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We are group meditating online every Thursday at 6:30pm MST. We are using Dr. Joe's Generating series for our guided meditation time and then a group decision for focused meditation. We would love to have you join us and experience amazing connection and rejuvenation.


We are group meditating online every Thursday at 6:30pm MST. We are using Dr. Joe's Generating series for our guided meditation time and then a group decision for focused meditation. We would love to have you join us and experience amazing connection and rejuvenation.


Subconscious Brain Holding You Back? My subconscious brain sabotaged me over and over during my life! It was operating on old programming to try and keep me safe in the present.

This was a big problem because I didn’t need to be 40 pounds overweight to be safe at 50 years old. But my subconscious mind was stuck at age 12 and equated being small with being attacked.

I focused on my outward physical issues for decades, but the subconscious always foiled my plans.

There is a much better approach to healing all of your internal & external environments! I am proof that full and lasting transformation is available to everyone♥️ I help people transform their health, weight, trauma, stress, relationships, and more. Resources and information at 💕💕💕


Are You Practicing This Magical Healing Combination? Join us every Thursday at Synchronize Stillness Practice ♥️❣️♥️❣️♥️❣️
I practice Stillness and Clear Emotions with Healing Codes every day. What works for you?⬇️


The Seductress

Drama is seductive.
It is a devious form of negativity.

Internal and external drama seems on the surface to be whatever the situation is currently about. For example, “He doesn’t like me; well, he doesn’t like anyone. He thinks he’s just too good for people…,” looks like it is just a relational issue that a person is getting upset about. But if these types of dramatic situations are cropping up quite a bit in someone’s life, there could be more to the story.

Drama was prevalent for most of my life for a variety of reasons. Before I began my healing journey, excitement and drama found it’s way into every part of my life. Coming from a chaotic childhood where drugs, alcohol, and upheaval were a normal part of life, I became accustomed to living life in turmoil. So, my drug of choice was drama and chaos.

Another handy use for drama was avoidance. The typical emotion I was running from was fear. It was much easier for me to head toward turmoil so I could experience anger, disappointment, and resentment; anything but fear.

One way I moved out of my drama laced life was to work programs like and to address early coping mechanisms that I had developed.

Another way I moved toward healing was through emotional processing. I used therapy, coaching, EMDR, EFT, EFT Matrix Reimprinting, journaling, and more.

I would love to share more resources with you! Visit or join The Synchronize Facebook group at


I hope you are taking wonderfully loving care of yourself today, you deserve it 🤗♥️❣️


How Are You Cultivating The Garden Of You Today?⬇️

Weight What? 07/29/2021

Weight What?
I hope you enjoy this latest post❣

Weight What? My son was over for dinner last night and what he probably thought was idle chit chat fueled a passionate soap box moment with me. He may have wanted to halt the conversation right after the words left his mouth, but the topic pierced my heart just as it would so many of us. My son told me the story...


Much Love to Anyone in the Trauma - Drama Loop❣️ There is a way out, I Am Proof💗💗💗


Weeds or Wildflowers?

Weeds or Wildflowers? Are your thoughts Weeds of the Past or Wildflowers of the Present & Future? Laina discusses how to move toward positive & effective thoughts.

Killing Me Softly 07/15/2021

Killing Me Softly

Are you Killing Yourself Softly?
I hope you enjoy my latest blog post and that you will join me for my upcoming webinar:

Killing Me Softly Negativity is insidious. And I thought I had none of it! I was the positive one in my family. All cup is half full, smiling, rooting others on, and looking for the bright side of life’s circumstances. On the outside that is. Negativity had shuttled my sister down a path that ultimately led to her ...


Feeling a little messy? You might be in the midst of beautiful change:)

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