- Consciousness Expansion -

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This message is to inform you that group work on expanding consciousness will soon begin in the Serra de Sintra.

After two years of joint work between myself, André Borges, and my partner, Patrícia Gartland, we feel that now is the time to begin this journey, welcoming groups of people who are interested in deepening their awareness of the unifying force that drives beings and allows them to experience life. Consciously connecting with this force brings awareness to individual and collective experience simultaneously. This makes it possible to direct energy through this force in the direction of what the individual most desires. The possibilities are endless.

This work is based on transmitting awareness of the cosmic force, in the sense that the individual creates their own conscious connection with the force, becoming self-sufficient on all levels.

The events will take place in a specific location in the Sintra hills, to be announced individually to those interested in this work.

Each participant will be asked for a free donation.

For those seeking a better understanding of the foundations of what we are talking about here, discussion groups on the subject will also be organised in the Sintra area.

For any information, please send a WhatsApp message to +351 910258708.


The beginning is undefined.

The beginning of everything contains everything without definition.

The defined is possible only in the partial.

To start from the beginning, one must start from the undefined. And to do so, one must have the courage to take the risk of stepping where there is no step.


We are, above all, the being of eternal rebirth. We will see that, at the end of each cycle, the shell of an innermost egg breaks, and a deeper being is born.


Magnetic tension results from two centres exerting force in opposite directions, and a magnetic link has been created between these two centres.

Humanity can actively utilise tension, of whatever kind, to boost magnetic potential. Making connections between conscious points and unconscious points. Using the movement created by this magnetic tension, to achieve results which it has in view.

High-powered magnetic fields have been wasted because humanity is not aware that it can use them, as is stated above.

The tendency of the two centres with a magnetic link, if they have not experienced neutral, or generic, magnetism, is to continue to create tension. This tension is subsequently used by a magnetically conscious centre.

The key here is the experience of generic magnetism. And this experience occurs when the said centre deconstructs the objective need. That is, when the centre does not cause tension, when the centre does not exert force to direct itself in a specific direction.


(Cross the bridge with confidence)

Everything in the world is distraction.
If you resist distraction you create traction.
But this traction is based on distrust. You distrust distraction. When you allow distraction, the traction that sets in is based on trust. You trust the traction.


1 is the only number that exists.
Just like you in a hall of mirrors, you are the real thing, and all the representations of you that you see around you are just replicas of what is real.

The world is illusory because it attributes identity to each replica. Fragmenting the power of the real, of unity, of 1.

The process of realisation consists in magnetising the fragments of power embodied in each number, to the point, to the 1, to the Self.

For this magnetism to become strong enough, for the fragments to be magnetised without effort, the 1 must go through the initiation of each of the numbers it reflects, these being 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

When the 1 sees itself reflected in the 10, after each preceding initiation, the Self is realised. This is necessary only because the Self needed to reproduce.

When the 1 understands its innate nature, or need to reproduce, the Self becomes whole. And what was once illusion moulded into each digit is now infinite creative power.
Each digit becomes a continuation of the 1, never ceasing to be 1. Instead of incurring its power by fragmenting it, its power is continually extended, without losing its unity.

- Consciousness Expansion -


The infinite universe arises with the creative power of being.

When the being finds himself before information, he understands a finite universe. He waits for the information to reach him to understand the creation set in place. Here, the being is a receiver of information.

When the being finds himself after the information, he understands an infinite universe. He has seen that it is the continuation of the existing information. He has developed in himself the creative power. Here the being is a receiver, but above all a sender of information.

The turn from the state of mere receiver to the state of emitter occurs through the transcendence of the being over each image that is being generated about him, in him.

When the being maintains an image without transcending it, it can only reflect consciousness.

When the being allows each image to disintegrate and dilute in the mystery of the universe, the light of consciousness manages to pass through the being and, instead of being reflected, is channelled by the being, carrying the codes of the matrix of the transcendence of the being.

Transcendence is the climbing of one step after another. It is creating one universe after another.


There will come a time when women will take over men, just as men as taken over women in the past.

And as men has obliged women to take care of the house (inner world) and the childrean (inner creation), women will oblige men to take care of the cosmos (outter world) and elders (outter creation).

This day has already arrived, but as women were not aware that they were being taken over, men, in his cosmic innocence, is not aware of this feedback either.


Quantum physics works in exactly the same way as regular physics. The difference is that quantum physics governs the field of the invisible and regular physics governs the field of the visible.

However, everything is governed by a single law. That law is you. You, the driving force that keeps the mechanism running.

To be conscious is to be correct. To be conscious of the law is to be calibrated fuel.

When you allow yourself to be used, the law is in use. This is an opportunity to apprehend how the law acts on the mechanism.

When you apprehend the way the mechanism works under the order of the law, you become able to use the law creatively, so as to extend the mechanism, or even alter its functioning, mechanically speaking.

When the law becomes conscious, the mechanism waits for your order to work.


Every perception refers to reality as a whole.

When the being encounters in itself a perception that appears not to be real, this perception refers to a layer of reality of which the being is not conscious.

