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VIRTUAL ROOTS TONIGHT (grades 8-12): Jews and Blacks and Civil Rights

In this pre-MLK Day experience, teens will join Rabbi Jen and Billy Planer from Etgar 36, as we explore both the reality of the relationship between the Jewish and Black communities in the past and the present. For the Zoom link, check your email or DM us!
Thanks for the love, Billy and Etgar!

This month, we're celebrating Atlanta Pride through a social media parade of Atlanta's Jewish organizations. We're so grateful for our community's shared commitment to equity and justice!
This week, our Speakers Bureau participated in the first in-person speaking engagement since March 2020! Speakers Tim Bell and Edrika Fulford spoke to students from Etgar 36 about their lived experience of homelessness and advocacy work as grassroots leaders at CCH. The event was held outdoors at Millennium Park.

Learn more about the Speakers Bureau and schedule a virtual or outdoor in-person event here:
Whether it’s one on one, with friends, family or your community, discussions about race, politics or Israel can get heated. How can we have these important and necessary conversations while turning down the heat? How can we practice self-care as we enter into uncomfortable conversations? What can success look like during a difficult conversation?

Jewish Teen Initiative at CJP - Combined Jewish Philanthropies has teamed up with Temple Isaiah - Lexington, MA, Temple Emunah Lexington and Etgar 36 for a series of important conversations - open to in grades 8-12. Learn more & register today >>
Thank you to everyone who participated in our MLK Day event yesterday, the Panel on Racial Justice: What Teens Can Do! With over 210 teens from 16 different states, we honored Dr. King's legacy but leaning about Racial Justice through music, defining important terms, thinking through the role of youth in the fight for a more just society, and hearing from the daughter of a prominent Civil Rights activist. Thank you to our partners in this event, and beyond as we continue our partnerships going forward as one network of Jewish Youth organizations with a focus on community action: Tzedek America JYCA - Jewish Youth for Community Action Etgar 36 Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein

UJA-Federation of New York
J-Teen Leadership is gathering teens from around the country to have an honest conversation honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King on this MLK Day of Service. Moderated by Rabbi Isaiah J. Rothstein, the panel will include professionals from Etgar 36, JYCA - Jewish Youth for Community Action, and (us!) Tzedek America and DJ Wildstyle. We’ll talk about the fight for racial justice in our country and what you can do to take action.

This event is free and open to any teens in this community who would like to participate!

Click here to register:
Please join us for a special Shabbat service honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tonight at 6:30 pm, with special guest Billy Planer of Etgar 36. Billy will share how the Alabama Civil Rights trip that he leads is informed by the legacy of Dr. King and how it continues the work that he advanced. He will also discuss how the Jewish community needs to get (and stay!) involved in the ongoing struggle for equality.
As Rabbi Leubitz stated perfectly on the Zoom call. Last night, our 5th-12th grade parents and teachers grabbed their backpacks, pencils and notebooks, and went back to school for a lesson on "How to Talk to Your Teens About Race."

We were so lucky to have had the best professor teaching our newest students, Billy Planer with Etgar 36.

Weren't able to make it last night? You can watch the recording here!
Today we are to Etgar 36 who is offering socially distant 1& 2 day Civil Rights Trips! "Get back out on the road in a safe way and experience another time in our history when we were separated from each other for very different reasons." Click on the link below to learn more and register for this important and exciting opportunity!
“When Bryan Stevenson set out to build a memorial to the thousands of black people lynched in the United States, he thought about Germany and Poland. Those countries, where millions of Jews died at the hands of the N***s, have made sure to preserve the memories of the victims — and the places where they were killed.” - JTA, What a New Memorial for Black Lynching Victims Learned from Holocaust Commemoration.

In early March of this year, a group from Women’s Philanthropy- Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit went on a Civil Rights Journey to America's south. The 40 women, including several David-Horodokers, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia and Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham, Alabama, exploring the historic struggle that helped shape the nation.

