Thomasites' Confessions

Thomasites' Confessions


confess something in the comments orelse fail in the upcoming test.

Day by day this page is becoming a crush and love confessions page only 🤣✌️😂
Confession 229

I was in my farewell party when I saw a girl dancing on stage year 2013..
I just gave my ISC exam ans she was in Class 11 getting promoted to 12..
So I am one year senior to her.
I enquiried her name and her name is Shreya Saraugi.
I had an crush on her but never approached her as she was having a boyfriend.
If you are single Ms. Shreya Saraugi, CA will you give me a chance.. 🙂

ISC 2013
Confession 000
This is for a girl from 2011 batch,computer science student,green house.
We used to travel to school together in the same school van when we were in class 6. Then she changed her van and I never got a chance to tell her how cute she is. I was in same class but our sections were different. I used to see her in corridor sometimes and smile at her,she used to smile back.Never had the courage to go and speak to her.
She was good in studies too but it was her dimple smile that made my heart skip a beat.
No I am not in love with her, just an admirer, you can say!
I still stalk her on fb. She is not active on insta or any other social media. I am in her friend list as well. Just wanted to tell her that she is very very very cute. Please keep posting so that I get to see and know more of you🙏
Ex Thomasite
Admin bhai please ye msg pohcha de uss tak
Love u stcs miss u sooo mch❤❤

All d ex thomasites and present ones can post their confessions here...
Confess here: No abuses plz.

All the thomasites, ex thomasites, thomasites' family members, friends, teachers and other fans of St. thomas are invited to like this page and confess in the link given below and have fun time out here...
All kinds of study related problems, teacher related problems, crushes and angry messages will be posted. thank you.
:D Admin
Confess here:

Operating as usual


Kya matlab Arsenal premier League jitega.....
I am crying...


It all started with this 😅




Confession 297

School jaane ka koi scene hai kya mask lagakar hi sahi ? 😂
P.s. Major missing school 💯😭❤️
Koi jugaad karwayiye 🙏

Ex- Female
Batch 2015

Admin - Iss saal ke batch wale be like ,"Arre kholo bhai... "


Confessions 296
Saw you in the school canteen, then you were a kid, cls 7 probably.. found you giggling
with your girls.. fell in love with you (love at first sight) , then saw you singing at the school
quare nd finally your dance steps in the auditorium hitted me hard!! Probably my first crush
and first love.. now i have enough guts to confess, shall i miss ex red house vicey!! (Miss


Admin - Omago Turu lobb 👀🙄😛


Confession 295

Nam hi kafhi hai Crush hone keliye. Kya ray denge Admin, iss visay pe??
By the way, I used have a crush on you but now I have moved on.


Admin - Padhai Likhai karo bhai Ias-ys bano..
Crush ka natak mei kch nahi rakha..


Confession 294

I joined school in class 11 back in 2013. I saw a girl in Rabindra Jayanti. She used to sing
beautifully and headed the singing group for Rabindra Jayanti. She was senior to me, she
still is my crush. We do talk sometimes but I still cannot forget her.
I don't want to take her name but anyone from that year probably will know her and she
definitely was a charm for all guys in her batch and our batch too.
Bengali Beauty with brains and talent in true sense.❤

2015 e # # #

Admin - Ye kon singer jiske bare mrin hum nhi sune?
Daya pata lagao ☝️👌☝️👌


Those who were supposed to be School Captains and House Captains this year and were excited about House Cup and Annual Sports.

I feel for you ladies and gentlemen. This year is extra harsh for you guys.




Confession 293

To those who spread false rumours about me regarding my rejection to a batchmate's
proposal (batch ISC 2019)
This is about the most recent drama that is currently happening. And the target is the
people who have made up fake stuff to serve their own purpose. Those who have simply
shared it without adding any lies are not targeted.
So rumours are that I have forwarded some texts (to be more specific, a confession) to my
friends, and they have forwarded to others and the cycle is going on. When I got to hear
the rumour, I was so amused to see how different the version is from the reality.
I have NOT sent or forwarded any message or image or screenshot from the particular
conversation which is making rounds. I didn't even tell anything related to the incident to
ANYONE. I haven't spoken a word about it. Someone made it up, and now everyone is
happily spreading it as much as possible. In fact, the other person involved has been
telling the incident to people, and people are adding their own spices for their
Unlike some of you, I don't have the slightest interest of making fun of a person by
exposing things which should have been "private". And you all didn't ask or talk to me
before creating fancy stories.
It's so funny that even after school ended, even after you all joined college, you don't have
anything worthy to do, so you continue these kind of cheap stuff. You need to resort to
lying to entertain yourselves. When will you realise that pulling someone down won't help
you go higher?
You couldn't even pull me down properly. I don't even care what nonsense you discuss
among yourselves. Just because this is about me, so I thought of letting you know the
truth. Continue your lies, I have a life to live.

