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Wolf Connection

We're a 501c3 non-profit wolf sanctuary and human empowerment organization. Answer the howl!

Wolf Connection is a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued wolves and wolfdogs as the centerpiece. With the help of the animals, young men and women reconnect with nature, learn to be of service by responsibly caring for another being, and work towards becoming the kind of person they want to be. The animals help them focus on their impulses, feelings and emotions in a constructive

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Photos from Wolf Connection's post 11/07/2023

Our Programs are informed by the 5 SEL (social emotional learning) interrelated areas. These include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Once the students in our Programs have learned how to share space with the wolves, they are sometimes invited to spend time inside the habitats for some up close and personal interactions. While we were inside Gemma's habitat this particular day, a wolf on the other side of the den started barking because her habitat mate was taken out for a hike.

Gemma perked up her ears when she heard the barking and started howling… and the rest of the pack joined in too!

The pack often howls together as a way to regulate their energy. In other words, they were trying to calm down the one who was barking, and let her know that the rest of the pack is here for her--one of the many reasons they howl.

🐺Wolf Connection is both a regional non-profit and one that anyone can take partake of anywhere in the world! Through our online Academy, we teach these same lessons digitally.


We were very excited to speak with Eric Odell, the Wolf Conservation Manager from Colorado Parks & Wildlife about the upcoming release of wolves in Colorado!

Eric went into great detail about the wolf reintroduction plan in Colorado, and all the factors surrounding the initial release of wolves in Colorado. Make sure to head to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website here to learn all about the wolf plan, and stay up to date on all wolf news from Colorado.

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Charlee and Jax enjoy some "herb enrichment bundles" made of rosemary, mint, and basil. 🌿

We put these together for them as one of our many forms of enrichment. Herb bundles add not only a tactile engagement to be chewed and teared apart, but also providing scents to sniff. Extraordinarily, a wolf's sense of smell is up to 100k times greater than a human's! Under the right conditions a wolf can smell something from 300 yards up to 1 mile away. A lot of times, enrichment with the chosen scent can invite scent rolling and rubbing as you see them both doing. It makes them quite playful!

Jax, who shows up here after Charlee, naturally emanates joy and excitement, and really brings out those qualities in his partner. Charlee, our female Pack Leader, is otherwise usually quite calm, reflective, and intuitive.

Photos from Wolf Connection's post 10/31/2023

At Wolf Connection our ancestors and the lessons they taught and imprint they made are very much kept alive. In our Programs, when we talk about ancestors, we also ask participants to feel into what they might want their own legacy to be.

For Día de los Mu***os, we honor our most recent ancestors—Ayasha, Buddy, Shade, Mikey, Zion—and their wisdom. The way they weave together beginnings and endings with grace, the magic they continue to bring to the pack, and how they always owned their unique voices. We can still hear their howls today.

In celebrating our ancestors, we invite you to celebrate yours with us too. 🕯️


We had a fantastic conversation with Wildlife Ecologist Taylor Ganz about her work in the Washington Predator-Prey Project! She went into great detail about her research that evaluated how ungulates respond to predators, forage dynamics, and landscape change driven by humans, including wildfire and timber harvest.

Visit the Washington Predator-Prey Project to learn more!

Taylor spoke in detail about her research at the Washington Predator-Prey Project, the landscapes in Washington where the studies are being performed, and her future endeavors she's currently pursuing.

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Photos from Wolf Connection's post 10/26/2023

Have you ever wondered how our wolves stay so healthy and vibrant? ✨

Wolves are the largest canids on Earth, and they have appetites to match! Our pack consumes about 45 lbs a day of a zoo-grade meat in the morning, and about 18 lbs of kibble a day for dinner. This combination of food contributes to their robust health and overall well-being. 🍽

Cambro Food Storage Containers are the only thing we use to store and preserve the freshness of their food. We absolutely love the variety of sizes they offer for all of our needs. They've been a wonderful provider of storage containers to us over the years, and they are always eager to support our organization. Thank you for helping to keep our pack hearty! ❤️

Photos from Wolf Connection's post 10/24/2023

Join Ecoflix the first not-for-profit streaming service dedicated to saving animals and the planet!

