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Admission to Class 12 Boards batches is still running for interested and capable students. Aspirations always welcomes competition.


Class 12 course plan for Entrance/Boards preparation:
January 2024: Three JEE Mains/NEET pattern/Boards pattern mock tests + Class 11 revision for Entrance examinations
February 2024: Three Boards pattern mock tests + Class 12 revision for Boards/Entrance examinations
March - April 2024: Three JEE Mains pattern mock tests in March, three WBJEE pattern mock tests in April + Revision of syllabus as required
April end - May 2024: Three NEET pattern mock tests (for NEET aspirants) + few CUET pattern mock tests for CUET aspirants + Teaching of additional chapters for CUET aspirants...


I think that I have understood the reason behind The School's outlandish behavior...

Read through...

DPS Ruby Park has its own institute running within their campus for Entrance level preparation called VMC. The teachers at VMC are not SCHOOL TEACHERS, but specialized Entrance level guides. So DPS needs the Boards level question papers to be normal, otherwise VMC students may fail in the school examination and decide to quit VMC.

Now for our school, the school management may have directed the TEACHERS to train for Entrance course, and these TEACHERS have no idea how to, because they are SCHOOL TEACHERS, with Honors Degrees in Physics and Chemistry and Mathematics. They are trying to coach for Entrance courses in the ways THEY are adapted to; tough questions, failing students in examinations.
This idea is borrowed from SPHS, where this set-up yielded the best results, 20 YEARS AGO, back when Entrance examinations were in written form.

This idea does not work for MCQs. MCQs need critical thinking, fast judgements and calculated guess work. And the burden of rote learning slows down the ability of students for taking risks.

Which is exactly why CBSE is reducing its syllabus.

If this is the reason, then only God can save the students of The School. It is like asking butchers to perform a micro-surgery. The only way they know how to cure pain, is to chop of the arm.


To The School Management (if anyone will read this): Times are changing. Even CBSE agrees to putting lesser stress on school curriculum, which is why the Boards syllabus is being reduced, more and more. Studying for Entrance examinations is optional, BUT nowadays compulsory.

And in this scenario, you are making school life harder and harder for your students.

This year, 20% of your Class 11 seats went vacant due to non-admission.
While I know (and I know you know), many top-tier students opted to shift to DPS Ruby Park.

If you continue on your path of providing resistance to Entrance preparation, you will see further reduction in admission in the coming session.


To The School...

And you think why students prefer leaving you and moving over to DPS??

Ki aaltu faaltu question korechhen Pre - Boards er naame?

Apnaader kaaj apnara bhule gechhen...

Students der absent korte deben na...
Khaali "fail koraabo, fail koraabo" bole bhoy dekhaan...
Edike nijeder chhele meyeder DPS admission koriye raakhen...
(Challenge dichhi... Class 11 e nijer chheleke apnar school e shift koraan... Dekhben apnar question paper apnar nijer chhelei fail korchhe)

Tarpor bhul bhaal question paper.... Ki promaan korte chaan? Je The School hebby school?? NAH.... Kono bhaabei sheta promaan hoy na...

Etai promaan hoy je apnara "stupid", just as I claim you to be...

Aajker juuge Entrance e ashol...

You and your ego.... Nijere toh ei school e year after year student der humiliate korchhen... Aar student gulo ke Entrance examination er jonno demotivate korchhen....

Apnader ei question paper dekhe, jodi kono student decide kore je next two months shudhu Boards er pora korbe, taarpor Entrance examination jokhon kharap debe, career aatke jaabe, tokhon apnara ki korben??

Kichhui na... Apnader chhele meye toh na... Apnader chhele meye toh DPS e pore... Jekhaane Pro - Entrance environment thaake....

Apnara hyprocrite.... Shonge stupid....


I just realized how to start and run a successful Entrance institution, without teaching...
Step 1 - Gather seed money of, say 1 crore.. Set up a space with benches, monitors and cheap teachers for half crore...
Step 2 - Spend the other half crore paying students who got high ranks in IIT JEE / NEET... You have to follow the legal procedure here, so that the student and the parents can be sued by the institute in case the student discloses later about this...
Step 3 - Bring out an ad campaign with the students' names and pictures, which will lure new students, from where you have to gather another 1 crore over the year...
Step 4 - Again spend half crore on paying the cheap teachers and if possible expanding the capacity of the institute...
Step 5 - Again spend the rest half crore buying off students the next year...

