Aga Khan Higher Secondary School [AKHSS],Gilgit

Aga Khan Higher Secondary School [AKHSS],Gilgit


Grade 8 k assighment submit Karna hai kya
how many numbers need to pass akhss in 2019_2020
AKHSS ka marit list send kro na 8th class ka
Youth Parliament GB in Collaboration with the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit is bringing an exciting opportunity for the students of AKHSS. The alma maters of the prestigious institution have decided to give back to the institution by arranging constant tutoring to prepare the students for their board exams during this winter break. Those alumni of AKHSS who have excelled in academics, those who have completed their education or studying in premier institutes and who want to give back to their alma mater, are requested to contact us.
Giving back to alma matar, alumni of AKHSS based in Gilgit or those who visit Gilgit on winter breaks and who show interest in tutoring Science subjects to Akhssians based on AKUEB pattern are requested to contact, Shoaib and Sikandar. Write your designations and cell numbers.
We are envisioning to prepare AKHSSians to score high grades in their board exams.
I hope this little effort which comes under the mandate of will synergize the efforts to accelerate and prosper the learning process.
We humbly plea to alumni who will be here in Gilgit in Winters to devote their Time and Knowledge for this holy purpose. We hope your devotion will help us in fulfilment of the dream which this premier institution had bestowed upon us, bestows and will bestow in the times to come.
Contact us;
Shoaib Sultan Khan, Acting President YP-GB
Sikander Baig, Member Advisory board YP-GB
0312 9850721
An Alumnus oF AKHSS, Gilgit Waseem Baig , participated in an international competition ‘MARS URBANIZATION CHALLENGE’. He is the only Pakistani to get selected and now he needs maximum public votes to win this competition.
Below is a link, where you will be able to find how life can imagine on Mars, instead of earth.
We request all the Alumni and current students to cast their vote for him who came up with this innovative idea.
Don't forget to vote for this shinning Star.

[Unofficial Page] AKHSS, founded in 1998, with sole aim of providing standard Education to the enlig AKHSS is a branch of Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan.

Operating as usual


Following the announcement made regarding the postponement of the AFTERNOON (PM) examinations of May 25th, the AKU-EB would like to inform all its affiliated schools, students, and parents that the AKU-EB Annual Examination 2022 for Thursday, 26 May 2022, morning and evening (AM & PM) has also been postponed. The revised dates for the postponed exams will be shared in due course with all schools via e-mail, on AKU-EB official website and page.

The decision of the Board is based on evaluating the current uncertain situation across various cities and ensuring the safety and security of our students and exam venue staff.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


Cleanliness awareness campaign by Environment Society.


What is knowledge?
Must watch.

Photos from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School - AKHSS, Gilgit's post 18/02/2018

Congratulations! Welcome to the AKHSS Family!


-Sports week 2017 Day 1


An AKHSS'ian.
An Alumni.
Ubaid Ali Rana got his new song ''Allah He Dega''
Thumbs up!
Love from all the school ❤️


AKHSS Alumnus, Ubaid Ali Rana with his team presenting his debut song! Like and share his work!

Timeline photos 20/11/2016

A group photo of participants along with the respected guests after photography exhibition organized by media and publication society/club AkhssG :) Thumbs up media and publication boys (Y) (Y) you people had done a marvelous job (Y) Thats what AKHSSG is actually known for ;) Special thanks for proactive members Karim ahmad (president), Khalil ahmad (V.P) , Ghufran bilal (Advisor), Qahir(chef editor ),syed azhar(editor), zohaib shah, sheryar ayub, moazam ali.
P.S : The pictures of photography exhibition will b uploaded soon.

Photos from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School [AKHSS],Gilgit's post 18/11/2016

-Members of and preparing of photography exhibition :) Thumbs up guys,,,,


Happy Independence Day of Gilgit-Baltistan [GB]

Timeline photos 25/10/2016

A mini-session organized by media and publication society

Teacher of AKHSS , Gilgit 17/09/2016

Met the personality who is an architect to thousands of bright future, an inspiration to many souls and whose mind has multiplied numerous minds.Sir Dawar Khan; Principal of AKHSS Gahkuch (2003-2010) , Principal of AKHSS Gilgit, (2010-2014) and Founding lecturer of Physics AKHSS Gilgit (1999-2014)

Timeline photos 14/08/2016

Happy independence day to everyone:)))) long live Pakistan


Just give it a thought!
If there occurs a problem with space and time and you went to the past with your eyes staring at the door of AKHSS in that green uniform for the first day with all your future memories, in what way do you think you will live it again and make it count?
Already knowing what friends you are going to make and the whole life ahead...

