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πŸ“ Conveniently located on Heath Mill Industrial Estate
πŸ‘ΆOffering full time & part time care for children aged 0-5 years old.
πŸ™‹πŸ»Qualified, passionate, and child-centred team
πŸ† Part of 'Award Winning' The Old Station Nursery Group

Operating as usual


🌞 Summer Has Arrived! 🌞

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we are running a competition for our registered children to win a FREE SESSION THIS FRIDAY!

Leave your child with us while you prepare the garden for a
fun-filled weekend with your little one.

We love our nursery community and want to share the amazing
things we do to nurture children in their early years
education with more people.

How to Win:

1. Like this post
2. Share this post
3. Tag a friend in the comments below


πŸ“… Competition closes: Thursday 27th June | 9.00am
πŸ“ž Winner will be notified by 1pm on Thursday 27th June
πŸ† Prize is non-transferable: Must be redeemed on Friday 28th June 2024
πŸ’· Competition does not require payment to enter
1️⃣ One entry only per person
πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Your child must already be registered at our nursery
⭐ Free sessions per nursery are subject to availability
πŸͺœ Steps 1, 2 and 3 above are required to be entered
β›” Prize is not sponsored, endorsed, administrated by or associated with Facebook
πŸ₯·πŸ» Beware of scammers! Our Nursery Manager will contact you via telephone to advise if you are our winner


The sunshine has finally arrived β˜€οΈ

Can we please ask you to ensure that you are providing your child with:

Sun Hat - Can this please be labelled with your child's name.

Sun Cream - We do provide sun cream however if your child has an allergy to sun cream we would ask you to provide your own. If you could apply sun cream on your child before they attend nursery it would be appreciated.

Drinks Cup - Please can you ensure your child has a cup at nursery and we will ensure that they drink plenty throughout the day.

Appropriately Dressed - Please can you ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the current weather, we understand that it can be cooler at drop off, therefore we are happy to remove cardigans and hoodies if need be.

Spare Suitable Clothing - You may find that the children will do water play to try and keep them as cool as possible so please pack more clothes for the children to get changed into if they get wet.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 20/06/2024

The children have had some special visitors today πŸ¦‰πŸ

One of our lovely parents brought in some animals for the children to look at. The children throughout the nursery had the opportunity to look at the animals and touch them. The children saw and Owl, Snake, Guinea Pig, Skunk and many more.

The children loved having the visitors and have spoken so much about their experience. This visit has fitted in nicely with Mr Messy's enjoying their interest of animals these past two weeks.

A special thank you to our lovely parent for giving the children this experience at nursery ❀️

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 20/06/2024

The children in babies have been enjoying playing on the soft play and in the ball pit. The children have been climbing onto the soft play blocks as well as building towers with them and then knocking them over.

The children also enjoyed taking the balls out of the ball pit and throwing them, the practitioners spoke about the colours of the balls and supported the children with trying to recognise the colours.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 19/06/2024

The children is Mr Messy's have created their own obstacle course outside in the garden with the wooden planks. The children worked out how they were going to get across the wooden planks and they discussed that they would need to go slowly.

The children held out their arms as they walked slowly across the planks, whilst the other children watched and cheered the children on.


Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in our children's lives. We hope you all enjoy your day today, we are sure you will love the gifts from the children too.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 30/05/2024

The children in Mr Messy's have been talking about food this week as it is a big interest. The children have been speaking about their favourite foods and doughnuts being one of them! 🍩
The practitioners supported the children with creating a their own doughnuts using apples, icing sugar and sprinkles. The children enjoyed decorating their own and then eating them afterwards for snack. 😁


From September 2024 there are new funding options available for babies at nursery - meaning a considerable reduction in fees for many families.

The funded hours are in addition to the 15 government-funded hours for all 3-year-olds and enhanced 15 hours for eligible families and are available to working families with children aged 9 months to 3 years.

