Abundance Budgeting

Budgeting Seminars relevant to Treasure Valley Citizens. We post tips on saving $$$ locally & making healthy financial choices. Finance seminars abound, but this one is unique –
Created just for YOU as a Treasure Valley Citizen!

This new approach will equip you with tools for freedom from debt and living abundantly on any income. Topics include:
Identify what you actually need
Discover hidden financial resources
Break the debt cycle
Begin your path to abundant living

Breakout Sessions offer specialized tools:
Recovering from Crisis - Dig out of the debt hole
Live within your Reality
Local resources to lighten your loa

[10/23/15]   "It is difficult to set bounds to the price unless you first set bounds to the wish." Cicero
Jennifer's version - "Live within your financial reality now, improve your financial reality in the future!

[10/23/15]   Thank you Calvary Chapel MOPS group for having be back to present Abundance Budgeting! I enjoyed chatting with many of you ladies afterwards. I look forward to sharing resources with you and mentoring some of you to reach your financial goals!


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[02/11/15]   Super Sale at Serendipity! 1/2 all Sweaters, Coats and Jackets! Today and tomorrow only. State x 30 & 31 streets. Found a nearly new Banana Republic Blazer for just $7 - score!


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Best Back deal in Boise! Wellness Chiropractic offers monthly memberships with no treatment limits.
And...get this...WALK-IN APPTS! That's right - no appointment needed - just go in when you're hurting.
It's a phenomenal deal at only $89/mo. individual, $149/mo. couples, $189/ family. They also treat PETS.

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Jennifer Matoske, Abundance Budgeting | Idaho's Money Show

I was interviewed on "Idaho's Money Show"! It ran today. http://idahosmoneyshow.com/jennifer-matoske-abundance-budgeting/. Archives should be posted sometime next week.

idahosmoneyshow.com Occasionally a guest on “Taking Care of Business” will provide us with information in case our listeners would like to download it before, during or after the show. Jennifer Matoske of Abundance Budgeting will be discussing how and why to set a personal budget. Please feel free to download the follo…

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Savers Thrift Stores | Good deeds. Great deals.

Savers 50% off Preview sale THIS Sunday, Nov. 9th! You must be a card holder for this special sale. Get your free card - http://www.savers.com/super-savers-club-card.aspx

savers.com If you regularly shop at Savers, you could benefit from getting a Super Savers Club Card. Learn more about the Super Savers Club Card here.

[11/05/14]   Great news!! 20 year terms are available in the marketplace again….Wonderful for your clients, family & friends that want to get rid of their mortgage quicker , but without the tough 15 year term payments…rates as low as 3.875% on single family homes…..
Call Suzi Boyle, Loan Originator 208.957.7300

[11/03/14]   $AVING TIP - Plan ahead! Shop for future clothing needs at the very end of season. winter boots end of January, swimsuits in August. This counts for thrift stores and retail stores!

[10/30/14]   WEIRD SAVING TIP$ - Here's how to save money on health care - cut out/down white food. ALL cow's milk products (Cheese & butter especially), white bread/pasta/crackers, white rice, refined sugar foods, white potatoes, etc. You will have fewer health issues and BONUS! A lower body weight!

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Overland Park Cinemas

Date night tonight? Enjoy a movie with Edwards quality but 1/5 the price! It's $1 night at OPC - http://opcmovies.com/.

opcmovies.com Family Owned and Operated for over 30 years!

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Financial Calculators

Are you going to be ready for retirement when it comes? Go to http://timevalue.com/products/tcalc-financial-calculators/overview.aspx?CALCULATORID=RC07&TEMPLATE_ID=www.timevalue.com_2&HIDEFORMTAG=TRUE to find out. I heard a story recently of someone with $300,000 saved. He thought it was enough. Turns out at what he wanted to live on monthly, he'd have to die or go back to work after only 6 years. Scary!

timevalue.com Add financial calculators to your website. Professional and accurate financial calculations, amortization tables, and charts for as little as $50. CMS, XHTML, and Style sheet friendly formats available.

[10/27/14]   EA$Y CA$H - Old sweaters you never wear? Consign at Serendipity Boutique on State and 31st! Turn those "why do I still have this?" clothes into cash!


What's better than a discount? FREE! We all got this coupon in the mail. Use it! I got 25 leaf bags FREE at Walmart yesterday. The coupon is for $2 of a bundle of 5 bags. Walmart bundles were $1.79. I paid nothing!

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MONEY IS CHEAP!!! So is real estate! In a recent conversation with my favorite local loan officer - Suzi Boyle, she said "Money is cheap!" She was referring to current mortgage interest rates - some of the lowest in US history! Home prices are also falling. Now is the time to consider buying a house.

Remember these 6 Home-buying Basics:

1. Little or no other debt. Adding more debt load is financial slavery.
2. Solid down payment min. 10% - 20%. 100% financing is insane.
3. Mortgage will be 25% OR LESS of your take-home pay.
4. Make choices deliberately. Emotions should play no role.
5. When you find the "perfect" house - Go home! Pray about it, sleep
on it, talk to your partner, decide after excitement wanes.
6. If you don't find the right house, WAIT! It will show up eventually.
Don't settle for less on a home like you wouldn't for a life partner.