In Atlanta, the group visited the National Human and Civil Rights Museum and heard the story of Leo Frank, a Jew who was falsely convicted of murder and lynched in 1915. In Selma, they met and walked with a participant in the infamous 1965 “Bloody Sunday” voting rights march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. In Birmingham, they joined a Reverend who was a Civil Rights worker in the 50s & 60s for a walking tour of Freedom Park & the 16th Street Baptist Church, which in 1963 was the target of a bombing by the K*K, killing four young girls. And in Montgomery, they stood where the Civil Rights movement began at the Rosa Parks Museum and toured the Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy Museum & Lynching Memorial.

The Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy Museum & Lynching Memorial was established in 2018 by Bryan Stevenson, an American lawyer, social justice activist and founder/executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative. He was depicted in the legal drama Just Mercy which is based on his memoir Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, which tells the story of Walter McMillian.

“In Berlin there are dozens of markers and stones placed next to the homes of Jewish families that were abducted,” Stevenson told JTA in a 2016 phone interview. “Auschwitz is a place you visit. It sobers you with the horrors of the Holocaust. When you leave these places, you want to say, ‘Never again should we commit this kind of suffering and abuse.' “

“Stevenson wanted to evoke the same feelings in Americans in the design for The National Memorial for Peace and Justice (informally known as the National Lynching Memorial), the first physical space dedicated to the victims of slavery, lynching, segregation and mass incarceration. The memorial and nearby museum was spearheaded by Stevenson’s nonprofit, which provides legal aid to those wrongly convicted of crimes.”

Nearly 4,400 people were victims of white supremacist lynchings between 1877 and 1950, according to original research by the Equal Justice Initiative — about 800 victims more than had been previously documented.
The Civil Rights Journey for Women was planned and guided by Billy Planer, director of Etgar 36.

Information sourced from

Photo left: Group participants, Women’s Philanthropy- Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Civil Rights Journey, 2020. Photo middle: The four girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, 1963 (clockwise from top left): Addie Mae Collins (14), Cynthia Wesley (14), Carole Robertson (14), and Carol Denise McNair (11). Photo right: Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy Museum & Lynching Memorial. The names of lynching victims are inscribed on corten steel monuments hung from above .

Watch this short film on the creation of the Nkyinkyim Sculpture at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.
We welcome the Westchester Reform Temple to our space on their civil rights tour w/Etgar 36 and Names Project at Remerge
An amazing first day of the Civil Rights Journey, as 36 of our members explored Atlanta with Etgar 36.

The morning included visiting the old Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was raised, the tomb of Dr. and Mrs. King, and worshipping at the new Ebenezer Baptist Church across the street.

After a lunch at the Ponce City Market, we explored the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, engaging with the history of Civil Rights in America and the global human rights situation.

After a briefing on voter engagement and voter suppression, we enjoyed dinner in downtown Decatur, GA.

This morning our journey goes west to Montgomery and Selma...

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from Etgar 36, Education, Atlanta, GA.


Etgar 36 is starting to hire staff for what is posssibly our final summer journey.

- Must be at least a junior in college and have experience working with teens at summer camp or in school.
Interested? Please email Josh Dubin - [email protected] and let him know why you are interested in staffing and include a resume.


If you have ever wanted to be in an Etgar 36 meeting/discussion....


After speaking with public health experts, it is with cautious optimism that I am so excited to announce:
Of course, it is subject to the advances (and setbacks) as we move through this virus.
We will give full refunds if we cancel the trip due to the virus.
We have 10 spaces remaining for the summer 2021. Once those fill, we will be starting a waiting list for a possible second bus! Apply now to guarantee your seat!
We based our decision to move forward on:
- our understanding that multiple vaccines with high effective rates are going to be introduced and available starting early 2021
- every teen and staff member will have to take the vaccine that is the most effective for their age and life situation.
- we will continue to use masks when in populated, enclosed spaces such as museums, etc.
- we will tweak our programming to minimize our time in small, enclosed public areas.
- clean and sanitize the bus following health official guidelines.
- adjust according to changing news, information, and precautions.
I know we can all use some hope looking forward, so I felt it was time to make an initial decision on the 2021 summer because as the Grateful Dead sang, "one way or another, this darkness got to give." It seemed reasonable to move forward with the information that has been provided to me.
For those that follow the Etgar 36 summer trip, I hope the images of a summer journeying across America provide some light at the end of this tunnel. As Jack Kerouac wrote, "because there was nowhere to go, but everywhere, our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again. We had longer ways to go. Keep rolling under the stars. The road is life."
Have a great weekend!


