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What do you remember and Miss about this school?

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Rest In Peace


R.I.P founder of ST Dorcas schools, . Your impact will never be forgotten. You will always be an Inspiration and we will forever be grateful for what you have impacted in our lives today. You will always be remembered

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Photos from Italk Network's post


Who remembers the Prayer house?😂😂😂 What do you remember about this place?? Kizwalo Simbila Jr. is asking😂😂😂😂

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Alikua mwanafunzi wa St. Dorcas Leadership seminary na kwenda kusoma diploma katika chuo kikuu cha LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY -PUNJAB INDIA.

Tukio hili, limejitokeza usiku wa kuamkia leo,majira ya saa nane usiku,alipo anguka kutoka ghorofa ya nne hadi chini, kwenye apartment wanapopanga wanafunzi nje kidogo ya hostel za chuo.

Marehemu alichukuliwa na kupelekwa hospitali akiwa tayari amefariki.

Pamoja na uzito wa Msiba huu,mama mzazi umemkuta ktk wakati mgumu sana,kwani mama yake mzazi (bibi wa marehemu) yupo ICU-KCMC akimuuguza,na Baba wa Marehemu alikwishatangulia mbele za haki,hata hivyo marehemu kazaliwa ktk tumbo la watoto wawili, yaani yeye na dada yake tu.

Ninachukua Fursa hii Kutoa pole tena kwa Wazazi wa Albert ,wazazi na wanafunzi, kwani kipindi hiki tunatakiwa kuwa na subira,na nikigumu kwetu sote,Mungu ailaze roho ya ALBERT mahali pema peponi.

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Meet a Tanzanian secondary school student who has made a robot that can lift things. A seed from St Dorcas Leadership Seminary

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We loved you but God loved you more.We will always remeber you Hellen Kasusura.
Still dont believe that youare gone.

IN PEACE HELLEN KASUSURA. May your soul rest in peace

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2015 Graduantes;

Congrats! Four years of secondary is now history. But remember, a person who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. So when you leave, don't forget this quote and why you came here.

The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Now you achieved your goals and will have a bright, promising career as a (proffesion). In my message I just can't tell you how proud I am of you today, dear Brother & Sisters! Congratulations and Best Wishes on your exams!
Says Kizwalo Simbila.

Timeline photos 13/01/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 26/08/2014

I always say teaching is not a profession, the reason why we all look ignorant and careless is a reflection of what our society taught us both at school and at home. We can never have a better future without a present, a present that is filled with inspirational people like the one who wrote this latter

This headteacher's letter to year 6 students at Barrowford Primary School in Lancashire has become an internet sensation

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Form four 2013

Fema TV Show -1003: Bullying in schools Dodoma Tanzania 21/11/2013

Fema TV Show -1003: Bullying in schools Dodoma Tanzania

Fema TV Show -1003: Bullying in schools Dodoma Tanzania Kutana na vijana mchachari kutoka City High School Fema Club, wakipambanua kwa kina ni jinsi gani uonevu mashuleni umekuwa ukiadhiri uwezo wa mwanafunzi kima...

Timeline photos 22/02/2013

Timeline photos

Imenifurahisha sana hii katuni

Timeline photos 21/02/2013

Timeline photos


Wanafunzi wa kike watumia mtandao kujiuza

Wanafunzi wa kike watumia mtandao kujiuza PENGINE haya tunaweza kuyaweka kwenye kundi la madhara yatokanayo na utandawazi. Mitandao ya kijamii ipo inayowasaidia wanafunzi katika masomo yao na kazi, lakini wengine wanatumia mitandao hiyo visivyo


From trusted source Mr Mosha is serious ill he can't even speak. If you happen to have a sec plz pray 4 him and his family

Untitled album 07/01/2013

Untitled album

admin ♥♥♥
words of wisdom


Untitled album 06/01/2013

Untitled album

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no more slave or addicted...

Untitled album 30/12/2012

Untitled album

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words of wisdom

be inspired...

Daily Devotionals (Archive) 19/12/2012

Daily Devotionals (Archive)

The major reason why many fail today is because they look to others for how to behave, how to act, etc. Those who look to others for what to say, what to do and how to behave - circumstances dictate their direction. The greater challenges we face today is that we are tempted to look to others for solution. If only you have an independent mind, a mind of God that will speak for itself, you will not copy others or look to others for direction. When you look to others for an answer, you will not make a difference in your world. Man has the ability to lead; the Holy Spirit leads as He wills. The Holy Spirit is the best influence. Allow the One who created you to influence you in everything you do.

Untitled album 16/12/2012

Untitled album

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and GOD smiled...

Untitled album 13/12/2012

Untitled album

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one more... !!!

Daily Devotionals (Archive) 10/12/2012

Daily Devotionals (Archive)

People of God, it is time to take back your situation from the hands of satan! How? By seeing that situation as a means of drawing you closer to God, not a reason to complain, grumble and fall into self-pity. Today, satan uses our situation to distract us from running the straight race with God. He is very subtle in using any slight opportunity to divert our attention when we are supposed to be focused on our Divine cause and course. Outward wants, afflictions and burdens are the great arguments satan uses to make the people of God question their sonship.

Therefore, don’t be misled by your situation to fear! Don’t be deceived by your situation to question God’s goodness! Don’t be controlled by your circumstances to begin to compare yourself with others! Take it as a life lesson and see it as a reason to pray the more, believe the more and have faith the more. By this attitude, you have already taken back your situation from the hands of satan and it has become an instrument of strengthening your desire and determination to serve Christ. Therefore, you can be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about on the outside! Rejoice! You are more than an overcomer!





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