My god... You do not need to "teach" anyone in this business model... A huge scam... A typical Ponzi scheme, where the next round of students is paying off the costs for the current round and keeping profit....


Class 11 2024 course will commence from 2nd April 2024.


For the next two months, Aspirations will be in full commitment towards JEE Mains preparation, which will cover NEET preparation also...

Students from last year's session preparing for JEE Mains/NEET again, can join the course now...

But only ex-students are allowed to join, because I do not have time to explain the operating system of Aspirations...


Aptitude in Mathematics is a criteria for joining the Competitive course here.


From November 2023, for the next four months, Aspirations will fully concentrate on Entrance level preparation for JEE, WBJEE and NEET 2024.
There will be time - to - time mock tests for CBSE Boards, but the major focus will be on Entrance examinations.

This is because the current CBSE syllabus does not even encompass the curriculum for CUET, let alone for JEE Mains or WBJEE.

And Aspirations has the best group of students in Mathematics this year, and I intend to fully utilize this opportunity.


I have been teaching Mathematics for the last four years...

Before that, year after year, I had to conduct Mock Tests on Mathematics for Class 12 students in the months of January and February....
And these examinations were always introduced based on requests made by students and not under any monetary requirement... 75% of the amount that I charged for the Mathematics Mock Tests went to the pass-out student who checked the Mathematics copies of the tests.... 75%.... I kept 25% on account of establishment and stationary costs (printing of pages and papers)...
So when a student paid Rs 500 for the examination series (4 examinations), I received only Rs 125...
Do you think that when I had 60 students paying me Rs 1500/- per month for the mock tests in Physics, Rs 125/- per student mattered to my finances?

I did it because the students asked me for help.

And there are countless students in this group, who had taken my help in Mathematics for their Boards examination.

But in the end, the Mathematics teachers invited those students for a photo-op after the Boards results and get kudos for the result which I worked hard for... I never felt sad, because I had always received the praise from my students, but I never did a photo-op....

Year after year, (I have forgotten how many years) I have played this role of support in the last three months...

But why did I have to do this? Because those people who were entrusted upon with that job (conducting Mock Tests PROPERLY) failed to do so.

And also because I am Engineer, from Jadavpur University, and I know Mathematics more than them...
Teaching Physics was my choice, not compulsion...
And I know Chemistry also, better than most teachers around... Still I chose to teach Physics...

Then came the Pandemic...

While I invested as much as possible to deliver the best view with the best sound to the students, the Mathematics teachers just turned their flimsy webcams (720p) towards their whiteboards, expecting students to see and hear properly on their laptops....
Well, they didn't...

And more and more requests started pouring in for my guidance in Mathematics...

And I started teaching Mathematics from 2020 and continued to do so for 2 years....

Yet, I promised myself that once the pandemic is over, I will again give the Mathematics teachers their students back....

And I did just that....

In 2022 Boards, my Mathematics batch had 26 students.... In 2022, it was 14... I gave it all up, so that the teachers can have their work back....

Then 6 months into 2023, it all started again... The complaints, the ignorance of the teachers towards the students... And I just cannot take this quietly....

So I intruded, again...

Again, not for monetary benefit, because then I would have charged the same amount as the other Mathematics teachers do....

At 45 years of age, I AM HIGHLY COMPETITIVE... I take this as a compliment.... And I hope to instill the same sentiments into my students; being highly competitive.....

I am training my students for IITs and JU... I don't know whether they will reach that goal or not, but we (me and my students) will certainly give our all for it...

And this very nature of mine has yielded IITians and ISCians and IEMians in the four years I have been teaching....

And I know that I will achieve even greater this year, because I am more experienced and I have a great batch of Mathematicians with me, which sadly you Mathematics teachers could not see....
Why? Because you are NOT JU Engineers.... You can never see what I see in them....

