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GTU Young Teachers Platform


Hello family
Brufut nursery
I whan to join the teachers platform
Ham sa bopa, moonsa bopa, gome sa bopa “self knowledge, self leadership and self belief”

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Wishing you all best In life
Am very much glad the YTP are making things clear. We had a meeting the the interim executive representing the young teachers.
Bravo Mr sama with your team's
Please, remind the Minister that all allowances, double shift and hardship be paid in this month, September 2020.
There is no excuse for not paying them.
Hello everyone, I'm a concerned teacher. I would like to know how are you selecting or electing the Executive Members you are introducing to us.

This is a platform geared towards promoting the welfare of the young teachers in the profession as w

Operating as usual


OPINION: The Urgent Need for a Teacher Service Commission in The Gambia

Education is the foundation upon which nations are built. In The Gambia, teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future of the nation by equipping the younger generation with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. However, teachers in The Gambia face numerous challenges, including poor salaries, inadequate allowances, lack of fair promotion, and other issues that significantly affect their overall well-being and motivation. In order to address these problems and uplift the teaching profession, The Gambia urgently requires the establishment of a Teacher Service Commission.

Currently, teachers in The Gambia endure a range of difficulties that hinder their professional growth and impede their ability to provide quality education. One of the primary concerns is the issue of poor remuneration. Many teachers struggle to make ends meet due to insufficient salaries. The cost of living continues to rise, making it increasingly challenging for educators to sustain themselves and their families on meager incomes.

Another grave concern is the absence of a fair and transparent promotion system. Merit-based promotions are crucial for boosting morale, recognizing excellence, and providing teachers with career advancement opportunities. However, without a structured framework, the promotion process becomes subjective and susceptible to favoritism, leading to demotivation among dedicated educators.

In my view, The Gambia needs to establish a Teacher Service Commission (TSC) to address these issues comprehensively. A TSC is an independent body established by an act of parliament and tasked with the responsibility of overseeing and addressing the concerns of teachers. This commission would function autonomously, separate from the broader civil service, to exclusively focus on the unique challenges faced by educators.

The Teacher Service Commission will be entirely responsible of recruiting, disciplining, paying, promoting and dismissal of teachers.

This commission will come up with it's own pay scale and grading system unique to teachers only. Teachers will be excluded from central government's pay roll, and the teacher service commission will be in charge of teachers' payroll. However, the government will provide the entire funding by providing subvention to the commission every January. Staff under MoBSE will not be under the purview of the commission and the commission will only be answerable to the Parliament.

I strongly believe if teachers could advocate for this via GTU and Members of Parliament under the Education Committee and other members who were and/ or are still teachers, the commission can be established and teachers will see themselves as part of the 'society'. It is important to note that a Teacher Service Commission is not a luxury but a pressing necessity in The Gambia. Establishing such a body would demonstrate the government's commitment to the education sector and the well-being of teachers.

Modou A. Sambou


The GTU Regional Delegates Congress 2023, begins in Mansakonko- Regional Education Directorate 4

The Gambia Teachers' Union begins its Regional Delegates Congress, today, June 19, at the Lower River Region-Region4.

The Congress prominently features election of regional authorities of the Union to serve a mandate of 4years.

The Chairman of the Congress Task Team, the body that oversees the conduct of the Congress, Essa Sowe announce that election for the position of Regional Executive Committee Chairperson holds between the two aspirants in the names of Annis Dem and Bai Joof.

The position of the Vice Chairperson remain vacant as the Task Team receives no application for the position.

Ismaila Jallow goes unopposed for the position of Regional Youth Coordinator for the GTUYTP. Rohey Jawo equally goes unopposed for the position of Regional Treasurer after the disqualification of Neneh Gomez over failing to meet the required number of nominators.

Angelic Isatou Mendy of Pakalinding UBS ascends to the position of GTU Ladies' Society Regional Rep after the withdrawal of Kumba Baldeh due to her holding a position at the GTUCCU.

Once the election of the Chairperson happens, the winner together with the unopposed candidates take charge of the GTU regional matters in Region 4, for the next Four years.


As the GTU gears up for its cycle of congresses, beginning with the Regional Delegates Congress, here is the list of contestable positions across all regions.








The GTU has regional structures across all Regional Education Directorates, these include RED1, RED2, RED3, RED4, RED5 SOUTH, RED 5 NORTH, and RED6

Communications-Congress Task Team

Photos from GTU Young Teachers Platform's post 27/05/2023

As the The Gambia College graduates its 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 cohorts, we at the GTUYTP congratulate all graduates on their academic milestones.

The college has ever since its inception been the fountain of knowledge needed to set the country on the right pedestal.

We recognise the strides and once again congratulate the different graduating classes. Go forth and live the motto of the institution,, Enter To Learn, Ready To Serve.

