NYSS - The Gambia

NYSS - The Gambia


Training of Trainers on Career Guidance and Counselling

In cooperation with PEM Consult GmbH, we have trained 28 participants from 12 partner institutions on career guidance and counselling.

The TOT was held on 27th June to 1st July 2022 at NAQAA Conference Hall in Kanifing.

The overall objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of teaching staff, trainers and counselors in post-secondary schools (high schools and vocational schools), TVET institutions, or other relevant organisations providing career guidance support to youth, parents and students alike in decision-making processes regarding career and employment and take into account labour market needs.

Selected participants for the Training of Trainers were drawn from the following partner institutions:

1. The University of The Gambia (Professional Development and Career Guidance Unit)
2. Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI)
3. Insight Training Centre in the Gambia (ITC)
4. Sterling Technical Training Centre (STTC)
5. Chamen Technical Training center (CTTC)
6. The President's International Award,the Gambia (PIA)
7. National Youth Service Scheme (NYSS - The Gambia)
8. Ministry of Youth & Sports (Gambia Songhai Initiative)
9. Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education(MoBSE) (Career Guidance Unit, Regional Focal Persons and Cluster Monitors)
10. Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (Department of Labour / Public Employment Service Unit/JobCentre)
11. National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI)
12. Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN Gambia Chapter)

The trainers are expected to conduct the implementation of the step-down multipliers training to 400 targeted beneficiaries in their various institutions.

working for Ministry of Higher Education,Research Science and Technology Germany in The Gambia
After too much of money put on us to be a better skillful individuals and so long of waiting finally the graduation date is announce, can the people on charge to check out our documents if the the Gambia college full-time done with it. After every education their is a proof for it. Since 2019 we completed our course but no proper proof to so off pls kindly work it for us.
Is the forms for plumbing out?
NYSS youth dialogue on the importance of skills acquisition. As part of our efforts in making sure every youth in the Gambia acquire skill.
Kaddy D. Jallow NYSS training officer was at QTV Wednesday 16 February 2022 to discuss the importance of skills acquisition.
We're with strong belief that skills acquisition will contribute greatly to economic development.
Let's support young Gambian to acquire skills for better Gambia
NYSS radio talk show at soma community radio station and taxi fm on the importance of skill acquisition, the important role the institution play to enable youths of the country to aquire marketable skills and the application forms for the 14 batch of the skill acquisition program.....
NYSS providing youth with marketable skills for employment or self-employment in the formal and informal sectors of the economy
NYSS is providing youth with marketable skills for employment or self-employment in formal and informal sectors of the economy
Pls the management of nyss we the students of gambia College a member of nyss intake 12 are here requesting our certificate from you pls
Great Mr Mendy.remember you were With us in Zimbabwe Lukosi Hwange


Operating as usual

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Update from NYSS:
As the world recognize youth Day today August 12 which is designated by the United Nations to celebrates, empower and recognize youth efforts. The Board, Management and staff of NYSS wishes all young people a Happy International Youth Day 2022..

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Update from NYSS:
The Ministry of Youth and Sports on Wednesday 10th August 2022 handed over 4X4Nissan Patrol vehicle to NYSS inorder to strengthen it's programs /activity implementations. The Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr Lamin Camara on behalf of the Hon Minister does the handing over of the keys to Mr Mustapha Badjie the Deputy Executive Director of NYSS who is overseeing the office of Executive Director the handing over that took place at the Ministry of youth and Sport quadrangle Banjul. Mr Badjie in receiving the vehicle, thanked the Ministry for their great
and insightful support saying this will improve the efficient service delivery of the scheme.
He assured the Ministry through the DPS that they will take good care of the vehicle.

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Update from NYSS:
The Deputy Executive Director of NYSS Mr. M. Badjie hi is currently taking part in the Development of New National Development Plan (NDP) at SeneGambia Beach Hotel coordinated by the Ministry of finance and Economic Affairs.

The New NDP as name "Green-focus National Development Plan" will set the Gambia governent's long term vision of 2050.

NYSS and other sister institutions under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and it's partner institutions will be looking at Youth related issues"

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The PRO of NYSS attending the launching of 2022 NAYCONF Banjul: National Organizing Committee on behalf of the Executive Director of NYSS:

The biennial event is expected to bring together over two thousand young people and other stakeholders to discuss issues of youth empowerment and development with the theme ‘The Role of Young People in the Maintenance of Peace and Security for Socio-Economic Development of the Country".