BEST closing costs I've found - Suzi Boyle at http://www.sboyle.amerifirst.us/Default.aspx. She recently quoted us a mortgage that has $800 lower closing costs than local banks. Interest rate was .25% lower also!

sboyle.amerifirst.us The Internet's leading website for home loans, mortgages, electronic lending, and loans using the best mortgage tools on the Internet. Online shopping for the best loan rates, best loan programs, and current rates.

[10/10/14]   JOB TIP$ - Rite Aid hiring part time cashier.

[10/08/14]   "Our bravest and best lessons are not learned through success, but through misadventure." - Amos Bronson Alcott

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Rite Aid Weekly +UP Offers

FA$T CA$H - Transfer your prescriptions - get up to $75 to spend in store! https://www.riteaidoffers.com/raemails/rxtransfer/index/vid/5Ggle1D/ckc/1#rxtransfer/index/vid/5Ggle1D/ckc/1

riteaidoffers.com Weekly +UP Offers.

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Open a Chase Total Checking account

FA$T CA$H TIP - Get $150 when both you open a new Chase checking account and set up direct deposit. https://www.chase.com/content/chasecom/en/checking/offer/rb_acquisition_321870_FG72292.html?ID=0000016980&jp_cmp=rb/AANonBrandDesktopExact/sea/na/checking&MSC=IQ52648037-VQ2-g-VQ15-1s7-VQ16-c&adgrpID=6610109291&kwdID=89176042&ef_id=VCwoTQAAAIGK6X2K:20141001161405:s

chase.com Important Information*Service Fee: Chase Total Checking has no Monthly Service Fee when you do at least one of the following each statement period: Option #1: Have monthly direct deposits totaling $500 or more made to this account; OR, Option #2: Keep a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more in you…

[10/06/14]   $HOPPING TIP$ - Get your bulk on! Go to Cash-n-Carry for BIG versions of every day food items. For example: Small 2 oz. bottle of Orange Extract at regular grocery $7. Large 16 oz. Bottle at Cash-n-Carry $15! $3.50 per ounce vs. $ 0.93 per ounce!

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Dave Ramsey Recommends US Legal Forms

$AVING TIP$ - You don't need a lawyer for a basic will - go to www.uslegalforms.com/dave. Get the "Last will combo pack". Includes a living will, last will and power of attorney. Do your will now - you won't regret it!

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SHOPPING TIP$ - Here's the elegant faux fur coat you've been wishing for!Whenever I wear my coat like this, everyone remarks how lovely it is. It's only 40 bucks that Idaho Youth Ranch on 15th and Main downtown Boise. Great deal on a gorgeous coat!


Pressing Matters

Medical Massage Discount four pack @ Pressing Matters Massage in Eagle. 4 - 1/2 hour sessions $100. 4 - 1 hour sessions $200. My experience with medical massage is that it decreases chronic tension & pain with much greater efficacy than swedish or shiatsu massage.

We combine the aspects of massage therapy and naturopathic health, specializing in natural medicine, whole body nutrition, and pain management.

[09/30/14]   $HOPPING TIP$ - SAVERS Thrift Store (corner of 5 Mile & Fairview) gives a 30% off coupon every time you donate! Keep items to donate in your car so whenever you go there to shop you have something to donate. 30% off of second hand merchandise is just plain awesome!


Serendipity Boutique Consignment Clothing

$HOPPING TIP$ - Serenity Boutique - 25% mark-down on ALL jewelry! Still has 4 racks of $1 - $3 items outside. Check them out - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Serendipity-Boutique-at-Nearly-Nu-Shoppe/117404538318874

A clothing consignment store for all occasions!

[09/26/14]   EA$Y MONEY - Get up to $100 in gifts cards at K-Mart. Transfer existing prescriptions from another pharmacy to K-Mart. They will give you a $25 gift card for each transferred prescription up to $100! Call (208)377-5153.

[09/26/14]   $aving Tip - Free tooth whitening or $100 toward any treatment, including exams! Call A Reason to Smile at (208)343-1393 to Schedule. Be sure to tell them Jennifer Matoske sent you!

[09/26/14]   $aving Tip - Free physical for your pet! Banfield Pet Hospital in Petsmart. Call (208) 377-9748 to schedule. Be sure to mention you were referred by the salon!

[09/26/14]   It is such a joy to share the lessons I've learned, many the hard way, about living with abundance no matter one's income! I have been privileged to share these lessons through seminars in the Treasure Valley. Many people tell me that they've learned new ideas on how to approach money and take the fear out of budgeting.


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Sharing how to prepare a basic budget and stick with it.


Abundance Budgeting




Fillable Budget Spreadsheet
Family-size Specific Budget Guides
Spanish Budget Guide
Debt Worksheet
Expense Worksheet
Future Planning Guide



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