Photos from GTU Young Teachers Platform's post 06/05/2023

The GTUYTP, today, May 6, concluded a Youth Dialogue in Region 2.

The event held at the Gambia College Main Hall is an initiative of the YTP geared towards strengthening members awareness for improved service delivery.

The Region 2 event was preceded by another dialogue in Region 4.

The two events s provided the young members the platform to interface with the leadership of the Union on pertinent Union matters and education sector related issues.


The Role of Workers in Nation Building: A Call for Action

As a teacher, I have seen firsthand the crucial role that workers play in building and sustaining our nation and societies. Whether they are farmers, healthcare workers, or educators like myself, workers are the backbone of our economy and our society. It is therefore important that the government takes their welfare seriously and works harder to create policies that promote their well-being.

Anywhere in the world, a serious government would support workers, make their welfare a priority. This can be done by collaborating with the private sector and creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive while respecting the laws of the land. Collaborating transparently with the private sector can help the government to create more job opportunities for its citizens. However, this must be done in a way that also protects workers' rights and ensures that they are not exploited by their employers.

Having said that, the government and its officials as well as cabinet ministers must be ready to serve the public with utmost sincerity and transparency. Unfortunately, corruption and nepotism have become major issues in the Gambia. This must stop if we are to make any meaningful progress towards a better future for workers in our country.

One example of exploitation is the recent hike in the cost of cash power by the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC). This has a serious negative impact on low-income earners, many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet. It is unacceptable that a public utility company would take advantage of its customers in this way, and the government that should hold NAWEC accountable for its actions is silent on the issue. How can workers celebrate Worker's Day when they are facing broad daylight robbery by their supposed protectors and servants?

Furthermore, it is significant that the government takes the education sector more seriously. While there are good plans and policies in place, the implementation of these policies often fails due to poor teacher remuneration and compensation. Many teachers in the Gambia struggle to make ends meet, which not only affects their quality of life but also their ability to deliver quality education to their students. Until this is addressed, the hope of improving the system will remain a dream forever.

Thus, I would like to call on the government to create a teacher service commission that focuses on teachers' welfare. This will go a long way in rescuing our sinking education system, as it will attract and retain qualified and motivated teachers who are committed to delivering quality education to our children.

Lastly, the role of workers in building and sustaining our communities in our country cannot be overstated. It is therefore essential that the government takes their welfare seriously and works to create policies that promote their well-being. This can only be achieved by addressing corruption, collaborating with the private sector, and creating a conducive environment for workers to thrive.

Modou A. Sambou


It's May Day!

From The Gambia Teachers' Union and its organs, GTUYTP, GTU Ladies Society, GTUCCU, Happy Labour Day to all.

Solidarity Forever!


The Gambia Teachers' Union, is honoured to host the conferment of an Honorary Doctorate degree on Baboucarr Ousmaila Joof, former General Manager of- Gambia Teacher's Union Cooperative Credit Union

Hon. Baboucarr O. Joof, now Minister- Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment will receive the honorary Doctorate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Entrepreneurship & Technology.

In honour of teachers who he served for close to three decades before being appointed state minister, Hon. Joof, has dedicated the degree and conferment ceremony to teachers. As such, the ceremony will be hosted at the GTU Secretariat premises on Friday, 31st March 2023 at 10 a.m.

The leadership of the Union wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate the soon-to-be Dr. Baboucarr Ousmaila Joof on this milestone.

Hats off sire.

Photos from GTU Young Teachers Platform's post 18/03/2023

As the University of The Gambia graduates another cohort of students in different fields and levels, including education, the GTUYTP congratulates all teachers and educationists who form part of the graduating class.

University education anywhere is a daunting task. Your convocation today is a testament to your worthiness in academics and character. It is also a testimony of an improvement in teacher quality which is the bedrock of achieving quality education. CONGRATULATIONS!!

In the same latitude, gratitude is extended to the MRC Holland Foundation for being the largest sponsor of teachers in the graduating class. And to all other public and private sponsors of student-teachers, hats off.

Young men and women of the profession, go forth and serve humanity dutifully and diligently.
Education Students Association-UTG
Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, The Gambia
Gambia Teachers' Union-Official

Photos from GTU Young Teachers Platform's post 18/03/2023

The Youth Executive Committee-YEC of the GTUYTP, wishes to congratulate the Acting Vice Chairperson, Kalipha Jabbi and Co-opted member and YTP Representative at the GTU Ladies Society, Kaddy Kanteh on their graduation from the University of The Gambia.

We pray that Allah bless your knowledge for eternity.

Go out there and serve the world diligently and dutifully.



It's February 18. It's Gambia's 58th Independence Anniversary.

Happy Independence Day to mother Gambia and her people!



