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Heart cell Cymatics .

"This image shows the ‘cymatics’, or geometric resonance patterns created in heart cells when applying various sounds. In bio-acoustic sound medicine, is taught that sounds are imprinting every cell and science continues to prove this ancient axiom.

Cardiologist Sean Wu, MD, PhD and Utkan Demirci, PhD, an acoustic bio-engineer use acoustics to manipulate heart cells into intricate patterns. A simple change in frequency and amplitude puts the cells in motion, guides them to a new position and holds them in place. Acoustics can create a form that resembles natural cardiac tissue. With sound they can create new tissue to replace parts of damaged hearts. Acoustics can be used in reconstructing other organ tissue and blood vessels.

Sounds are use to create and harmonize, as well as clean and release. Both principles are used in science using high precision acoustical generators. The same principles can be applied safely by individuals using non-invasive, natural harmonic sounds, such as our voices and acoustic instruments."


Triggers reveal what you need to heal. Triggers are your teachers.


Patience visited me
And it reminded me
That good things take time to come to fruition
And grow slowly with stability

Peace visited me
And it reminded me
That I may remain calm through the storms of life
Regardless of the chaos surrounding me

Hope visited me
And it reminded me
That better times lay ahead
And it would always be there to guide and uplift me

Humility visited me
And it reminded me
That I may achieve it
Not by trying to shrink myself and make myself less
But by focusing on serving the world and uplifting those around me

Kindness visited me
And it reminded me
To be more gentle, forgiving and compassionate toward myself
And those surrounding me

Confidence visited me
And it reminded me
To not conceal or suppress my gifts and talents
In order to make others feel more comfortable
But to embrace what makes me me

Focus visited me
And it reminded me
That other people’s insecurities and judgements about me
Are not my problem
And I should redirect my attention
From others back to me

Freedom visited me
And it reminded me
That no one has control over my mindset, thoughts and wellbeing
But me

And love visited me
And it reminded me
That I need not search for it in others
As it lies within me.

Words by Tahlia Hunter
Artwork by Jungsuk Lee
Shared from The Soul Journey with Sarah Moussa


Advice from The Beatles ❤️



Happy Autumn Equinox ###


🌞 ludlow market May 21



Take a moment and breathe, give your whole attention to your breathing,
While saying , "I am safe, I feel safe, I know that I am safe.."


Be still, let go, awaken...





Eat to Beat Cancer

In Chris Woollams´ book for CANCERactive, The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer, he tells you what foods have been shown in research to be Protective and Corrective. The fact is the pigment in many foods is the bioactive natural compound that has strong anti-cancer properties. Across the week you should eat a rainbow of colours: So base your diet around foods like -

Fresh garlic, leeks, onions, spring onions, radishes - for example, garlic is known to contain a number of anti-cancer agents and is believed to help stop cancer spreading and blood supplies forming to new tumours.

Pulses - for thousands of years we have eaten broad beans, peas and pulses providing phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens that are far, far weaker than human oestrogens) to protect us especially against the spread of hormonally driven cancers.

Glycoproteins and polysaccharides - Four Nobel Prizes for medicine in the last dozen years have been won for discoveries on these natural compounds which help cells communicate -good for your immune system´s ability to see friends and foes. Foods include aloe vera, echinacea, turmeric, pectins (e.g. apples and pears), arabinogalactans (e.g. in oats, psyllium, coconut, tomatoes, carrots, brown rice). Even red wine and mother´s milk contain these important protective factors that encourage better messaging between cells. In the US they are now called "Super carbs" or monosaccharides but are actually neither. Probably the best studied are Medicinal Mushrooms like Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps which are beta-glucan polysaccharides. (see below).

Dark Red foods - like beetroot, dark plums, aubergines, red grapes, blueberries etc which provide anthocyanins, known to kill cancer cells, and/or polyphenols such as resveratrol and quercitin which both have anti-cancer effects.

Bright colours - for example, red and yellow peppers, peaches, apricots, watermelon, for carotenoids, known to restrict cancers like breast cancer.

Greens - Kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage for vitamin K, phytoestrogens and indole 3 carbinol.

Sprouting seeds - for sulphoraphanes, which have strong anti-cancer activity.