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Eid Mubarak: The Board, Management, Staff and Corp members of NYSS,, wishes all our Muslim members, Parents, care givers, friends, partners, Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports and his entire head of institutions under his watch, HE. President Adama Barrow and his entire cabinet a Happy and Blessed Eid Mubarak (Eid Al-Adha) 2022

Happy Tobaski and may we live to witness many happy returns

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Update from NYSS School awareness campaign: Day 4 took the team to three Schools in CRR and LRR (Brikamaba, Jarreng and Bureng senior and upper Basic Schools)

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 15/06/2022

Update from NYSS School awareness campaign Day 3: The team visited three Schools in URR (St Georges', Koba K***a and Fatoto upper and Senior Secondary Schools) gear towards raising awareness on the importance of aquaring marketable livelihood skills and opportunities available for them in country and the role of NYSS in national development..

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Update from NYSS School awareness campaign: The day 2 of the awareness campaign accord the team to visit four schools in NBR and CRR (Farafinne, Kaur, Armitage and Bansang) the awareness campaign is aim towards raising the important of aquaring marketable livelihood skills and the roll NYSS is playing in empowering our young people for them to take their rightful position in society.

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Update from NYSS School awareness campaign: The campaign team visited three Schools as part of it's first outing in NBR (Essau, Fass and Albreda Senior Secondary School). With the aim to informed our school going young people on the important of aquaring marketable skills for socioeconomic development and the role of NYSS in national development.

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Update from NYSS: NYSS kick start it's School awareness campaign of selected Schools in the Region on the role of NYSS in national development and the important of aquaring marketable livelihood skills in Essau Senior Secondary School


This show how ready you are in empowering our young people with marketable livelihood skills and we hope other councils will emulate you... Thank you

Janjanbureh Area Council paid D102,000 dalasi as its agreed counterpart contribution to NYSS toward Youth Empowerment in CRR South.

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 02/06/2022

Update from NYSS:
Borry Fatty the Regional staff of NYSS in CRR today received a cheque amounting to One Hundred and two thousand, Forty one Dalasis fifty bututs (D102,041.50) from towards their commitment of the 10 percent counter part contributions to NYSS as per NYSS Act.
We are happy to announced that, they are the first Council to pay all the arrears including the recent 14th Batch intake.
We sincerely thanked the Chairperson, the CEO and the Director of Finance on behalf of the entire council in fulfilling this much needed partnership support.We are proud of your support and recognizing this youth livelihood capacity building as one of the most valuable support to youth empowerment.
While we appreciate the gesture, we equally reach out to other councils to emulate this

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Update from NYSS:
The tour team continue their meeting with stakeholders along side paying the stipends to serving members within their own communities in the Regions and also take the opportunity to monitor the progress of the ATP serving Corp members with their Master craft person's and distributes protective shoes wear as part of the training package for those learning hard skill .We also advocate and encourage key stakeholders particularly the Area Council's to honour their counterpart contribution and seek more support from private sectors for more sustainable impact .
the nation through skill development

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Update from NYSS:
We changing the narrative through empowering our young people with marketable skills

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 24/05/2022

Update from NYSS:
A team of NYSS officials headed by Deputy Executive Director and Training Officer are currently in a nation wide tour to meet the stakeholders, Regional Authorities, serving corps members of both ATP and main program of 14th batch. It's amazing seeing our gallant youth contributing and bridging the gap in the skill industry in our mother land.


The NYSS Board of Directors, Management, Staff and Corp members received with joy on your re-appointment as our Minister of Youth and Sport. We are very proud of your achievement as a minister and we therefore sincerely congratulate you in your re-appointment.
We continue to pray for God Almighty's guidance and protection in the ex*****on of your much needed youth service delivery. Deservedly yours .

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Update from NYSS: We have successfully completed the orientation of the 14th batch of corps members that have undergone one month service receipt on various skills lectures, daily physical and drill exercises and community cleansing services including the Hospital, Stadium and Road side within the KM.
The colourful swearing in ceremony which took place at the Independent Stadium in Bakau was highly attended by dignitaries from office of the Chief Justice, Ministries, Satellite Institutions, partners, Area Councils and family members as invited guests.
We take this platform to thank all the attendants ,our able Guest Speaker Mr Ismaila Ceesay, The CEO of Insight Training Center the representative of the CDS and his team of deployed trainers, Deputy Police Commissioner KM, our own parent Ministry and staff.
To our new intake corps members we remain committed to their livelihood skill development and career development. We are proud and continue to supply the skill industry with quality service delivery.

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Update from NYSS:
The Deputy Executive Director also visited the ongoing perimeter fencing of the 30Hectars garden being contracted to our Ex Corp member trained on construction and carpentry respectively. NYSS facilitate youth skill development in order to build their self esteem, self confidence and the ability to take ownership of our skill industry

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 19/03/2022

Update from NYSS orientation camp: The Youth Service conducting and extending it's community service of cleaning to our own sister Institution (Independent Stadium and Friendship Hostel). As part of the Orientation, we give community service every Saturday to public Institutions within the environment. We thanks NEA and KMC for providing the sanitary materials to facilitate the exercise and next Saturday join us at the Serekunda General Hospital and environments

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The orientation in perspective:
The orientation received various key stakeholders from, The National Youth Council (NYC) National Enterprise Development Initiatives (NEDI, Starling Training Center, PIA Training Center, Gambia College and NYSS ex-Corp members who delivered lectures on various key thematic areas of their functions to youth empowerment and skill development .
The sessions generate lot of attentions and feedback, indicating an impact of the program. The objectives are to give a wide range of livelihood skill areas available in the country for the young people (Corp members) to help them make an informed choices as prepared final skill choice and most importantly to abreast with the basic requirement of their choice (skill).


orientation under way at nyssy


The newly intake of Corp Members of the 14th Batch today has lectures on Air Conditioning and Refrigerator.

