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Want to introduce long-lasting change in your life? Go beneath the surface.🧐

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⚡️ Everything you need to know about the upcoming Navigating Change 101 Workshop—all in one post! ⁠

📲 Swipe for details, and then head to the link in bio to sign up!⁠

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And it is OKAY if you don’t know (yet) how to make this change happen—this is exactly where I come in.🧡⁠

📲 Just tap the link in bio—from there, you will not be doing it alone.⁠


What life changes are you currently navigating? Let me know in the comments!⁠ 🙌


Do you ever wonder where all your time went⁠? Like the day just flew by, you don't even know what you did and have nothing to show for it?⁠

Drop a "🙋‍♀️" in the comments if this is you.


👉️ How many times have you heard that busyness is bad?⁠

I have heard that many times, and I have probably said that many times, too.⁠

I often tell myself I am too busy and don't want to be busy. I even try to convince myself I should do everything possible to be less busy.⁠

But then a realization came to me... I LIKE being busy. Busyness itself is NOT the problem.⁠

Being busy is GOOD. And here are a few reasons why:⁠

1. It means that I am passionate about something.⁠
2. It means that I care about something.⁠
3. It means I live a whole, sophisticated, multifaceted life.⁠
4. It means that my life is exciting and has many flavors.⁠

And we call that BAD??⁠

Being busy by itself is NOT a problem. So, remember this post the next time you, someone you know, or even an Instagram post tries to guilt trip you for being busy.⁠

"Like" if you agree 🧡.


Have you ever looked at a successful woman you admire and thought they seemed to have it all figured out? 😅⁠

Somehow they can balance it all – work, business, family, self-care, and so much more.⁠

And you keep wondering, "How do they manage to get it all done? What's their secret?"⁠

But if you look a little closer, you will notice that they DON'T get it all done. Instead, they pick the right things to get done 🤯.⁠

Things that matter. Things that are essential. Things that will make the most significant impact. ⁠

And they say "no" to everything else.⁠

If you want to join that category of women- women who get the right things done instead of everything done, drop a "🙋‍♀️" in the comments below!


This week's strength is love 🧡.⁠

While there are many ways to practice love, we want to challenge you to actively listen to the people around you this week.⁠

When engaging in conversations, strive to be fully present and attentive to the person speaking. This is particularly challenging when we feel like a million things are grabbing our attention.⁠

However, genuinely hearing, understanding, and validating someone's words, emotions, and experiences is one of the best ways to practice love.⁠

Drop a "🙌" in the comments if you think we need more active listeners in the world!

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We have big news! 🥁⁠

Introducing the Breverie Mini-Course!⁠ ⁠

This course will help you find time to accomplish the tasks you've been putting off (without sacrificing sleep or multi-tasking)!⁠

These nine bite-sized videos will help you uncover your strengths and feel confident in your priorities.⁠

And did we mention this course is completely FREE?! 😍⁠

To sign-up, hit the link below! We can't wait to get started!⁠


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We speak a lot about personal values on this page 🙌. That's because we believe that if you want to build a meaningful life, you must know your values.⁠

But how do you discover what's important to you? Here's a short 3-step exercise:⁠

1. Start by analyzing your relationships with the people around you.⁠

2. Ask yourself two critical questions: 1) What do I like about other people, and what do I dislike? 2) What earns my respect, and what, on the other hand, makes me feel annoyed or angry?⁠

3. Then, translate the qualities into personal values. For example, if you admire someone's passion for their job, you might value ambition, self-discipline, and responsibility.⁠

Let us know in the comments what quality you admire about someone in your circle 👇️.


There is a vast difference between getting EVERYTHING done and getting the RIGHT things done.⁠

Let me explain 👇️.⁠

Productivity is not measured by how many things you check off your to-do list.⁠

Instead, productivity is measured by how important the things on your to-do list are to you. In other words, it's about quality, NOT quantity.⁠

If you are feeling unproductive or overwhelmed, take an audit of the things on your to-do list.⁠

Now, ask yourself, "Out of this list, what is my priority right now?" Be honest with yourself as you narrow your list to what is important to you now.⁠

The 🔑 is to remember that you will feel 100x more productive if you complete the essential things first, the things that matter, the things that are most important, and the things that will have the most impact. You won't feel productive if that one significant project keeps getting pushed aside as a million small projects pop up.⁠

What is one thing you will cross off your to-do list today?