18 years ago, I commemorated the one-year anniversary of 9/11 by incorporating Etgar 36 as a nonprofit business. I had an idea of a program that encouraged talking to people with whom you disagree and engaging in uncomfortable conversations to find some connection and understanding even if you don't agree.
In Judaism, we place numeric value to Hebrew letters. The letters that form the Hebrew word "chai" which means life is 18. And like many times in life, Etgar 36 has been knocked over by things we didn't see coming. A year ago, it seemed that America had caught up to the program's intention, and our mission could not be more important. We had more Civil Rights trips on our schedule than ever before, a full-page article about us in the New York Times, and the 2020 summer trip was already close to selling out. And then, life happened. On March 8th, we finished that weekend's Civil Rights journey and have not been back on the bus since due to COVID19.
As we begin our 18th/Chai year, it looks like we will not be running any trips until the late June when, hopefully, we begin the 2021 summer program. It would be easy to be frustrated about being forced off the road and not fulfilling our potential just as we were hitting our stride. But, as the Grateful Dead sing, "sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right." I can change how I look at our situation and find joy and purpose in this new and unanticipated space. I realize that perhaps right now is the time we need to pull off the main road and spend some time on the back roads and off the bus to take stock of where we've been in the past 17 years and let it catch up with us.
How do we determine success during our shut down? It has been found in the daily conversations with alumni of the summer and civil rights trips about race, equality, connection, and having uncomfortable conversations. I have been given the gift of connecting with the Etgar 36 community in more profound and more personal ways. It has been so wonderful hearing about how the lessons learned on our journeys have played out in in people's lives over the past months and years since they have been on the bus.
Our 18th year will breathe new life into Etgar 36 and that will only make the journeys we take once we can get back on the bus all the more meaningful, valuable, and powerful.


Please support Etgar 36 by signing up for MINDTRIPS lecture series.
Next episode is Sunday 7 PM on Systemic Racism.
You can watch a recording for 5 days after.


MINDTRIPS...starts Sunday night (but you can watch for 5 days)
Find out what happens when a Black man starts talking with members of the K*K
To sign up & more info:


Next Sunday join me for the kick-off program of the online MINDTRIPS series!
Find out about the power of a conversation.
For teens, adults, alumni, and friends of Etgar 36.
WWW.ETGAR.ORG to register.
You can watch for 72 hours after the live broadcast.

Photos from Etgar 36's post 07/29/2020

MINDTRIPS...the next journey for Etgar 36.
A monthly online live-streamed lecture/discussion series curated by Etgar 36 with activists and thought leaders that help us figure out a path to creating a more perfect union.
Please join us for one or all of the 2020 programs.
* Ruth Messinger * Born This Way Foundation
* Daryl Davis *Evan Wolfson * Joanne Bland
* Fair Fight 2020 *Terra Gay
Each program is $15 or you can buy all 6 for $75.


Etgar 36 staff is like family even when they’re not working for me they never truly leave. After 3 years on staff Josh Dubin left last summer and I’m so happy to say that his journey has brought him back on full-time. Welcome home Josh.
We are in Montgomery checking out the logistics for our social distanced outside trips! It starts with Rosa Parks.