Ex ISC 2019

Admin - 🥱🥱🥱


Confession 292

Hey you,
Listen to me,
You are my Love,
Jao tumi...
Bengali speaking sorry admin zuban thutgaing please helping me So happening I happy
you havyy ... Dedicated no one...
I hope you like English speaking mine...
I asking help last confesion very very last confesion.. but no helping admin I hoping you
helping people helping mine out...
Dhondhoba u..


Admin - Ae baba ae, muh se supari nikal k confess kar re baba


Confession 290

School life has been really good to me. But somehow I felt some people of our school
were excessively judgemental. I had problem with Miss Priyanki,and will continue to have
forever because of the misgonystic views she held. I don't care if this comes across her.
Hope she has changed and doing good. Partiality among teachers and students were
Others were good. The students were also good but things started becoming way out of
hand for me in Class 9-10,so had to leave school after 10. I don't miss school. Didn't think
to write this,but saw people writing their minds out,so wrote.
Tbh STCS taught life in both good and bad way. That's what school life is. The Church was
something dear to me, missed it even after leaving school. People were active in very
spheres,that was really a good thing.


Admin - Yes.. We were taught from the very beginning that teachers are like our second parents, we must obey them and even if they say something it is for our good. But with time we have realized that it's not actually as it looks. There are some teachers who are always there for us and supports us most of the time, we cannot deny that sone actions of teachers ro have long lasting impact on us. Taking the example of the confessor, she doesn't miss school. School life is something that is expected to be filled with memories that we will cherish in life. But it gets ruined by some of the statements.

Also, I would like to add that for a long time I have not been posting confessions that involved name of teachers or some serious allegations against certain individuals as this page has already been temporarily banned two times as many people have reported certain posts. And the next thing will be permanent ban...

But I think its time.


Confession 289

- Desi Freddie Mercury


Admin - Continue the legacy Kidos 💜


Confession 288

I hated school life

Ex isc 2015

Admin - Tanik detail mei bataiyega kaahe? 😶


Confession 287

Masum Choudhary, mein aapka comment padha ki aap single ho aur mein bohot khush
hogayi. Mein bohot blush kar rahi hu. Kya mein aapko messenger mein text kar sakti
hu..?? Woh kya hai na mein thodi sharmili si hu. Aap mind nahi karoge na..?? 🙈🙈

Ex Student

Admin - Thailand wala gut feel aa rha h 🥴


Confession 286

Response to confession 282
Mauga group waale pehle respond karke already apna mazak banwa chuke hai.. dobara
respond karenge to fir log zyada mazak udaayenge.. anyways, mauga group waale apne
aap ko publicly kab mauga accept kar rahe ho??

23 (ab rishta mat

Admin - Na bhai idhar apne rishtey nhi sambhal rhe, tre liye kya launga 😶😶


Confession 285

Don't want to take her name, she was my senior. Probably the most wanted and admired
girl of her batch with a brilliant personality. B**g beauty.
She use to come to school in her own private Bolero with her bodyguard. Never had guts
to interact with her as she always maintained her image in school. Never saw her indulging
in needless things.
I have no contact with her after school, but I still remember she wore a blueish saree on
farewell and just killed all the guys with her simplicity. Also, I wanted a picture with her but
too many boys were in line so couldn't manage.
Would love to get in touch only if she wants to.

Exx 2015 batch.
She was from 2014
isc batch.

Admin - Ye Ai-chan hai kya???? 😶😶😶


Confession 284

Mujhe Masum Choudhary pe bada hi crush tha. But mein kabhi unko approach nahi kar
paayi. Aapka profile dekh ke phirse feelings wapas aagaya. Aaj yaha hi puch leti hu. Are
you still single..?? Aap bohot cute ho.