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I want to tell you a little story...⁠

About a month ago, I celebrated my birthday. It just so happened that my birthday fell two days before Mother's Day. I was excited to combine and celebrate both events with my husband and daughter.⁠

On my birthday, my husband bought me an olive tree. I was thrilled! We decided to go to the plant store over the weekend and pick a new planter.⁠

Each time we go to the plant store, we pick a few new plants for our home. My daughter, Dasha, particularly likes to pick some out for her room.⁠

And that day was no exception. When we got to the store, Dasha immediately screamed, "Hey, let's go find plants for MY room!"⁠

I told her, "Dasha, this is MY day. We are here to find a planter for MY new tree."⁠

But she didn't care. She dragged me to the indoor plant area, and we spent 30 minutes looking for the plants for HER room. Once that was done, I said, "Alright, NOW it's time to go find a planter for my tree."⁠

But she demanded that now that she needed new planters for them.⁠

And that is when the anger started to swell up.⁠

I felt frustrated. I felt hurt. It was supposed to be MY day. It was supposed to be my gift. We were supposed to go to the store to buy a Mother's Day and birthday gift for me, and instead, all we were doing was getting stuff for her.⁠

I screamed at Dasha, "No, you don't understand; you're being mean and rude right now! You don't care about me; you don't care about my birthday gift! So, you won't get any plants."⁠

I took the plants she picked, put them back on the shelf, and then we left the store.⁠

Why do I share this story? To remind you that as parents, we all slip up sometimes. While getting upset is okay, we must uphold our primary job as parents. Scroll through to see what those are.⁠

-Olena⁠ 🧡


I want to tell you the truth about motherhood – something no one talks about.⁠

There is a common belief that because we, as mothers, are supposed to love our children unconditionally, we can never get mad at them. And if we do, it automatically makes us bad parents.⁠

But that is not true.⁠

Today, I would like to tell you about something that happened to me on Mother's Day that I think we don't talk enough about. Let's call it the dark side of motherhood.⁠

There is a common belief that motherhood is about love, excitement, and happiness. We as mothers should always be kind to our children as it is a way to show them our love.⁠

And don't get me wrong, I love my daughter to death.⁠

But sometimes I want to punch her (I don't, though!). Sometimes I get mad at her. Sometimes I get very angry.⁠

Way too often, we, as mothers, refuse to accept those feelings. We don't permit ourselves to have those feelings. We believe that if we get angry at our kids, then it means that something is wrong with us.⁠

It means that we are bad parents.⁠

I'm here to tell you that is not true. You are not a bad parent if you experience anger or emotions around your child. Your job as a parent is to give and receive love and lead by example. If you do that to the best of your ability, you're doing great 🧡.⁠

Comment "🙌" if you agree!


💪 A strength is a positive quality you possess, something that allows you to feel and perform at your best.⁠

You already have so many strengths, so the only question is – are you using them?⁠

The strength of the week is courage. When you possess courage, you take responsibility for your actions. You face challenges and difficulties, despite doubts and fears.⁠

Tag someone in the comments who you think displays awe-inspiring courage 🧡.


Here is the hard truth: You can be a highly skilled professional, a smart and successful person, and still lack self-confidence.⁠

If you constantly seek other people's approval or let their judgment (real or imagined) affect how you feel about yourself, then you lack self-confidence.⁠

But there is a tried-and-true way to build self-confidence.⁠

And the best part about it is that it only requires 5 minutes of your time per day.⁠

Unlock the secret by listening to episode 24 of the Spark Your Life Podcast 🧡.⁠



I want to be vulnerable for a second👇️.⁠

Currently, I'm dealing with a big issue at work. It blew up at the end of February and pretty much ruined my vacation (in fact, I have an entire podcast episode dedicated to it).⁠

Several months later, you would think that it would be resolved by now. Well, unfortunately, it's not.⁠

There was a big screw-up on our side. One of the big projects went completely sideways, and it will take a few more months to bring it back on track. Many people have been involved, and I had to step in, assume full responsibility, roll up my sleeves, and get involved. ⁠

