Pandahill Secondary School Songwe

Pandahill Secondary School Songwe


I have been going through my Library and found an old VHS tape of the Parents Day at my Old School Pandahill Secondary School, This was me demonstrating Budding now I know why I have a passion for Agri-Business Agriculture meets ICT what a combination. This was 1998 CEO in the making, Tz Prepare your self for a Range of Agricultural Products from Nomads Enterprises Loading.....
for those people who want memories of this day inbox me I have the whole tape on DVD. kuna wazazi na walimu wetu humu ambao walishatangulia R.I.P
Ada ni shi ngap
Pamoja sana
I like for school pandahill hi
master konki
WEW NDIE MAHONI nikiwanimesinzia
Naomba kujua K**a Kuna nafasi za kuhamia kidato Cha tatu baada ya matokeo ya kidato Cha pili
beneti k geregori
Bonjour à touce jesui avec vous mes amis qui sont dans le train

Pandahill Secondary School is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Mbeya and Managed by the brothers of Christian Instruction. The owner: The Catholic Diocese of Mbeya
The manager: The Brothers of Christian Instruction 01/08/2019

- PandaHill Secondary

Welcome to Pandahill Secondary School The official website of Pandahill secondary school.All the informations related to school,download forms. The best education sleeps here at heart of mbeya. 01/08/2019

- PandaHill Secondary

We are excited to open Form I application 2020 today.😄😄😄Please follow the link below
Tunayo furaha kubwa kuwatangazia, fomu za kujiunga kidato cha kwanza 2020 zinapatikana sasa katika vituo vyetu k**a vile; shuleni, jimboni Mbeya, Iringa Kihesa maktaba ya jimbo, Mafinga sokoni, Msimbazi centre na kwenye tovuti yetu ya shule iliyoandikwa hapa chini ⬇️⬇️⬇️ The official website of Pandahill secondary school.All the informations related to school,download forms. The best education sleeps here at heart of mbeya. 20/02/2019

Panda Hill Secondary – Education for Perfection

Habarini Ndugu Zangu!
Ninayo furaha kuwataarifu kuwa website yetu Mpya tumeizindua leo tarehe 20/02/2019. inapatikana kwa address ya
ile ya zamani ilipata changamoto ikashindikana kuitumia. Hatahivyo, kulikuwa na hitaji la kuwa na web ambayo ipo up to date. Hivyo, tumejitahidi kuja na hiki.
Fomu za kujiunga kidato cha tano nazo zinapatikana kwenye website kwa kudownload.
Niseme ahsante kwa team Pandahill kwa muda na technical assistance waliyotoa. Nimushukuru sana Mr. Nabil Abdallah na Vincent Jigwa for there unconditional support. Na wale wote wenye mapenzi mema.
Much love from the Hill, the Land of Tigers and Tigresses.

[02/03/19]   Form five admission 2019/2020 is now open. You are welccome.
Our school is all about Science, Art and Economics.

[01/09/19]   Hi!
We are now ready to start the new term 2019. We pray that the Good Lord will be with us all along.
Thank you so much for being Team Pandahill. We love you so much. May God keep you alive and happy.
Long live Pandahill.



We are excited to open Form V application today.😄😄😄Please follow the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Tunayo furaha kubwa😄😄😄 kuwatangazia, fomu za kujiunga kidato cha tano zinapatikana sasa katika vituo vyetu k**a vile; shuleni, jimboni Mbeya, Iringa Kihesa maktaba ya jimbo, Mafinga sokoni, Msimbazi centre na kwenye tovuti yetu ya shule iliyoandikwa hapa chini ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Mwisho wa kuuza fomu 17/06/2018. Kidato cha tano watafungua tarehe 27/06/2018.


Pandahill Form VI Final Examination Art Students 💯

We are proud to announce that Pandahill now has its own youtube channel. Please subscribe to support us on this exciting new venture! 🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to our Art Students who have mastered the final examinations! ✅👔✅ --- Social --- Website: Facebook: https://web.facebook...

[05/13/18]   Our prayers go to the students who are still being examined🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿may you achieve outstanding results! 💯


While most of the form VI students are still going through their final examinations, some have already completed their testing 🎓🎓🎓Congratulations! 07/05/2018

Home - PASEC | Education for perfection.