Timeline photos 24/05/2014

GB is always at top when it comes to the educational statistics.
Share it on your timelines and let your friends know about this.
A proud moment for all of us.

Recent rankings reveal state of education in Pakistan.
The top scoring areas in terms of middle school performance were nearly all districts from Gilgit-Baltistan & AJK.

Read more at:


Timeline photos 04/05/2014

Our pride. Alumni of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School [AKHSS],Gilgit makes us proud. Junaid Alam, from Astore Gilgit-Baltistan.

Junaid Alam participated in the 3rd International Student Symposium on Law and Global Issues at Koç University Istanbul, Turkey from April 28 to April 30. He was the only participant from Pakistan and one of the seven out of one hundred forty-one participants to present a paper. His paper was entitled: "Illegal Detention and Due Process of Law in Pakistan." The paper will soon be published in Koç University's Law Club Magazine, namely Justitia et Fides.

He is currently pursuing a law degree from the Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL), Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

Timeline photos 30/04/2014

High fliers,
Here we go with some success stories. We are proud of them.
Juniors you can contact them for your future plans and University Issues.

Timeline photos 05/04/2014

The Young Reformers, G-B holds a session in our Alma-matter, Aga Khan Higher Secondary School [AKHSS],Gilgit

Click their link, explore and appreciate these volunteers.

Timeline photos 13/03/2014

Shakeel Azam Shah, A boy from Yasin Hundur, studied up to college in Public schools and colleges Jutial Gilgit and currently enrolled in KIU Gilgit, has written a book named "Monad Science". This books tells about smallest particles on earth, moreover it also include some formulas of maths. In addition some stuff about beal con. His book has been published by Lambart Academic Publisher Germany Internationally.
We are proud to have such talent in our Area.
Proud of you Shakeel Azam Shah.

Timeline photos 05/02/2014

|Success Stories|

Meet Dr Arif Hussain, our recipient of first Professor Dr Najmuddin Masood Ansari Scholarship.
Arif belongs to Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. He completed his pre-med education at Cadet College Skardu, and secured firt position in Medical College entrance test in whole Gigit-Baltistan.
He elected to attend the oldest and most prestigious medical institution not only in Pakistan but whole South East Asia, King Edward Medical University.
He credits the help of his teachers and support of his parents.He took USMLE step 1 during his final year of MBBS. Arif intends to pursue residency and fellowship in USA and return to Pakistan to serve his fellow country.

via King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America

AKESP, Board: Reinstate, Mr Dawar Khan Principal, AKHSS, Gilgit 26/01/2014

Voice for the right of Sir Dawar - an inspiration for all the AKHSSians. Sign the petition for his reinstatement.

AKESP, Board: Reinstate, Mr Dawar Khan Principal, AKHSS, Gilgit Mr. Dawar Khan is known to his professional colleagues and students as an inspiration and a dedicated professional. His excellent records throughout...

Timeline photos 19/01/2014

Samina from Gojal. She makes us proud again!

A proud moment for all of us. Gilgit-Baltistan is proud of you, Samina.


Timeline photos 18/01/2014

GB will have a literacy rate of 100%, one day. InshaAllah!
Help us spread our vision, work and make this dream come true.
Join YRGB. 2days left for registration.


via The Young Reformers, G-B

There are students asking us about their forms, but we didn't receive any forms with their names. Kindly check for a confirmation message. If we receive your application, we send a message saying 'Received'.
If you didn't get such message, means your application form isn't submitted. In that case, re-check the address, it should be ''[email protected]''. If you still don't get a confirmation message, contact us via our FB page or you can inbox that form to any of our executive member.

Team Young Reformers.

P.S: Deadline - January 20th.

Timeline photos 02/01/2014

Sir Dawar Khan

The best teacher I ever had. How about you?
Do you think he is the best?

Timeline photos 29/12/2013

Guys, it's a great opportunity!
Do apply!


