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Fear of Criticism, the Secret Career Killer 12/08/2021

Fear of Criticism, the Secret Career Killer

Fear of Criticism, the Secret Career Killer (2 minute Read)


Boom. Changing the game by enhancing connection, identification and advancement.

Connecting the Girls Academy, with Jungo Sports everyone's a scout, and all coaches can advocate for all GA players. Hope to see you there!

Georgia Soccer | Soccer Parent Resource Center 10/20/2021

Georgia Soccer | Soccer Parent Resource Center

If you have the ability and ambition, you have a chance.

Georgia Soccer | Soccer Parent Resource Center This membership is free because the Georgia Youth Soccer Association leadership values parents who are engaged with and educated about the soccer experiences of their child!  


Jungo continues to support players and build meaningful pathways for discovery and advancement. Outstanding partnership promoting boys with the ambition to compete on the college soccer stage.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with @jungo_sports to bring technology into soccer clubs by putting the power of development, identification, advancement, and college placement in the hands of coaches and players.

We are looking forward to the future and working together to connect soccer players, clubs, and college programs through one easy-to-use platform. ⚽🚀 #EAJUNGO

Timeline Photos 02/18/2021

Thank you for the important job that you do; keeping the kids safe and the game flowing. ❤️

PARENTS, COACHES, and EVERYONE have you thanked the referees in your life during #GratitudeWeek? If not, share this graphic with them and thank them for honoring the game and keeping it safe!

Timeline Photos 02/09/2021

Creating pathways for player identification and advancement. Jungo Sports is connecting youth soccer in the U.S.

THE GIRLS ACADEMY VIRTUAL SHOWCASE POWERED BY JUNGO IS LIVE. For college coaches wishing to watch GA games with uncommitted players visit: With rosters and key matchups in each conference now live, our players can #BESEENALWAYS with @jungo_sports

Timeline Photos 02/05/2021

Connecting players youth soccer players to their ecosystem, leading to advanced placement.

Why Jungo & the GA? Our @jungosports partnership creates a shared platform for player feedback, identification & advancement to Talent ID & college programs; a soccer eco-system that connects all coaches and players. Watch the webinar: #GAPartner #GAFTP 12/31/2020

More details emerge about Pac-12 soccer schedule, which will have Arizona face ASU twice

Pac 12 schedule taking shape. The Pac-12 soccer season will start later and be a little shorter this season. Multiple sources say the 2020 campaign (which will take place entirely in 2021) will consist of 16 games—four...


Jungo Sports

If you want it, go get it. The only person that defines you, and what you want, is you. Wake up and fight.

Wake up and fight!

One of Woodie Guthrie’s resolutions was to “Wake up and fight.”

But he wasn’t talking about being a bully. Or picking a fight at the local bar.

He was talking about changing the culture.

He was challenging himself to push back against the doubters, and even more than that, to overcome his own self-doubt.

The culture is created by all of us. It might feel as though it’s done to us, but it’s also created by us.

Wake up, stand up and fight. Make things better.

Seth Godin (Seth’s Blog)


Player identification, recommendation, and placement to elite platforms just got easier. Jungo Sports and the GA leading the way.

💪The GA names Jungo Sports as an Official Talent ID and the Official College Placement Partner! GA players can receive real-time ratings from trusted coaches while allowing discovery from scouts and college coaches. #GAPartner #GARising #GATalentID #CollegeProcess 12/02/2020

National League events cancelled. Jungo Sports can help — Jungo Sports

Players are getting discovered, recruited, and placed.

For the players. US Youth Soccer has cancelled National League events for December. Download the JungoSports app and read this article to discover how Jungo Sports can help. 11/22/2020

Do YOU have a chance to play soccer in college? — Jungo Sports

It’s not complicated if you are a marquee player at the highest level. However for the thousands of players with the love. Passion, ability and ambition, but not one of those marquee players...YOU HAVE A CHANCE.

Jungo can help. Your ratings and level of play will result in a list of schools that will find you to be an attractive prospect. Unique. Effective. Simple....cost less than a cup of coffee. Jungo Sports helps soccer player connect with college coaches and programs that are the best fit for their talents, traits, and academics. You can build your profile for free and begin connecting immediately. 11/19/2020

Recruiting dead period in all sports extended by DI Council

This could have a major impact on all D1 sports...

The challenge for 2021's and 2022's are two fold: 1. Getting evaluated in person, 2. Current college seniors getting another year of eligibility. Ties up money and roster spots. The Division I Council on Wednesday extended the recruiting dead period for all Division I sports through April 15.


A platform that maximizes opportunities for kids in youth soccer.