When having a certain perception, which appears to be unreal to the consciousness, this perception arises from the unconscious.

When the being allows information to pass from the unconscious to the conscious, he is simultaneously giving permission for the secrets of existence to be revealed to him.


The external object, the other, responds to the frequency that the internal object, the being, emits.

When the being tunes the frequency of the internal object according to its will, the external object begins to emit the frequency that the will of the being wishes to receive.


Once you let go of the need to compete you will take larger quantum leaps.

But letting go of that need means that you have understood that your personal power increases from the centre to the periphery and not from the periphery to the centre.

Competitiveness is a tiresome way of achieving nothing.

When you let go of that unconscious need, something magnificent happens - by ceasing to push, in that arm wrestling, your opponent also ceases to push - tension can only be inferred from a tense surface.


In life, the first inspiration is in suffering - the last expiration is in suffering.

Unless you have understood that in the vastness of the eternal, after every exhalation comes an inspiration, that after every inspiration comes an exhalation.
That the longer the exhalation, the deeper the exhalation, the nearer the memory of death, the longer the inspiration, the deeper, the nearer the memory of life.

If, giving everything up, you give yourself up, you will gain everything - you will leave the cycle of phases - you will enter the eternal, which is not cyclical - you will be hand in hand with the eternal, the immortal, with what you are.


When the being realises that the other is a representation of himself, when he feels observed by the other he feels penetrated by his gaze.
The other is able to see everything that the being sees in himself.
When the being opens itself to the pe*******on of the gaze of the other in itself, it simultaneously penetrates the other with its gaze.

This can only happen after the being realises that the other is a representation of himself - opening its eyes, waking up. To subsequently enable oneself to see through - shedding light on what was dark, invisible, becoming enlightened.


Living personal truth is not about developing an ideal and living by it.

To live personal truth is to live the unconditional freedom of the soul. To know what this freedom is one must understand that it is the very nature of life.

We are aware of everything at all times. Because of this we are influenced by everything. But the consciousness of the eternal periphery is dormant. It is a type of consciousness that is subtle to the point that one does not recognise its action in direct cognition.
For this periphery to become conscious one has to allow freedom.

And freedom is only allowed when one understands that there is no other reality beyond it.


When there is interest in communication, the only thing that interests us is to say that we are listening. And this is said through silence.

No matter how many languages one masters, there is no point in mastering them if one does not know the primordial language, the language of listening - the language of silence.


Each of us has an Emperor within us - when we fall and get up, a whole empire falls and gets up again.


Any image is an early representation of reality.

Passing through all images we arrive at that which imagines - we arrive at the timeless maturity of Being.



When the being sees an external image, such as an object, he sees a whole history of internal images that cause him to have the perception that he has of the external image.

When the being gains access to this history, he begins to disidentify the external image. Up to the point where the external image no longer has an impression on the being's perception. At this point, the being can create a specific reality for the object in question.


The being is only allowed to know that it exists as a being by its capacity to see through all the images that exist. The conscious being sees, at all times, through internal and external images. What gives these images the necessary transparency to be able to see through them is their incomplete content. It is the being, through its consciousness, that completes the images, that gives them purpose and substance.

Being is, in essence, a creative child. Being is, in essence, infinite creative will.

The phenomenon of the consciousness of being comes about through its ability to look at itself from within. To see itself, looking through all the imaginary potential. Of all the images that its will creates.
When the being is conscious of itself, the being is awake.

When the being is not conscious of itself, when the being does not see itself through the translucent images, the being dreams. Its gaze remains magnetized, for some time, on a certain image.
When this happens, the being that dreams, by identifying himself with a certain image, involuntarily begins to create images adjacent to the one that magnetised his attention. Here the being is led to create universes within universes, enriching them in pictorial terms.

When universes are created within universes repeatedly, through the identification of the being with a specific image of each universe, the consciousness of the being fragments to such an extent that, at a certain point, the being loses itself.
When this happens, the being, in losing itself, loses identification with an image.

When the being loses the sense of identification, it becomes a vacuum, which constantly perceives in itself all the images without having the tendency to identify with any of them.
Through this phenomenon the being becomes hyperconscious - it perceives all possible realities, created by its will, between itself and itself.
Here, with a sense of individual purpose, the being becomes schizophrenic.
Without a sense of individual purpose the being becomes wise.

It cannot be said too much that by passing the threshold of identification - the threshold of individuality - the being becomes one. And it sees in the other, and in everything, itself.


Everything is imagined.

To separate the internal imagination from the external imagination is to separate sky from earth.

You see, a light passes through the whole of reality that allows you to see.

Imagining is simply seeing an image.

Inside the image is always the same thing. There is that which creates the image. There is us.


Listening to what you want, you find out where you are going.


When you see how the mechanism works until you reach silence - From silence you can change the way the mechanism works.


The friction between bodies causes the creative impulse.

Depending on the type of bodies that enter into friction a type of creation is generated.

When a nucleus of bodies has entered an organised movement of sufficient depth that friction no longer exists, the experience of continuous flow germinates.

What organises movement in a nucleus is permission.
What disrupts movement in a nucleus is opposition.

