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Your thoughts create your reality, but not in the true sense. It’s through your own filter that you are able to perceive. So our depictions of what happened or what’s happening or even what we think will happen is, well… biased.

So sometimes we have to question our thoughts and how they got there. Is this really how it went, how it is, or how it will be?

Can you have other thoughts that create change for new realities?

Let me give you an example. Maybe I’m thinking that I’m too weak to lift a certain weight. But maybe I’ve never really tried, so could I really know that I couldn’t? Or am I telling myself that I just think I’m weak and, therefore, will fail? So do I let that thought control the fact that I would even try?

Ooph, you tell me.


Happy International Women’s Day!

This beauty is part of a series called the FLORA SISTERS that I did to empower women and their connection to nature. And she is still available 😏

How are you going to celebrate the strength of this day?


But what happens when you don’t dull that light of yours?

Let it pour into the shadows and cascade over your life.

Expose and guide. Learn and shine.


Wishing you cherished times, healthy boundaries, and lots of self love ✨


Sharing my gratitude for all of the support from all of you 💛 Thank you for supporting my business.

DM or email me to claim this offer ✨


Our fears hold us back.

We think to ourselves:
I will fail.
They won’t like me.
They won’t value what I offer.
I’m not good enough.

But did you notice, those are just THOUGHTS. Thoughts that you or others created for you.

Thoughts aren’t reality, but a pattern of thinking that create a feeling and because you feel it, it must mean that it’s true. Right?

But it’s not true.

Feelings are a reaction, and feelings don’t decide what is real and what is not. Either do your thoughts.

You do.

You create your truths.

Tell me a truth about you. 👇



Explore yourself
Explore others
Explore the world
Explore opportunities
Explore what you know
Explore what you don’t

Get uncomfortable, even if it’s just a little bit.

Exploring means learning and growing.

I have been exploring a lot in my recent years. My career, my community, my ways of thinking,… my life. I have learned a lot. And continue to.

I challenge you to explore. What will you start with? Share in the comments👇


I lose track of time out in nature. And it’s a wonderful freeing experience.

As much as we focus on the clock, on the tasks, the checklists, the schedules and the goals… sometimes you just have to reset with some freedom.

A good way to do that is to participate in something that makes you lose track of time. Reading a good book, meditation, yoga, painting, playing music, running…

It’s healthy to allow your brain to free flow and to detach from the focus.

Some of my best ideas come from this space. It’s also when I feel the most grounded. It helps my mind, body and spirit prepare for the rest of my world.

How do you lose track of time? 👇


All parts of life don’t just magically fit.

It takes:

✔️ Awareness
✔️ Prioritizing
✔️ Time management
✔️ Clear boundaries
✔️ Planning

For me personally, I love a physical planner so I can have it out to keep me on track with scheduling the work, the fun and all the in betweens. I love getting to check off the tasks and get to see the day ahead so I feel prepared.

That’s one tip to maintain a balance! Tell me what works for you 👇


I know, I know… I have been pretty MIA for bit on here.

First, I spent some time away to be with my very best friend and it was amazing!

Then, I got sick with Covid and was down for the count for nearly two weeks.

Now, I am working with some contractors on starting some home renovations.

Life has felt busy is some positive ways and not-so positive ways. But the thing is… when the good shows up and I make sure I’m present for it, it can cascade over all else. It tests your perspective and ability to show your gratitude. Just because there were some points of struggle, doesn’t discount for all the positive my life encompasses.

One day at a time. One step at a time. It all balances out and appreciation can flow in abundance. .

With all that said, I’m happy to be back! Let ignite ✨


Share with me! 👇 What do you love about yourself?

And think out of the box, if you can! Past aesthetics or what outsiders might see, but something deeper and specific to you.

If you have a hard time answering for yourself, then ask yourself what do my friends or family members love about me? Hint: You should probably love that too.

I just feeling like inspiring some self love today ✨ ❤️ ✨


When I took this photo, I was just starting my own life coaching business. My smile shows true excitement, but underneath I was keeping my worry under wraps.

Here is the thing about being an over-thinker. I can worry about anything. I mean ANYTHING.

It helps me prepare for multiple outcomes, which can be beneficial. But it can also hold me back because of so many unknowns.

I have the choice to let it take either course.

Preparation or stagnation.

Starting a business has a lot of unknowns. I can ponder the what ifs, but I made the CHOICE to use it as preparation (with the combination of positive thinking and trust).

Sometimes that voice needs to be interrupted or even silenced so you can move forward. Sometimes you have to change your own course to live the life you desire.

You hold so much power. Don’t underestimate yourself. ✨ choose to smile ✨


✨ Slowing down is like coming home ✨

Not to a place, but to yourself.

With the hustle and grind of the world, slowing down gets a bad rep. If you’re slowing down, your not being productive and if you’re not being productive then you’re not fulfilling your purpose.

But like any other home, we need some TLC. We need maintenance, improvements, and appreciation.

Slowing down can help you bring awareness into your body and your mind. It can quiet the constant noise so you can actually hear your own damn thoughts!

We can become so programmed into constant distraction, movement, talk, and engagement that everything else just gets too loud.

Be still. Be quiet. And just listen.

✨ Come home ✨

Photos from Cinder Coaching's post 04/07/2022

Community is important to me.

✅ The people
✅ The conversations
✅ The influence
✅ The support
✅ The knowing of being a part of something

One community that I am grateful for is .

I am on the council, but have been a member over the years. I’ve made great connections and now get to be involved more than ever.

What does my involvement look like? I help with our philanthropy efforts and community stewardship. I also help host our Coffee Buzz meetings amongst other things.

And a little perk… Some people also might get a little life coaching and some mind opening lessons in our conversations 😊

Let me know if you would like to learn more and tap into a community that might be just what you have been looking for.


Spring is the theme around here. And with the arrival of the first of April, I can really feel it.

There are so many signs of new life popping up. 🌱

The sun is setting later. ☀️

Wildlife is singing its song. 🕊

The world is awakening again.

It’s a visual reminder for the hope of what’s to come this season and the next. The gifts, the possibilities, and the abundance we yearn for after a long winter.

Allow yourself to awaken with it. To harness the growth both outside and inside your world. Allow yourself to have hope even if it’s hard to see or no one else notices.

It’s your season. What will you do with it?✨


✨ Change is good ✨

What change do you embrace? 👇


Success doesn’t just fall into your lap. Well, for most of us.

It takes work. And what does that work do?


If you want a change in your life, you have to prepare with intention. Get up earlier, do the research, sign up for those classes, work on that resume, talk with a coach, journal through the resistance… prepare for your actions.

Another bonus for being prepared is that it creates confidence. Your expectations are clear, you have dedicated yourself, and you can now tackle that thing you have been wanting.

Being prepared takes away space to feel anxiety and fear because you took time to know how to show up, to overcome any challenges, and represent yourself how you truly desire.

The best part of working with a coach on preparing is having another perspective, posing questions or scenarios you might not have thought of, and having guided support in the process.

It’s an important process, but surely not one you have to do alone.

Let me help you ignite ✨

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