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Personal Life Coaching Get on the road to your dreams! I am offering coaching services available for those who are looking for healthier, happier and freer ways to live, whether that means creating a career, getting a degree, establishing a relationship, walking a HEALTHY, HAPPY and FREE road to destiny, tackling an adventure of a lifetime, or learning how to be stress free and to love your life!

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TOMORROW Conversations w/a Wise Woman Carolyn Berry Noon PT/1pm MT/3pm ET 03/26/2021

TOMORROW Conversations w/a Wise Woman Carolyn Berry Noon PT/1pm MT/3pm ET

TOMORROW 3/27 Conversations w/a Wise Woman Carolyn Berry Noon PT/1pm MT/3pm ET -

Free, 1-hr online conversation and connection, held the forth Sat. of each month. This month celebrating Spring and Carolyn's 79th birthday!! Hope to see you there :)

TOMORROW Conversations w/a Wise Woman Carolyn Berry Noon PT/1pm MT/3pm ET


The drama coming from the sky is one I welcome into my life! Go Shining!

The drama coming from the sky is one I welcome into my life! Go Shining!


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Creating Your Mandala Class Starts Sat! Take class with a friend, or, even better, gift class to a friend, use discount code THANKS20 by Thursday for $20 off - 11/28/2020

Conversations with a Wise Woman: Carolyn Berry, Zoom Link for Tomorrow, Sat. Nov. 28 Noon PST/ 3pm EST Free 1 hr

Conversations with a Wise Woman: Carolyn Berry, Zoom Link for Tomorrow, Sat. Nov. 28 Noon PST/ 3pm EST Free 1 hr -


Carolyn's New Class "The Art of Loving Feelings: Create Your Mandala" Starts 12/5 -


Carolyn's Live Class Starts TODAY -- 5/28, 5pm PDT/8pm EDT 🌟 -


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May the dark energy of discontent shrink and slip into the abyss along our journey as the shining glow of happiness grows deep and spreads like wild grasses across the landscape of our lives. Join us at Divine Happiness: The Creative Gift of the Soul - May 15 - 17, 2020 Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, WA.


Do you think happiness is meaningful?
Go Shining!


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[09/05/19]   What and how you think affects your experience...
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[08/29/19]   Life is a series of natural and spontaeous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. - Lao Tzu

[07/20/19]   I search for the shine in people's hearts and minds.
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[07/15/19]   My life unfolds with more ease when I am operating from my own truth!
Go Shining!


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As some of you know, my sister had emergency open heart surgery this week. Circumstances are such that I may be required to care for her for at least the next 3 months, necessitating rescheduling of the Divine Happiness Retreat. I'm in the process of scheduling it for spring, 2020.

Spring... what a beautiful time to be at The Whidbey Institute on fabulous Whidbey Island in Washington State!

Go Shining!

[06/26/19]   “Human happiness and human satisfaction most ultimately come from within oneself.” Dali Llama

[06/23/19]   Happiness Is Powerful When It is Shared!
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I am not talking about the kind of happiness you feel when you get a new lover, car or raise. The happiness I'm referring to is generated from the inside. It's Found deep within the core of our being, it's a basic part of our nature - and it can be developed by enhancing particular attitudes.

Carolyn Berry, LMFT
Author - From Misery to Happiness

[06/21/19]   Today I received my annual hug from Amma. Knowing that I will be passing it along to others makes my heart happy!
Go Shining!


Let's not focus on not being enough. Let 's focus on becoming better. Go Shining!


Go Shining!

[06/12/19]   "From the lessons of my personal journey...I have come to believe that we all have specific characteristics that feed the soul...seed and cultivate a deep-rooted genuine condition of happiness." From Misery To Happiness

[06/06/19]   Gratitude is one of the perennial seeds planted in the interwoven garden of happiness. Go Shining!


Carolyn Berry, MFT

Love being surrounded by books...they carry wisdom from a plethora of sources with a kaleidascope of interests and viewpoints...I am grateful for the treasure in bookstores! Go Shining!


As I was driving home from Albuquerque, I experienced a warm gentle current of gratitude fill my body cavity. I was thinking of how blessed I am to haven been able to travel to Phoenix, Seattle, almost anywhere in California and be genuinely and generously welcomed into friends' and family members' homes. I am still metabolizing all the kind words, caring hugs and happy smiles that I received. I am without a doubt in my mind living a rich and happy life. I wish you the same this coming year! Be accepting, be grateful, be love, and practice constructive attention...happiness will be your faithful companion. Go Shining!

[01/01/19]   Looking back on 2018 is like looking back on a massive devastating pile-up car crash. You know someone died and no one got away without an injury. You drive away with a heavy heart. So I suggest not looking back. Focus your eyes on the road ahead, staying alert to the world around you to avoid being part of any gastly clashes. Keep your eyes on the highway to your destination. Be courteous and considerate and compassionate to others as you make your way. I guarantee that this will make your journey, and the journey of those around you, much more pleasant and even delightful. If enough of us maneuver along our routes this way, the crashes will be fewer and less destructive and painful.We will experience the roads we travel as safe and sound. Then at the end of 2019 we will be able to look back and smile.
May we create an upcoming year built on more acceptance, gratitude, constructive attention and love. May we be aligned with our Souls and navigated by Spirit. Go Shining!

[10/13/18]   "Never change a thing by fighting against an existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the present model obsolete." Buckmeister Fuller


Breath is one of the universal connectors. Your breath is in the breeze that caresses and cools my brow. Thank you. Go Shining! 07/22/2018

India, which has long focused on student success, now offers ‘happiness’ classes

Yes...As the author of From Misery to Happiness...I am very pleased to hear this. I hope soon we are doing the same in our public schools. Teaching happiness is teaching conscious choice of one's perspectives and actions. It creates a path of acceptance, gratitude, love, honor, and self-empowerment. Thus, it diminishes complaining, blaming, hating, and disempowerment. Go Shining! A social experiment is underway as schools in the capital focus on well-being.


Their is no richer experience than feeling the flow of authentic love being sent your way...Go Shining!

[06/12/18]   "The true vocation of man is to find his way to himself." – Hermann Hesse

And, sometimes, we need a guide.
Go Shining!

[05/29/18]   I am grateful for and humbled by the way life unfolds. Go Shining!





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