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Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd


🧁🌹Thank you cupcakes 🧁🦄

Today was very emotional as my little boy left nursery, my little girl left year one and my other little boy left year 3 🥺

They all wanted to thank their teachers and what better way to do it than with cake 😍🧁🦄🌹

All personalised with teachers names and a special box for puddle ducks staff 🧁💕

Can you spot the extra special box for the bravest little girl I know Dulcie’s Neuroblastoma Journey for an end of term treat from my little Clara 💕🦄 she wanted to make Dulcie smile with some unicorn cupcakes for the class of 2022 from

Thank you to everyone in year one Lawley Primary School and also to everyone at Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd who have been amazing this year 💕

⭐️ What an exciting day for all our September school starters. ⭐️
Have you had your school admissions email? 🥰

Here is a Special Offer available right now. NOW £8.99 (RRP £12.99)
Get Ready for School Wipe-clean activity pack 4+
A set of 4 wipe clean books and special pen, all contained in a smart carry case - your very first school bag.🥰
Help your new school starter to -
⭐️ Develop pen control and hand eye co-ordination
⭐️ Practice letter and number formation
⭐️Learn through repetition
⭐️Build resilience

Includes reduced-size versions of Wipe-Clean Alphabet, Wipe-Clean 123, Wipe-Clean First Letters, Wipe-Clean Ready for Writing.
Delivery details: FREE local delivery in Telford area. Direct deliveries £3.50. All direct deliveries over £25 - postage free - contact me to benefit from this offer.

Message me, visit the Book Nook Mrs B's Book Nook or visit Melanie Buttery Independent Usborne Partner to place an order.
Sticker books - aren't they fantastic?

And we have one especially for our littlies that are starting school in September.

The 'Starting School Sticker Book' is a colourful book, packed with over 100 stickers, that your little one can use to help the characters get dressed, pack their bags and participate in lunchtime, playtime and much, much more.

Sticker Books are invaluable in helping your child's development. As well as exploring what school is all about, this 'Starting School Sticker Book' also promotes:

⭐️ good communication skills - there is lots to share and discuss about in each picture
⭐️ vocabulary development - time to learn new words relating to life in school
⭐️ personal and social development - chance for your child to ask questions and share how they feel about starting school
⭐️ storytelling skills - create your own stories for each of the characters
⭐️ fine motor development - crucial for making our fingers work, manipulating the stickers and getting our fingers ready to hold our pencil.

Over 100 stickers, 32 pages and all the above learning potential for just £5.99

Delivery details: Local orders in Telford are free. Direct delivery orders are £3.50. All direct delivery orders over £25 are delivery free - contact me to take advantage of this offer.

Message me, visit my Book Nook Mrs B's Book Nook or Melanie Buttery Independent Usborne Partner to place an order.
⭐️It"s school admissions day for our September starters. ⭐️

Today is the day when parents find out where their Reception age child is heading in September - fingers crossed they all get what they have wished for.

Even if your child or grandchild has been to a Nursery, starting school can be very worrying and scary.

🤔 What if I don't know where the toilets are?

😳What if I don't know where to put my coat?

😮 What happens at lunchtime?

🙄 What if I don't know anyone?

This 'First Experiences Going to School' book aims to reassure even the most anxious of our little ones. The illustrations are full of fun details and give you lots to talk about. At £4.99, this is the perfect book to share in the preparation for their first day at 'big school'.

Please message me, visit my Book Nook of Melanie Buttery Independent Usborne Partner to place an order.
It was lovely to deliver these gorgeous bookmarks to the children at Puddleducks today to say a big thank you for taking part in the Ready Steady Listen.
We have had a good week enjoying all the activities.
Next week our role play will be a farm shop and we have the farm in the construction area. We will be reading the book the Little Red Hen.
If you have any photographs of visiting the farm please bring them in or send them via WhatsApp 😊😊
🧁 cupcakes 🧁

Little duck cupcakes today 🦆🧁

These little curries went out for pd day at Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd and they went down a treat 😋🧁

Vanilla cupcakes with a blue vanilla buttercream, little fondant ducks and puddle ducks fondant toppers in a marbled blue fondant 🧁🦆

Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd is a nursery providing childcare for children aged 2-4 years.