Ex Student

Admin - Haan yeh krlo pehle 😒


Confession 283

I had a crush on you badly during our school days you were new to my class in 2013 i saw
you first it was class 11.
I never thought such a beautiful girl will come to study science with biology with me i never
had a chance to interact with you everyday i use to see you in my class but in one lecture
you used to go to other section for 2nd language that time other section would have been
excited to see if not they must be blind for sure.
I saw your Instagram profile what i see is your picture with colour on your face after seeing
that my heart pumped 2 times faster at that moment i realize what i missed so much in this
I heard you're a author now I'm looking forward to read your books.
I just wanted to know are you single or in a relationship or if its complicated then i will try to
reach you soon...


Admin - Itna acha describe kiya, name bhi baata dete toh log mention krdete. Khair author log ka mamla hai so "What's in the name" 😶


Confession 282

Yaar ye The RISE OF THE GROUP OF MAUGA's wali picture itni jaldi kaise khatam ho


Admin - Ragnarok hogya maybe 😬


Confession 281

Fatima nazar i had a crush on you...never had the chance to tell you in school as you were
always with that stupid sk...u deserve better than him...dont know if you are single or
committed now.... comment on this confession so that i can contact you


Admin - Inbox kr ke hi pch lete 😒


Confession 280

Being grown up, I have realised that in school how many times we were slut-shamed. One
of the teacher told me that are you trying to excite the boys in the school. Imagine telling
this to a teenager. Now when I look back at those days, we never realised the culture of
casual sexism. I will not be naming the teachers but you'll can definitely guess. But
because of some of them, I developed anxiety issues. Words can have a great impact as
well. I miss my school and I have amazing memories. Sometimes, these bitter memories
makes me feel chill running down my spine.

Ex Student

Admin - More power to you, lady. These incidents do have long lasting impact on one's mind but we must understand just bcoz someone said so, everyone do not think the same. These s**t kind of mentality remains with them only who have filth in their minds. 😇


Confession 279

are yeah kya phoonti kismas hai🙄🙄🙄🙄
saala jab mein school mein tha,
sab jagah se khali larki thi, paas out krne ke baad ek bhi confessions nahi,
aaj dusre ka confessions parna par raha hai🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣
larki ya saahi keheti thi,
" I Will Never Forget You"

Admin - Lagta hai jaise yeh mera hi confession hai but hai nahi 😂😂
Real " Mann ki baat"


Confession 278

This one is for Saurav Senapati. ISC 2013. They may call u black but u were my crush, but
u neva looked at me the way I wanted u to look at me. U hugged me in a friendly just once
and I long for it every single day of my life. Your junior


Admin - You guys are getting hugged 🥺🥺🥺


Confession 277

Well i couldn't prepare for my 1st unit tests as i was absent for the 1st half before summer
vactions and 3rd day of unit test it was biology exams and i was so scared as i haven't
prepared for it at first i thought i would cheat in exams but later after seeing miss moumita i
was scared to death as i knew i am gonna fail in it and i started crying and then came a
person with angel face for my rescue her name was Insha Fatma she showed me her
paper and i copied it eventually i passed with really good marks and i wanted to say her
thank you but by the time she left the school and i never got the chance to say her " Thank
You for helping me Insha".

Ex student

Admin - Not all angels have wings 😇 (yeh toh naya quote ban gaya 😂)


Confession 276

Mr. Arka Mukherjee, I confessed about my feelings but you rejected me. I'm very much
upset that you rejected me like that...😤😤 But still I wanted your whereabouts and got it
right after viewing your fb bio... I'm happy that you are going to become a Doctor sooner or
later... 🥰🥰 But please if you don't want me as your girlfriend then make your little sister... 😁😁 I'll be happy to have you as my big bro... Atleast, I will be close to in some way...
And Avinash Da I'm sorry as I was not sure that you and Arka Da are childhood friends...
Sorry, but I don't require anyone to talk for me or for him... 😅😀☺


Admin - Gf nhi toh behen hi bana lo... Ye toh best solution h yaar 😶😶😶


Confession 275

Fatima nazar I MISS U....with time we have drifted apart...but still i miss u...

