Waterford Dyslexia Group

We are a dyslexia support group based in Waterford. This group is created by parents and carers to help other parents and carers.

We are a dyslexia support group based in Waterford. This group is created by parents and carers to help other parents and carers. Whether your child already has a diagnosis, or if you are just starting to think that dyslexia might be a feature, we can hopefully help. With sufficient interest, we will be able to set up workshops for children in primary and secondary education who have been assessed as having dyslexia. The aim of the workshops is to offer specialised tuition for students and also support and information for parents and families. We would also like to offer information evenings for parents and carers.


Trinity College Tangent Innovation & Enterprise

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Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties « Dyslexia Association of Ireland


dyslexia.ie Because Einstein had dyslexia, some people think that all people with dyslexia are brilliant at maths. Unfortunately this is not so. Research shows that 40-50% of students with dyslexia show no signs of dyscalculia, with about 10% excelling in maths. The remaining 50-60% have maths difficulties. For...

Waterford City and County Libraries

The Summer Stars at your Library reading programme runs all summer in our library branches around Waterford city and county! Summer reading programmes aim to keep children's literacy levels high by promoting reading and library visits during school holidays, as reading often gets forgotten during the busy summer months.

Our library staff actively encourage families to keep visiting their library by tracking children's reading on their Summer Stars registration card and awarding medals and certificates to all successful readers in September!

Take the time to visit your local branch with your children and find out about storytimes, book clubs, craft workshops and other events taking place to keep children engaged and reading during summer holidays.

[06/24/19]   Don't forget the Waterford Dyslexia Group coffee morning tomorrow @10:30 in Tramore Library


Dyslexia self-acceptance in five stages

dyslexiclibrary.com A 20-year study, released in 2002, found that dyslexics who accept their dyslexia and reframe it as a positive are most likely to succeed. The reframing process takes place over 5 stages, and is &#…


'The road to success doesn't always lie through school' - Boss of award-winning film production company

independent.ie 'I made it all the way through school without being diagnosed as dyslexic," says Matt Toman, founder of award-winning media company Bankhouse Productions of his youth in Co Armagh. "Eve


A brief history of dyslexia and the role women played


independent.co.uk Dyslexia affects up to one in 10, but until recently it was thought to be a pseudomedical diagnosis used by parents to explain their children’s poor performance in reading

Autism Journeys Radio Show 98.3fm

It's that time again. This week, the show takes a little bit of a different spin. Tune in at 12pm to hear from Rosie Bissett, CEO of Dyslexia Ireland, explain what dyslexia is She share tips and strategies on how to best support a person with dyslexia, or indeed, an autistic person with co-occuring dyslexia. Listen live on UCC 98.3fm, online at https://www.ucc.ie/en/983fm/listenlive/ or listen back on https://m.soundcloud.com/user-83407875?locale=en As always, it promises to be a show not to be missed!

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

At our request, we met today with officials from the Department of Education and Skills, the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) and the Inspectorate. We were keen to get an update on the current status of the review of Irish Exemption policy. We reiterated our views on how the current proposals fall short of best meeting the needs of dyslexic students. We were assured by officials that our views will be taken into consideration and we are hopeful to hear of positive developments in this area very soon. As always we will keep members updated.


Ten Study Tips for Junior Certificate Students with Dyslexia - SchoolDays.ie


schooldays.ie Active reading means asking yourself questions about the text before you start, then try to find the answers to those questions as you read.


Movement for Good

ecclesiastical.com Join our Movement for Good, helping to change people's lives for the better

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

Amy and Emma spent the day with parents covering topics like Primary School, Secondary School, Assistive Tech and Self Esteem and Dyslexia in our National Office. Parents course dates for September will be on our website soon!

Dyspraxia/DCD Waterford - Public Page

Heads up guys!!

A meeting will be held TOMORROW (Saturday the 27th of APRIL) at 13:00 in WIT Arena for TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS with Dyspraxia DCD. The aim of the meeting is to discuss future social events for teens & young adults, and look at forming a committee to plan and organise these events. Come and meet us at the DCDynamos stand at the Waterford SportsAbility Weekend 2019 Event, WIT arena.


Our 6 week block of fun based Multi-activities starts back this MONDAY night!!
Location: WIT Arena, Carriganore
Starts Monday 29th of April 7 - 8pm
Cost is €30 for 1 child or €45 for 2 or more siblings

Feel free to contact us on [email protected] with any enquiries.


