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I’m an empowerment life coach helping people move forward in their healing, relationships and health.

Operating as usual


STOP allowing people to build a fire underneath you without gas. Let them talk and learn to NOT respond especially when you know it is NOT true. BET! ❤️


Think for yourself or someone will do the thinking for you.


WOW! Dancing into Bet’s 12th YOU Workshop where YOU are the focus on Saturday, January 21, 2023 from 3-7 PM. It’s a YOU Party!

If you have not attended a YOU Workshop, you want to attend BET’s last empowerment workshop! It’s going to be a PARTY and we plan on finishing STRONG!

We have 6 seats on location ($25 for seat) and ZOOM ($15 registration). Contact me for details!


Your mind is your greatest asset.


BET’s 11th YOU Empowerment Workshop is on its way! JOIN us TODAY from 3-7 PM where we will focus on this month’s theme, “YOU are the Gift!” 🎁

Games, Food, Candid talks & more! If you would like to attend in person, fee is $25. ZOOM admittance fee is $15. Cash app- $jamie3328 and invitation link/information will be provided. See you there!


“Our life experiences, life observations and many life conversations pulls together to create a story that tells our journey. Along the way, we may need to be encouraged, pushed and empowered so we can finish strong and live out our life’s purpose. BET serves as a platform to remind you that you are equipped and built to finish the course.” BET

Be Empowered Today


Gossiping is exhausting. That’s why a lot of people are tired. 💤

Be empowered through conversation that is emotionally uplifting, physically energizing, spiritually edifying and mentally inspiring!


STOP giving away free advice, energy & time without charging ACCOUNTABILITY first!!


Sometimes the DETOUR is the WAY!!


Doing my HEART work and no longer HARD work.❤️

Chase your passion and success will always catch up!

Be Empowered Today!


You get what you want by SPEAKING UP, not STAYING QUIET!


When YOU know who you are, YOU BET on yourself and show up everyday as your authentic self! YOU are the GIFT!

JOIN us for our 11th YOU Workshop on Saturday, December 17, 2022 from 3-7 PM for an empowering session where YOU are the focus! DM for questions! See Flyer below!

ZOOM available for $15 fee!
GO Be Empowered Today! ✊🏾


Prepping the SITE! A few more additions and we are set. BET is YOU-Giving its 10th YOU Workshop today at 3 PM. I am extremely proud of BET and the empowerment that my program is adding to the universe! #10


BET will hold its 10th YOU Workshop tomorrow at 3 PM CST. It’s going to be a YOU-Giving time where we believe YOU must be the FOCUS to become a more empowered YOU!

If you choose to attend, please contact Sharon at (254) 535-4383 for information. Prepare to ZOOM ($15 fee) up and land on YOU!❤️


Your sense of SELF WORTH comes from within!! YOU must STOP running to others asking for permission to be YOU! You must TRUST your own POWER!


It was my HONOR to serve and defend! I have a mass of memories when it comes to the 25+ years spent serving as a Soldier and Army Civilian! Even now, I will NOT leave my post until properly relieved! I will continue to SERVE others and NEVER leave a COMRADE behind!


In this season, DO NOT wait for anyone to celebrate YOU! HIGH 5 yourself!! 🙌🏽 Celebrate your TODAY and your TOMORROWS and the person that YOU intentionally intend to become!


I did not show up to the court and face my accusers but let’s be very clear, I am NOT scared. I am just gathering evidence so I can MITIGATE my own LIFE!

Be Empowered Today!


It’s about to be a YOU-Giving time on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 3 PM. Come join BET’s 10th YOU Workshop where YOU are the FOCUS! We are empowered through giving to ourselves! We give thanks for YOU!!! 💪🏿🤲


“It’s hard to beat someone who NEVER GIVES UP!” Babe Ruth


I DON’T CARE if you have a Chihuahua 🐾SPIRIT, always walk in the room with Rottweiler ENERGY!😬

And if YOU must look DOWN, look down to see how much YOU have GROWN! 📏


So many people are held down by an imaginary ROPE🪢! That’s why they won’t FLY🦅

Cut the ROPE and set yourself FREE!


You see all the EXIT signs and your desire to GET OFF is greater than your determination to KEEP GOING. Adjust your SIGHT so YOU can see the ALTERNATE ROUTE, KEEP MOVING so YOU can still arrive at YOUR DESTINATION!