100% of your subscription fees for go toward a non-profit of your choice, and we are one of them.

🐺 Find more info here: http://ngo.ecoflix.com/wolf-connection/


We had our second consecutive podcast talking about Red Wolves, and this week we spoke with Executive Director of Red Wolf Coalition, Kim Wheeler!

Kim spoke to us about her journey to Red Wolf Coalition, the state of the Red Wolf population today, and the long-term mission for the species.

The Red Wolf Coalition (RWC) advocates for the long-term survival of red wolf populations by teaching about the red wolf, fostering public involvement in red wolf conservation and envisions the long-term survival of free ranging, self-sustaining red wolf populations at three or more sites.

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Photos are courtesy of Rosamund Gifford Zoo and Robert Wilcox


Did you know that some wolves do their own landscaping in their habitats?

Wolves are super chewers with powerful jaws. The bite force of a wolf is almost 400 pounds of pressure per square inch! Chewing on sticks and other natural items can be beneficial to their teeth, like flossing for wolves.

Our pack will also chew on and remove branches or twigs to make a comfy place to lay for an afternoon nap. Here’s Journey making some improvements or possibly preparing her next sleepy spot while nanny Nova looks on.

🐺 Want to support Journey’s developing landscaping talents? Click here and sponsor a wolf!


We wanted to kick off Wolf Awareness Week by sharing a conversation brewing at Wolf Connection for some time now, as well as in many corners of the wolf community. Should we stop saying “Alpha” and instead use the phrase Pack Leader?

Many years after Kenai came to us, we identified him as our Alpha, after our original Alpha Omak passed away. As time went on and more research came out about the ways wolves actually self-organize, we began to change our language toward calling him our male Pack Leader.

At Wolf Connection we’ve noticed that many of the wolves tend to shift and share roles, or even embody multiple roles from day to day. This includes Kenai too!

We’ve come to realize that we can better honor wolves by having more flexibility in how we assign roles to them. And in doing so, we can better honor ourselves as well.

Just as there are many nuances to how wolves organize themselves, there’s also nuance in how they play out those roles. We teach this in our Academy, too, that there are so many different types of leaders.

So we thought we’d put it out to all of you. What do you think? What’s your definition of a leader?


We had a fantastic discussion with Zach Lee about his photography and conservation efforts pertaining to Red Wolves! He is an incredible advocate for this endangered species, and you can check out his work on Instagram .jpg

Zach spoke to us about his journey to North Carolina where he's currently based, how he became involved photographing Red Wolves, and how he helps local NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) in spreading information about the species.

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It's Howl'oween week here at Wolf Connection! 🎃

Partners Annie (all white) and Torben (on the roof) howl together daily. Annie’s past has only solidified her inner strength, making her a true warrior. Tender and giving, Torben embraces vulnerability and loves to learn from those around him.

✨This week we’re celebrating everyone's unique howl in advance of our event this Saturday. The theme is "Reflection." What will you discover inside? Answer the howl and find out!

🐺 Have you gotten your ticket yet?


We had a highly informative discussion with Erik Molvar from Western Watersheds Project about the ways they are looking to protect wolves in the United States!

Erik is the Executive Director for Western Watersheds Project, and is also the author of 16 hiking guidebooks and backpacking techniques manuals for national parks and wilderness areas spanning the West from Alaska to Arizona.

Erik spoke about the history of wolves throughout the United States, and the conflicts they face from many fronts in the present day.

The mission of Western Watersheds Project (WWP) is to protect and restore western watersheds and wildlife through education, public policy initiatives, and legal advocacy.

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Photos from Wolf Connection's post 10/05/2023

Explore the ways of the wolf through ✨REFLECTION,✨ the theme of this year's Howl’oween event! Unlike humans, wolves do not define themselves by others' opinions; they always know exactly who they are. Do you?

🍁Come find out at Howl’oween with a tour of the den, wolf hike, a “haunted trail,” and more… all designed as encouragement to truly see yourself for who you are. You’ll journey alongside the pack, delve into their stories, and hopefully allow the wisdom of the wolves to guide you.