Operating as usual

Photos from PODS (Parents Opening Doors)'s post 16/07/2023

Photos from PODS (Parents Opening Doors)'s post

Photos from Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd's post 13/07/2023

Today we have been talking about emotions and painting pictures of our emotions and painting stones for the coronation display


For our last week staff will be taking part in wearing summer/own clothes and we invite children to come in wearing clothes they feel happy wearing or “summer” clothes. In the hope ☀️ makes a reappearance.

Photos from BBC Tiny Happy People's post 12/07/2023

Photos from BBC Tiny Happy People's post


We are getting near to our last week of term. We are really hoping that the weather picks up and we can have paddling pool out one day for the children. Please come back summer! ☀️

A reminder our survey for leavers has gone out and newsletters (paper copies will be sent out soon).

Our leavers stay is Wednesday 19th July 1-2pm where we will also be doing our leavers presentation.


This week will be all about ourselves and being ready for school.
We will be doing lots of activities including talking and drawing emotions. Talking and drawing/painting schools. We will be making play dough which has lots of learning opportunities including maths. Communication and language. And having a milk/paint experiment.

Out end of term newsletter will be coming out next week with reminders of what’s going on for the last week.

An email was sent out last week with leavers survey for parents of children leaving not had many responses. We do value parents/carers feedback so please let me know if you haven’t received this.


Photos from PODS (Parents Opening Doors)'s post 10/07/2023

Photos from PODS (Parents Opening Doors)'s post


Potty training your little one over the summer? 💪 Here are 8 tips from the experts to help you get started 🙌⁣

We would love to hear your tips below 👇

Photos from BVT in Lawley Village's post 06/07/2023

Photos from BVT in Lawley Village's post

Photos from Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd's post 06/07/2023

Today we have used some of the potatoes we grew to do potato printing


⚠️ BURNS ⚠️
Just a reminder and one that many people may not think about…
We always talk about removing jewellery or clothing from the affected area BUT…
…If your little one is in nappies please remove their nappy if hot liquid is spilled over them. The nappy is SUPER ABSORBENT and absorbs the water and heats up fast! (There’s a video on our socials!)

🙏 Please share with anyone you know to spread awareness. I really want to get this message to as many people as I can!

The treatment for burns remains the same,
once the nappy is off, to cool the affected area for ⏰ 20 mins under 🚰 cool (not cold or freezing) running water and cover with cling film (do not touch or put anything fluffy that’ll stick to it) and take to hospital.

Remember to only cool the affected part of the body and keep the rest of the person warm to avoid hypothermia and the water needs to be a constant flow. The cooling process is effective for up to 2 hours after the initial burn.

We talk through burns in both our Baby & Child and our Adult Awareness classes if you would like to come along to learn what to do in an emergency.

Visit: https://linktr.ee/shwmfa
To find out where and when our classes run or find out more about how we can come to your house for a private class with family and friends 🏠


Come and find out about all sorts of activities. We'd love to know about your experiences of local services too :) come find us on PODS stall and check out our sensory tent 11-7pm


Today we made and explored moon sand and had lots of love words being used to describe it.

*school leavers* an email has been sent out about some upcoming events and also a survey with the email.

*breakfast club* can we please ask for July sessions to be pre booked so invoices can be forwarded before we finish.

A newsletter will be coming out shortly with more information about the last couple of weeks.


A reminder that invoices for June have been sent out and due to be paid by 5th July. Many thanks


Summer Fest at Lawley. This looks fantastic - please can we get some shares? Saturday July 8th 13:00 to 21:00.
See you there!

Photos from Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd's post 03/07/2023

This week is all about getting ready for school. If anyone has any old uniform for other local schools we are in need of some more please.

Photos from Is it time to play?'s post 03/07/2023

This week we are going to be talking about the next step of starting school for our children going up to primary school. We will have different activities out helping your children become ‘school ready”.


We do encourage children to explore the paints mud kitchen and general messy play. They are learning so much through doing this.



