Raida High School and Learning Center (OFFICIAL)

RAIDA is a private secondary "A" levels institution that educates students through a dynamic participatory learning environment. RAIDA is a multi disciplinary educational learning Centre, initiated by Prof.

Ruth Meena, an educationalist who has rich experience in university level teaching, secondary level teaching, and teacher training. Driven by passion to make learning a life long, child centered endevour, with support of family and friends, RAIDA became operational in 2006.

Operating as usual


Congratulations to the both of u


Glory to God! we have graduating our services from High School to College in Style! our results as always remarkable! Division one: 7 Division two: 7 and Division three: 15! we did it once again! congratulations to the whole community of RAIDA: Staff and Students!


Our seventh graduation at RHS this Saturday! Guest of honor mayor Jerry Slaa



Planning for the school week? :) Check out these 10 sources for free lesson plans:

Thanks for the image, Science Is Awesome. #justforfun #lessonplanning


we have once again nailed it! here we come with our outstanding performance!!!!!!!!!!!! all of our students will join institute of higher learning!!!!!!!!!!!! hard work pays! congratulations to both our teachers and students and the entire RAIDA community!


Timeline Photos


Lulu and Bibi Lulu during the award ceremony


Life Time achievement Award;
I feel greatly honoured to have been chosen among many to receive this award in recognition of my humble contribution to the educational sector. When I received a telephone call on Wednesday, a soft voice congratulated me, for having been selected as awardees for recognition of my personal contribution in the field of education. I remained expressionless for a while, and later asked her politely what the award is for? Though she had shared I seriously started a soul searching, as to why I was being awarded, and particularly this material period when our educational system is in intensive care unit. I recalled my Shakespeare most favored quote from Macbeth which I read more than forty years ago. “ What is reputation? Reputation is an idle and false imposition, often gotten without deserving and lost without a cause” paraphrased) honestly speaking do I deserve this award? And during this time?
My dear colleagues, as I said, the education sector is in an intensive care unit, it needs serious operation; it needs oxygen, and probably blood transfusion. The nation is searching for answers! A bit too late!! The massive failures this year started three years ago, ( but deterioration) many years back. Two years ago, just 11% of form four candidates qualified for high school. There was no alarm. The following year, it was 9 % there was no alarm, instead, a few kids who scored first class were called to our national parliament to be awarded for outstanding achievements as we are here today. All our parliamentarians were cheerful that a handful of what they considered to have been talented kids scored 1 class, those 89% of the kids who had according to our common language failed, were not a subject of discussion. I shared this with few parliamentarians, who wanted me to go and search for statistics, I felt it’s a joke since results are publically produced and our Examination Council Website I did not do so, and no body raised this, it never became a serious national debate, until this year when the statistics dropped to 5%. No body is raising issues with what is the fate of the 95%, but there is a commission which is searching for reasons????
Now a commission is all over the country to search for reasons!!!!! And some of us are being awarded for having done something in our life time in this sector at this particular period! This is quite ironical. As we search for ‘ the person who be witched ‘ our education, lets for the first time do some serious reflections, why did we wait until our patient was taken to an intensive care unit” as a nation? What went wrong, at what level. Ladies and gentlemen, lets start with our newly acquired culture of prioritizing issues. At household level and community level., if a person fells sick and does not have money to purchase the needed medicine, it will take a super human persons to raise money today and purchase that medicine. But when that person dies, even if he comes from the most poverty stricken families, there will be money, for excessive consumption ‘ comparatively, depending on the status during burial. Back to school, if a parent is unable to buy a text book, pay for a child meal, the immediate thing is to terminate that child, or request donor money to support our ‘ orphans’. But if this child says she has a suitor who has a wedding proposal, the whole village, community will raise money for the wedding which will be consumed for a day. Same amount of money could have opened the doors for this child. Where are our priorities? How come that our neighbors Kenya fund raise to take children to school including studies abroad? Ours is not luck of resources, per se, its how we have decided as a nation to prioritize our consumption patterns and define our priorities. It starts from our households and filters through to the national priorities. A consumaristic culture is gradually sinking into our patterns of living.
Coming back to us the learned society, when public services deteriorate we resort to individual solutions since we can afford. If electricity is erratic because of reasons within our control, we resort to individualistic solutions, solar energy or generator. If health sector services deteriorate, we go abroad for treatment. And when the public school fails us, we take our kids to either private or abroad, or buy that service from private providers. As a result we have no time to engage those whom we have entrusted to accountability. The ex British Prime Minister , Tony Blair when he became a Prime Minister, of UK he took his child to a private school, it was going to cost him his job, because he was tasked to explain what is wrong with the public system that he fears his child will be affected. He had to take that child from private to public Today, all our public officials will be taken to India, South Africa, or UK for health check, even if they are not sick, when a few question this, the answer is very arrogant, its normal, its accepted? By who, for who and why???
This has been the tendency, we are too busy to hold public office bearers accountable for de investing in common good, or pubic goods. In a nutshell, we are all to blame for the state of art for what is happening in our education and other public services for the deterioration of services, de investment, and resulting quality of services. I am not excluded from this blame.
Ladies and gentlemen, as I receive this award today, part of my heart is saying, It is an irony, as I have had a share in the state of art of what we see today in our education sector. Nonetheless, let me accept it with great humility, and thank all those who felt that I have had a share in the good products of our educational system sometimes in my life time. I wish to dedicate this award to my immediate family of 11 persons, that is children, in laws, and grandchildren who have always been there for me, and whom we share part of the education passion. The current RAIDA high school is a collective endeavor from this inner family and friends. Secondly I wish to dedicate this award to my other family, my late mother, sisters, and brothers, who without their material and moral support I would not have been, were I am today. Thirdly, to all my ex and current students, who have inspired me to be a permanent student. Lastly not least, my friends in the women’s movement, whom we have shared common perspectives in many areas including critical reflections on how resources of this country are not reaching the people. To the organizers and sponsors of this event, I say thank you for this initiative. And to all of you who are witnessing this special day, thank you for being here for us, and with us.