So stop complaining and start concentrating on the students which I HAVE LEFT BEHIND for you (except for one, who chose you above me).... Work on them harder... And may be, just may be, I will not receive the same requests next year....


Why I say that The School teachers in Physics don't know anything...

See the image attached:
This question is from the question paper of the Half Yearly examination which was conducted a few days ago, and there was a lot of hustle and bustle over what the answer to this question should be?

From among my students, A few said that the answer should be zero, while a few others said that the answer will be double emf...

The School teachers (during discussion) said that the answer will be zero, BECAUSE the Induction by the motion of the two magnets will CANCEL each other.

It is evident (if you remember Induced emf), that the induction by the motion of the two magnets WILL NOT CANCEL each other, but will add up, because the inductive effects are in the same direction.

The answer will be ZERO... The School teachers were right about the answer, because I think that from where they copied the question had the answer written only as "Zero", without explanation. And The School teachers, with all their "knowledge", came up with that reason (inductive effects cancelling out each other). NOT ONCE, after 10 - 15 years of teaching, they doubted themselves. After all, they are SCHOOL TEACHERS. The top students here were literally laughing at their answer. They have enough understanding of the topic to know that the inductive effects are adding up.

So, why is the answer "Zero"?

To The School teachers, if they are reading this.

The answer is Zero, because it is a closed circuit. In a CLOSED circuit, there is never induced emf, but only induced current. So, the answer was not in Electromagnetic Induction but in Basic Electricals.

This is the level of your knowledge.

You were weak in Physics 12 years ago and you will always be weak in Physics.
Why? Because you don't doubt your own answers. Your top students were literally yelling at the top of their voices, that you were wrong. Yet, you stood by your weak understanding of the subject and repeatedly gave an improper explanation of the question.

This is you.


The students built a fully functional Hydraulic Press, from scratch, in 2.5 hours....

The future Engineers....


One of the teachers of The School has perhaps taken a jibe at me by stating the following:
"Some people think that school teachers don't know anything".

To her: Madam, by "school teachers", I have always meant you and your esteemed colleague and no one else.
However you may present yourself now to the students of your school, I know, and many others who had been unfortunate enough to attend your classes during your early years, also know, your depth in the subject of Physics.
It is because since I have never attended your class (Thank God), the fact that I have received news about your "epic" knowledge of how an Alternating Current can pass through a Capacitor, proves that your students also have a fair idea about your grasp on the subject.

What you see in the eyes of the students, is "fear" and not "respect", trust me when I say this.
It is because unlike you, I have properly conversed with the parents of the students that you have been tormenting for the past 9 - 10 years.

And the fact that I am still here, making you skip a heartbeat (out of fear, Thank God again), is because I have stood by my students, of all categories, through the two years of their lives when you, and your colleagues manage to create "hell" for them.

And above all this, don't take jibes at me. I have been quiet in recent times because I find you "boring".

In the 19 years of my teaching, I have come to realize that you cannot stop my students from excelling, however you may try.

My job is put together everything that you manage to break in two years, which is quite hard, after the level of destruction that you can do with your "knowledge".

So you keep tormenting the students and I will keep standing beside them.

Call this our "Status Quo".


Registrations for Class 11 2024 has commenced.


Class 11 2023 3rd Quarter admissions will only till 11th September.

Only one batch, i.e. from 4:00pm to 6:00pm is available, which already has 18 students.
So maximum of another 18 students can be accommodated to this batch of Class 11 2023.


I received a call from a candidate who had contacted me back in 2022 for Class 11 admission but did not go through the admission.

When asked, he informed me that although he stays near Garia, for the past 1.5 years he had been attending tuition in Ballygunge.
Now, 6 months from Boards, that tuition is "thik suit korchhe na".

I asked him to look towards Sealdah and Park Street for a better Physics teacher.


Class 12 2023, 3rd Quarter admissions will commence from 1st September.


There are three types of students around Aspirations:
1) Those who join from the very beginning knowing my value.
2) Those who join other teachers and then realize my value after three months.
3) Those who leave Aspirations and then realize my value.


Class 12 admissions will move into 3rd Quarter from 1st September, 2023...


