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NH Training Academy

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All Made Up Improv
All Made Up Improv

Fast track hair and beauty courses
Accredited and insurable
Start your beauty career today!

our friendly team is always on hand to advise on the best course for your future career �

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Photos from NH Training Academy's post 23/02/2024

In celebration of my birthday next month iv put some unbeatable packages together for all you boss babes who have goals to level up in 2024!

Add all courses to your basket and use the code to claim your discount!

Secure with as little as £50 or use klarna and clearpay and spread the payment 🫶

Limited time only ⏰️

Photos from NH Training Academy's post 20/02/2024

Salon space for rent inside the academy ⬇️⬇️

We have a furnished room available fulltime - would suit a range of treatments
Must be established and have a client base

Beds on shop floor & chairs - 3 days minimum or fulltime available
Would suit
Hair extensions/blowdrys/hairstylist

Self employed professionals with own clientele is essential and preferred, happy to discuss!

Located on a busy main road
On street parking
WiFi included
Easily accessible

Happy to discuss the rates with those interested.
Please message or call us on 01924781464


💥Thia Thursday & Friday 💥
Brow lamination & Lash lift and tint
£250 each or get both for £299!!
Super steal 😍💥
DM today to secure a space
Klarna and clearpay available


The bigger the goal the better! The more it will push you to becoming the version of you that deserves all you desire!

I'm never going to tell you, 'come down to reality', I'm never going to tell you 'settle for what you have' and I'm never going to tell you to 'be realistic'.

I love the dreamers, the doers, the people who go for all they want no matter the obstacles they face! I love the people who wake up with goals on their mind, the vision printed in their heart and are so happy to just keep going and working on themselves in the process!

Your my type of person 💚🫶

Photos from NH Training Academy's post 15/02/2024

Invest into skills that bring you in income forever 💸💸💸

Learning a skill and utilising it as a service based career can literally change your life.

You can work your way to becoming your own boss, choose your own working hours, choose the clients you decide to intake, and earn YOUR WORTH.

Choosing to pursue a career in beauty opens you up to working in the buzzing salon vibe, the 1 to 1 home based service, or the mobile convenience appointments. Each of which has a huge potential of clients!

If your tired of been tied down to the 9 to 5 and want to seek a way our jump into our inbox and let's discuss which course is right for you!!


After any course I always advise students to do minimum 5 models to build confidence and content with the skills.

On a course you learn the foundations of that skill, and you should put time and effort into building those skills.

We have opened up the academy to previous students to be able to come in a rent a space for the day for the additional practice, content and Confidence with in our safe environment.

These days are just £25 for the day and can help your growth immeasurably.

You can DM us to book a day of content and Confidence, provide your own models or we can help with that too!!


It literally only took me 1 decision to change my life! It took me deciding to discontinue all the thoughts of lack, scarcity and doubt and flip them into abundance and always been provided for, trust and faith and knowing that nothing happens over night it takes commitment and courage to move forward with a vision only I could see!

And that was it, I left my stable job in a salon as a 22 YO mum of 2 and went fully self employed! I burned all my boats and went in with 1 plan. And that 1 decision has led me to where I am today. From building a successful mobile business to a thriving beauty academy owner - my name above my dream academy 💚✨️🦋

It took internal work, internal shifts and most of all telling myself a different story!

We are all so programmed from a young age to 'play it safe' well playing it safe doesn't get you the life you truly want. What gets you there is MINDSET. A mindset that is worked on every single day. The mind is a mental muscle and should be trained to take your commands and turn them into your reality.

Your mind moves the body into action, and I learned this unbeknowing from such a young age that has allowed me to take the reins of my life and shape it how I want.

Now this doesn't mean I havnt suffered lessons along the way but all they do is teach me more.

You have the power and capability to change your life literally overnight by making a different decision, will you see the reward of that decision over night? No but slowly you will be living in a completely different lifestyle! If your looking for a quick fix you might aswell stop now but if your looking to dedicate your life to growth then you can start right now!

Make the decision and move forward, I know the girl in this picture thanks me for taking a leap of faith into us 💚

Photos from NH Training Academy's post 12/02/2024

What course is on the horizon for you in 2024? 😍😍 My frav subject to discuss!

✔️ Aesthetics
✔️ Facials
✔️ Lashes
✔️ Brows
✔️Hair extensions

Drop it in the comments and we can have a chat about it!

Loving these before and afters!


Ladies am I right!? Or am I right? 😍💚

Photos from NH Training Academy's post 10/02/2024

Starting a beauty business is one of the most scariest yet rewarding journeys you will ever take!