We as Pandahill, have dared to open another new exciting webpage with an address of Thanks to Carlo and his students'team for a work well done. Welcome dear friends, OBs and OGs of our beloved school for embracing oness and tigerness as well as tigressness of the hill. Remain blessed friends. Education for perfection Welcome to our official website. Facebook Youtube Instagram Lusanika Cup finals Apr 9, 2018 This year´s Lusanika Cup was again one of the main events of the school year. We watched countless sophisticated performances. School reopened on 4.4.2018 Apr 9, 2018 After the easte...


We are currently expanding our campus and adding new classrooms and dormitories to facilitate the incoming form V students💪💪💪


Convincing 3:1 victory over Songwe Sunrise Secondary for the indomitable Tigers of Pasec! ⚽️⚽️⚽️We are still undefeated on our ground💪


Following the Lusanika Cup final was the dance competition. We saw countless amazing performances. 👍👍👍


Today the final of the Lusanika Cup took place between the Teams of Form 5 & 6⚽️⚽️⚽️ The match ended 1:1, both goals scored minutes before the end. Finally, a thrilling penalty shooting turned out in favor of Form 6. Congratulations💪!


The new school year has just begun, and we wish you, our students and the staff at Pasec a prosperous and successful 2018! 💪


With the school year coming to an end, the students were dismissed by the head of school and given relevant information for the next year. Enjoy your holidays🏖


Last week, the old student's government made way for their successors who were inaugurated in the presence of all teachers and students.


Today the Necta Form Six Examinations started. We wish best luck to all students.


Last Friday the Form one students visited Child Support Tanzania. It was a very interesting experience for the students and they learned about a very important aspect of life.

Thank you very much Child Support Tanzania for welcoming us.


The TYC offers a special program for doing a voluntary year in Germany. If you are interested apply until the 3rd March 2017.

Are you in the age between 18 and 29?
Interested in making an internship abroad?
TYC in collaboration with IB Germany is looking for young people who will go for one year to Germany to do an internship...


The Form IV CSEE 2016 EXAMINATION RESULTS are published. The Pandahill reached the 3rd place regionwise and the 37th place nationwise. Congratulations to all students!

[01/01/17]   We all wish you a Happy New Year! Now it is in your hands to make it a great year!

[12/24/16]   We all wish you a merry christmas. Have a nice time with everyone you love and enjoy the days.


Today the holidays started and the students left pandahill. Have nice vacations and we are happy to see you back in January.


This month the form four exams have started. Good luck to all the students.

[11/01/16]   Matokeo ya usaili kidato cha kwanza 2017 yametoka leo


Yesterday was the form four graduation. Thank you all for the nice show. Congratulations to all students who have finished their exams and good luck in form five.


Pandahill Secondary School | Education for Perfection

Form one interview ni tarehe 29/10/2016
Formu za maombi zinapatikana na kwenye vituo vya kuuzia k**a Pandahill Secondary, jimboni mbeya, maktaba ya jimbo - Iringa, Duka la vitabu la jimbo njombe, parokiani mafinga, Mr Bookshop mafinga, social education centre morogoro, Radio maria - songea na msimbazi centre chumba namba 12 Dar es Salaam. Welcome to Pandahill Dear viewers, I would like honestly to take this opportunity to welcome you to Pandahill’s Website. In here, you will learn not only our academic Prowess but also the values we believe in and consistently struggle to pass on to our students so as to become a school of difference...

[09/20/16]   Next Saturday, the 24th September, 2016, Pandahill is going to celebrate the 17th form four graduation. Everyone is invited to join us.


Mid-term exams are starting today - "Good luck!" to the students!


Headmaster announcing the very good NECTA Results of Form VI 2016


Form VI Results are out!

Congratulations to the students and teachers! They did great!
Pandahill Secondary School is on first position in the region and on 14th position nation-wide!

Have a look at the results in detail:


Welcome back to all students!
Have a successful time - make it a successful time!


--- OPENING ---
Opening for the new Form V is tomorrow on 16/06/2016.
Opening for O-level and A-level will be on 10/07/2016.




PO Box 6233
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