Nature and Nurture

Nurturing new parents with nature's remedies
Homegrown herbs, local foods, and lots of love
Birth + Postpartum Doula
Charleston County, SC I support new + emerging families during pregnancy and postpartum with practical support that includes nourishing meals and teas prepared with local foods and native + homegrown herbs.

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from @rosebankfarms via @communitysupportedgrocery

Supports your pregnancy with its magic:
🍃high in Vitamin C, which collabs with amino acids to maintain collagen production—> important for baby’s growth and the growth of your tissues (including your uterus)
🍃high in Vitamin K, which supports normal blood clotting - something that can lower risk of postpartum hemorrhage

Supports your postpartum with more magic:
🍃high in iron, which is highly important postpartum after your body transferred lots of its iron to baby and lost blood during birth
🍃high in omega 3s and omega 6s - transfers to breast milk and supports baby’s brain and eye development (this is also important in utero!)

I like to sauté my dandys with butter and lemon pepper but you can also eat em raw with salads and sammies 🥪🥙

Eat these with some FAT to better absorb the goods 😎 Butter, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, whatever you’re into

Thanks @communitysupportedgrocery for the delicious local and seasonal medicine! (But dandy’s are available year round so seasonal for this guy means annual 😁)

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Nature and Nurture


How do you (plan to) teach children to love and honor themselves and the planet and the people on this planet?

Today we went to the beach and listened to songs by @beautifulchorus and @erynallenkane and read the words of @pixielighthorse and @lalahdelia out loud and talked about what we did this week that we’re not proud of, what we’re proud of, what we’re grateful for and what our intentions are for this week. We got sand in our clothes and hair and nails and pockets and when we finished a family of four puppies came running over to us to play (not even kidding!!!)

When the stories we hear make us feel hopeless, I want to create hope in the belief that the world we create within our families and chosen families and selves is powerful ✨

What else do you think kids (and adults (and everyone in between)) need to feel connected to themselves and the earth and their spirit?

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