Bible Way Mission School

Bible Way Mission School


I was student of bible way before and I lost all my friend number so any one can take my number n call me 0775121940 pls
Bible way mission is my former school.

The Bible Way Mission School is located on the Roberts field Highway..... Outside Monrovia

Operating as usual

[11/19/20]   Individuals without an education have lower chances of finding a decent job, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Together, we can help lift a child out of poverty. 28/10/2020

W.A.E.C. Liberia

Liberia National Office
P.O. Box 2883
Monrovia, Liberia

. October 27, 2020

To: School Administrators, Principals, &

From: The Monrovia Office of the West
African Examinations Council


The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) wishes to inform School Administrators, Principals, & Candidates of 6th, 9th and 12th graders throughout Liberia that the 2021 Entry period and fees are as follows:


January 11, 2021 to March 5, 2021


(1) 6th Grade - LD$2,000 for all four

(2) 9th Grade - LD$5,000.00 for all four

(3) 12th grade - US$70.00 for all subjects

These fees are inclusive of the Customized Mathematical Set (CMS) for both Grades 9 and 12.

NOTE: Examination fees for all 12th graders and public schools 9th graders will be paid by the Government of Liberia. School authorities of public schools are therefore advised not to collect any fee from their candidates as there will be no refund for fees that will be deposited into WAEC’s Account.

Only 6th graders and private schools 9th graders are required to pay their fees into WAEC’s designated accounts.

WAEC/LIBERIA The West African Examinations Council, a non-profit-making organization, with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, was established in 1952 after the Governments of Ghana (then Gold Coast), Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia enacted the West African Examinations Council Ordinances in 1951. Liberia bec...



The Public is hereby informed that consistent with the President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah’s mandate to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, to ensure that the 12th graders resume classes to adequately prepare for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE), the following guidelines and schedule of activities have been confirmed:

That only 12th graders of the 707 senior high schools, registered for the WASSCE and confirmed by the Ministry of Education are allowed back to school in preparation for the upcoming Examinations.

That the week, beginning Monday, June 22 to 26, 2020, will serve as an orientation and preparation period that allows the appropriate health authorities and school administrations to finally set up the safe school requirements, as well as train the teachers, support staff, and students on safety measures.

Classes will begin on the following Monday, June 29, 2020, for 12th graders across the nation following the completion of the orientation week.

That all schools containing 12th grade sessions will operate within the regular school hours to complete the prescribed academic activities for 12th graders. That all schools should develop a one-shift schedule, to accommodate all students (Morning, Afternoon, and Night shifts) at the same time using multiple classrooms of a minimum number of students in adherence to physical distancing.

All schools hosting 12th graders are required to institute the minimum health preventives measures as follows:
1. At the absolute minimum, every person (students, teachers, administrators, support staff) entering the school premise must use the HANDWASHING FACILITIES and wash their hands with soap,
2. All persons; school staff, students, parents and people visiting the school premises must wear face masks at all times. The school administrators should ensure that additional face masks are available on the school premises.
3. School administrators must ensure that students do not cluster in large group during break periods
4. No touch policies at school: School Administrators are to ensure that there are no contacts, close sports, or recreations among students.
5. The school as well as classrooms should be set up with a minimum of 1-meter social distance at all times. This also applies to teachers’ lounge and other public places on the school premises as well as during recess and breaks.

The Ministry of Education wishes to emphasize that while the enforcement of hygiene rules and practices for a safe school environment is the school administrator’s responsibility, students, families, and communities also have an important role to play in ensuring compliance. Parents are required to continuously observe their children and if the child shows any symptoms of COVID19, and restrict the child from attending classes as well as contact the health team immediately.

Finally, the Ministry of Education reminds all that the Coronavirus pandemic is still a crisis and cautions the public to follow the health guidelines and safety protocols provided by the health authorities.

Signed: Alexander Duopu
Deputy Minister for Instruction
Ministry of Education


Bible Way Mission School


Liberia National Office
P. O. Box 2883
Monrovia, Liberia
E-mail: [email protected]

Ref: PAO/MON/1.00/20 March 21, 2020


WAEC Liberia Suspends Conduct of Examinations, Other Activities

MONROVIA, March 21, 2020 – The Liberia National Office of the West African Examinations wishes to inform the public that WAEC, in consultation with the Ministry of Education, has placed an indefinite suspension on the conduct of all its Examinations for School Candidates, 2020 scheduled to have begun on April 6, 2020 until further notice.