“Unbutu” is an African word meaning, “I am, because you/we are.” Individual self actualization depends on others. A complex exchange and engagement.

Jungo Sports connects the youth soccer community to support and empower players in their journey.

Simply put, it’s a we thing!


It’s official! The NCAA Division I Council approved the following measure into the NCAA bylaws effective immediately.

The rule, proposed by the NCAA’s student athlete advisory panel, states that the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 every year is an NCAA-mandated off-day for Division I teams.

That includes this year's Election Day on Nov. 3.

Vote! 09/17/2020

NCAA extends D-I recruiting dead period through Dec. 31

College placement just got more challenging for players pursuing College placement to D1 programs.

Creative solutions to your college placement exist. Jungo Sports can help. ...


Supporting players with the goal of inspiring, feeding their passions, and guiding them to their full potential.

Kids want to know they have a chance. Coaches want to support and guide players in their development. Meaningful feedback that supports player development, and for high school players, feedback leads to college recommendations that match their level of play... we are Jungo Sports.

Supporting players, coaches, clubs, leagues, organizations with one goal in mind...showing kids they have a chance and path to get there. 08/13/2020

NCAA Extends Recruiting Dead Period to September 30

Dead period extended. Showcasing continues to be a challenge. Teams will not be able to have recruits on campus until at least October. 08/02/2020

Report: Power 5 Conferences Exploring Staging Fall Championships Without NCAA

Twists and turns, that is college soccer. Leaders from the Power Five conferences are reportedly looking into the possibility of holding fall sports championships without the NCAA...


New college commitment today, Kayla Wallace of the Reign Idaho 03 girls commits to play for Seattle Pacific University.

Reign Idaho College Placement Update:

Sophie Drown - Boise State University
Ash Graham - College of Idaho
McCall Pugh - UC Colorado Springs
Bre Norris - U of Portland
Violet Rademacher - U of Portland
Kayla Wallace - Seattle Pacific University



Jungo Sports platform guides players to school that are a good fit. Today’s college placement requires creative solutions.

McCall Pugh (2021), Reign Idaho 03’s, commits to play at U of Colorado - Colorado Springs. Congratulations!

Feedback from coaches that result in college placement guidance.

Jungo Sports. 07/16/2020

U.S. Soccer Federation Releases Complete Return to Play Recommendations for “Play On” Campaign During COVID-19

U.S. Soccer return to play guidelines. “PLAY ON” Phases Provide Guidance for Return to Full-Team Competitions; Each Phase Should be Implemented Only If and When Local Regulations Deem It Safe


Jungo Sports

the recruitment world is going digital, and here is a great tool to support players and clubs.

Play. Develop. Showcase. Advance.

Download Jungo Sports today. 06/23/2020

GOODBYE, KEN: Snow, former Indiana standout, 2-time Hermann Trophy winner, passes away - Front Row Soccer

Ken Snow, one of the all time prolific goal scorers at Indiana University, and 6th in all time scoring in the NCAA, dies at 50 due to COVID-19 complications.

If you played or coached in his era, as I know of Ken Snow, as he was beyond an IU legend. The Snow name is synonymous with IU and college soccer. He will be missed. Former U.S. international striker Ken Snow, a two-time winner of the Hermann Trophy while starring at Indiana University, passed away due to complications from COVID-19 Sunday.


Start, build and target for peak performances is an art and science. Asking players, coaches, teams and clubs to “re-open” and begin training, without certainty is tough. Players check out. Coaches checkout. Families check out. Without a specific plan to train and build up to peak’s an act of folly. Frankly irresponsible and impossible to compete at your best. Not to mention putting players at risk. A return to play without meaningful games to prepare and build match fitness...players are at risk. 05/17/2020

How the MLS, US Youth Soccer partnership can kick off a new era of player development

Future is bright. Pathways beginning to clear. If you have the ability and ambition there will be a way. Over the years, a certain type of hypothetical has become a common discussion topic among youth development folks in the US and Canada: What if the next Lionel Messi is growing up somewhere off the beaten path in North America, say rural Nebraska or Manitoba, or in a blue-collar neighborhood like El 05/15/2020

MLS, US Youth Soccer announce groundbreaking new partnership

Boom. ODP is back! Thank you MLS and USYS! Major League Soccer and US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the country, announced the creation of a groundbreaking strategic partnership aimed at supporting and engaging individual soccer players and communities throughout the United States. The news comes amid an ongoing


Pathways as I understand it.

