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My kids are 12/13/15 now but whenever we are anywhere near Golden Pond....we have to do a drive by! Every time!!!
This is Karen-Ryan’s wife. I received the email from the school regarding the generous offering to refund tuition back to the parents of enrolled students. Although I am appreciative of the generous offer, I would rather pool my refund and give to my kids’ teachers to continue the virtual education for this school year. I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the proactive nature our teachers have taken in making sure to provide challenging curriculum. They have adapted fast and my kids are responding amazingly. I would prefer to have my kids attend in person but see so much value in continuing in a virtual means vs. not at all. I am happy to coordinate with anyone else who would also like to explore ways to support our teachers in this very difficult time. The Golden Pond School
Hi Golden Pond Families! Curious if anyone has found a good camp for their Pre-K Kiddos for the upcoming Nov 4-5 holiday. Thanks in advance.
Five years ago, after being a Golden Pond parent for 9 years, I started to entertain the idea of returning to the classroom. When the opportunity arose, the decision was easy. Golden Pond had become a second home to my four children, and now it would become mine. No two of my kids are exactly the same, but this magical place supported, educated, and enriched them all. I look at their years on “The Pond” as a gift, and am happy to be paying it forward to so many new families. Here’s to another great school year!
This will be our family’s 6th (and likely last!) year at Golden Pond. All three of my kids have gone here. My eldest did Kindergarten Enrichment while my middle did the 3s class and 4s class. My youngest did the 3s and 3.5/Explorers class and is now in the Jr Kindergarten extended class. GPS is PHENOMENAL. I am emotional just writing this because no words could truly describe how lucky our family has been to be a part of this amazing school. The teachers, admin, staff and families are incredible. For those families of kids with allergies (mine have airborne nut allergies), your child is safe! For all kids in general, your child is not only safe but loved, nurtured and encouraged. I am so grateful to Golden Pond School for inspiring my children to love to learn. Thank you!
Golden Pond has been tremendous in teaching and developing my oldest daughter. I look forward to sending my other daughter and son to Golden Pond in the future.
This was one happy kindergartener this morning ❤️🍎 The Golden Pond School
The JrK bears want to wish their beloved Abbey Leigh Robison the happiest of birthdays! Thank you for everything you do Mrs. Robison for the kids, they all LOVE you! 🐻 ❤️🎂
We are looking forward to a great event with our Golden Pond families!
I just love Golden Pond’s Thanksgiving celebrations! Thank you for allowing us parents to be part of such sweet event. My son has been attending since he was a baby, so I guess it is part of our Thanksgiving traditions by now! ❤️
Golden Pond - you have a special place in our hearts. Today, we said goodbye to our home away from home - a place that has helped us nurture 3 children through preschool for the past 11 years. You have helped shape their little minds, groom them into smart, inquisitive, kind beings and instill in them a love of learning. I am in denial that we will no longer walk the halls of this special school and see the smiling teachers greet us with nice words and big hugs. To our teachers (those who are no longer there and the ones who still grace this school with their presence) - there are no words to express our gratitude for blessing our children's lives with your warmth, kindness, and passion for teaching. You are beautiful souls...we love you and will miss you. THANK YOU for all you have done for my family and all the other families who have been lucky enough to call this place their school!

GPS is an accredited private Preschool, Kindergarten, After School Enrichment & Summer Camp for ages 2-9, 7am-6pm with Part-Time and Full-Day options in Ashburn, VA.

Golden Pond School specializes in early childhood education for ages 2-9, offering Preschool, Kindergarten, Enrichment and Summer Camp. The brain-based curriculum involves hands-on engaging academics, Spanish, Music and Arts in a joyful and loving environment.

Mission: To educate the whole child in a developmentally appropriate manner using brain based principles through an integrated curriculum.

Operating as usual

If You Give a Pig (or Butterfly!) a Pancake! 🥞

The Butterfly class has been busy learning about the Grocery Store this month and enjoyed making and eating pancakes today! They retold stories, enjoyed oatmeal sensory play and engaged in cake math games. The hallways sure do smell nice today! 🦋 #GPS #Butterflies #Pancakes

Lots of yellow and blue today for GPS Spirit Day! 🐤 #GPS

Kindergarten students are searching for Mayflower sight words in their classrooms through a spy glass and finding words with a magnifying glass hidden in a corn picture! #GPS #kindergarten

When the body is moving the brain is learning! The Kindergarten Owl class had so much fun counting to 10 in Spanish while doing Jumping Jacks! #BrainBuilding #GPS #SpanishSpecial

Please help fill the cart for the annual Parent Group Thanksgiving Basket Food Drive. Food donations support the families of Blue Ridge Elementary, a Title 1 school in Harper's Ferry, WV. #GPS #FoodDrive #GPSParentGroup

Abstract Kandinsky-inspired art helps children see that art can be created in many different ways. Great job Giraffe class! 🖼 🎨

Pajama Day is a great day at GPS!

GPS is THANKFUL for our STUDENTS! The children's smiles light up our classrooms, their laughter fills the hallways and their sweet smiles warm our hearts. #ThankfulThursday #GPS #ThankfulForOurStudents

"My son LOVES being a Monkey! I came home from the gym at about 6:30am to him fully dressed, breakfast had been eaten and cleaned up, and he was sitting there putting his shoes on. He saw me, ran to grab his backpack, and then looked at me and said, “Ready Go Golden Pond!” And he proceeded to cry when I told him he needed to take his shoes off because we had over an hour before we had to leave for school. It’s a true testament to how much he’s loving the Monkey class! 😁"" Jessica D. #SomethingToQuackAbout #GPS #Monkeys

The Preschool Enrichment Butterflies have been exploring seeds and pumpkins with Mrs. Kareem through science and art! #PreschoolEnrichment #GPS

Parent-Teacher conferences have begun! This one-on-one meeting with your teacher concentrates on the social-emotional aspects of development including: separation, participation, adjustment, independence and sharing. GPS teachers are dedicated to creating a loving, safe envirmonment for your child to thrive. #ParentTeacherConferences #GPS

Have a happy and safe Halloween! #HappyHalloween #GPS

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the GPS Halloween party?