To Mwl. Daniel, our thought and prayers are with you during this difficult time.




Season’s Greetings from RAIDA! We hope the coming year is filled with learning, joy, and inspiration. We are so grateful to have you, as members of the RAIDA community. ENjoy your break!


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Academic certificates for the class of 2012 are out! if you see this note, tell your mate


Raida High School and Learning Center (OFFICIAL)'s cover photo


Raida High School and Learning Center (OFFICIAL)'s cover photo


Gucci on wheels

Designed by Frida Giannini,
To complete the look, a line of accessories is also available, including a matching helmet ($890) and $105 water bottle... High-end Italian label branches out into the bicycle market


RAIDA Visionary Leader, Prof. Ruth Meena addressing the Convening on women’s rights issues and constitutionalism in Tanzania.


The new term system created a bit of tension and confusion! now that we know for certain that the current form six will sit for their final in Feb. 2013 not May 2013... so keep up the momentum dont loose it! you are almost there...


The A level results are out! it is rather mixed feelings! some of our students have passed so well and few failed so badly! a total of 50 have passed and 11 have failed! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!




To our F6, we are all quite now because we know is ur time to shine! all the best of luck in ur exams! 28/12/2011 Tanzania: Education for Self-Reliance Only Hope for Nation

"When we evaluate our present, the rest of the world projects life in the next 50 years to come, which for us to cope given our current scores is next to mission impossible unless of course we again learn to listen to Mwalimu: 'We must run while others walk.' That is the challenge of our educational system."

Excellent article about the challenges of the Tanzanian education system. allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience


Congratulations guys! quoted quotes: ‘’A teacher is always quite during the test, The teacher prepares the students before the test. The teacher is always available, always present. But when it comes time to take the test. The teacher is quite because it is time for the students to shine!’ all we say is 'Be the best you can Be'


Some of the RAIDA teachers!! 22/11/2011

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exams are over now is grad prep!


Form six; we wish you all the best in your upcoming Mock Exams! Good luck and we have faith in you!


The Foundation For Tomorrow

Thanks for all you do! The Foundation For Tomorrow

wow..It's November and we are celebrating 5 years of providing QUALITY education to orphaned and abandoned children in Tanzania - thank you all for helping us over the years!


Back to School 15/09/2011

Re-energize at a Teaching Retreat - Do Your Job Better - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Great article...check it out On a warm Sunday in early June, I was watching my 6-year-old son play in the driveway. He had pulled an old plastic sled out of the garage and filled it up with water from our rain barrel. Talking as he played, half to himself and half to me, he kicked the sled and noticed the water racing back and ...


The School Fund

Check out this great org! Looking into a potential partnership!

Sending students to school in 15 countries: 12/09/2011

The East African: - News |Strikes paralyse learning in Kenya and Uganda

Waiting to see how this unfolds... Education management in the region put in the dock as Tanzanian teachers also set to down tools 12/09/2011

Chicago Marathon-Running for a Ride | FOUNDATION FOR TOMORROW's Fundraiser on Crowdrise

Congrats to TFFT! On October 9th I will be running The Chicago Marathon in support of The Foundation For Tomorrow. The Foundation For Tomorrow have over 70 children in our Scholarship Program. This means 6 times a year we're taking all of these children back and forth to their foster families, into the villages du...


The Foundation For Tomorrow

Congratulations to these Form 4 Students!

It's graduation day - 3 Form 4 students are graduating secondary school at Usa River Academy- Violet, Isack and Ombeni Elia and 8 Class 7 (middle school) students are graduating (Careen, Ombeni Elisante, Amani, Joyce W, Redson, Salvatory, Wema M and Jesca) For anyone interested in sending me letters of encouragement to them or congratulatory letters please send me a DM or email and I will print them out for the kids! Thank you all for your support in helping our kids get this far!






General information

We endeavor to instill confidence in our students, encouraging them to learn and explore with a commitment for self-improvement. We offer “ A” level courses in: HKL HGL HGK HGE EGM ECA. In addition to “A” level subjects, RAIDA provides short term courses to young people in both formal and informal sector. These courses are tailored to enhance a variety of life skill needs, including study skills, communication skills, and entrepreneurial skills.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 15:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 15:00
Thursday 08:00 - 15:00
Friday 08:00 - 15:00

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