Admin - 🥺 Samay ka khel bahut bhayankar


Confession 274

I was in stcs for few years only there was boy sasank Sharma in my class I tried many
times to confess my feelings but I never succeed I still stalk him on fb.hope he trys to
recognize me by this confession❤


Admin - Back to the daily grind 🥴


Confession 273

In regards to confession no. 271
For those "mauga group" members asking others to get a life.. "Do you have one NOW?"
Coz you guys didn't really have one back at school.
Firstly, speaking about being Jealous.. One of you guys got soooooo jealous coz we were
chosen to represent our respective houses, that you guys went complaining to the house
masters and house mistresses.
You guys were just bunch of spoons then and who know "maybe now as well".
Secondly, if you weren't interested, you wouldn't have ever responded to the confession.
Thirdly, Look whose crying over "JUST A CONFESSION" and you say our lives are boring
and f***ed up.
Stop being a cranky group of geese.
Oh and lastly!! We hate you s**theads and your bulls**t!!
We guys earned respect then which we still have now!! And you don't have any of it..
Maybe we couldn't do much then, but atleast we don't get hates as much as you guys
used to get and still get and will keep getting!!
Maybe our friendship and our group was not that famous, but atleast we're not separated
Look into your shoes before post things dude!!
Best of luck "MAUGA GROUP"

Ex student

Admin - Paragraphs are getting longer 😶😶😶


Confession 272

With reference to confession 271,
I'm the one who wrote the 1st confession regarding "the not so great mauga group"
Let me remind you that I'm not having such a bad time that I'll be jealous of whatever
you've achieved in your life. With God's grace and your blessings, I'm already enjoying my
hectic life, you guys enjoy your jobless life.
Speaking on bulls**t, nobody is trying to communicate with you guys, it's a confession
page and i wrote what i feel about you guys since school days. Conversation with you guys
is not at all valueable for me.
Why are you getting offended if you think you've achieved everything in your life?
1st achieve something to make me feel jealous of you guys 😂
And if you guys are getting offended, 1st admit that your group is "mauga group" and you
guys achieved nothing in your life,
And if you've already admitted, then enjoy getting offended because the entire 2014-15
batch loves to roast you guys

23 (lo admin
tumhare khushi ke
liye maine apna
age bhi likh diya)

Admin - Age ke field mei age likha, iss baat ki khushi h mujhe bas 😂
Aage carry on 🤭


Confession 271

In response to the confession no. 270
You may not be the confessor of the previous post but you're one of the s**theads too,
who were just jealous of us and are still jealous. Just because you couldn't do anything in
life back then and now doesn't make you any cooler by saying mean things about us.
Enough of your bulls**t. We're not at all interested in communicating with such people who
lack so much in their lives and can't stop crying about their boring and f**ked up lives.


Admin - * Rusted *


Confession 270

With reference to Mauga gang debate I see on this page. Its so hilarious to see my batch
people talking about each other in this confession page. I was not the confessor of earlier
post but one thing I would say is that Mauga gang will always be mauga gang. They were
back then, now also they are. Seeing one such reaction proves so. Cz for responding to
such a post, you accepted that you are mauga gang member.

Also admin where are your one liners in this fight. Oops I can understand, your heart is
with one of the mauga member isin't it??


Admin - Mere one liners ko zung lag gya bhai..
N my heart, liver, lungs, kidney sab mere pas hi hai.. 😂


Confession 269

Let's arrange an alumni meet ☺


Admin - Likh ke deta hoon koi nahi ayega 😶


Confession 268

I'm confessing about a guy , who was absolutely dumb and boring in school. (I wont take
his name, but he was from the batch that passed out in 2016). He was a pain in every
teacher's ass. And was always too oversmart. He loved a girl (who was one year junior to
him) , he was after her for a long long time, and she was not at all interested in him.
Now after so many years , I often stalk him in social media , after I came to know he can
dance so well ( which I never knew in school) . He has turned out to be a real stud , I mean
puberty hit him damn hard , he is handsome (nowhere near to , how he looked like in
I never thought of confessing about a guy whom I wasn't even interested in high school,
but i'm really impressed about the transformation he has had.


Admin - Der ayye durust aaye 😶


Confession 267

This is an incident which happened quite a few years back during the morning assembly. It
was the time of Diwali and Mr John Shah was warning the students about not to bring
firecrackers in the school and just as he was about to finish his sentence, a loud bang of a
cracker bomb of was heard from near the boys washroom. That timing 🔥. Every student
started hooting in the assembly lines on the field. It was a funny incident and the students
from that year will remember. Nobody was caught in this incident. If anyone knows who it
was can tell now. It'll be fun.

Ex Student
batch of 2014

Admin - Yeah this memory is clearly etched in my memory but it was not Mr. John Shah but Mr. Harry Joseph, the then coordinator of our school.

For the cinematic experience of the incident check the comment box 😂

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