This decision comes as a result of the negative impact of the novel and deadly Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic and the subsequent protocols being put in place by governments of member countries of WAEC to prevent the spread of the disease.

The affected Examinations are: the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for School Candidates, 2020, the Liberia Junior High School Certificate Examination (LJHSCE), and the Liberia Primary School Certificate Examination (LPSCE).

WAEC wishes to assure all school authorities and candidates as well as the general public that this decision will be reviewed and new dates for the conduct of the Examinations will be published once the health situation improves

The Office wants to use this medium to also inform officials of the government and stakeholders that it has also put on hold activities leading to the hosting of the 68thAnnual Council Meeting (ACM) which was expected to be held in Liberia from March 23 – 27, 2020.

Public Affairs Office
WAEC Liberia


[03/16/20]   This is to announce that Bible Way Mission School is closed to the public and students until the 23 of March, Due to the Presence of the deadly Coronavirus in Liberia.

[03/16/20]   ALERT!!!


Monrovia, March 16, 2020: Given the confirmation this morning by President George M. Weah and the Special Presidential Committe on the status of COVID-19 in Liberia - announcing that the country has as of Friday, March 13, REGISTERED its first case of the disease - the Ministry of Education has hereby mandated that All SCHOOLS (INCLUDING INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING) shall suspend classes for one week, beginning Tuesday, March 17.

This is necessary to allow the health authorities conduct a complete surveillance and tracing of those said to have arrived on the flight along with the infected person, and all those who they might have come in contact with. This is a proactive measure intended to minimize the spread of the disease. Schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday, March 23, subject to further assessment of the situation.

Everyone is urged to strictly abide by this instruction.

Eugene Lenn Nagbe


Smallwood E Williams Center


Today we want to spend some time to astronomically dissect our country's educational system. Contextually, we going to look at the recent WASSCE result, as a way of deciphering prospect, and challenges facing the sector.

Recently, the National Exam House released the 2019 WASSCE results. Let's summarily review the result. A total of 39,887 students sat the exam. Out of this number, a total of 28,408(71.22%) are from private schools; while 11,479(28.78%) are from public schools. 13 students passed with credits in five subjects, while 27,251(68.85%) passed in at least one subject. 12,329 students failed in all subjects. 651 schools were represented at the exam. 605 schools had successful candidates. 46 schools had no successful candidates.

If you were to compare the 2019 result to that of the 2018 result, you will see that there has been a massive improvement in our overall performance in 2019. I believe this record progress can be credited to the government, the schools, the teachers, the parents, and the students themselves. All of us share in this progress; and we like to thank everybody for making this possible.

While we are celebrating this progress, I'm worried about those 12,329 students from 46 schools across the country who failed in all subjects. This is troubling. The strength of every chain is measure from it's weakest link. As long as some 12,329 Liberians from 46 schools are not passing these exams; then we have a problem. We have to worry about the quality of education these children are getting.

I'm urging Professor Amb Ansu B. Sonii; the man who has this huge responsibility of superintending this government educational agenda, to reach out to these schools and figure out the problems; and to work with them to have these problems mitigated. I'm relishing the time where we will be reporting zero failure on these regional exams. That's when we can stand and truly beat our chest and proudly boast that we have move from "mess" to "best."

The other thing is; enrollment in our schools. Specifically, the ratio of boys to girls enrollment. At the pre-primary level, the statistics shows that we have 51%-49% boys to girls enrollment. But by the time we hit high school, we see a humongous dropped rate of up to 40% in girls enrollment. We have a challenge to keep our girls in school. In the rural areas, one of the reason we don't have enough girls in school is because the distances they would covered. Parents were concerned that it's riskier putting a girl on a trier to a school that is away from the village as compare to a boy. And so they stay home and end up becoming wives even in their teens. In the urban areas, many of our girls dropped out of school because of their exposure to early sex, which in most cases leads to pregnancies.

