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April 2022 Making your business Work Training Online,
This one day accredited course helps you to begin to build and maintain your business profile and increase your client base. It will benefit anyone who is starting the self-employed journey or even if you have a recognised business but want to grow it. It offers what the next step is on your journey to a more successful business profile and how you might engage differently to a wider audience.
Booking www.iwtc


Hoping that 2022 is safe and pleasant for you.

Ian Wallace - YouTube 12/12/2021

When relationships breakdown it's never easy to understand why. It's sometimes because the couple is not spending enough time on their relationship but on the many other roles and responsibilities they have. Spend quality time together regularly to keep relationships going. More can be found at

Ian Wallace - YouTube IWTC is uniquely qualified in a range of business support and psychological helping skills and combine these for maximum effect for business and personal dev...

Separation and Divorce 24/11/2021

When a relationship comes to an end then its important that it can be amicable, so that any family members don't have to take sides or keep on of the partners emotionally safe. This video explores that process.

Separation and Divorce When a relationship comes to an end then its important that it can be amicable, so that any family members don't have to take sides or keep on of the partner...

jealousy 24/11/2021

jealousy Thoughts and ideas around Jealousy

facebook and bullying 24/11/2021

Thoughts on bullying by media

facebook and bullying Some thoughts and ideas around bullying using facebook or other media streams.

Symbolism 24/11/2021

Symbolism Understand what symbolism creates and how it manifests


Counselling rooms to let Sat Sun in a secure office building in wakefield/horbury. Contact [email protected] for more information.


When we have gone through a particular problematic issue and changed a negative restrictive process into a positive freeing one then it’s quite normal to find we are faced with a future wobble of whether we have truly changed, can it be sustained or was that just a dream or fantasy.
So wobbles are a normal experience for me, it identifies for me how much I have changed a benchmark of the journey I have been on and the position I am now in than I was previously.


Thinking or knowing: So many people think they know but in fact don't know. Thinking and knowing are two totally different things. If we think we know were basing that on our own perception without any current information to define it otherwise, which many of us do, then we use that as the reality.
Is it better to think or know?
In order to make a movement forward which is in reality and works then we have to engage with other input to know and not think we know. I could go for a bus which I think should come at a certain time but without any conversation with the bus I don't know if it will arrive at that time. Dialouge gives us reality which we can then work with keeping it in our own mind dosent


Defining ourselves

I see a lot of input on forums about how we, helpers, define ourselves and how our work might be classed as not good enough or we might have the imposter syndrome. In my view our work as Therapists, Counsellors etc is to help people to make sense of their world or to help them to see the choices they have and support them in getting there. I don’t have a view on how that happens or the magic pill to get there but lots of my client’s initially do believe that I’m going to save them. I have to strenuously challenge that view and I do loose some clients who only see that as what I should do for them, to take responsibility for them and their issue and advise how they might do things differently to make it go away.
In my view this would be a disastrous mistake as if we as individuals do not take responsibility for our position then no change can ever take place or changes made, its one of my guiding principles to look at when working with people, they have to take their responsibility for what is happening or where they are in their life. If a client chooses not to do these things, then no amount of good intention or professional experience will ever work so they make disconnect from me if they are unable to do this.
Now some people might see that as I having failed in my work, them disconnecting, but I see that as a success that they have been able to make a choice and disconnect from me, that is a movement of change that they have chosen to do. I don’t think we can ever fail we might not achieve the end result we believed we should but then its not us that should be constructing that end result, as its our perception of what a good ending should be and we are then possibly leading the client instead of walking with them on their journey.
The only failure we can ever make in my opinion is if we judge someone harshly, disrespect or abuse them in some way or professionally accept work outside our competency. So don’t worry whether you have done a good job or not if a client makes a choice and we have been involved in that choice in any way then you have done a good job. Reflection of our practice is good and essential, assassination of us or our practice is not.


Debate or discuss which is better. If we debate were trying to not only get people to see our point of view but to impose that over there view. To discuss offers our view but respects there view and brings together both ideas to share an understanding.


Monthly bite-size learning - Tools and Interventions - for Counsellors and Psychotherapists
Monthly sessions are for 2 hours on Zoom, on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm - make a note in your diary to join Ian for a fun, informative and useful way to fill up that CPD record for the year for the cost of a cinema ticket.
Each one costs only £12, a value for money experience to build up your knowledge and skills and connect to colleagues.
To book, send an email to: [email protected] . We will send you a booking form showing the whole programme, you can book one meeting or as many as you want.
Individual Counsellors are welcome. Organisations are welcome to book for their staff. Invoices will be provided where wanted - there's a tick box on the booking form to request an invoice.

Please note that these are live presentations, not pre-recordings.
Ian is presenting:
Friday 26th March 2021 "Communication - getting the best connection"
Thursday 22nd April 2021 "Systems - we're all affected by them"
Thursday 27th May 2021 "Insecurities, drivers and reactions"
Thursday 24th June 2021 " Therapeutic information resources"
Thursday 22nd July 2021 " Couples - from conflict to harmony"
Thursday 21st August 2021 "Communication - getting the best connection"
Thursday 23rd September 2021 "Safe working with abuse presentations"

IWCT Ltd 05/03/2021

Extend your undestanding of Systemic connections and interventions May 7th and 8th
The accredited course is offered over 2 days via an online Zoom learning environment.
Day One:
• Family dynamics
• Therapeutic bonding
• Attachment and systemic theory
• Intergenerational, Family of Origin, Societal influences
• Systemic fit
• Relationship styles
Day Two:
• Diversity and blended families
• Perception and reality
• Communication
• Reflective practice
• Argument resolution
• Practice opportunities

IWCT Ltd Pinnacle Team 1 provide personal and business coaching in Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford and across West Yorkshire. Executive coaching and business training for corporate and personal development across West Yorkshire. Counselling training courses are also offered.


It's not what happens to us but how we react to it which shapes our world.

IWCT Ltd 26/02/2021

March/April 2021

Come join me in this rewarding and lucrative training to help any relationship heal, communicate have a better-quality connection. This investment, which you can re-coup in just 16 sessions of Client work, at an average session cost of £60, is highly rewarding and helps to bring people together no matter what relationships they have.

The course is over 8 days starting in March and is accredited gives you not only a solid understanding of how to work with the triad relationship but lots of tools and ways to understand and investigate why relationships go wrong and how to build better quality ones which last for the future. Contact Ian at for booking details and more information.

IWCT Ltd Pinnacle Team 1 provide personal and business coaching in Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford and across West Yorkshire. Executive coaching and business training for corporate and personal development across West Yorkshire. Counselling training courses are also offered.


The whole country feels isolation at present on top of that I suppose a whole lot of real fear will be present too.
I feel that if we choose to isolate our selves at least we are in control if another person or authority tells us to isolate or who we can mix with it brings up a whole different process and feelings.
Most humans are sociable animals, to a lesser or greater degree, and as such crave other human connections so any restriction of connection is against our norm and as such feels uncomfortable. which might elicit stronger feelings for you of frustration and maybe even anger.

The only upside is that at some point life will change again so we can again connect, hug, share time and be free to make our own choices.

Lying or making things up 19/10/2020

Lying or making things up When people seem to be lying they are not always doing so through a process of awareness of what they are doing but it may just be a sub-conscious reaction to a behavioural norm. What I mean is that if they have grown up in an environment where they have felt criticised or challenged of their ideas


When you look to your past don't dwell on it but allow it to inform your future choices. You can't change the past but you can your future.


Professional and established Counselling services for over 20 years which is based in Wakefield, West York's but we offer services via the internet as well to reach Client's further afield.

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