Michael Pulman The Anxiety Coach

Michael Pulman The Anxiety Coach


Definitely releasing another Jewel of the middle east tour soon, for Feb/March 2023

Here's a shot taken as the sun sets above our deep desert camp, Michael James Pulman The Anxiety Coach taking it all in ❤🇯🇴
I would like to say a big thank you to Michael for helping me with my phobia and anxiety I suffer from when having an MRI scan. After a consultation with him I overcome my fears and for the first time when I had an MRI scan this evening I was so confident and the fears I usually suffer from had gone. I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers with phobias and anxiety.
I have severe Anxiety, Depression and IBS.
Also selfharm.
Do you help with this ?
I have just shared a direct recommendation from a client into my group 🙂
Big hug bro x
Thank you Michael for my session today and for giving me the opportunity of experiencing your new audio tape which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can highly recommend this tape, it is so in depth. When it is released, I would recommend people buy it. I promise it won't be regretted and will always be available to listen to.
Once again, thank you Michael, you're brilliant xx
Michael 12 months ago 25 October 2016 I had my first session with you, since childhood had suffered anxiety, depression, lack of confidence. Had reached the point where I needed help, I begged for help.
At my first session you put me completely at ease, you listened to everything I had to say. At the end of session my life I felt completely transformed, all my problems disappeared, a miracle happened. I felt a zest for life all my problems disappeared I wanted to embrace all that life offered. I continued with all my sessions and 12 months on still enjoy life, welcome every new day with enthusiasm, look forward to new challenges, I am so happy. Thank you so much Michael you've helped me beyond recognition.
For people who are suffering like I was, just make one phone call to you, just one that's all it takes and your life could change forever.
What a great guy, can't say enough nice things about Michael Pulman.. I was dubious whether he would want to take me on as I had so many issues, I felt at the time.. but Michael was reassuring and honest with me.. even getting me to laugh at something he said.. only 6 weeks ago! Just 6 weeks have passed and I feel almost back to my old self.. very professional, kind, charming fella.. bloody Bostin Michael ! 👍

I help 30+ professional women overcome anxiety limiting beliefs to gain Confidence Clarity Certainty

Book your Free Discovery Call

5 Session Packages Available

Resolve Anxiety
Manage Stress
End Panic Attacks
Increase Self Esteem
Improve Confidence
Change Negative Thoughts & Feelings

Operating as usual


Anyone out and about I’ll be at the Lichfield food festival today.
Say hi if you see me


“ Design your perceptions, then design your behaviours , then the task you want to achieve becomes simple “


“ We live in the feeling of our thinking” … now say that again.


Are you ready to change your life?

Can you imagine how that would feel and what it would mean?

No more anxiety or self doubt ❤️💙


All change is possible and can happen quicker than you think. If you want to know more then please get in touch

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Great start to the morning joining Radio WM and talking about mental health awareness and the importance of speaking out for help.

To all those taking GCSE’s just do your best. It will all be ok ❤️💙


Are you ready for a new you next week or will it be the same excuses?

Make a decision •Take Action• See it through

Need help?…. Inbox me for a free chat

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As part of Mental Health Awareness Week I’ll be LIVE on BBC Radio WM next Monday at 07:30

I hope you can tune in 😊


What if I could help you talk to that voice so it started to work with you and not against you

I’m looking to work with you if you suffer from…

Panic attacks
Bad habits
Negative thinking

Telephone consultations are free & confidential

In just 1-5 sessions all change is possible


Your thoughts are not real. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true


Are you ready ?
All change is possible


All change is possible


Are you ready to smash down that wall?

All change is possible 💙❤️

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All change is possible ❤️💙

✅Phobias fixed
✅Behaviours changed
✅Anxiety ended
✅Mental conflict resolved
✅Stress lowered
✅Confidence improved

What you resist persists… let’s help you reset and get back on track


Did you know that distance is not an issue when working with me

More and more clients are booking in sessions using Zoom and guess what…

Zoom sessions work just as effectively and the bonus is…

You can enjoy the process of change from the comfort of your own home

✅ It saves time travelling
✅ Save money not using fuel or public transportation
✅ No parking fees
✅ Works just as effectively


Good morning everyone. Is it me or are the weeks flying by?


Procrastinating is self sabotage

Fear of failing… fear of succeeding

The constant “ What Ifs” revolving in your mind

I can help you end all of that. It’s what I do.

End the excuses. Stop distracting yourself and start doing

All change is possible!… Let’s chat ⬇️



Good morning everyone.
Have you set your positive intentions for today?

I’m feeding my mind & body today. Workout at the gym followed by some reading.

Set your intention and make it happen ❤️💙


Now fully booked until mid June
Still taking telephone consultations 💙❤️


What you resist persists!

Stop distracting yourself from putting the work in and resolving your problems

All change is possible quicker than you think!


To all my clients and followers… Have a wonderful weekend ❤️💙


Fears, phobias, anxiety are learned behaviours

You can unlearn them… and remember

Change can happen quicker than you think


What kind of sorcery is this?

My moms a massive fan… me I prefer my banana in yoghurt 😂


Can I help you overcome anxiety, phobias… negative thinking?

Telephone consultations are free and confidential so remember…

Change can happen quicker than you think!


The most common issues people are asking me to resolve

• Generalised anxiety / Social
• Panic attacks
• Worried about needing the toilet when out ( massive since Covid )
• Fear motorway driving
• Fear flying
• Traumatic memories from childhood
• Guilt
•Emetophobia ( fear seeing / being sick)

Need help?… message to learn more


Some people have a problem for every solution. You can’t help people who refuse to believe in themselves or that a current situation can be resolved.


With just a tiny flame of belief…

All change is possible!


Decide to have a good day a good week. See yourself reacting, feeling and living the way you want to live. Make it happen ❤️💙

Antidepressants increase the risk of su***de for some patients, scientists warn 23/04/2023

Antidepressants increase the risk of su***de for some patients, scientists warn

Medicine is not always the answer

Other methods exist to help resolve depression and anxiety

Please get in touch if you need support

Antidepressants increase the risk of su***de for some patients, scientists warn Research into reports of people taking their own life showed drugs can be the motive and also give them the means


IT’s National Tea Day … I’m going for 2D. What’s yours?


All Change Is Possible!

This weeks clients have…

Stopped panic attacks
Stopped drinking alcohol
Conquered a fear of motorway driving
Ended emetophobia ( fear of sick)
Stopped feeling guilty after 26 years

I wonder what next week’s clients will achieve

Have a great weekend ❤️💙


Do you have a fear of getting into lifts or confined spaces?

Harminder used to be not after our work together

Do you want to be able to feel relaxed and calm too?

Telephone consultations are free⬇️



Fear of motorway driving?… No problem


But what if I could help you imagine scenarios that made you feel better until you actually made them scenarios real!

No more panic attacks
No more anxiety
No more self doubt
No more trauma
No more “ I can’t “
No more “What ifs”
No more phobias

Get in touch to learn more it’s free and confidential



Are you ready to create a new and better life for yourself?

Change can happen quicker than you think


Absent friends ❤️💙


Change can happen faster than you think

Decades of anxiety, fear or phobias can be resolved in a matter of minutes

Now allow yourself to imagine how that could change your life for the better

Want to know more?… private message me to book your free telephone consultation

Sessions face to face and via Zoom

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Free Anxiety Relief Techniques followed by another Deep Relaxation Session •Share the word guys ❤️•Free Gift Ebook below...
DEEP LIVE Relaxation session…. Enjoy 😊





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