Investing into yourself and a career when you can't see the end result yet can feel like a huge risk but in reality it's a massive opportunity for growth with in yourself, you income and where it can take you!

I'm always so proud of every single student who comes in scared and leaves scared but still goes all in on themselves!

Sometimes the best journey you will ever take is one where you have to just trust the process ✨️



Learn beauty skills in the comfort of your own home! 💻

✔️Easily accessible
✔️Own online student portal
✔️Full video tutorials
✔️No time limit to complete

You can use these courses to get yourself up running and thriving in the beauty industry!

With support on hand via email and telephone it's never been easier to learn a skill online 😍



So many amazing women coming into the academy and making the choice to change their current circumstances and put themselves first!

I love to see it.

Your life is everything you make it, just imagine doing a course now and experiencing a fully booked Christmas this year of incredible clients, way more income, and just feeling super happy and content. Ahhhh bliss ✨️

Make it happen for yourself 💚


Confidence & content days are always available to book via the website! 👀⬇️

We have opened up our academy to previous students to be able to come in for the day, build their confidence doing treatments, do models, get content all with in a cost effective workspace.

You will be able to book these via the website and we can help with providing models or you can provide your own for the day!

This gives students and models access to free WiFi, refreshments & bathroom facilities!

This is going to help so many starters in the industry build confidence to build that dream beauty business 😍💚


Smashing goals all 2024 ✨️

Watching other people tick goals off is the best feeling! 💚


It was only when I started working on myself internally that my external life changed ✨️⬇️

So many people sit back and accept 'the cards they have been dealt' well that's just not the case! That's a programming mechanism that has been installed from the generations before us.

The real truth is we all have the ability to change our external world to be however we want it to be. But instead of believing this, people start looking for the reasons why they can't! Again apart of the programming you have been subjected to all your life.

What you really need to do is change the way you think consciously. Your mind thinks 60-70k thoughts every day and alot of your thinking is the same every single day! Crazy isn't it. So in order to change that programming you have to start thinking thoughts of what you want, egnoring the fact you may feel like you could never or your current circumstances, and continue planting thoughts of the life your truly want to live.

It's such a simple concept and one so many people reject again down to the programming telling them that could never work. IT DOES WORK AND IT CHANGES YOUR LIFE.

If your mind is continuously telling you your unworthy, broke, unhappy, lonely, depressed and always looking for the bad your going to experience bad! If your mind is telling you your worthy, abundant, rich, surrounded by loving people, and happy your life will be so much more fruitful.

You have the ability to change and the choice to change daily. Start consciously creating a new program to operate from!


Be fearless, be consistent, and take the action required to make your goals and plans a part of your reality!

Step into the version of you who isn't afraid to go for every fucxing thing she deserves ✨️


Nail tech in 2024? 💅


Passing a course isn't an achievement for the moment it's an achievement for life that keeps giving and growing the more you feed the skills you have learned 💚

These courses set you up for life, to be able to earn around commitments, to be able to get some freedom back and to build a life you love!

Let's discuss your future in the industry
✔️Eyelash courses
✔️Eyebrow courses
✔️Facial courses
✔️Nail courses
✔️Hair extension courses
✔️Aesthetic courses

Photos from NH Training Academy's post 29/01/2024

Student smashed these 💉💉
When you learn the correct way to administer dermal filler and botzx you get incredible results time after time.

Always so proud of all our students!
Thinking about aesthetics?
Comment 'aesthetics' and we will DM you


Model slot available for eyebrow wax and tint this afternoon 12.30pm If anyone would like their brows done x


Every master was once a beginner! ✨️

Fall in love with the process of getting better in every area of life 💚

You can check out our in academy courses:

Online courses:

⭐️5 star training academy
📩[email protected]


Your stronger than you give yourself credit for!
The silent battles are there to help you grow that warrior strength, that resilience and your mind 💪🏾

Make sure through everything you take time out to honour yourself and all you have pulled through, take regular days off to honour your mental health, take regular walks in the woods to connect with earth, take regular self care days because you deserve it.

Love always 💚


2024 is for smashing goals only! Living in peace, purpose and going for everything you desire ✨️

Only YOU can make it happen! We can help and assist but ultimately you have to take the first step 💚


Can't get to us in our academy in wakefield?
We have you covered with our range of online courses! 👋🏼

Learn from the comfort of your own home from any device! 🤳

Our online education is all delivered on your own learning portal where you can easily access all your theory slides along with voiced over tutorials to ensure your learning the skill.

