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Kokrobitey Institute

“One must go out of one’s house to begin learning…” The Kokrobitey Institute provides a unique environment for learning and creative exploration.

Centered on principles of sustainable development in art, design, and technology in the developing world, the institute is involved in ongoing education and studio projects designing learning materials, bags, and fashion accessories made with recycled materials. The Kokrobitey Institute is located in a small fishing village only about 20 miles outside of the capital of Ghana, Accra. Students would

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The Kokrobitey Institute had a great Maker's Workshop with the Lincoln Community School. Follow us on Instagram at kokrobitey.institute for more photos!

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Follow us on Instagram at kokrobitey.institute and stay connected with the Kokrobitey Institute!


New Internship Opportunities at the Kokrobitey Institute: Research, Education, Design, and Administration Interns

The Kokrobitey Institute welcomes passionate and forward thinking individuals to join our team in Ghana. Our internship program has projects that fit a wide range of interests in education, development, sustainability or design. We strive to be innovative in our approach to education and development.

Visit our website at kokrobiteyinstitute.org and email us your resume at [email protected] or [email protected]

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We had a great Teacher Training Maker's Workshop with CRS' LEAD teachers from Northern Ghana creating teaching learning materials with recyclables in our environment and sharing strategies to better manage classroom.


The Kokrobitey Institute welcomes the Catholic Relief Service's LEAD project for a week long teacher training with our Maker's Workshop!

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We want as many people as possible to come to our Teacher Training Institute. If you help us recruit for this program, we will reduce your tuition. If you can convince 3 individuals to join the program, we will reduce your tuition in half. But if you are able to recruit 5 individuals for this summer teacher training institute, you will not have to pay the tuition. Please bear in mind, these reductions do not impact travel costs associated with transportation to Ghana.


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The Me kit is our newest developmental project that ties together education, sustainability, and sanitation. We design and produce all Me kits at our Design Center out of recycled waste materials. Our goal is to cultivate hygienic eating practices in local schools by providing basic materials: cleaning fluid, sponge, bowls, eating tray. We have developed a curriculum alongside the Me kit to also supplement education.

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We recently finished an excellent order of bags for Pippa's Gym. KI can customize bags with your organization's logo and unique African textiles in bulk orders!

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We had a great table set up at the Australian High Commission Luncheon this week! KI now creates bulk order branded products for interested organizations that support our educational development programs in local schools.

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Recording audio for educational materials! Invite your friends to like our page and follow our progress

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Our Design Center is in full production!

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Kokrobitey Institute is back on Facebook! Photos coming soon

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