Our Etgar 36 Social Distanced Civil Right Journey is now ALL OUTDOORS for added safety!
Also, we have combined visits to BOTH Selma and Birmingham on the 2 day/1 night trip!
We have shifted every part of the trip to be outdoors to provide more safety. This does not impact our going to the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) Memorial and walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge as they are outdoors!
We will cover the information of the Rosa Parks Museum and EJI Museum outdoors as part of a walking tour of downtown Montgomery.
This allows us to combine trips to Selma and Birmingham for a complete Civil Rights journey that can be done in 2 days/1 night. The one day trip only to Montgomery is still an option too.
For more information, dates, pricing and to sign up please visit


I am excited to announce a new program from Etgar 36:
- Blacks & Jews in the Civil Rights Era to Now Midrash & Fact
- How to be comfortable having uncomfortable conversations

Etgar 36 is jumping into the virtual programming world.
The issues this country is confronting have been prime Etgar 36 topics for the past 17 years so I wanted to share lessons we have learned from seeking and engaging in uncomfortable and powerful conversations on the road.

Both topics are great opportunities to have real conversations and preparation for your community before engaging in in*******al programming with other groups. It is a way to ensure that your future social justice programs will move issues forward and take a deep-dives to understand the issues at play.
I have run them for adults, as staff and organizational training, and with teens.

Conversation #1 -
Explore the reality of the relationship between the Jewish and Black communities during the Civil Rights era. The Jewish narrative of that era is not completely seen the same by everyone or grounded in the reality of what was truly happening. We were participants in the Civil Rights movement but it is not our story. Explore some historical events that impacted Jews in America including the Leo Frank and Temple bombing in Atlanta to the sociological and generational issues that shaped Jewish activism and participation, or lack of, on both sides of the movement. Also, how does all of this impact what is happening in the streets of America today?

Conversation #2 -
America is so split that trying to speak across the divide feels impossible. Whether it is one on one, with friends, family or your community, discussions about race, politics, or Israel seems to be too heated and contentious to have.
How can we have these important and necessary conversations without “all the heat”?
How can you practice self-care as you enter into uncomfortable conversations?
How to rethink what success looks like during a difficult conversation.

This conversation is great for helping people who may have to lead difficult conversations in their roles as teachers, clergy, camp counselors, heads of organizations, etc.
It can also be geared towards secular and/or non-Jewish groups.

Attached is a flyer with more information.
Be in touch for pricing and to set a date.

Photos from Etgar 36's post 06/19/2020

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds" - Bob Marley
Below is a picture of the newly repainted fountain at Court Square in Montgomery, AL. It is where slaves were brought off boats from the Alabama River and auctioned. In an amazing twist of history, it is also the spot where Rosa Parks got on a bus, did not get up from her seat and was arrested a block and a half later in 1955.
It is the core spot on our Etgar 36 Social Distanced Civil Rights trip to Montgomery. From there we walk to the Rosa Parks Museum, the EJI Memorial, Dexter Ave. Baptist Church, Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom Rides exhibit.
Sign up for one of our social distanced trips to get a better and deeper understanding of what is going on in the streets of America today.
Our trips are open to ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE. Do one day in Montgomery only or add a second day to Selma or Birmingham.
Just like change doesn't happen until you take action, the trips don't happen until you actually sign up.


We are excited to announce a new Etgar 36 journey for our current times…confronting the two ailments impacting America's physical and moral wellbeing.
For More Info & To Sign Up:
Come on your own or with family/friends.


Read the latest news from Etgar 36!

Staff Etgar 12/17/2019

Got this summer free? Come help us change the world!
Staff Etgar 36 this summer...must be at least a rising junior in college.

Staff Etgar Enjoy travel, politics, history, and working with teens? Get paid to do all four! Etgar 36, a summer travel program for Jewish teens, is looking for staff.


Please spread the word to any teens and parents who you think may be, or should be, interested in hearing about the transformative political activism summer program Etgar 36.
The teens journey across American engaging and debating with different sides of political issues in order to discover their voice and power to create change.
NOON in Melville @ Starbucks 64 Broadhallow
5 PM in Scarsdale 975 Central Park Ave


Long Island - Sun. Dec. 8 Noon @ Starbucks in Melville
Westchester - Sun. Dec. 8 5PM @ Starbucks in Scarsdale
NYC - Wed Dec. 11 7 PM @ Temple Shaaray Tefilla

Please share and help spread the word to teens (and parents) who could, or should, be interested in taking a journey across America this summer learning and debating history, politics and activism. WWW.ETGAR.ORG


Looking forward to taking teachers from Success Academy of NYC on our Civil Rights journey through Friday. This could lead to their students coming in the future.