Class 12 admissions are still on.


Aspirations will be moving into 2nd Quarter admissions for Class 11 from 1st August 2023.


Despite the high question paper standard at school, 36 out of 42 students from "The School" Class 12 First Unit Test have passed in Physics, with 16 getting more than 60% marks and lowest marks being 28% (14 out of full marks of 50).

I call this an achievement and I know the students who faced those question papers will agree.

The present Class 12 batch is quite good, and if everything goes well, Aspirations will be seeing another extraordinary year in 2024 examination season.

And with me training a few of them exclusively on Calculus, I expect good results in WBJEE and JEE Mains also.


I sometimes wonder whether the question papers presented by "The School" in its examinations are meant to evaluate the students or do the teachers use them to "show-off" how much grasp THEY themselves have on the subject?

Will the school teachers ever feel the plight of a student facing IIT level questions at school examinations?

These days, the question papers set by one of the school teachers in Physics are becoming so tough, that when I go through her paper, it aches my heart, because I can feel the trauma my students felt when they saw the question paper.

Yes, all questions are "within CBSE syllabus", that I will not deny. But are they "within" the moral syllabus of a SCHOOL examination?

In the past, The School was famous for demoralizing students in Chemistry. Now they have added Physics to the roster.

Will they EVER understand that compelling students to face IIT level questions in school examinations does not work? A school's purpose is to make a student understand the basics of a subject. Whether or not that student will end up having a "passion" in the subject is UP TO the student. No one can FORCE a student to be good in a subject.


Class 12 2nd Quarter admissions will remain open till 7th July 2023.


After two long years, across the Pandemic:
Rupsa Patra - Physics - 95, Mathematics - 88
Dev Rudra Saha - Physics - 95, Mathematics - 82
Anukshan Bhowmick - Physics - 94
Akash Bag - Physics - 93, Mathematics - 95
Ritabrata Das - Physics - 93, Mathematics - 95
Suhani Nair - Physics - 93
Niladri Kundu - Physics - 91
Tamoghno Mandal - Physics - 91
Sagnik Saha - Physics - 92
Sohum Goswami - Physics - 93
Shrestha Edbor - Physics - 94, Mathematics - 90
Shreyasi Datta - Physics - 87
Arpita Nath - Mathematics - 91
D***l Ray - Physics - 91
Samyo Ghosh - Physics - 87

(Pending update)


Aspirations will reintroduce incremental remuneration pattern this year for Class 11 and 12. That is, every three months, monthly remuneration of students looking for new admission will be increased until the end of session.

For Class 11 students, after promoting to Class 12, remuneration of present students will become same as the base remuneration. Then again the 3 months cycle will begin for the next session.

The reason for such decision is to compensate for the added responsibility which comes with delayed admission. Which is why the counter will be reset at the end of the session.


Admission to Class 12 session 2023 has commenced... Session starting from 3rd March 2023...


I want to sell my XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro... Currently the price on the website is 50k... I will sell mine 2 year old unit for 25k....

If there are any digital animators that you know of, who would want this unit, inform me... It is in perfect working condition, with all peripherals that came with it....

The reason for selling is obvious.... I am not an artist and had bought the unit for the online classes... I don't need it anymore... So what is the point of sitting on it? May be it will help some artist....


With school teachers recommencing their private tuition services to the students of their own schools, I must warn them that this time things will be different.
I am sure that during the pandemic situation these teachers had received their payments online.
If even one student comes forward, EVEN AFTER PASSING OUT OF SCHOOL, with bank statements of payments made to these teachers, they will be in deep trouble.
Not only have they violated the CBSE regulation of not providing private tuitions, they will have also violated another CBSE protocol of accepting payments directly from students.

This is a ticking time bomb, because the violation not only is against CBSE protocols but also an income tax violation and can be bought forward even after many years of passing out, as bank transaction details will remain forever.

Now all I need is to get my hands on one student, who have made one online payment to one of these teachers and is ready to provide CBSE a copy of the bank records detailing this transaction and the whole enterprise will come crashing down.

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The students built a fully functional Hydraulic Press, from scratch, in 2.5 hours....The future Engineers....




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