Experiences of dyslexia and the transition to university: a case study of five students at different stages of study

tandfonline.com (2019). Experiences of dyslexia and the transition to university: a case study of five students at different stages of study. Higher Education Research & Development. Ahead of Print.


Pupils not getting enough advice on non-college options – report

irishtimes.com Mothers among the biggest influences on secondary pupils’ career choices

Many thanks to Waterford Credit Union for their recent donation 🤗 Waterford Credit Union

Towers and Tales

We are SUPER excited to tell you that tickets for Towers and Tales will go on sale on this Friday April 12th at 9.00am. We think you're going to really love this year's programme, and remember that Towers and Tales is a free to come to festival, with lots of free, pop in, pop up events to keep everyone entertained!

Mailing List subscribers will get a sneak peek of the programme tomorrow. If you haven't done it already, SIGN UP! It's so easy! towersandtales.com

Tramore Community Noticeboard

Storytime morning and afternoon every Wednesday during April, plus lots of fun children's activities happening in Tramore Library during April!

Waterford City and County Libraries

Storytime and songs every Friday morning at Ardkeen Library 😊🙋‍♂️🙆‍♀️🎼📚

Next Monday in the Viking Hotel


Using Text To Speech Technology To Assist Dyslexic Students


forbes.com With increased early screening we could identify more children who struggle with dyslexia. Early screening could provide a pathway to learning with Text to Speech technology (TTS) and could even lead to a decrease in our total IEP costs.

Towers and Tales

We have to admit, we are VERY excited about welcoming our next guest to Lismore. MARION DEUCHARS take a seat at the Towers and Tales table!!

Marion Deuchars is a Scottish born, internationally acclaimed,
award-winning illustrator.
Marion works with major design and advertising agencies, publishes illustrated children's books and has created a much-loved style of hand-lettering. Whether it’s client work for the likes of The Royal Mail and The Imperial War Museum, or inspiring youngsters with her Let’s Make Great Art books, Marion’s impact on the creative scene continues to be wide-ranging.

Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list on towersandtales.com for a sneak peek at our programme before it launches!

Dyspraxia/DCD Waterford - Public Page

Speech & Language Talk Wednesday 27th Teachers Centre Newtown from 7pm - 8:30pm

We’d love to see you there!!

Contact [email protected] to let us know you are going

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

DAI offers a variety of courses for parents, teachers and students. For details on upcoming course locations and dates check out the Events page on our website http://www.dyslexia.ie/events-news/upcoming-dai-events/

Made By Dyslexia

A teacher who understands #dyslexia makes the world of difference to anyone #MadeByDyslexia. Watch advice from experts (and more from Keira!) here https://aka.ms/MECMadeByDyslexia #SayDyslexia #TeachersTips #MicrosoftEdu


Ceasefire in the reading wars

tes.com Competing theories abound about the best ways to teach children to read, but can psychological science finally bring about an educational entente where conflict and misunderstanding have reigned? Reading researchers Kate Nation, Kathleen Rastle and Anne Castles present the evidence for a more balanc...


How Clare star Peter Duggan refuses to let dyslexia slow him down and inspires others


independent.ie Spending a few minutes with Peter Duggan quickly illustrates that the Clare hurling star is as defiant off the pitch as he is on it with no barrier too high that the towering attacker c

Waterford City and County Libraries

We're reading David Walliams hilarious Gangsta Granny aloud tomorrow morning at Browns Road Library to celebrate one of our favourite funny books during mid term break!

Ben thinks his Granny is boring but little does he know that she used to be an international jewel thief and now needs his help to steal the crown jewels! The reading starts at 11am on Friday February 22nd, all are welcome though this story is more suited to ages 6+. All welcome.

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

Our Head of Psychology Donald Ewing will be on Ireland:AM on Virgin Media TV (Formally TV3) tomorrow at approximately 7:30 am. Make sure you tune in to get some great hints and tips for parents!

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

A petition has been set up by the parent of a Dyslexic Teen for extra time in State exams for people with Dyslexia. The Dyslexia Association has repeatedly called for extra time in State exams. If you are interested in signing this Parent led petition you can find it here: https://www.change.org/p/leo-varadkar-please-give-25-extra-time-for-students-with-dyslexia-in-irish-state-examinations


Hogwarts Library Dyslexia-Friendly Editions published by Bloomsbury

Dyslexia-Friendly Editions of the Hogwarts Library collection, which include the titles Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages and The Tales of Beadle the Bard have been published by Bloomsbury Publishing

wizardsandwhatnot.com Bloomsbury Publishing has published Dyslexia-Friendly Editions of the Hogwarts Library collection, which includes Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them...