We’ve created a useful guide to help you and your family determine eligibility and explore cost-saving opportunities.

Download your free guide here:

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 01/05/2024

Mr Messy's have made smoothies πŸ“πŸŒ

PC Paws was on standby sat by the children to ensure they were keeping each other safe! The children did an amazing job of cutting up the fruit, pouring milk into the blender and then operating the blender.

The children enjoyed trying the smoothies that they had made. The practitioners will agree that they were yummy. πŸ˜ƒ

What is your favourite smoothie?
Mr Messy's loved strawberries and bananas together.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 26/04/2024

♻️ Do You Recycle? Mr Messy's Do ♻️

This week the children in Mr Messy's have been talking about recycling. The children have spoken about what things can be recycled and chose the correct box for it to go in.

The children have also been and emptied the recycling bin that we have in the room into the big main recycling bin on our car park. The children were able to take what they had learned and ensure the correct items are being recycled. πŸ›’

The children wanted to create a car wash out of the items that have been collected, with the help from practitioners the children created a car wash in the tuff tray πŸš—

The practitioner set up an activity around using some of the materials which we could reuse the children had fun with blowing bubbles through plastic resources

The children also had a tuff tray where they had to rescue animals from the ocean with all the rubbish that had been thrown into it/ 🐬🐟
The children learned about the effects of littering and what happens to animals if they get caught in the different types of litter.

It has been so lovely to hear that the children have gone home talking about recycling and wanting to help πŸ˜„

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 26/04/2024

The children in Mr Smalls have been looking at animal cards. The children have been pointing to the pictures and the practitioners have been saying what it is and what sound it makes. Some of the children were able to copy the sounds as well as what the animal was called. 🐷🐹🦁

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 25/04/2024

The children in Mr Bumps have been doing colour mixing, the children had the opportunity to pour the paint into the paint pallet 🎨

The children then used a paintbrush to mix the paint up and to see what colour it would make. The children created some beautiful art work with the colours that they had created. πŸ–Œ

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 25/04/2024

The children in Mr Mischiefs have enjoyed making biscuits, the children helped to put the ingredients into the bowl. The children had the opportunity to use the wooden spoon to mix all the ingredients together, once the mixture was all combined with the help from staff, the children were able to roll the dough and then choose which cutter they wanted to use to create their biscuit. πŸͺ

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 23/04/2024

September last year the children in Mr Messy's drew a self portrait. Fast forward 6 months the children have done another self portrait and the difference in 6 months is amazing.

The children have worked hard to gain control with the pencils as well as coming on with how they draw themselves. The conversations that have been had is so lovely, the children were more engaged as they were able to describe features about themselves.

Both times the children had a mirror in front of them and pencils for them to create themselves on paper. I think you would all agree the children have come on so well and done an amazing job of their self portraits. πŸŽ¨πŸ–


Happy St George's Day from everyone here at Sandhills Heath Mill❀️


Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 22/04/2024

Happy Earth Day🌎

Today the children in Mr Mischiefs have been celebrating Earth Day, they have been talking about the different weathers. The children have had the opportunity to do a sensory walk. The children were encouraged to take their socks and shoes off and walk along, grass, cotton wool balls and water.

The children had a conversation about the textures they could feel on their feet.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 17/04/2024

The children in Mr Smalls have been exploring sand. The babies were very unsure of the feel of the sand. The babies also had the opportunity to do empty and filling using spoons as they scooped the sand up and put it into the bowls.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 17/04/2024

The children in Mr Bumps have been talking about big and small this week, they have done a variety of activities around this.
The children have had the opportunity to do some printing with a variety of shapes and they have spoken about which one is the biggest and which one is the smallest.
The children also had the chance to make sandcastles in the sand and they spoke about which one was the biggest and which one was the smallest.

