Winwood Children's Center, Ashburn

Winwood Children's Center, Ashburn


Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community. Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find. Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Day Care/Pre-School Center, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being the featured Day Care Facility in our local Welcome Kits. It is worthy to note that, according to Dr. Cathy Goodwin in her book “Making the Big Move”, 33% of new residents and families seek out a new Child Care Center shortly after their relocation. As such, approximately 1 out of 3 recipients of our Welcome Kits are actively seeking a new Child Care Center. Please reply to this message with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience. For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature. Thanks. Andi Hyman (571) 550-0359 [email protected]

Children thrive in a nurturing environment guided by experienced & creative teachers. Visit today & see why our school is considered a loving 2nd home!

From our infant room through our Private Kindergarten program, Winwood has earned a stellar reputation throughout the community for offering nurturing, loving and educational programs. Choosing the best educational care for your child can be stressful. However, once you walk through our doors, you’ll feel confident that you’ve found a loving second home where your child will grow and thrive. Please call and schedule a visit today.

Mission: A Message From Our Director! I am pleased to welcome you and your family to Winwood Children’s Center in Ashburn, a place where your children will grow, learn and most of all, be loved. Since our opening day in 1998 it has been our goal to bring you the highest quality of Early Childhood Education in the area, by offering in our classrooms learning materials and educational enhancements that along with our curriculum, additional activities such as Music, Spanish, Technology, Art, Physical Education and a strong sense of community deliver a great start to your child’s lifelong learning. My name is Diana Garcia, I am the school Director and along with my Assistant Director Allison and our experienced team of teachers we are committed to exceed your expectations in the Early Childhood Education field.

Recreate A Family Vacation - Cadence Education

“Recreate” a family favorite vacation using this fun activity! Recreate a Family Vacation Families are so important to us at Cadence Education and we recognize that each family is special! It’s important to us that you share your family traditions, practices, and culture within your child’s classroom. When each child’s family background is celebrated, all...

Storytelling Activity - Cadence Education

Incorporate dialogic reading at home using these tips! Storytime and Dialogic Reading Our teachers use a method of storytelling called Dialogic Reading, in which storytime is more of an interactive conversation than just a passive experience for the child. Extensive research has shown that preschool children who have been read to using the Dialogic Read...

Virtual Readings | Super Soren

While it may seem like the world is closed, Kindness is NEVER closed!

We hope your family will join us as we celebrate every Kind Child with one of these live readings of Super Soren by author Kristen Perhach!

Click below to register for one of Kristen’s live readings and gather your family to hear what makes each of us unique through our perception and acts of kindness, authenticity, vulnerability, confidence and courage! it seems like the world is closed...but kindness is never closed! Kristen will share her screen, reading and discussing a digital copy of Super Soren. After there will be an Ask-The-Author session with Super Soren strategies and activities for cultivating kindness and connection. 

We hope that everyone enjoyed our toddler activities from last week! We were so excited to see our friends doing the activities with us!

This week we’ve got some more fun and educational activities that you can do with your kiddo! Please note that these activities will take adult supervision.

As always, feel free to post pictures of your little ones doing these activities so that we can see all our friends!

Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!

Today we celebrate all the moms out there who have had to take on so many additional roles in today’s world: the home-schoolers, the story readers, the meal-preppers, the dish cleaners, the game players, the counselors, the bakers, the entertainers, the puzzlers and the memory makers. Here’s to you. May you have a wonderful day!

We would love to see how you’re celebrating your special day, so upload a photo here or tag your posts with #cadencecares to share.

Science Activity: Water & Buoyancy - Cadence Education

Try this fun water activity to teach your child about volume and buoyancy! Water and Buoyancy This month we are exploring the concept of buoyancy—the ability of an object to float. Water play is a great opportunity for your child to experiment with this scientific principle. Also, provide a variety of heavy and light objects your child can use to experiment with buoyancy...

Gross Motor Activity - Cadence Education

Check out these soccer-related gross motor activities to do at home! Kick the Ball! The development of gross motor skills (which involve leg, arm, and whole body movement) is critical during the preschool years. Because of this, we are regularly incorporating fun gross motor activities, games, and sports into our daily routines. This month, we are exploring soccer to...