Nuts and seeds try a breakfast of a little organic muesli, boosted by organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds and crushed flaxseed/linseeds. Great for B vitamins like folic acid and biotin to help protect DNA, cellular oxygenation and detoxifying lignans.

Bitter foods - like watercress, gooseberries, cranberries, blackberries, wild strawberries. Or almonds, cashew nuts, millet, buckwheat and apricot kernels all of which contain fibre and a variety of natural compounds (yes, including B-17, which people like Dr Contreras at the Oasis of Hope calls ´nature´s chemotherapy´).

Notable additions - Green tea, olive oil, fennel, oregano, turmeric/curcumin to boost your immune system and kill yeasts.

Switch out of cows´ dairy - to a little goats´ cheese, soya and rice milk. Swap red meat for game and oily fish (although research shows eating oily fish comes second to taking a supplement of fish oils everyday).

Eat more mushrooms, apples, organic brown rice, Manuka Honey (grade 12) and onions. We could go on. There is research on everything from the benefits of quercitin against cancer to the ability of medicinal mushrooms to cut oestrogen and boost the immune system. It is all in The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer. Importantly, avoid fried food or burning on the grill and eat more raw foods. Avoid beers and spirits, although the occasional red wine seems (from research, you understand!) to help.

Click here to read about The Rainbow Diet

4. Diet alone won´t suffice!

Your cancer is as individual as you are, so your treatment package needs to be tailored specifically to you and your cancer. At least half of all cancers are caused by poor lifestyle. Other cancers may be caused by environmental toxins or parasites. Cancer can take six or more years to develop.

So please understand that trying to find the possible cause is crucial. You can take anti-parasite purges and you can eat foods to remove harmful chemicals from your body.

But, don´t expect a ´cure´ in six weeks. You will need to undo the six or more years of damage and rebuild your whole life. A new you is needed. What are you waiting for!?

Maintain an ideal weight

65 per cent of adults in the UK are overweight and 22 per cent are actually defined as obese. We have women 55 to 60 pounds (25 kgs) overweight write to us and describe themselves as a little chubby.

Being overweight increases your risk of cancer by 40 to 60 per cent depending upon the research study. With smoking the increased "risk" is only 25 per cent.

If you are overweight, you should try to adopt a normal weight profile. While research is clear that overweight people with cancer survive less, Northwestern University Medical School in the USA showed that it was never too late to start weight control. People with cancer who deliberately lost weight improved their survival times.

As we said at the start, there is increasing evidence (and a planned clinical trial) in favour of Calorie Restriction during treatment. Calorie Restriction is known to release hormones called sirtuins in the body (resveratrol has the same effect) and these can be very protective.


You should exercise, even the least strenuous forms of yoga. It will move your lymph, taking toxins from your cells; it will add oxygen into your blood by getting you to breathe better and it will reduce levels of toxins in the body and rebalance hormones. We do, however, understand that for some people on chemotherapy this is just impossible.

The simple fact is that research shows that light daily exercise of about 30 minutes duration helps improve survival rates by up to 50 per cent.

5. The American Cancer Society Agrees

It was no surprise to us to read the 2012 report of the American Cancer Society into complementary therapies. As we said above, it talks of an ´explosion´ of research since 2006, and ´overwhelming´ evidence that diet and exercise plus weight control not only increases survival times, they can keep you cancer-free.

Do you really want to pig out on sticky buns, cheeseburgers and milky, sugary tea?

Real, whole food in the colours of the rainbow, with high natural fibre is the answer. Good fats; no glucose or empty sugars, refined carbohydrates. As the researchers in the NCI said, you can eat the foods, or the bioactive ingredients can be consumed as supplements.

Be clear, we do not believe any drug or supplement is a ´cure´ for cancer. At the end of the day, it is your body that kicks it out. Arm your body. Don´t weaken it.


Prevention is everything. When it comes to supplements we are not great fans of high street synthetic products. But if you are already considering buying natural compounds and/or toxin-free products, there are several good websites to consider - for example, you might like to look at the Natural Selection ´Products of Choice´. They only sell whole, naturally-sourced supplements, along with toxin-free products. None is a cure or treatment for cancer, but we use them because they´re the best on the market.


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