The children enjoyed playing in the sand as well talking about the textures of the sand, as the sand was wet in the morning and dry by the afternoon.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 16/04/2024

Mr Messy's have been learning about their bodies. The children did a 30 minute workout, they spoke about their heart rate before they did the workout and then they spoke about their heart rate after the workout. The children said "it's beating really fast"

The children then lead onto about eating healthy, the children made fruit kebabs with PC Paws keeping a very close eye on the children.

PC Paws is our Safety Mascot, he watches over the children to ensure that the children are keeping themselves safe as well as others.

The children were able to cut up the fruit using a knife and then put them onto the skewers, the children were able to choose what fruit they wanted to put on their fruit kebabs. The children also enjoyed eating them πŸ“πŸ‡


Today is the day that the parents of children in Mr Messy's will find out what school your little one will be going to!

When you find out can you please let Katie or Ashleigh know in the office please or you can speak to the Mr Messy's team.

We hope you all get the school that you wanted and we cannot wait to invite the teachers from the schools in to see your little ones to get them ready for school πŸ“˜βœοΈ


We have Parents Evening on the Wednesday 24th April.

If you have not booked in already and would like to please drop us an email [email protected] or phone us on 01902896317

Parents Evening gives you the opportunity to talk to your little ones key person in regards to their development and how they are doing at nursery πŸ’™

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 11/04/2024

The children in Mr Messy's have been talking about Eid and have had the opportunity to try Indian food. There was samosa's, onion bahaji's, naan bread, chicken pakoras and poppadoms.

The children have watched videos about Eid, Nasmin has spoken about what happens during an Eid, Nasmin showed pictures to the children of what they wear for Eid celebrations. The children enjoyed hearing the stories that Nasmin was saying and they engaged in conversation.



Have you seen our Home Library πŸ“š

We have lots of books for you to take away and read with your little ones.
There is also the chance to gain stickers every book that you and your little one read, to put on your own bookmark.
We will celebrate with you when you and your little one gain 10 stickers with a certificate. πŸŽ‰
Once you have read a book with your little one if you come to the office, we would be more than happy to give your little one a sticker to put on their bookmark.


Eid Mubarak to all celebrating today!β­οΈπŸŒ™πŸ€



Today we have come to nursery wearing our bright colours to show our support for Autism Awareness Week. It is lovely to see the children dressed in all their bright colours ☺️.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 04/04/2024

The children in Mr Mischiefs have been exploring a spring tuff tray. They have continued this from their flowing painting, so they have been able to explore the textures of the flowers as well as smelling the variety of flowers. The children had playdough in the tuff tray for the children to try and put the stems of the flower into the playdough to create their own flower display.

The children have also been able to use the playdough cutters which were a different variety of flowers to create different shapes.

Photos from Sandhills Day Nursery Heath Mill's post 03/04/2024

The children in Mr Messy's have been exploring spaghetti, with counting eggs. The children have been creating nests for the eggs to go in by moulding the spaghetti together. The children have been counting how many eggs they can fit into a nest that they created. The children also had the opportunity to use the tweezers to try and pick the spaghetti up, using their fine motor skills.

The children did not end their learning there as they wanted to use scissors to cut the spaghetti afterwards, the children then cut the spaghetti into different lengths and had a conversation about the size of the spaghetti and which one was the smallest and which one was the longest.


World Autism Week 2nd April to 8th April

Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) is a lifelong condition that can affect a person's social skills, such as communication and the way they interact with other people. It is estimated that there are around 700,000 Autistic people in the UK. The aim of Autism Acceptance Week (formerly known as Autism Awareness Week) is to help more people understand what autism is, as well as the ways it can affect life for Autistic people.

We would like to raise awareness and by doing so asking you to put your little ones into bright colours on Friday 5th April.



The children in Mr Bumps have been out for a walk this morning to Sainsbury's. The children noticed the shadow that was on the floor from the sun reflecting. A conversation happened about how the staff member looked "big" from what they could see on the floor, this then lead to further conversations about shadows and how they appear.

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Heath Mill House, Heath Mill Road

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Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
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