7pm @ Starbucks 5250 Town Center Circle

Come learn about the Etgar 36 Summer Journey!
Please spread the word to any teen who would, or should, be interested in going across America learning, discussing and debating history, politics and activism!

Billy Planer on Forgiveness 10/04/2019

Billy Planer on Forgiveness Billy Planer is the founder of Etgar 36, a Jewish program that engages teenagers on issues of the day through the lens of civil rights history.

Photos from Etgar 36's post 09/29/2019

S. Florida Jews...need something to talk about when you are with family and friends for Rosh Hashanah? Here you go:
Wed. Oct. 16 - Plantation - 7pm @ Ella's Cafe 9743 W. Broward Blvd
Thur. Oct. 17 - Boca Raton - 7pm @ Starbucks 5250 Town Center
See the attached flyers for details.
Come learn about the Etgar 36 Summer Journey!
Please spread the word to any teen who would, or should, be interested in going across America learning, discussing and debating history, politics and activism!

Etgar 36 09/19/2019

Usually, at this point, we may have 1 sign up for the upcoming Etgar 36 summer journey, As of today, we are already 1/3 full for next summer.
Next summer, leading up to the 2020 election, will be an exciting time to be on the road exploring politics, debate, and activism in America!
Please let anyone you think may, or should, be interested in being on the bus know about the program.

Etgar 36

Daily Signal Podcasts - The Daily Signal 09/17/2019

The core value of Etgar 36 is speaking with people you agree and disagree with.
Tomorrow I will be on the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal Podcast to talk about Etgar 36.
The Heritage Foundation is one of the most influential think tanks in America and helps set the Conservative Right's agenda. We meet with them every summer to get their views on income inequality and the economic divide in America. This is after we meet with United For A Fair Economy that presents the liberal left view on this issue.

Daily Signal Podcasts - The Daily Signal The Daily Signal is committed to providing insightful, credible news reporting and influential commentary on policy issues. We know that our audience consumes information in... Read More


Just a few more days to be able to change the world and save some money.
Sign up before Sept. 16 for the 2020 Etgar 36 journey and pay this past summer's prices. Our 2020 prices will go in effect on Sept. 16.
Please spread the word to anyone you think should be on the bus for a summer of engaging in history, politics and activism!
Our website:
Link to the NY Times article on the Etgar 36 Summer program:


I am so sorry to report the passing of Marca Bristo a profound speaker to the Etgar 36 summer program.
In 2015, after having my friends Judy Marx, Donna Ledder Meltzer and Eric Jacobson talk to me about how the issue of disability rights needs to be a part of Etgar 36, I added a meeting with Marca and her organization - Access Living.
Marca was one of the strongest people I know. She broke her neck diving into Lake Michigan. When she saw how hard it was to maneuver around in a wheelchair, instead of getting depressed and giving up, she decided to get involved and active to create change. Among her many accomplishments, she helped write, and get passed, the Americans With Disabilities Act (The ADA) in 1990.
She passed away from cancer this morning.


Want to do something about the state of America today? Want to empower and inspire people to give a damn? Want your work to make a difference and enjoy it? Like history, travel, politics and activism?
Etgar 36 ( is looking for full time staff to lead Civil Rights trips, help plan the summer journey and be a part of running Etgar 36.
Our next staff member must:
- be passionate about social and political activism
- be a dynamic performer.
- have a love of being on the road.
- able to handle an unconventional job in an unconventional innovative non profit educational venture.
- have strong administrative skills.
- take the job we do as serious as life itself but not themselves.
- be able to work independently.
- live in Atlanta (relocation is fine).
- experience working with young people in experiential and/or formal educational settings.
- job requires a lot of weekends on the road leading trips.
If you are, or know, someone who is looking to do something to change the country and world and are good with people and a self motivator then please be in touch.
Job benefits
- Great salary
- health insurance
- stretches of down time
- be an integral part of the tremendous Etgar 36 community
- actually get to do something about what is happening in the world instead of just being frustrated by the news.