YR-GB announces inductions for the following posts:
1. Regional Coordinator Hunza
2. Regional Coordinator Gojal
3. Regional Coordinator Gilgit
4. Regional Coordinator Nomal-Danyore
5. Regional Coordinator SAAS
6. Regional Coordinator Nagar Khas
7. Regional Coordinator Gupis-Phander
8. Regional Coordinator Yaseen
9. Regional Coordinator Ghakuch-Puniyal
10. Regional Coordinator Haramosh
11. Regional Coordinator Bagrote
12. Regional Coordinator Astore (2)
13. Regional Coordinator Chilas
14. Regional Coordinator Skardu (2)
15. Regional Coordinator Ganche
16. Regional Coordinator Shein-bar Nagar

Application shall be mailed at the address:
[email protected]
You should mention the region you're applying for and the reason 'WHY YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF YR-GB?'

Initial selection will lead to interviews!

PS: Find the application and download from link given below

All the best....!!


via The Young Reformers, G-B

Students keep inboxing us about how to be a part of us and how to work with YR-GB! Here we are, giving those enthusiastic students a chance to work for their land. We'll be announcing recruitment for the year '14 at 9pm, today.
Stay tunned!

P.S: Young Reformers, GB is the fastest growing student-run organization which works for the betterment of students from GB.


One more success story to go:
Abdul Waheed, one of the victorious students amongst others from batch 2008, who hails from The Hunza Valley, has successfully made to PAF. He will be under training in PAF Risalpur and will be studying Aeronautical Engineering. 4 years later he will be a pilot officer.
Bravo Waheed, you made us Proud.
Congratulations to him and his family.


Hats off to the students of batch (2008-2013) of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School for acquiring admissions in per-eminent Universities of Pakistan. After medical Nominations here is the list of successful students who excelled in different Universities.
Students currently enrolled are encouraged to contact these triumphant students for their future counseling and guidance.
1)Waqar Ahmad (Social Sciences LUMS)
2)Amjad Hussain (Civil Endineering NUST H-12 Islamabad)
3)Zahid Hussain (Environmental NUST H-12 Islamabad)
4)Rehmat Karim (Computer Sciences FAST Islamabad)
5) Kamal Uddin (Electrical Engineering FAST Islamabad)
6) Shehzad (Aeronautical Engineering NUST Risalpur)
7)Nouman Bashi ( IBA Karachi)
8) Nouman Maqsood ( IBA Karachi)
9) Muhammad Ali ( IBA Karachi)
10)Salman Karim (CS FAST Peshawar)
11)Waheed Ahmad (Architecture NUST H-12 Islamabad)
12) Rehman Shah (Pakistan Army as Gentleman Cadet)
13) Imtiaz Ali (Pakistan Army as Gentleman Cadet)
14) Ejaz Ahmad (Pakistan Army as Gentleman Cadet)
15) Mohsin Amir ( CS COMSATS Abottabad)

1) Zahid Iqbal (MBBS SIMS Lahore)
2) Syed Samar Ali Shah (MBBS RMC Rawalpindi)
3) Farhan Murtaza (MBBS RMC Rawapindi)
4) Imran Khan (MBBS PMC Lahore)
5) Nizam Uddin (MBBS Quaid e Azam Medical College)
6) Amjad Nadeem (MBBS Quaid e Azam Medical College)
7) Haseeb Uddin ( Dental Nishter Medical College)

P:S= If someone is missing, we Apologize. Kindly inform us or else Comment. Moreover Up-gradation in medical Section is expected, there may be new admissions too. stay Updated!

Timeline photos 09/12/2013

via The Young Reformers, G-B

|Inspirational Stories|

The students from GB who qualified for the (YES) Youth Exchange Scholarship Program this year. Hit like, share and appreciate them.
Four of these students are from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School [AKHSS],Gilgit. A moment of pride for all of us!


Happy Independence Day to all the GBians!!

Timeline photos 09/10/2013

AKHSS, The Gilgit City.
A place for the world to see!


Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak!!!

Timeline photos 21/07/2012


Applications are now being accepted for the YES Program 2013-14.
Preliminary Applications available at

This photo is the 2012-2013 YES class. These students, who received a scholoarship to study in the United States for one year, are from Abbottabad, Badin, Bahawalpur, Chakwal, Chitral, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Jhang, Karachi, Karak, Mirpurkhas, Khairpur Mirs, Kohat, Lahore, Mansehra, Mardan, Multan, Nowshera, Pallandri (AK), Parachinar, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Swabi, Turbat, and Village Achini Payan.


Happy Independence Day Gilgit-Baltistan [GB]. :)

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