🍁It’s the time of year when the nights get longer and the invitation calls from within to get quiet and listen. So brave your way forward, let go of what you no longer need to hold, and beam into the light of who you really are!

🎃 Won’t you join us this HOWL’OWEEN? 🎃
🎃 Saturday, October 14 3-7 PM 🎃

🐺Special pricing ends this Sunday! Find tickets here: https://wolfconnection.org/event/howloween-2023/


We had a lively conversation with Monica Stahlmann, Clint Burson & Brooke George on this episode!

Monica is the author of Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup book series. She shared updates on the books, and provided exciting information on the wolf named Trumpet and her pups!

Clint is the Strategic Communications Manager for LightHawk Conservation Flying, and Brooke is their Wildlife Program Manager. LightHawk has flown many endangered species across the country that are in active recovery programs in the wild, including Mexican Gray and Red Wolves.

Clint and Brooke explained the mission of LightHawk, the planning that goes into flying different animal species, and how they've helped transport Mexican Gray Wolves to their natural habitat.

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Cue the opening of a mysterious woodland. A full moon rises over the trees, followed by the long, low, haunting howl of a wolf. We’ve all seen it in the movies, but is that real—the wolves are howling at the moon?

The answer is...perhaps richer than the myth. Wolves don't howl specifically at the moon. However, they do howl at night, while Earth’s largest nighttime celestial companion is high.

A wolf howls to communicate with other wolves. These vocalizations are one of a few primary ways they do so, the other two being body language and scent chemistry. Howling is the tie that binds a pack. Let's all howl together–wherever we are–at tonight's Harvest Super Moon! 🌕


Join us October 14th for our annual Howl'Oween hike!

Walk with intention alongside the pack through the desert mountains as we share stories and discover inner authenticity. Experience the timeless bond between human and wolf, and embrace the passionate call of your true wild.

Clear your calendars, bring your spirit, and come reflect with us under the new moon!

🐺 Tickets are limited, visit the link in bio to reserve your place in the pack!

Purchase tickets here!


On the latest episode of The Wolf Connection podcast, we spoke with incredible wildlife photographer Ben Bluhm, about his amazing wolf photos! Swipe through the photos and hear Ben describe the stories behind each one. Follow Ben on Instagram to see more outstanding wildlife!

Ben has been photographing wildlife for over 3 years and volunteers with Utah Mountain Lion Conservation. He has used some of his photos to help non-profit organizations with visual storytelling and promoting their missions.

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Photos from Wolf Connection's post 09/14/2023

Big news, Wolf Connection community!

We are delighted to announce that effective Friday, September 1st, our very own Dr. Amanda Beer became Wolf Connection's Executive Director.

This is a milestone in the organization and a testament to our growth and impact over the last 15 years. Amanda brings her experience as a psychologist with a focus on social justice, as well as eight years with Wolf Connection - five of them as Director of Programs. Her innovation and leadership at the organization and community levels is greatly responsible for the extraordinary growth in services and revenue over the last few years.

Teo Alfero, our founder, will continue as the CEO, leading Wolf Connection in collaboration with Amanda. Congratulations, Amanda!


We recently spoke with Claire Davis of Washington Wildlife First, concerning the issues of wildlife management in the state of Washington. She spoke about the continued mismanagement of wolves within the state by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Claire is the Founder of Washington Wildlife First and Animal & Earth Advocates, a Seattle-area law firm that brings public interest litigation on behalf of animals, wildlife, and the environment.

Washington Wildlife First is the only Washington nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to monitoring and reforming the state agency that is supposed to protect the state's fish and wildlife.

Listen to all episodes of on your favorite podcast platform! 🐺 🎙️ ✨

Visit wolfconnection.org for opportunities to sponsor one of our pack members, donate, or become a volunteer!

Photos from Wolf Connection's post 09/06/2023

Dear Wolf Connection Community,

We are heartbroken to share the news that we recently said goodbye to our precious elder, Mikey.

Mikey came to us at about the age of 5 in 2014. He was surrendered from a private owner due to failing health and finances.