Because he had no-BODY to go with!

#HalloweenParties #GPS

Junior Kindergarten Tigers are learning letter sounds and recognition with Mrs. Erdas. #JuniorKindergarten #Tigers #GPS

Congratulations to a very creative Robin and her Kindergarten classroom for winning the GPS Pumpkin Decorating Contest! The "Have a bite of my apple says the Witch" pumpkin was loved by many. There were so many wonderful pumpkins submitted. Thank you to all our pumpkin decorators! #GPS #PumpkinDecoratingContest #HappyHalloween

The Giraffe Explorers learn how to cut properly with a smiley face on their thumb - always see the smile while cutting! Mrs. Kinstle and Mrs. Workman mixed yellow and blue in water and then turned cooked pasta green to practice cutting. #AlwaysSeeTheSmile #Giraffes #GPS

This sweet Zebra loved being the birthday girl at school! 🎈 🎉

What happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar - fizzy pumpkins! Plus lots of smiles in Preschool Enrichment with Mrs. Horton! #STEAM #PreschoolEnrichment #GPS #MrsHorton

Kindergarten students have learned to GREET FROM 6FT. with air hugs, fist bumps, high fives and raising the roof - great job Robins! #GreetFromSixFeet #GPS #HealthyHabits #GreetFromSixFeet #GPS #HealthyHabits

After School Enrichment students love games, playing outside and making clay creations! #AfterSchoolEnrichment #GPS

The Kindergarten Robins and Owls experienced the Simple Machine Expo today! Students have been learning how Simple Machines make work easier and our teachers have integrated the machines into their daily academic lessons. A catapult is used to play a word toss activity, a pulley system is a math game and a hammer is used as a lever to write sight words in nail brads. The inclined plane was a vowel activity! And the nail brad is an example of a wedge! Simple Machines are used all around us - wheel barrows, shopping carts, fishing rods - next time you are at the GPS flag pole ask a Kindergarten student to explain a pulley system! #SimpleMachineExpo #GPSKindergarten #GPS #BrainBuilding

Shake, rattle and roll with Mrs. Foster! Hearing the subtle differences in sound and pitch increases phonemic awareness. When combined with printed words and versus, Music & Movement greatly improves early reading skills. #musicandmovement #MrsFoster #GPS #BrainBuilding

Preschool Enrichment with Mrs. Kareem is full of fun - making fall prints, painting, sensory bins, math games and science experiments. #PreschoolEnrichment #GPS #MrsKareem

Junior Kindergarten Bears searched their classroom for letters during an Alphabet Mystery activity! #JuniorKindergarten #Bears #GPS

The Junior Kindergarten classes are studying Nocturnal Animals through art, games, writing, books and music. The bat reading cave is a student favorite! 🦊 🦇 🐁

#GPS #JuniorKindergarten

Help the Parent Group fill the cart with groceries! This annual event benefits A Piece of the Pie, a wonderful charity organized by a GPS alum. Donations support Blue Ridge Elementary school in Harper’s Ferry, WV. #FillTheCart #GPSParentGroup #GPS

Guess what happened when the Butterfly class added vinegar to raw eggs during a science experiment? The egg shell disappeared and the egg became bouncy like rubber! #GPSScience #Butterflies #HumptyDumpty #GPS

Dramatic play in the Explorer Zebra class helps build social and problem solving skills while sparking language development. #Explorers #Zebras #DramaticPlay #GPS

When raising a reader it is important to present reading as a fun meaningful activity! Give your children age appropriate books, ask questions about the story, run a finger under the words while reading, listen to audio books and reread favorite books. Pick up a good book today and have some quality time together! #RaisingAReader #BrainBuilding #GPS

"We have loved getting back to the Pond, to see all the kids and teachers' eyes light up when they got the children out of the cars is so special. Most days my child does not want to leave school when I pick him up!"
Nicole D.
#SomethingToQuackAbout #GPS

A good book leads to fun games at GPS! The 2 year old Monkeys enjoyed a color spinning game after reading a favorite book - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? #Monkeys #GPS #LearningWithGames

The 3 year old Bees are learning about feelings and the children practiced making different emotions in the mirror and rolling Emotion Balls. Our favorite emotion is seeing Joy on their faces. #GPS #Bees #Feelings

A big GPS welcome to Jennifer Brummet! Early childhood education gives Jennifer tremendous joy. She spent 15 years in Virginia and Texas as an administrator plus 3 years in Florida and Texas as a teacher in both public and private schools. Jennifer is dedicated to the GPS brain-based curriculum and connecting with families and staff. Her experience in Social Emotional Intelligence and Training are a great asset for GPS! #StaffSpotlight #WelcomeMrsBrummett #GPS

Space Available for Ages 2-6!

Space available for ages 2-6! GPS is successfully giving children an engaging, meaningful learning experience in a safe and loving environment. Our brain-based curriculum, small class sizes and creative approach has created a haven for children. Join us at GPS! Learn more at

Freeze Dance and the Hokey Pokey with Señora Aviles make learning Spanish lots of fun! Next time you would like your kids to stop in the moment say "estatua"! #GamesInSpanish #GPS

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