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Rejection Proof Selling

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Rejection Proof Selling is all about helping small businesses and sales professionals improve their ability to Find and Secure new clients. We do this through community best practice sharing and a focus on consultatative selling. to improve you must be willing to commit to an behavior, and take action by using that behavior. test and try different methods of selling until you find processes that work for you.

Operating as usual


We hold such high expectations for ourselves that we quickly condemn ourselves for not meeting them.

We tell ourselves, “I should be further along in my business.”

Or “I will NEVER be able to make my business work.”

Or “I am going to let everyone down.”

And if we miss the mark we quickly tear ourselves down. But even in our strengths we will mess up and fall short. We all make mistakes. Always remember to be gentle with yourself.

Just keep moving forward. 🔥


Be the light in your customers life!

Stay positive and bring energy to your next meeting!


The knowledge you have is valuable and useful.

You have a duty to share that with as many people as you can.


Don't worry about the people that don't like you.

You have successfully eliminated them from your target market!


Someone out there needs to see this.

Don't get stuck in your own self created rut!


You cannot catch Covid over the phone... pick up the phone and call your prospects and clients...


Create an infomercial in your head. 30 seconds.
How should it sound.
How do you catch the audience attention.
What main points do they need to know.
What is your call to action to get them to buy or ask for more information?


It's a Terrific Tuesday. It is also time to catch up on your To-Do list.

I have a list of my level 1 priorities. These are the most important to complete today! Follow calls and emails with clients and prospects are first. Get them don't and out of the way early.

I will then move onto my level 2 items which are things that could be completed today, tomorrow, or this week. If I get all of those things done I will then move to level 3 items which are things to do this month.

If you don't use a to do list or task list and review it at the end of each day you are missing out. It's proven people using daily task lists are more productive. By reviewing at the end of each day your sense of accomplishment will increase. This is much needed in Sales and prospecting when some days are better than others.


I'm not worried about how many other competitors are out there.

I'm not worried about who charges more than me... or who charges less.

I'm not worried about how many years of experience someone has...

Because the success of my business has nothing to do with them.

My success comes from within.

From doing the work.

From getting better at my craft.

From fixing the things that weren't working.

And from pushing through the hard parts to get to the good parts.

Success comes from building yourself up, not tearing down others who are just trying to achieve the same goal. 🙌


Tuesdays are one of the most productive days to call prospects and clients. Time to pick up the phone!


Seeds grow where you plant and water them.

Sales is no different. Calling your prospects is the water!


Enjoy memorial day weekend. One of the few weekends where clients won't call you and you can take an extra day to unwind!

I like to take this time to send all of my clients and prospects an "enjoy Memorial day and thank our troops" message.


Tough messaging. Great mindset process for common issues. What do you think?


Travel, Travel, Travel!

Your ideal client exists in the world.. Go find them.
Fish in a different pond!


Monday Sales Challenge...

Request a referral from your existing social media networks!


You are WORTHY.
You are SMART.
You are CAPABLE.

It’s so easy to get down on yourself, comparing yourself to others, or wondering why your last venture, meeting, post, email, or event didn’t go as well as you had planned.

It’s tempting to give up altogether-but don’t.

Everyone goes through highs and lows whether you are an entrepreneur or at a corporate job. But when everything doesn’t go exactly as you had planned, don’t let this change what you think about yourself.

You have accomplished so much even in this past year. You have grown so much. Don’t let a slight hiccup get you down. You are worthy.


We often compare ourselves to people who have been working for years to get to where they are today.

Stop it! ✋

The others with the “overnight success” or immediate results have been at this longer than you have. They have had more time to grow and build.

Take your goals one step at a time and do what you can with what you have, right now.


There are thousands of potential clients all around you.

And they are available to you.

Just in case you forgot. 😊


Life is about soaring past your goals.

Think your heads under water?

You can push thru. Try something new today.






You are smart enough.

You are capable of achieving your goals.

Even if you're not an expert with degrees and years of experience, you are 100% able to learn what you need to be successful.

You have EVERYTHING it takes to hit the goals you have and to become the person you have always wanted to be. Go out there and get it 🔥


I recently spent some time in Cabo San Lucas and wanted to share what I witnessed.

The most basic of sales skills can be productive. These guys get up every morning, pack up their wares, and walk the beach. They approach everyone and ask if you want to buy.

If told no they ask again, then move on.

They ask whether you make eye contact or not.

They do this because they know that eventually someone will say yes.

This is the most basic form of selling and it puts food on their table and a roof over their head.

So if you think selling is hard or don't know where to start... Just start asking.


You Need the same 3 Things to Launch and Grow Your Business.

Checkout the group for more info


What is the one skill you wish to improve today!

Don't have one? That's alright. Start with your approach to finding clients.

What methods do you currently use? What methods can you perfect. It's easy to take on a million different ideas but sometimes it's better to perfect an existing strategy.

Mindset of Achievement Rejection Proof Selling 03/02/2021

Some info on the Mindset of Achieving More. You can earn more, you can do more.

Don't wait start today.

Like, Share, and Comment! I look forward to connecting with you!

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Is it Day One on the promises to yourself. Start making those changes Today!


Time to comment... what methods are you most interested in using to find clients?

Phone, 3mail, in person, social media, Google, website, other?


Welcome to Rejection Proof Selling.

I'm looking forward to helping you grow your business.

Please check out the Facebook group and post your challenges and success stories so everyone can grow together!


Who is ready to grow their business?
Wednesdays challenge:
Spend 1 hour today making a list of potential new clients and calling them.

Remember action is needed to grow.


Happy Presidents Day.... I the Glass Half full or Half Empty. Which one is better for your state of mind?


It's Saturday! Time to work on your social media... The challenge today: take an hour today to generate at least 5 new engaging social media posts!

Good luck.

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