With so many changes these last few weeks, I thought I would outline the player and club platforms as I understand it to date (after MLS Academy, this is in no particular order or relevance):

MLS Academy - Elite Boys platform for; development and competition, college placement, US Soccer National Teams, and MLS professional opportunities.

Girls Academy League (GAL) - Elite Girls platform for; development and competition, college placement, US Soccer National Teams, and NWSL professional opportunities.

USL Academy - Elite second tier platform primarily focused on boys for; development and competition, college placement, and USL and MLS academy and professional opportunities

ECNL - National elite and competitive platform for boys and girls development, competition, and college opportunities.

USYS National League; National and Regional elite and competitive platform for boys and girls development, competition, and college opportunities.

There are other leagues and platforms worthy of mention: National Premier League (NPL) and Super Y respectively. 05/14/2020

Total of 95 clubs join forces as part of MLS's elite player development platform

MLS is leading the way for the elite youth soccer player in the U.S. It's a new era for soccer development in North America. A total of 65 elite academy clubs which formerly participated in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy will join MLS's existing club academies as part of a new elite player development platform that is set to transform youth player development in


It’s a players journey we coaches share in. We have a small window of influence. In that time players need meaningful feedback and guidance that leads them to opportunities beyond their team and club.

If you want to take control of your player development and college placement.

If you want a quick way for your coach to provide meaningful feedback about your progress and development.

If you’re a high school player and want feedback that results in college suggestions based on your level of play.

Jungo Sports is for you. Create your free profile today!

Bre Norris, 2021 Grad, - Verbal Commitment to University of Portland


Player evaluations and feedback, and tracking player development all in the palm of your hand.

Feedback and ratings that results in college suggestions.

Recommending players to college programs with a touch of a button.

Cool tool....and it's free.

Why Jungo Sports?

"It takes a village"; we created a platform for all trusted coaches in a players' life, to work together, helping guide a player through their youth soccer journey.

Coaches can now track a players' development, provide meaningful feedback, and keep kids engaged, all from the palm of their hand.

Guiding players towards hundreds of level appropriate college programs, is now a reality.

Jungo Sports makes it easier for players, families, clubs, and coaches.


“In Search of Greatness” on Amazon. A must watch for anyone truly interested in player development, player retention, and finding personal greatness.


Here’s a thought with a reset on youth soccer in mind:

1. Clubs take pride in sending their top players on... self preservation at the expense of players and their development can and should go away. Stop the pressure!

2. ODP is free. Yes...FREE. That’s where the top players go. PERIOD. Provide regular training and competitions for these groups 8-10 months out of the year. High school participation is encouraged.

3. Here’s a BIGGIE! Let kids be kids...this includes the elite players too. They need time off. Parents do too. Let’s get real, the soccer junkies will still play. And it’s in those unstructured environments they do real learning.

4. The “leagues”... need to be revamped. Every player is NOT an elite competitive player. Most “participate”, you know exactly what I am talking about. So for most participants, it should be LOW COST to participate. Focus on local and in state.

5. Let’s not take ourselves so serious. Yes it’s now a business, livelihoods important, but we are pushing kids out as fast as we are bringing them in.

6. Academies for 3-5 year olds is about money. Don’t even try to debate this. You want to know why so many kids drop our sport at 13? Because they have been in an overly coached environment since they were 3 years old. 10 years and they haven’t even physically developed to hit a 40 yard ball...and now there out!

Enjoy your weekend. Be safe.


Gareth Bale's incredible goal against Barcelona | Copa del Rey Final 2014

If you have pace...go ahead and use it. Do this.

SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and never miss another Real Madrid video! DOWNLOAD RealMad... 04/16/2020

Major League Soccer launches new elite competition for youth academies

Things are moving fast. Major League Soccer announced the launch of a new elite youth competition platform intended to provide year-round high-level matches for MLS club academy teams and non-MLS academy teams that previously participated in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy which ceased operations. The new platform will

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Nice. Landon's skillful finish. Futsal is good
Futsal league is in session!
Laura Williamson, Whitman College, teaching the art of defending.  March Forth College I.D. Camp & Showcase.
Honor the game.  Idaho Rush SC v. Junshin SC. March Forth/Indie Chicas FC International Exchange.
Do this.
This is how it starts.
Rob Hill, Northwest College, coaching players in final third. March Forth College I.D. Camp day 2, a big success.
Justine Jones, Asst. Coach Westminster College, returns home to makes her coaching debut at the March Forth College I.D....
Rob Walker - St. Martin's University working with U16/U17 boys on camp day 1. Day 2 begins at 10am. Your college soccer ...
Greg Mulholland, Colorado School of Mines.  I.D. Camp underway!




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