When a single body understands this key of flow, it begins to transmit it, silently, in that certain cadence, to the bodies to which it is connected.

When this happens in a nucleus, this nucleus begins to transmit this same key to the nucleus that is connected to it.

And so on.

The friction that brings this key as a reward is existential crisis, which may present itself in different ways, depending on the body that enters into this kind of friction.

The body enters into crisis, and questions why it exists. That there is no point in existing. That it wants to cease to exist.
When the friction reaches the vibrational apex, the body begins to understand that there is no way to stop existing, that the meaning is in just existing, that the purpose of existence is in existing for its own sake. The body surrenders to the experience.

And this surrender alone is the turning of the key of sensation in the lock of the soul.


The tendency of being is to connect with being, like water tends to go towards water.

In order for this connection to be made, the being will have to pass through the labyrinthine periphery.

The being will create a stronger and stronger connection with himself the more times he crosses the labyrinth between himself and the other.
He will remember the path more and more easily. And that the path is always the path that connects, that deepens self-consciousness, that dilutes the labyrinthine nature.

Distance will always be a great catalyst of awareness.

The other is a window in a more recondite room of the house that the being is.
When the being looks through the window, he gains a new panorama of the place where he is.


"It doesn't matter how you get to the other shore. Often you don't know how you arrive, you only know that you have arrived."

Communication is continuous - everything communicates.

All transmission of energy, all kinds of communication, goes through intervals where you think the connection has been lost. Further on you realise that the connection has not been lost.

This serves to identify the unknown channels through which life passes without our knowing it. The more we observe these lapses of connection, and see that they are intervals of hidden connection, the longer the periods in which the connection is shown to us become.


When the visible and the invisible understand each other,
When the passive and the active support each other,
When the left hand and the right hand move together,
When both hands accept that they are part of a single body,
That they start from a single principle,
They gain the sense of one touch,
They become capable of endless creation...


The force can only become conscious through being. Being is what makes the force aware that it is.

When the force becomes conscious it automatically begins to create.
Just like the eye, when it becomes conscious, automatically begins to see.


He who does not know what he is is closer to knowing what he is.

He who does not assign himself a form is closer to knowing that he is that which assigns all forms.


The vice of utility

A being defends himself because he feels attacked.
But, above all, a being feels attacked because he has learned to defend himself.

This has to do with the vice of the utility of learning.
When the being frees itself from this vice, it begins to learn its true utility - the utility for the only important task - to become free.


Suffering opens up new fields of consciousness.
Love opens up new fields of consciousness.

The first works through imposition.
The second works through permission.


Movement happens by itself. Bodies have needs and will move to meet them. Like heartbeat and breathing.
We call what we do, seemingly independently, a decision. Although independence is a notion that comes from the absence of awareness regarding the nature of connection.
Everything is interconnected and everything circulates.
There is a magic of lightness in the passivity with which we take action.
A sense of dancing through life.


Those who fight create groups. He who surrenders recognises unity.


When one decides, one gives up the freedom of the moment. In the name of a freedom that will never be present.


All expression is an extension of being.
All expression functions as a means of disidentification.
All expression is liberation.

In expressing itself, the being identifies with a new reality.

Until the being is liberated again from each reality with which it identifies, the being must express itself. In order to express itself, it must feel the need to express itself. And this need arises only when the reality with which the being identifies no longer serves him.

Education is a method of identification.

As long as the being does not understand that he is the force that builds identification, he will remain limited by a certain type of prolonged identity. For it does not understand how it can disidentify itself. Although it feels the need for liberation, the being, at this point, has not yet understood that it is free.


The art of assigning a different symbol for the same thing is in transforming that thing into a distinct thing.

(Like when you learn to speak a new language)

When the way we address someone changes, that person changes for us.

It is the reverse process of being influenced by circumstances. We influence our psyche by introducing a new element.

Some say this is about tricking the brain.

The question that prevails is this.

If he who deceives is he who is deceived, if the deception is voluntary, is there really deception, or only a creative manoeuvre of the being?


You give freedom a shape. Then the shape imprisons you.

Freedom is spontaneity. The nature of spontaneity, the nature of freedom, is to constantly change shape.

Everything is constantly changing shape.
The freedom you are looking for is already real.


It is imperative that life works according to your will.

When your will is not manifested in the visible, it is building that manifestation in the invisible.

While inspiration is not happening, expiration is building it.

While day does not dawn, night is building it.

While your joy does not arise, your sadness is building it.

While you interfere, life is watching you and learning your way of building it.

While you do not interfere, you are observing life and learning the way it is building you up.

Everything continues... Everything builds everything. Everything moves according to your will.

When you discover your unchanging will, the will that branches out into infinite wills that change, you discover that your will is the same will as the will of all beings.


The being identifies mostly, consciously, with that which he has created with suffering. Mostly unconsciously he identifies with what he has created with pleasure.

When the being begins to identify with the creative force, which is the same as saying, when he begins to identify with himself, the experience runs towards equilibrium, towards sensory neutralisation - pleasure and pain come closer and closer to each other until it reaches a unified experience.

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