Teachers who do not support students with special needs may be in breach of law

irishtimes.com Department of Education issues warning to secondary teachers’ unions


C-Pen Reader Pen: A useful aid for students and dyslexics

irishtimes.com The premise is simple: scan a line of text and it will read it aloud for you – and store it

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland is looking to recruit
a new Workshop Coordinator to manage the running of our Workshop in New Ross, Co. Wexford. The workshop runs on Tuesday evenings, with two 12 week terms each year (Autumn & Spring) offering specialist support to children and young people with dyslexia. The Workshop Coordinator will be responsible for managing the educational activity of the Workshop. He/she will be responsible for the appointment and oversight of tutors and volunteers to work in the Workshop, in liaison with staff in the DAI National Office and a local Parents’ Committee. The Workshop Coordinator is required to have a teaching qualification and be registered with the Teaching Council. They are also required to have undertaken additional training in teaching methods best suited to teach students with dyslexia. For further information and application details please see our website: http://www.dyslexia.ie/events-news/news-items/
Closing date for applications is Feb. 15.


MrH on Twitter

twitter.com “I love controlled, well structured and thought out sentences. This first sentence from one of my Y4s blew me away today. I love rainbow grammar. 🌈”

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

We’re coming to Carlow on March 1 and 2, and will be delivering three different courses on dyslexia for different audiences. For further info and booking details see:
Parents’ Course: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/dyslexiaireland/229503
Teachers’ Course: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/dyslexiaireland/229446
Dyslexia and Me course (9-12 year olds): https://www.tickettailor.com/events/dyslexiaireland/229499

These courses will also be offered in other locations later in the year, including Limerick, Dublin, Waterford, Mayo and Athlone.

Dyspraxia/DCD Waterford - Public Page

2 big events this week!!

First up, TONIGHT!, our multi activity group is starting. It runs for 6 weeks, every Monday at 7pm in WIT ARENA and is a great way for you and your child to have fun and chat with other people affected by Dyspraxia DCD. We can’t recommend it enough!

Next up, this WEDNESDAY, in the Teachers Centre in Newtown, we want you to come and have your say! What do you want us to provide? What kind of talks would you like to see? Is there anything you’d like more information on? Basically, it’s your group, come along and help shape it so you get the most out of it. 👍

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

Amy and Emma had a wonderful day yesterday doing two separate sessions of Dyslexia and Me with some amazing young people! If you are interested in Dyslexia and Me tickets are now available for sessions in Dublin and Carlow! More information here: http://www.dyslexia.ie/events-news/upcoming-dai-events/


Bill Linnane: 'My son's Irish exemption has saved us a world of homework pain'

independent.ie To exempt or not to exempt, sin é an question. Our middle son's struggles with language development mean that he is eligible for an exemption from Irish, prompting much soul searching a

Free talk coming up in Waterford on childhood anxiety


DARE and HEAR application information days will take place this January. Access staff from the various colleges and universities will be present to answer questions and assist with applications for 2019. If you are applying for DARE or HEAR it is really worth attending this event. Please see locations and times below.

Dyspraxia/DCD Waterford - Public Page


Our 6 week block of activities starts on Monday the 28th of January at 7pm, you can pay on the night and we’d love to see you there.

There’s also; horse riding, yoga, arts & crafts and an ‘improver’ cycling program coming up.

Not to mention some amazing talks, check them out in the attached photos.

We’d love you to tell us you’re coming to any of our events or programs at [email protected]

And we’ve a new broadcast channel on WhatsApp too. Just click on the link to join and keep informed about what’s coming up:


Dyspraxia Ireland


Parents paying psychologists so kids can be exempt from learning Irish, report finds

Grrr. This article makes out that parents have bought their children's Irish exemptions for reasons other than helping their education. Very biased version of the truth.

irishexaminer.com Some parents are paying private psychologists so their children can be exempt from learning Irish in school, it has been revealed.

[01/09/19]   👉 We are currently trying to create an evening workshop class for secondary students up to Junior Cert level.
It will focus on study skills, comprehension skills and answering questions in the subject of English.
If you would like some more information please email [email protected]

If anyone is linked to any Waterford secondary school pages on Facebook, please share this post. Thanks!

REMINDER - Workshops begin again tomorrow (Weds 9th Jan).
If you would like some more information please email [email protected]

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