Mr. Kawsu Badje TV and Radio presenter of STARFM/TV also an ex- Corp Member who underwent through this Scheme was the lecturer who was giving them the basics knowledge about this subject or skill area.

He also gave them some words of wisdom and advised them to acquire skills because of its importance.

He was Assisted by Lamin Sonko from GADHOH who severed as an interpreter to help other Corp Members that are Deaft and hard of hearing.

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 10/03/2022

As part of it's core mandate in supporting our young people, NYSS kick start it's 14th Batch training program at it's Orientation camp in Bakau on Monday comprising 150 young people from across the country including youth with hard of hearing or deaf (GADHOH) are presently under going one month orientation program which exposed them to various skills areas they will be choosing for their livelihood skill careers


The Director of Tevet at the MHERST Mr. A. Mendy delivering his statement on behalf of NYSS Board Chairman


Our able and commented Training Officer chairing the graduation ceremony of 13th batch of NYSS


The Corp member delivering vote of thanks on behalf of his colleagues n take the opportunity to called on government, NGOs and patterns for more support to establish their own businesses. They can do it he said...


The Deputy Executive Director Mr. M
Badjie delivering introduction remarked on the graduation ceremony..


NYSS graduation ceremony

NYSS graduation ceremony happening now. NYSS congrats our young graduating Corp members


NYSS Deputy Executive Director talking to young returnee

The Deputy Executive Director sensitized the youth returnees as part of the NYSS reintegration program into the society through livelihood skill training. The program was a three days engagement for over hundred returned migrants courtesy of the IOM support package for the youth returnees.


The Gambia National Youth Service Scheme is to graduate 154 youths as part of it's 13th Batch of young people that under gone two years skill training in various Tevet Training institutions in the country on Friday 4th March 2022 at it's orientation ground in Bakau at 10am and all well wishers, partners and parents are invited to attend.

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 09/09/2021

Update from NYSS'
The NYSS under the purview of the MOYS wrap up it's last phase of Orientation at LRR..The activity was able to orient 150 young people across the country is effectively being coordinate and facilitated by the NYSS Regional Committee under the leadership of Regional Governor as the chairperson .
The program is part of the piloted decentralized activity bankrolled by the Government with the 10% counterpart contributions from Area councils. The Board, management and staff of NYSS owe it to the society and Gambian Youth in harnessing their skill acquisition in order to support in the creation of wealth and employment in skill industry .
They have the potential to turnaround or transform our country's labour force in to a sustainable development.

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 06/09/2021

Update from NYSS:
NYSS kick Start their final phase of ATP orientation program with young people from of LRR.


Important of empowering our young people with marketable skills

Deputy Executive Director Mr. Badjie talk to NYSS Media..

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 24/08/2021

Update from NYSS:
The management and camp staff appreciate the Youth chair of Banjul Youth Committee and his Regional Youth Coordinator for creating time to visit us and share some words of wisdom to the trainees at our orientation camp...

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 24/08/2021

Update from NYSS:
NYSS kick Start another batch of orientation with young people from Banjul and North Bank Region at it orientation camp in Bakau...

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 13/08/2021

Update from NYSS:
The chairperson of KMYC Isatou Secka giving words of wisdom to his young people from KMC currently going under the orientation program..

Photos from NYSS - The Gambia's post 13/08/2021

Update from NYSS:
Our ATP Corp members in both CRR and URR have reported to their various workshop and centers for their skills training

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orientation under way at nyssy
NYSS graduation ceremony
NYSS Deputy Executive Director talking to young returnee
Important of empowering our young people with marketable skills
Executive Director talk NYSS PR Forum




The skills training programme is one of the most important phases in the scheme and could be regarded as the main thrust of the National Youth Service Scheme. The skills areas are:

1. Agriculture
a. Rice Production
b. Livestock
2. Tailoring
3. Information Technology
4. Electrical Installation
5. Electronic Repairs
6. Carpentry
7. Auto mechanics
8. Computer/PC Repairs and Maintenance
9. Hair-dressing and Beauty therapy
10. Masonry
11. Painting and Decoration
12. Plumbing
13. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
14. Welding Fabrication
15. Home Science/Catering
16. Maritime and Fishing




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