Be Empowered Today!


YOU stopped because you noticed an obstacle. It LOOKED like a MOUNTAIN until you reached it and realized it was a BUMP in the ROAD. Keep GOING! Every time you START, you are starting over from a NEW EXPERIENCE!


We are not BRANDED like stock, CLAIMED like property, HUMBLED like a peasant and QUIET like mice. We are LOUD and you are not accustomed to NOISE! Empowered through our VOICE! SPEAK!!!!!!!!🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣


It’s about YOU! I give THANKS for YOU! You have faced so much in your life and while YOU could have given up, YOU could have thrown in the towel; YOU stayed the course and YOU own YOUR STORY!

Come join BET for its 10th YOU Workshop on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 3 PM where we believe in GIVING thanks for YOU!

Comment ‘10’ if you want to JOIN US and let’s YOU this!!!


YEAP, it’s BET’s 9TH YOU Workshop, Halloweeen 🎃 EDITION! If you are in Baton Rouge or local area, it is NOT too late to JOIN BET at 3 PM today!

Theme: “There is nothing SPOOKY going on, it’s YOU boooooooo! 👻

No one is out to GET YOU! You just NEED to make different CHOICES! DM me for a SPOT on location $25 (limited seating) or ZOOM for $15 (info provided after payment).

Be Empowered Today!
[email protected]
(254) 535-4383


The only BAD decision is NO decision.

Be Empowered Today!


I encourage you to check your internal gauge so you can measure your state of mind and not allow external liabilities to rob you of your internal ASSETS! I love ya’ll! ❤️


BET will commence its 9th YOU Workshop on Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 3 PM where you are the FOCUS!! BET designs its workshops to empower and create a fun, memorable experience. We focus on accountability thereby empowering each person to take control of their own life.

We are each responsible for our life so at this workshop, we will be reminding you that NOTHING SPOOKY is after YOU. It’s you BOO!! YOU are not CURSED! It’s CHOICES! When we each begin to acknowledge that our choices create our life, we then can eliminate the blame mentality and be MORE empowered.

If you would like to attend workshop #9, cost is $25 for registration on site and $15 for ZOOM. Contact me for details! BET!!❤️👉🏽


Your thoughts create your reality!
Your VOICES determine your CHOICES! Your THOUGHTS, WORDS and DEEDS create YOUR LIFE!

Empowerment requires positive thoughts, intentions and affirmations.

What are your VOICES speaking?🗣

Be Empowered Today!


Your thoughts are writing checks from your bank account.

What are you manifesting? What are you purchasing with your thoughts? What are you creating with your mental activity? If your life in the negative? Are you spending wisely? Are your thoughts bankrupting your life?

What is your balance?


We choose to FORGIVE just like we choose to NOT Forgive! I have been hurt, used, abused, manipulated and because of that, I closed 🚪 myself off to people. My power was forgiving others whose actions affected me. They expected me to be resentful and I made a choice to hold the DOOR (forgive them) for them!❤️

We miss out on REAL NOT FAKE genuine valuable relationships when we hold others captive ⛓ to our past experiences.

Sometimes you must ACCEPT 🤝 the apology like you already heard it so YOU can move on!


I can forgive you and still remember the pain you created for me. The memory of the pain requires me to be careful and cautious with you.

It does not mean that I have not forgiven you, it simply means you cannot be trusted to handle the precious gift of my trust and my heart.

I don’t HATE you! I just don’t TRUST you! FORGIVE so you can take back your POWER!!!
Be Empowered Today!


“Time becomes more valuable when you realize that you cannot get back the moments you failed to seize!” SW


Some people are a word. Some are sentences. Some are chapters. Some are part of your story. Either way, make sure YOU are the author.


Be Empowered Through Forgiveness!

Sometimes you have to ACCEPT the apology like you already heard it so you can TAKE back your POWER!


Give yourself the gift of forgiveness. I know that it can be difficult to forgive those who hurt you. People hurt you when hurt is all they have to give you. Each of us are either healing or refusing to heal. Release it today so you can be FREE to HEAL!


I fill up every morning on gratitude, joy, appreciation and intention. Every evening, I retire to bed on E. If you are not exhausting all your fuel to live the life you CHOOSE, no use in burning this high GAS!!!

Be Empowered Today!


Today’s YOU Workshop has been postponed until a later date! UPDATES will follow! ~BET

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