Creative Expression Activity - Cadence Education

Here’s a fun activity to explore the world of writing with your child! Writing for All Occasions Preschool children are beginning to learn that there are many purposes for writing. At this stage, it’s more important that your child learns to enjoy the writing process rather than focusing on perfecting his writing mechanics. Sometimes if an adult places too much press...

Shapes of All Sizes - Cadence Education

What makes a triangle a triangle? Do this activity to find out! Shapes of All Sizes Your child may be able to name basic 2D and 3D shapes, but does she understand shape constancy—the principle that a shape stays the same no matter which angle we view it from? To prepare for elementary school, your child should be able to recognize and name common shapes even w...

Healthy Body Activity - Cadence Education

Here’s a fun activity you can do at home to teach your child how to keep their body healthy! Healthy Bodies are Happy Bodies This month, we have been learning how keeping our body healthy helps us to feel good and grow strong. Not only do personal hygiene skills help children’s overall well-being, but they also support their growing sense of independence and responsibility. Age-appropriat...

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we invite all our kiddos and their families to show some love for your teacher and school directors! Take some time this week to post pictures of what you’ve been doing at home and give a shout out to all your friends! We are so grateful that you trust us to love, nurture and educate your children!

In response to some of our parent requests, we are excited to announce that we will be posting some fun activities specifically for our younger kiddos, 1 – 2 year olds! These posts will be done on Sunday’s and will include a variety of activities that will not only be fun for your child but will help to build the skills that they were working on in school! Please note that these activities will take adult supervision.

As always, feel free to post pictures of your little ones doing these activities so that we can see all of our friends!

Science Is So Much Fun! - Cadence Education

Science is so much fun! Science Is So Much Fun! Science is so much fun! Believe it or not, you can do exciting, hands-on science learning at home. If you have a sandbox, talk about how the sand feels in your hands and between your toes. At bath time, talk about how the water feels. Consider making a ‘mud pie’ …

A Fun Literacy Activity - Cadence Education

A Fun Literacy Activity: Question Words It’s Time for Q&A! Children hear questions all the time, but does your child know the difference between the various question words? You can help you child practice this with the activities below. Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Who Questions: Look at family pictures. Ask your child t...

Fun Physical Fitness Activity - Cadence Education

Here’s a fun activity you can do at home to help teach your child about physical fitness. Strengthening Hand Muscles Improving hand strength can help support your child’s handwriting and other fine motor skills. Consider offering your child the fine motor activities below. Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Let your child paint a picture using watercolor paints and a paintbru...

Fun Even & Odd Activity - Cadence Education

A Fun Even & Odd Activity from Home! Counting Even & Odd Numbers Some math concepts can be tricky for young children to grasp, but even and odd numbers can be taught relatively easily. Here are a few activities you can do to support this skill at home. Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Play a fun counting game that reinforce...

Teaching Children to be Thankful - Cadence Education

Here’s a fun activity to teach children to be thankful An Attitude of Gratitude Right now, your child might be feeling frustrated that he or she can’t go to school, visit their friends, or play at the park. At this age, children may not understand that they don’t get everything they ask for. It’s a hard concept for a preschooler to understand that...

In support of this year’s Class Pictures, we invite all families to share your 2020 Class “Family” Picture! We can’t wait to see all of our friends and their families!

Let's Play Ball - Cadence Education

Let’s Play Ball! Let’s Play Ball! Children stuck indoors for extended periods can feel cooped up and begin to bounce off the walls. It’s important to provide your child opportunities to exercise his or her muscles in fun and engaging ways. You can use simple objects around your house to help support your child.....

Pet Care Activity - Cadence Education

Show your pet some love with today’s activity Show Your Pet Some Love! Do you have a pet? Talk with your child about what your pet needs (water, food, shelter, exercise, cleaning, medicine, affection, etc.). Show your child how he or she can help care for your pet (or a stuffed animal if you do not have a pet). Let your child be …

Act Now to Protect Child Care Centers – Early Care and Education Consortium

Is your young child missing out on learning and developing socially with their classmates? Are you struggling to balance work with caring for your children when most childcare providers are closed?

Did you know that 75% of childcare providers across the nation are closed? Help our industry appeal to Congress so we can open our doors to you again. The well-being of our children and our parents depend on the child care services that we provide.