When he first arrived, Mikey was very thin and visibly frightened. We immediately got him on the path to better health and nutrition. He slowly developed relationships with team members through what we would call “Mikey Medicine”, which is when people sat and shared some space with Mikey with no agenda.

A few years later, Mikey became a program animal on his terms, stretching beyond what we would call his “comfort zone”. Watching him interact with young adults was very special for us to observe. Mikey was a big hit in our Women and Wolves Program too. Countless visitors felt a deep connection to him for lots of reasons. He’s currently on the front page of our website with a former student! We recall that she wasn’t too fond of animals, but she sure did like Mikey. 🥰

We took Mikey on so many fun socialization hikes with his friends, Shade, Zion, Maggie, and Ranger to explore the land. He also enjoyed his playdates with our resident Nannies, Nova, Luna and Wylie!

Mikey had an extremely sweet and gentle side to him as he took his time to establish bonds with our human pack. We really loved seeing the bold and confident side of Mikey come out over time. It brought us so much joy to witness the relationships he made throughout his time at Wolf Connection, both human and wolf.

Out of love and adoration, our team affectionately gave Mikey some playful aliases over the years, such as Michael, Sir Michael, Michael J Wolf and Miguel!

We already miss you, Mikey. We miss the little wiggle dance you would do when people came to visit you, we miss the way you paced impatiently and yelled at us to hurry up with your food, and we definitely miss your incredible galaxy colored eyes.

Mikey’s legacy of sharing his giant heart, the love and affection he gave us and all those who visited the land, and how he deeply affected the lives of so many people will live on every day. 🐺 💚


We want to keep you up to date with all things Wolf Connection! Our newsletter got a recent update and the next one is going out soon. Don’t miss a moment of the action here on the ranch or in our global work!

🐺Sign up at wolfconnection.org


Brad Orsted released his first memoir, Through the Wilderness: My Journey of Redemption and Healing in the American Wild, in late June of this year. We were thrilled to speak with him again on the latest episode of The Wolf Connection Podcast! Visit his website (www.bradleyorsted.com) or wherever books are sold to purchase a copy.

Brad is an award-winning wildlife and conservation filmmaker/photographer, author, speaker and wilderness therapy instructor. He spoke to us about his process of writing his memoir, his feelings surrounding its release to the public, and the message he hopes it conveys to those who read it.

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Be sure to join us for our upcoming Walk with the Wolf Pack event! Saturday, September 9 @ 2-4:30 pm

The entire event takes place outside so you can get back into nature and walk alongside our wolf residents through the beautiful Angeles National Forest. Learn about the human-wolf connection that has healed humans through the ages.

Meet the pack! For more information and registration, please visit https://wolfconnection.org/events/list 🐺

See you there!

Photos from Wolf Connection's post 08/31/2023

Ice baths? Not just for humans hoping to optimize their health. It’s one of the wolves’ favorites—and perhaps wisest—ways to while away the summer. And ice cold bandanas and attire are some of the ways our volunteers and staff stay safe in the searing heat. You can help us keep it cool this holiday weekend by donating to our wolves’ care and supporting our volunteers and staff programs.

Visit https://wolfconnection.org/donations/ to donate. STAY COOL!


We were excited to listen to John E. Marriott's stories about photographing wolves on our latest podcast! John has two incredible wolf books - The Kootenay Wolves: Five Years Following a Wild Wolf Pack and The Pipestone Wolves: The Rise and Fall of a Wolf Family available on his website.

He spoke at length about his experiences as a young, up and coming photographer, his wolf books, and his conservation efforts in Canada's wilderness.

John has been photographing wildlife for over 30 years and has authored multiple books on wolves, bears and national parks. He is involved in Canadian conservation issues with his non-profit organization, EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy, which provides ethical and science-based solutions to solve the most pressing wildlife management challenges today.

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Photos from Wolf Connection's post 08/22/2023

So far this year we’ve had $45K+ in unfortunate and unforeseen surgeries and medical costs.

Mia, a fierce tracker and a Women & Wolves muse, had life-saving emergency surgery after getting gastric dilatation-volvulus or "bloat." Joyful Theo, who originally came to us alongside Mia, required a leg amputation. Our warrior tripod Annie needed a salivary gland removed. Youngest pack member Journey underwent two emergency surgeries for an obstruction.

