times dark or gruesome, people of all ages have enjoyed fairy tales for generations. Fairy tales present many universal problems of life, but also provide a sense of hope, showing possibilities for survival or overcoming challenges.
I have a set of the Collected Works of C.G. Jung, the original Bollingen series 2nd edition, printed between 1960-1979. This is 21 hardcover books taking up nearly 3 ft. of shelf space. No dust jackets, in good condition except for occasional checks and marked lines that keep the books from being library quality. I bought this set many years ago when I was studying Jung and never considered what might eventually become of them, but I'm old now and worrying that my children will throw them out when I'm gone. I'd like to donate them to someone (or an institution) that will value them as much as I do. Any suggestions? I live in Charleston.
Don't miss our October 14 speaker, J.P.Sears, one of the most profound, insightful, brilliant coaches on the planet. I.E., he's not just hilarious!

CJS is a non-profit organization founded to share the many dimensions of Jungian thought with our friends and community. CJS plans monthly presentations on a variety of subjects related to Jungian thought and psychoanalysis.

The Society plans regular lectures, workshops, and classes taught by resident and guest speakers and by offering a forum for the friendly exchange of ideas.

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Saturday 4 - 6pm ~ Bring a Dream to the Hive -

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September 25 ~ Be-Keeping: Working and Playing with Dreams - and Keep it going with Dream Hive sessions October 2, 9, 23 & 30.

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Looking back and looking ahead

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This Week ~ Answers to Our Questions... - We need your input

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Greetings on C.G. Jung's Birthday -

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Join us at 5:00 Today! Zoom Link: The Complex with Sharon Martin, PhD -

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Join us Sat. 5pm ~ for Jungian Analyst Sharon Martin ~ The Complex: Architect of our Dreams. Zoom Link

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April 10th ~ The Complex: Architect of Our Dreams -


Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at any time. An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed. “Wotan” (1936), CW 10, § 395.


The unconscious has an inimical or ruthless bearing towards consciousness only when the latter adopts a false or pretentious attitude. (C.G.Jung, CW 7, par. 346)

Donald Kalsched – Glimpses through the veil: Encounters with the numen of clinical work 02/13/2021

Donald Kalsched – Glimpses through the veil: Encounters with the numen of clinical work

Donald Kalsched – Glimpses through the veil: Encounters with the numen of clinical work In depth psychology, we tend to privilege two avenues or pathways that provide access to the mysteries of the unconscious and its potentially healing energie...


Solstice Greetings and a Winter Offering 🐝 - Are you recording your dreams? We'll welcome dreams in our January Dream Hive ~ will you join us?


“In ourselves we have a shadow; we have a very bad fellow in ourselves, a very poor man, and he has to be accepted.”
Jung, The Symbolic Life, para. 638


" We know from experience that the protective circle, the mandala, is the traditional antitode for chaotic states of mind." Jung, Collected Works, Vol 9, p.1, para 16


Collective unconscious= archteypes. Personal unconscious=complexes.


“What happens successively in time is simultaneous in the mind of God” (CW 8, 967/518, n. 17)


Copy of Coping with Current Events: a CJS conversation

If you missed our September live discussion on Youtube here is a replay. A summary would include a personal experience of surviving COVID19 by one of our board members, an invitation to use Jungian tools to examine what works best for our uniqueness during these times, and a profound and inclusive look at current race issues in our country by our board president! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments!


Coping with Current Events ~ Let's Connect Saturday at 5 pm -


Let's Reconnect ~ Saturday, September 12th at 5 pm - Join us for a free conversation on Coping with Current Events


Can you allow yourself to know magic?


Does 'Save the Date' Still Resonate? - September 12th ~ Join us from the comfort and safety of your own home!


Oposites combine to create wholeness.


More than ever we need to stay connected to myth and let it tell the stories of our lives.


Can you see your pain through the perspective of the soul?


Happy Birthday C.G. Jung! & Update from Eben Alexander, MD -


Decide from creative individuality not from intelectual knowledge.


Let us see and acknowledge each other...


Let things be worked...


There are many ways to know that have nothing to with rational thinking...


You can be with yourself even when the crowd is happening in your mind...


Watch out for your virtues!!


Quiet tends to be immensely clarifying...


The scary choice to see oneself...

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Live from Sharon Martin’s lecture of the psychic function of neurosis
Live from the Synchronicity event with Simran Singh
Live from Duke Hagerty’s talk!
Broadcasting Live from our January Presentation with Jung Inspired Pedro Rodriguez
A snippet of JP Sears' talk on archetypes.
Live from Lucid and Jungian event with Chris Cunniffe Q&A
Catherine Meeks speaking live about finding inner and outer freedom...





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