Early in my career, this situation would have stressed me out.⁠

Five or ten years ago, I would NOT be able to live normally if something like this happened. I used to take things very personally, so I would blame myself and keep thinking, "What have I done wrong? What could I have done better to prevent this overwhelming situation?"⁠

I could NOT enjoy my life outside of work. Work would be the ONLY thing I could think about, and nothing would bring me joy.⁠

But over the years, I have learned several techniques that help me deal with stress at work and continue to enjoy my life outside of the situation.⁠

To learn my secret, listen to episode 23 of the Spark Your Life Podcast 🧡.⁠




This week's strength is self-control.⁠

Self-control is a multifaceted strength that involves managing one's desires, impulses, and behaviors.⁠

Possessing the strength of self-control means that you can remain calm and collected in the face of challenging emotions such as disappointment or insecurity.⁠

To practice self-control this week, start by identifying triggers or situations that often lead you to lose self-control. Make a list at the beginning of each day in light of your challenges. Then, plan how you'll respond in those situations.⁠

Are you ready to put your strength of self-control into practice? 🧡

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Today, I want to share three tips I use to protect my boundaries and maintain my mental health.⁠

In a world full of information, stress, overwhelm, negativity, and hard-to-navigate situations, it's easy to feel bogged down.⁠

But I'm here to tell you that 1) not all information is helpful, 2) one area of your life shouldn't affect all others, and 3) you are not responsible for other people's feelings.⁠

Let me know in the comments how you maintain your personal boundaries and mental health 🧡.⁠



This is a simple reminder to intentionally set 1-3 priorities to focus on each week.⁠

To identify your top priorities, we've created a workbook exclusively for members of the Breverie Circle.⁠

Hit the link below to get started. See you there 👋.⁠



POV: You don't know how to say "no."⁠

We get it. It's a hard word to say, especially when so many people and projects demand your attention.⁠

As a result, we have a pile of tasks on our to-do list (hello, stress and overwhelm!).⁠

But we have good news: you can learn to say "yes" to the RIGHT things!⁠

When you do that, you fill your life with things that bring you meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction. AKA the things that make your life much more exciting.⁠

Let us help you say "yes" to the right things. Send us a DM to get started 🧡.


"I work toward achieving a common goal that my group has."⁠

"I am a helpful and contributing team player."⁠

This week's strength is teamwork. Your team could be referring to your co-workers, your family, your spouse, or even a group of friends.⁠

To practice teamwork this week, be mindful of your behaviors in a collaborative group setting. Practice being reliable, dedicated, and communicative. Commit to the good of the group as a whole instead of your own opinions.⁠

Tag your teammates in the comments below 🧡.


👉️ Can we all agree that meetings like these are the worst?! You already feel like there aren't enough hours a day, and meetings (like these) always seem to pop up. ⁠

Sound familiar?⁠

But what if there was a way to stop feeling like you're always running behind?⁠

The 🔑 is to stop trying to get EVERYTHING done. Instead, start getting the RIGHT thing done.⁠

Ready to learn more? DM us for a FREE exercise on how to establish your priorities.

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We've discussed the importance of creating a life map and identifying your values.⁠

Now it's time to set your life's goals. Swipe through to see why establishing clear life goals is essential for creating a life full of balance and fulfillment ➡️.⁠

Wondering how to establish your life's goals? DM us for the first step 🧡.


We all navigate challenges in our lives pretty much daily. ⁠

Today, we want to share three ways to help you navigate and overcome those challenges 👇️.⁠

1️⃣ Practice gratitude and appreciation⁠

Whether it's work, personal relationships, or something else – when things go wrong in one area, we feel like our entire life is over.⁠

But that is NOT true.⁠

We still have SO MUCH good happening in our lives. We have our friends, families, hobbies, etc. We just need to remember it.⁠

2️⃣ Embrace your personal strengths⁠

Whether it's your honesty, persistence, or sense of humor, you have unique strengths.⁠

Knowing and embracing your strengths doesn't just help you handle challenging situations. It also makes you feel good about yourself, as well as allows you to build confidence.⁠

3️⃣ Reconnect with your core values⁠

When you face a challenging situation, knowing why you do what you do, why you are dealing with the issue, and why it must be dealt with is helpful.⁠

When you are familiar with your core values, it's easier to see the bigger picture.⁠

How do you navigate the challenges that life throws your way? 🧡⁠

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