We cherish our pack and this was all a necessary part of keeping everyone healthy. We’re grateful for our crew's diligence, swift action, and expert care… and especially to those of you who continue to donate to our efforts globally and locally here on the ranch. ❤️

🐺Sponsor a wolf today and help keep our pack thriving! www.wolfconnection.org/sponsorship/

Photos from Wolf Connection's post 08/16/2023

Say hello to Hoku and Koa! We are thrilled to announce we recently welcomed two new additions to our pack! They are a bonded pair that flew all the way from Delaware after being confiscated during a routine Animal Care home check back in December of 2022.

Wolfdogs are illegal in Delaware, so the state veterinarian and law enforcement got involved. Recognizing they are wolfdogs, the state chose to ask a local zoo to temporarily take them in until proper placement was found, knowing their fate in a general shelter. Luckily, they found us, felt aligned with our organization's mission, and knew the animals would thrive here.

They are both about 2-3 years of age. We’ve decided to name the female ‘Koa’, which means ‘warrior; valiant one’, and we named the male ‘Hoku’, which means ‘night of the full moon’ and are both Hawaiian names. We feel these names represent them perfectly!

Please welcome our beautiful new pack members! 🐺 🐺

If you’d like to answer the howl and help sponsor their care, please consider donating through our website - www.wolfconnection.org


It’s our last one-day Women & Wolves retreat of the year!

Deep within the high desert of Angeles National Forest, we host a wholly unique experience, filled with rituals, a moderate hike with wolves, and space to reflect in communion with nature and other women. It’s your chance to sample what we do here with our immersive programs and experience some of the benefits of Wolf Therapy®️ as part of the pack! The day includes nourishing snacks and one catered vegan meal.

✨Date: Saturday, October 7
✨Register here: https://wolfconnection.org/event/women-wolves-10-07-23/


Now live on our partner and supporter Ecoflix’s website is the short film 'Remaking Wolf Connection 2!'

Remaking Wolf Connection Pt 2 is about the ongoing expansion of facilities at our 165-acre ranch, the headquarters of our 501c3 nonprofit organization and wolf rescue, where we facilitate the restorative human-animal relationship with a unique focus on Wolf Therapy®️. This expansion is made possible in part by Ecoflix - to provide larger wolf enclosures, more natural den sites and public viewing areas. The short film also documents the arrival and care of our newest wolf pups.

Watch here https://watch.ecoflix.com, and if you’d like to answer the howl and help us deepen our impact, please consider donating on our website at https://wolfconnection.org/donations/


We were excited to learn of Michelle Lute's new position at Wildlife For All as the Co-Executive Director! Their mission is to reform wildlife management in the U.S. to be more democratic, compassionate and focused on protecting wild species and ecosystems.

Michelle spoke about the efforts of Wildlife For All, the impacts of wildlife management on wolves and other predators, and how collaboration could be the key to reach solutions for wildlife and wild lands.

She is a conservation scientist and advocate with nearly twenty years experience in biodiversity conservation on public and private lands around the globe.

Listen to all episodes of on your favorite podcast platform!🐺🎙️✨


We first heard about John Marchwick's story at the Yellowstone Wolf Summit in Gardiner, Montana. John is a multi-generational Montanan who grew up in the Greater Yellowstone area, and as a young child he was taught to have a hatred towards wolves. However, at 15 years old, wolf OR-54 whom he learned about from a family relative in California, began to change his perception of wolves. He is currently a sophomore at Cal Poly Humboldt majoring in wildlife management and conservation, and hopes one day to become a wolf biologist.

Listen to all episodes of on your favorite podcast platform! 🐺 🎙️ ✨


We met Dave Stalling at the Yellowstone Wolf Summit in Gardiner, Montana, and were thrilled he accepted our invitation to be a guest on the podcast!

He spoke about his deep passion for Grizzly Bears, nature, and all predators including wolves. He shared beliefs within his hunting circles and communities, which led to his departure from several organizations and why he feels wildlife management practices need to change.

