AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT)

AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT) President: Kathy (Hanqing) Shang
Vice President: Caitlin Ellis
Secretary: Diana Elkassih
Treasurer: Mariana Garay
Historian: Katie Wilson and Rayne McGirr

Operating as usual

[08/21/19]   If any student is interested in starting an environmental club at Allen, find a willing sponsor and message me! You can take over the management of this page.


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Perfect day for a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum!


After surviving the worst drought in Texas history and 7 years of no irrigation at all, the rain garden at Allen Station Park is thriving! EAT members worked hard weeding and adding new mulch so the garden is set for another hot summer!


Better late than never! Earthfest 2017


Al Gore

Make your voice heard. Please share the trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power in theatres July 28th. #BeInconvenient


Join us!


Environmental Awareness Team 2017



The youth our our nation have a powerful voice!

"When most of the people in this room were a kid, they didn't have to worry about [climate change], but I do." 12-year-old Jeremy Clark of Portland urges the Oregon legislature to invest in clean energy and reduce pollution. Video from Renew Oregon.


George Takei

They try to sell it normally, but Denmark down the food for easy sales.

via ATTN: Video


I Am Eco Warrior


Vive la France !


Allen High School has an incredibly diverse immigrant population, with students coming to us every day from all over the world. With all of the negative attention immigrants are receiving right now, ALL of the students at Allen have been significantly impacted by it. They feel powerless and disheartened by what is going on and really wanted to do something to make any kind of positive impact on the situation. To show our new immigrant students that they are welcome here at AHS, the Environmental Awareness Team made welcome cards to let them know that at least at Allen High School, we are happy that they are here! Thanks for the inspiration Karen Zimmerling Stanton!


Arbor Day!


I have been behind on the pictures this year. Here are a few from our greenhouse grass planting and garden maintenance!

climaterealityproject.org 11/01/2016

Support Leaders Making Climate Solutions A Reality

climaterealityproject.org It’s time for our leaders to stop talking about climate change and start working together to solve it. Agree? Add your name to urge leaders to honor and strengthen their commitments in the Paris Agreement.

ecowatch.com 10/31/2016

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Doc Online for Free

Please check out this documentary!

ecowatch.com "We are committed to ensuring as many people as possible see this film as we head into U.S. elections."


Greenpeace USA

Please watch. Fracking is a newer, more destructive process of extracting natural gas and oil from the ground.

What would happen if every fracking exec heard this woman’s story?



America should learn from France’s ban of plastic ☕️ and 🍴.

[09/02/16]   First EAT meeting will be on Wednesday, Sept. 7th
3:45 in room A221

nbcdfw.com 08/30/2016

How To Rent A Chicken In North Texas

Too Cool! Perfect for Allen Residents that can now have chickens!!

nbcdfw.com There is a new way to get fresh eggs for breakfast. You can now rent-a-chicken in North Texas.


Amend the Solar Ordinance in Allen, TX

The petition to change the Allen Solar Ordinance was delivered to the city this morning! At that time we had 160 resident signatures, plus 41 additional, for a total of 201. The next hurdle is to fill the room at the city council meeting on Aug 23rd! I will be handing out green lapel ribbons for those who are there to support this cause. This way, the city can see the numbers right before their eyes. Please mark your calendars and plan to bring your families at 7pm on Tues! Thanks for your support :)


Amend the Solar Ordinance in Allen, TX

Next step in our quest to get the solar ordinance changed! Flex your activist muscles and go to the meeting tomorrow night at City Hall at 7:00!

The City of Allen has a prohibitive solar ordinance in 2012 which does not allow for street-facing solar PV systems. We're mobilizing support to amend it.


Had a fantastic time at Myer's Park and Pure Land Organic Farm yesterday! The weather was perfect!

[05/10/16]   Looking forward to celebrating another successful year for the Environmental Awareness Team! Come join us at 3:45 on Wednesday May 18th and bring a tasty snack to share!
We will also be distributing graduation cords.


The largest environmental expo in the United States is actually here in the DFW area! Earth Day Texas is at Fair Park this weekend and is a really spectacular consolidation of all things "green". I know prom is on most Senior's minds but for those underclassmen, it is really something to see!

Join us this weekend at the Earth Day Texas event in Fair Park! Our student displays will be available from April 22-24 in the Food & Fiber building (9321, 9322, 9324) - We hope to see you there! #TexansCan #EDTx2016


Center for Anthroposophy

"When children participate in gardening, the fruits and vegetables that they are inspired to eat will no doubt have a positive effect on their body. But the act of gardening itself can also promote a healthy body. Kids LOVE to get their hands and feet in the dirt, which can run counter to the modern parenting style of compulsively keeping hands and surfaces cleaned and sanitized. However, consider the “hygiene hypothesis,” a theory that a lack of childhood exposure to germs actually increases a child’s susceptibility to diseases like asthma, allergies and autoimmune conditions by suppressing the development of the immune system. So getting dirty while gardening may actually strengthen a child’s immunity and overall health."



This is where the seeds of the world are kept in case of a global catastrophe.

thymeandtimber.com 02/22/2016

"How To" DIY for the Week: All Natural Deodorant

During the meeting this Wednesday we will be trying our hand at making deodorant. It is very easy!
This is a link to the general recipe we will be following: http://www.thymeandtimber.com/2013/06/12/how-to-diy-for-the-week-all-natural-deodorant/

thymeandtimber.com {Note: This blog is a re-post - Originally published on December 9, 2011} After several errands and helping my husband finish some outdoor chores, I am ready to show you how to make your own deodor...

ecowatch.com 02/14/2016

California Farmers Irrigate Crops With Chevron's Oil Wastewater in Drought-Stricken Central Valley

For those that might think that oil and gas does not have a direct impact on their everyday lives.

ecowatch.com A new documentary web series, Spotlight California, from NextGen Climate is investigating the impact of drought, water and air pollution, and gas price

esquire.com 02/13/2016

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job

When researching climate change, I run into a lot of denier comments saying that climate scientists just make up the numbers because it means job security. This article definitely brings the reality into focus. Compelling read.

esquire.com Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can't really talk about it.



I wonder how do they get them all back in.

change.org 01/23/2016

Bringing the petition to the Jan 26 City Council Meeting: please join!

Sign the petition if you think residents of Allen should have the option to raise chickens in their yard!

change.org Hey y'all - we've reached nearly 300 signatures to our petition to change the city of Allen ordinance banning backyard chickens and turn Allen into a pro-chicken community! I will be taking our petition to the Allen City Council meeting this Tuesday January 26, 2016. Please try to attend and voice y…

theguardian.com 01/22/2016

If children lose contact with nature they won't fight for it | George Monbiot

theguardian.com George Monbiot: With half of their time spent at screens, the next generation will be poorly equipped to defend the natural world from harm


For those that like to garden or prefer project based classes.


For those students who are choosing classes for next year! If you are in advanced academics, these classes make great electives!

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