There's no time limit to complete the course and our tutors are always on hand via phone, email and social media!

Set up your beauty business with our courses! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Photos from NH Training Academy's post 21/01/2024

Spread the cost of your next course booking using one of our payment partners Klarna or Clearpay!

You can choose to spread the cost and train on our next available date!

Interest free payments allow you to get yourself up and running without having to pay out up front on your course without the wait for paydays!

Get up and running by spreading the cost on your courses 💚


Gratitude post 📫 🙏
Expressing my gratitude today for all new and returning students, you make the academy possible and I love meeting you all and building relationships that last 💚

I'm deeply grateful for the academy I have created and all the people we have been able to help and assist on their journey with in the beauty industry.

I'm also very grateful for all the people who speak highly of our education to others and leave us amazing reviews!

What are you grateful for today? Let me know!


Hey 👋 My names Niela and I'm the owner of NH Training Academy!

Here's 5 facts about me 👀🙈

1. I'm a mother of 2 amazing children 12 and 9 year old. My babies are my reason and my strength.

2. Iv been in the industry from 15 years old and love every single part of it. My first job in the industry was as a Saturday girl in a Barber shop!

3. I have been educating going on 5 years now and there's nothing more I love than to educate, elevate and motivate other incredible women / men. My academy is my life.

4. I love to cook food (and eat it too 😋) this is my way of switching off and pouring from my heart into food!

5. I'm very spiritual you will see crystals and sage in academy, I have been meditating for over 7 years, I can also read cards and love to give people messages. (I have decks and decks in my office 🙈)

Tell me something about you! ⬇️

Photos from NH Training Academy's post 18/01/2024

Take a look inside our classic eyelash course! 👀⬇️

The day starts with theory delivery from the tutor to ensure students understand the treatment in depth.

We then move onto dollhead work and work on placement of lashes. Before lunch we do removal on the dollhead, also covering peeling the lashes for maintenance.

After lunch is go time where students get to practice on a live model. Students can provide their own model or we can from our dedicated model group.

Students leave knowing exactly how to do a full set of lashes, they know how to maintain, remove, provide aftercare and so much more.

Upon completion students can go and set up from home, mobile or in a salon with skills that bring in amazing income and work around their commitments!

We equip students for success along with after course support!

Want more info on our classic lash course comment 'classic lashes' and I will DM you!


Your 5 star training academy where your education is our number 1 priority.

Ensuring you feel supported and knowledgeable on the treatments you have learned with us is a must.

We strive to provide excellence when it comes to passing on the beauty industry to new comers!

Rated 5 star on both Facebook and Google


2 brow lamination and tint model slots tomorrow in academy ⬇️⬇️⬇️
10.15 & 12.30
Just £10

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Wakefield?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

About Niela Hussain Training academy

Are you ready to take your dreams and make them a reality?
Our fast track accelerated learning courses will take you from a beginner to industry ready. We aim to equip every single student with not only a skill but mentor them on how to set up their business, advertise effectively and build them into confident industry leading bosses!

Our course content is in depth but is also simplified for those with little or no knowledge to make sure everyone who trains with us walks away and thrives in their chosen field.
We offer 6 of the most on demand hair extension courses available on the market. No matter what type of hair you want to extend we have a method for everyone!
Of course we had to bring you the fastest growing beauty treatments to train in! Classic lash & Russian lash courses.

Training is available on a 1-1 basis or in small groups of maximum 4 students.

All our courses are delivered by highly educated and skilled industry professionals.

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💥Thia Thursday & Friday 💥 Brow lamination & Lash lift and tint £250 each or get both for £299!! Super steal 😍💥 DM today ...
Adding brows to your services can increase your profit by £18-£35 per client! They are an easy upseller when you have a ...
Just starting out? This step by step process will ensure you set solid foundations when starting to build a clientele! 💚...
Visualisation is exercising the imagination, create what you would like and start to see you already in possession of it...
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Let's reprogram your mind to attract all that you want into your beauty business 😍 Affirmations and gratitude statements...
Brow services are one of the highest on demand services available! Almost every client will get their brows done or be e...
Everytime we want to make a decision if we don't make it quick this is what happens! There's a battle in the mind, your ...
HENNA BROW COURSE ⚠️⚠️ Monday availability price drop! £128 usually £250! DM to get booked in!!
People want freedom! ✨️🙌🏽Freedom to choose their own hours, freedom to earn their worth, freedom to work around children...





173A Doncaster Road

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
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