Increase in our population has also greatly affected our enrollment as well. Our population has grew way beyond what our schools can hold; and so we need to shortened the distances between schools by building more schools to commensurate with the increase in our population. While we are talking about building more schools, we also need to talk about improving on existing infrastructures. Many of our schools are clearly inhabitable. Roofs are caving in; poor ventilation; no bathroom facilities. You will be surprised that in some schools, the girls have to go home to use the bathroom because the school is not built in a way to have both boys and girls facilities.

We also need to talk about text books, instructional materials. The curriculum. I know the curriculum we are using in our schools now was prepared during the tenure of former Education Minister Dr. Othello Gongar. It's a great curriculum anyway; even though I believe it has overstayed. But if we will continue to use it, then we have to spread it across the country so there can be some level of uniformity. Because up to date, there are some schools in the rural areas who still do not have access to this curriculum; and so they teach what they know.

The number of days we spent in school has drawn my attention. As it stands, our students are spending between 140-160 days in school. I believe this is small. And this is even being interrupted because in many places when it rains, some of the roofs are caving in; and so our students can't make it to the classroom.

And so as we are holding conversations about the reopening of school, I'm encouraging the Minister of Education and his team to tour the entire country and see first hand the challenges our people are facing when it comes to getting quality education. One of the things that I've observed in this government and previous governments, is that the Ministry of Education has focused mainly on Public schools than Private schools. I need to inform the folks at the Ministry that those attending private schools are also Liberians. And so the quality of education that our students are getting, whether in private or public schools should never be compromised. At the primary level, whether public or private; we need to encourage Reading, Writing, Pronunciations, English, Phonics etc. Because it doesn't matter who you end up becoming in the future, whether a Lawyer, Economist, Accountant, Politician etc., once you missed out on these basic things, we loose you forever.

The other thing is the quality of our teachers. This is one thing that should enormously concerned all of us. The data shows that up to 40% of our teachers have very limited capacity (untrained). A little over those in this category are the people with "C" certificate training. This is sad. We need to identify those that are not train and get them in our Teacher Training Programs across the country. We need Pisco volunteers. I don't know what's the status of this 6,000 teachers from Nigeria thing we been hearing. If it is true then we have to bring them here now and immediately deployed them in the rural areas to help us particularly in the sciences.

DEOs and CEOs, I know during the tenure of former Education Minister George K. Werner, there was distribution of motorcycles to aid proper supervision, and monitoring over our schools and Classrooms. If those motorcycles are still effective, then we can continue to use them; those ones that have spoiled, we can replace them and get our DEOs & CEOs effective and efficient in their work. We are asking parents and community leaders to get involve in the monitoring as well.

There are some of our friends who unfortunately because of the many distractions and crisis we have had in the country; many of them have become fathers. What's about those who are just riding motorbikes?? There's a big motorcycle population we have in the country. We have to worry about them, because they cannot continue to live on riding those motorcycles. They are doing it today, but what will happen tomorrow. We have to find a way to solve this problem. I'm proposing that we open free and compulsory night schools. We can also encourage them to take advantage of Agriculture Programs; Technical and Vocational Education programs, so that they may ride motorcycles today as a means of getting them through a program that will build their capacities forever. 04/08/2019

W.A.E.C. Liberia

Liberia National Office
P. O. Box 2883
Monrovia, Liberia
E-mail: [email protected]

August 4, 2019


The Secretariat of the Liberia National Office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) wishes to inform its stakeholders and the general public that the results for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for School Candidates, 2019 have been released.

School administrators can check their candidates’ results on their various online registration portals.

Meanwhile, school administrator(s) dissatisfied with their candidates’ results can request for a review or a verification of their candidates’ scripts by following the following procedures:
1. Write an official letter to the Head of National Office (HNO) requesting for the verification of their candidates’ scripts. The letter(s) can be addressed to [email protected] or hand delivered them to the institution’s head office in Congo Town.

2. Pay a fee of L$ 5,000 per subject. The Money should be paid to the finance office.

NOTE: The deadline for submission of letter(s) for the review of scripts is August 15, 2019.

WAEC Liberia The West African Examinations Council, a non-profit-making organization, with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, was established in 1952 after the Governments of Ghana (then Gold Coast), Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia enacted the West African Examinations Council Ordinances in 1951. Liberia bec...





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