On the festive occasions of Christmas and New Year, we at the Gambia Teachers Union Young Teachers Platform send warmest seasonal greetings to the Christian community.

We ask that the gracious lord bless you all on this occasion.

As we head into 2023, may we triumph over our shortfalls and serve humanity and the lord more deservedly.

Once again Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Information and Communication Office-GTUYTP


The Gambia Teachers' Union Young Teachers Platform-GTUYTP, learns with shock the demise of Madam Kaddijatou Bah, a member of staff of Chamen Upper and Senior Secondary School in CRR-North.

Madam Bah dies in a car crash along the South Bank Road en route to Brikama.

On behalf of the young teachers of the country and the entire teacher family, we extend condolences to the family of Madam Bah in Njoren.

We pray Allah SWT forgives her shortcomings and grants her a resting place in Jannah, Ameen.

We equally extend condolences to the family of Aisha Ndong of Lamin and a teacher at Abuko UBS.

Aisha's death occurs on Sunday. She dies leaving behind a week old daughter.

May her gentle soul rest in eternal peace, ameen.

NB: The picture below is that of Madam Kadijatou Bah



After a failed attempt to introduce a new pay and grading structure for civil servants by the government, and a subsequent 30% salary increment for all civil servants (which was criticized at many quarters, including within the teacher family), The Gambia Teachers’ Union Young Teachers Platform-GTUYTP an organ of the GTU representing the youth constituent of the Union conducted a meeting to discuss possibilities of creating avenues to advocate for a better pay and living standards for teachers.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a position paper was drawn to be submitted to the National Executive Committee-GTU.

The GTUYTP, on August 24, 2022, presented the position paper to the National Executive Committee-NEC of the GTU.

The position paper is a call for the NEC to institute an advocacy with Government for the payment of allowances and or adjustment on the payable allowances to teachers.
The call for the advocacy with Government is necessitated by the fact that teachers in the country are not sufficiently remunerated compared to the very challenging conditions they perform their roles, which could be a recipe for poor performance.

Teachers in the country perform their roles under very challenging conditions. Many of them especially in rural Gambia, sleep in stores and in least suitable and friendly environments. This narrative has to change.

The Government must therefore recognize the crucial role of teachers in the development of the country. As such, government must take full responsibility to remunerate teachers accordingly.

The GTUYTP in the position paper has indicated to the NEC to pursue with government the payment of the following allowances to teachers, Professional Allowance, Risk Allowance, WAEC Invigilation Allowance, Responsibility Allowance and a review of the Retention and Graduate Teacher Allowances respectively.

Accordingly, the National Executive Committee received the position paper during a NEC meeting held at the GTU Secretariat. A committee has since been established to review the position paper and do the needful.

Additionally, the position paper indicates that the National Executive has until 15th September 2022, to update the submitters of the position paper on the progress of engagement(s) with government.

Information and Communication Office-GTUYTP



Today, August 12, 2022 the world observes International Youth Day. The day is set aside to raise awareness of any issues that may be facing the world’s youth to celebrate their achievements.

This year’s theme: Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a world for all ages, harps on the need to collaborate to foster successful and equitable intergenerational relations and partnerships to ensure no one is left behind. While intergenerational solidarity and concern for the future generations is being called for in tackling global issues, many challenges remain.

Ageism according to the United Nations, continues to present a significant-yet, not sufficiently-discussed challenge to fostering collaboration and solidarity across age groups. Ageism has bearings on both older and younger populations around the world at large, The Gambia as a country and the Teaching Fraternity, in particular. It often times traverses with other forms of bias and impacts people in ways that prevent them to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

Reports on ageism indicate many data gaps that exist with regards to ageism against youth. Young people continue to report age-related barriers in various spheres of their lives such as employment, promotion, and political participation amongst others.
Therefore, fostering intergenerational solidarity between generations is more than necessary to ensure an inclusive and sustainable recovery.

We at the GTUYTP recognize efforts to promote and strengthen the youth voice in matters of the Union, the Sector and the Country at large. We recognize and thumbs up efforts to build the capacity of the youthful membership of the GTU. We must build on the gains registered and create more avenues to ensure that the youth voice is reflected in the programmes and policy designs of the Union.
We equally celebrate the gallantry efforts of young teachers and education support personnel across the country.

Evidently, the future of the Education Sector and the development of the country as well as the advancement of the Union largely rest on our collective contribution as young people of the profession and the Economy.

As we observe IYD 2022, we must also challenge Government to prioritize the development of young people in the teaching profession. This should include but not be limited to providing scholarships for them to develop themselves academically, reviewing policies to ensure deserving young teachers are promoted to different cadres in the Establishment as well as improving their socioeconomic welfare through incentives and allowances that commensurate the very challenging conditions they perform their duties.



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