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Parents day
Monday 25th nobember 2019 opening of literacy week
Happy bornday greetings to Mr Andall.
Trust you will have a great day today and every other day in the future.

This is a page to display the activities of the Florida Government School.

Operating as usual


Parents and Guardians please take note.


Cover our nation’s students Heavenly Father with your precious blood as they venture to school this week under this abnormal circumstances...Amen!

youtube.com 04/09/2020

Jesus Loves the Little Children (with Lyrics)

youtube.com Song: Jesus Loves the Little Children Artist: Cedarmont Kids The original tune was written by George Frederick Root The original words were written by Clare ...


Ministry of Education Grenada

National Schedule for Schools - September 2nd, 2020

[09/02/20]   The Ministry of Education is using a staggered approach for the reopening of school for the first term September to December 2020.

Hence, the first week Monday 7th ~ Friday 11th is Orientation Week for ALL students.

Students are expected to be in school according to the following:

Monday 7th.. Grade 6 students ONLY.

Tuesday 8th.. Grade 5 students ONLY.

Wednesday 9th..Grade 4 students ONLY.

Thursday 10th.. Grade 1 and Grade 2 students ONLY.

Friday 11th.. Grade KG and Grade 3 students ONLY.

All sessions begin at 9:00am.

Students MUST be in FULL uniform.

All students MUST wear a mask or any other face covering!
All other Covid 19 protocols will be STRICTLY adhered to.

[09/02/20]   Greetings to all parents and guardians! We are pleased to take the opportunity to welcome back all our students to the new school year 2020~2021.
It is not normal times and because of this we encourage you to remain calm, to be positive in your thinking and continue to encourage your children to work hard and do their best at all times.
The principal and staff are committed to making the transition from home to school a smooth and safe one for all our students.
Let’s all work together to make this year a success.


FGS takes the opportunity to first congratulate our students for earning a place in the 2020 CPEA exams and to secondly wish them great success on their journey through secondary school.

Best Wishes!! 100% passes!!


[05/14/20]   Useful Language Arts facts


Worksheet School

50+ Addition Worksheets Free Download

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Worksheet School

Three digit addition worksheets - https://worksheetschool.com/addition-worksheets/


Good morning to all our parents and guardians...what a beautiful day to be in the land of the living...let’s give God thanks and praise for his never ending mercies...Let’s continue to keep ourselves and students safe.



Prism special


My Study Buddy

🌸Parts Of A Flower 🌸

•PETALS- The flat, broad, generally coloured structures present in a flower.🥀

•SEPAL - The small, green, leaf life structure present at the base of the flower. 🍃

•STAMEN - The male reproductive organs of a flower. It consists of the filament and the anther.🌷

•PISTIL - The female reproductive organs of a flower. It consists of stigma, style, ovaries and ovules. 🌺

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Ministry of Education Grenada

[04/20/20]   Dear Parents,Guardians and Students,

The Principal and Staff of the Florida Government School take the opportunity to welcome you all to the new school term...Virtual Trinity Term.

As pronounced by our Minister of Education this term would be one where teaching and learning would be done online through various forms of educational platforms including the MSTAR platform which was recently introduced by the Ministry of Education.

We acknowledge that these would be challenging times for teachers, parents and students but once we work together great success can come out of this.

Happy New School Term and God Bless!


GIS - Government Information Service of Grenada

Praise and worship by the Grenada Conference of Churches for the commencement of Trinity Term 2020

Commencement of Trinity Term 2020 Prayer & Praises


GIS - Government Information Service of Grenada

Commencement of Trinity Term 2020 Prayer & Praises


GIS - Government Information Service of Grenada



From the Staff and Students of the Florida Government School.



Five tips for helping your children learn at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The staff and students of the Florida Government School takes this opportunity to extend birthday wishes to Rev. Dr. Anthony George. We wish you God’s blessings on this special day...we pray long life, health and happiness upon your life. We love you and hope that you enjoy it...🎁🎂🙏❤️

entertainkidsonadime.com 17/03/2020

100 Activities To Do At Home During School Closures | Entertain Kids on a Dime Blog

entertainkidsonadime.com Hi Everyone! I have created a helpful guide for all of you to survive the upcoming school closures. Many of these activities listed below will require some supplies. Most items you could find at the Dollar Store. Enjoy the list! 100 KIDS ACTIVITIES TO DO AT HOME 1) LAUNDRY BASKET SKI BALL www.frugal...


Bless Week to All Teachers ❤️


Clean Up Campaign of the School’s Surroundings spearheaded by the students of Grade 1 on the topic ‘Litter’....we were assisted by the students of Grades 4,5 and 6...learning the dangers of littering, the importance of a clean environment and how they can play their part to save the environment and it’s inhabitants....#educationthroughexperience....#savingthenvironment #playingtheirpart #educationthroughfun #fgs #schooling #teaching


Students of Grades 2 & 3 end of Unit activity...Visited the Plaisance Estate in Florida...getting a first hand experience of what is an estate/ a plantation, looking at the crops grown and learning how they benefit our economy.....#educationthroughexperience #seedolearn #reallifeexperience #educationthroughfun #fgs #schooling #teaching


Excerpts from our Mini Independence Showcase 🇬🇩🇬🇩 #46years #independence #celebration #fgs #educationthroughculture

[02/10/20]   Dear Parents and Guardians please take note that school will be dismissed tomorrow at 1:45pm. This early closure is to facilitate teachers attendance to a special meeting called by the GUT at the GBSS auditorium. Please ensure that proper arrangements are being made to pick your child/children up after school. Thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.


Special Story Reading by Sister Gennalyn...Thanks to the Gouyave Open Bible Church for making this morning possible ❤️❤️


Special Assembly to start our School’s Week of Activities to celebrate our 46th year of Independence as Nation👍🏽👍🏽


Don't miss it!


Help A Teacher


Help A Teacher


Help A Teacher

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Special Story Reading by Sister Gennalyn...Thanks to the Gouyave Open Bible Church for making this morning possible ❤️❤️
Some well wishers providing uniforms to some students...Thank you Ms Carol and family. God  be with you
World water day
Pre School send off





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