Dave is a former Force Recon Marine, who has a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of the natural world. He was the former conservation writer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations - Bugle Magazine for a decade. He has also worked for the U.S. Forest Service, the National Wildlife Federation, Trout Unlimited and is a past President of the Montana Wildlife Federation. He now serves on the Advisory Committee for Wildlife for All.

Listen to all episodes of on your favorite podcast platform! 🐺 🎙️ ✨


Katie Jackson is a freelance writer who covers adventure travel, camping, national parks, and outdoor gear, that has been featured in Outside Magazine and USA Today.

Katie shared a personal story about wolves that we were really interested in hearing from the essay titled, “My Rancher Parents Hate Wolves. I Took Them on a Wolf-Watching Tour in Yellowstone to Change Their Minds.”

She told us in depth about her ranching family background, their differing views on wolves and their trip to Yellowstone.

Follow Katie’s adventures and articles on Instagram

Listen to all episodes of on your favorite streaming platform! 🐺 🎙️ ✨


We had some exciting news this week! Three of our Ecoflix Originals have won prestigious industry !


🌟 THE LAST STAND: Finalist/Official Selection to screen Deauville GREEN AWARDS- and SILVER TROPHY Winner

Watch here - https://watch.ecoflix.com/videos/the-last-stand

Wolf Connection

Watch here - https://watch.ecoflix.com/videos/remaking-wolf-connection


Watch here - https://watch.ecoflix.com/videos/saving-the-dancing-bears
Wildlife SOS

Congratulations to director Peter von Puttkamer 🎥


It was wonderful to catch up with Joanna Lambert on our most recent Podcast! We first met Joanna in Aspen for Living with Wolves: Coexistence in Colorado, and we saw her again for the Yellowstone Wolf Summit. Follow all of the amazing work her team does in the field at The Lambert Lab - www.joannalambert.com/lambert-lab/

Joanna is a Professor of Environmental Studies and Faculty in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology for the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has been teaching for over 25 years.

Her research has covered primates in Africa, wolves in the Rocky Mountain West, and animals as they adapt to human based landscapes.

Joanna spoke to us about wolves in her research, their relationship with humans over time, and shared more information about the upcoming wolf reintroduction in Colorado.

Catch all episodes of on your favorite podcast platform! 🐺🎙️✨


We always love speaking with ethical nature photographers, and Candace Dyar is no different! Scroll to the right to follow along with her photos and the stories that are attached to them. Follow Candace's work on Instagram

Candace Dyar is a nature and conservation photographer, educator, wildlife & wolf advocate based in Washington State for nearly two decades. Her work has captured the attention of global audiences and been featured by acclaimed outlets such as World Wildlife Fund and The Weather Channel / Pattrn.

She spoke about her background, and the impact her photos have made on people around her.

Listen to all episodes of on your favorite podcast platform! 🐺 🎙️ ✨


Don't miss your chance to meet the pack at our upcoming Walk with the Wolf Pack event! 🐺

The entire event takes place outside so you can get back into nature and walk alongside our wolf residents through the beautiful Angeles National Forest. ⛰️ Learn about the human-wolf connection that has healed humans through the ages.

🐾 Come meet the pack! For more information and registration, please visit https://wolfconnection.org/events/list/


This is the third and final podcast recorded at The 2023 Yellowstone Wolf Summit in Gardiner, Montana!

It was a huge honor to sit down and talk with Doug Smith, who recently retired as the Senior Wildlife Biologist in Yellowstone National park after 28 years of service where he supervised the wolf, elk, and bird programs.

Doug has studied wolves for 44 years, done over 2,000 interviews, and appeared on numerous documentaries about wolves and birds for National Geographic, BBC, and CBS 60 Minutes. He is a member of the Mexican Wolf Recovery Team, the Re-Introduction Specialist Group, and the Canid Specialist Group for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Doug spoke about his career at Yellowstone National Park, his passion for wolves, stories from his time at the wolf project, and how he's continuing to fight for wolves on the landscape since his retirement.

Listen to upcoming podcasts from the Yellowstone Wolf Summit along with every episode of on all podcast platforms! 🐺 🎙️ ✨

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