Tonight Jews all over the world begin the celebration of Passover. In the Torah the Passover story leads to the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai and making our way to the promised land.
36 times after the story of our receiving the Torah there is mention of taking care of the stranger because we were strangers in a strange land (Egypt). 36 is 18 x 2. 18 in Jewish numerology equals the word Chai which means life.
I find it powerful that the thought of caring for the stranger is said the same amount of times that equals two lives. Perhaps we are taught this on our way to the promise land because the promised land isn’t just a physical place. Just maybe it is a space where we realize that our life, liberation and freedom is wrapped up and connected to the “other” people around us and their life, liberation and freedom is what really makes us free. There is no other but ANOTHER.
Josh and I wish the whole Etgar 36 community a wonderful Passover and Easter weekend.


A few seats still open for teens who are interested, or should be, in debate, politics, history and activism. Etgar 36 helps them develop their voice, passion, what they think about issues and empowers them to get involved to create change.
See America and explore the culture, people, food and sites that makes each city we go to unique.
Please share!

Etgar 36 Roadmap Newsletter 03/26/2019

Check out what is happening on Etgar 36. The latest newsletter: Etgar 36 Roadmap Newsletter -

Etgar 36 Roadmap Newsletter #1. Save the world #2. Help People #3. Help the world #4. Make a Difference #5. Be an up stander #6. Do a lot #7. Be healthy #8. Be a Social Justice Hero #9. Be awesome #10. Have fun."

03/22/2019 want to be a social influencer?
Then do it about things that matter.
Come on the Etgar 36 Summer Journey and develop your voice and opinions about the issues that impact us. A few seats still remain on the bus.


6 more seats for the Etgar 36 summer journey. Please help me spread the word to any teens, or parents of teens, who may/should be interested in history, debate, politics and activism. We journey across America meeting with all sides of political issues as well as explore the local culture and sites of each city.


Nice 4 days off and tonight starts our next run of Civil Rights trips. Over the next 3 weeks we will have 14 groups and over 550 people on the bus!
Tonight we kick off with tNorth Shore Congregation Israel from Glencoe, IL. Their teens have come over the past 2 years now the adults want to get on this bus!


8 seats left on the 2019 Etgar 36 Summer Journey!
Please share with any teen, or parent, who is interested in history, politics, debate and activism.


It is only mid-February but we are hard at work on the 2019 Etgar 36 Summer journey and a successful summer begins with a great staff.
I am proud to present the mighty staff of the 2019 Etgar 36 Summer journey:
Hannah Hurowitz is an alum of the 2013 summer journey. She is from Atlanta and is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Human Development and Family Science. Hannah has worked on staff at Camp Ramah Darom and has experience working with teens in the special needs and spectrum population.
Aryeh Grossman lives in Houston. He teaches at the Sudbury School which he helped develop and open. Aryeh has worked on the staff at Camp Mountain Chai in California for 3 summers. He has also taught at religious schools.
Sophie Yaeger is from Atlanta and a rising Junior at the University of Georgia. She has worked at Camp Coleman for 2 summers. On campus, she has been involved in political clubs, discussions, and activism. She enjoys hiking, guitar, and cooking.
Jacob Leizman is from New Rochelle, NY. He is currently in his first year of Rabbinical school in the Reform movement at Hebrew Union College. Jacob graduated from Hunter College and worked as a full-time educator at Central Synagogue in NY and has brought teens on our Civil Rights journey.
Josh and I are looking forward to having them on the bus with us this summer!

Etgar 36 02/15/2019

Do you know 10 teens who could, or should, be engaged with history, debate, politics and activism? Would like to travel America to develop their opinions, voice and power to create change?
We have 10 spaces left for the 2019 Etgar 36 summer journey! Please spread the word.

Etgar 36

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