Click here to learn more and join a nationwide effort to protect our school and others like it.

Earth Day Celebration - Cadence Education

Teach your child about Earth Day Earth Day Celebration! April 22 marks the annual celebration of Earth Day, which is the world’s most widely observed non-religious holiday. Earth Day was instituted in 1970 to increase awareness of our environment and how we can best protect it. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day including...

Technology Hunt Activity - Cadence Education

This activity teaches us that technology is all around us... Let’s Go On a Technology Hunt! Technology is all around us. Talk with your child about different types of technology. What purposes are they used for? Some technology is used for communication. Other types are used for entertainment. Technology can also be used for transportation, medical support,...

Sight Words Activity - Cadence Education

Recognizing sight words automatically is an advantage for beginning readers. Check out this fun sight word activity: Fun with Sight Words Recognizing sight words automatically is an advantage for beginning readers. Many of these words have unusual spelling patterns or cannot be sounded out using basic phonemic knowledge. Each month we introduce pre-kindergarteners to sight words from the Dolch Pre-Primer and the D...

Sorting Objects Activity - Cadence Education

A fun activity sorting objects! Learning to Sort Can Be Fun! So many tasks in life depend on one’s ability to sort or classify objects into groups. When you sort or classify an object, you determine what characteristics certain items share or don’t share. In other words, you identify how the objects are alike and how they are ...

Do You Have A Green Thumb? - Cadence Education

Do you have a green thumb? This activity can help. Do You Have A Green Thumb? This month, as part of the Ascend Curriculum, we take time to talk with children about the plant life cycle and what plants need to grow. Learning how to care for plants not only increases children’s scientific knowledge, but it also supports their growing sense of indep...

Los Animales - Cadence Education

Here is a fun Spanish lesson about los animales (the animals) Los Animales (The Animals) There is more than one way that people can name animals, including English, Spanish, and non-verbal ways such as sign language. When children learn other ways to talk with people, they can interact with more diverse people around the world. Encourage your child to practice...

Conflict Resolution - Cadence Education

Learn how to teach your children about conflict resolution: Conflict Resolution When children play together, there is bound to be conflict from time to time. Because of this, understanding how to resolve conflict and forgive others are essential social skills for children to learn to support positive peer relationships. Unfortunately, many times adults think...

Beginning, Middle & End - Cadence Education

Today’s activity is all about the beginning, middle & end... This d/ Beginning, Middle & End A child develops language skills long before being able to speak. In the same way, children develop literacy skills long before they are able to read. Reading to your child creates a lasting impact on your child’s pre-reading and literacy skills. This month we are learning ...

Take A Virtual Trip Activity - Cadence Education

Take a virtual trip with today’s activity! Take A Virtual Trip! Map reading can also help your child gain a larger perspective of the world they live in. When children learn about both their place of residence and other global destinations, they can begin to see that geography affects how people live. Explore the world from within your home....

Learning To Tie Your Shoes - Cadence Education

Today’s activity: Learning to Tie Your Shoes Loop…Swoop…Pull… Learning how to tie their shoes can be frustrating for some children. To be successful, children must have strong hand muscles and good fine motor coordination. To help support these underlying skills, try some of these fine motor activities at home. Age-appropriate Adaptation...

Exploring Maps - Cadence Education

Go on a “journey” with map exploration during today’s activity. Exploring Maps Map reading is an important skill that supports your child’s developing sense of direction and spatial awareness. It also improves your child’s visual literacy. Through maps, there are many ways to see what our Earth looks like. A globe is a round map that shows the entire planet,...

It's Rhyming Time - Cadence Education

Today’s activity is All About Rhyming. It’s Rhyming Time Children’s books are often filled with rhyming words. Rhymes typically feature word families, which are groups of words that share a common letter combination and similar sound. For example, the -AN word family includes words like can, man, fan, ran, and pan. Learning word fami...

Learning Responsibility & Independence - Cadence Education

Now is the perfect time to help your child learn more responsibility and independence. Check out this activity that can help. Learning Responsibility & Independence During this season of home-school learning, now is the perfect time to help your child learn more independence. One way to do that is by encouraging your child to be more responsible for his or her own belongings. The more you allow your child to do for himself...

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