Your monthly reminder that you're doing amazing and your child loves you 🥰❤️

Tag someone below who often forgets how amazing they are 🌟


We will be finishing off our caterpillar/butterfly theme tomorrow by making butterfly cakes.
The children have enjoyed learning and watching the caterpillars change to butterflies.

Invoices have gone out for July childcare and breakfast club/consumables going out tomorrow.


Great excitement today releasing our butterflies.
Tomorrow is symmetry butterfly painting and Friday making butterfly cakes 🦋

Next week we will be working with all the children going to primary school and having items around the room to encourage school readiness. 📚


Have you got a little one who is moving on up to school soon?

The BookTrust have put together a list of books and stories that you might like to read together to help them feel more prepared.

Follow the link below to find out more - and do let us know your favourites!


Clearance- Small ride ons.

£6 each. Collection from session.

If interested, please private message me as comments don't always show.

Photos from Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd's post 26/06/2023

Very exiting today to come in and see we have butterflies 🦋🦋 we have collected flowers and fruit for them to feed on today before we release them.

Carrying on the mini beast theme today we have been finger painting insects and lots of lovely communication about insects

23 summer activities to do in 2023 25/06/2023

23 summer activities to do in 2023

23 summer activities to do in 2023 Read our top 23 free, fun and imaginative summer activities to do at home or outside. Our creative summer family activities will keep your children entertained and happy all day long.



Join us for the Short Breaks Market Place Event on 5 July! This event is for anyone who cares for a child or young person with a disability. It's an opportunity to find out out more, in one place, about different services and support available to you.

There will be yoga taster sessions, a sensory tent and other taster activities; information from local partners; drinks and snacks as well as a chill out zone to make the most of the day!

The important bits...
📅 5th July 2023
⏰ 11am - 7pm
📌 CVS, Hazeldine House, Central Telford, Telford, TF3 4JL

So come and join us - we'd love to see you there 👋 And, if you know someone this might benefit, please share and tag them in!

Telford & Wrekin Council Leisure PODS (Parents Opening Doors) My Options - Activity, Wellbeing & Care Fostering for Telford & Wrekin Telford & Wrekin CVS


We have had a lovely week and still waiting patiently for the butterflies to come out.
Next week we will be doing lots of lovely things about butterflies and have put a list on the notice board of some of the things we are doing.

Policy of the month has gone out today. This has gone by email if you receive letters that way. Please let us know if you are not receiving information.

An email was also sent out asking for any ideas for any other ways we can keep parents/carers updated. We do WhatsApp social media newsletters and next step meetings but please if you can think of anything else please let us know.

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.


*whispering* the school summer holidays are just around the corner …. this year is a tough one for so many people with rising costs of everything.

I’ve been looking at our summer and want to keep the costs down as low as possible.

Since becoming a single mum in 2019 , I’ve been signed up to a few subscriptions which allow me to pay monthly so that the boys and I can do things as much as we can over the year. I pay monthly for these things so it’s not as hard on the purse when we want to do things.

Mine include;

National Trust Membership £12.20 a month - we use this a lot over the year.

This is for 2 adults and their children and includes car parking at most of their parks. (I avoid the ones that do charge)… so this is for my boyfriend and his son and me and my 2 boys … we pack a picnic up and normally the only expense is an ice cream
for them all, so it’s a relatively cheap day out.

Chester Zoo: Of Course we have a membership here, we’ve had this since they name a giraffe after our Millie. ❤️ This is around £16 a month for my boys and I and we probably visit 6-8 times a year for this. If you visit twice a year, then you’ve gained your membership money’s worth. Again pack a picnic… you save so much money this way. 🧺

Cineworld: My boys love the flicks, their dad and I got this as memeenship for them as a Christmas Present. (I’m a big fan of experiences as gifts). It’s £16.99 per person and you can go as many times as you like for this amount, again - we definitely get our money’s worth, we went twice last week (Transformers and Flash - which are both fab films by the way 🎥 ). Take your own snacks, I’ve been teaching the boys this recently … showing them the costs of things in the cinema and what they get across the road at Tesco instead for much less.

So a lot of the above (and swimming at my gym) are going to take up a lot of our summer, so keeping the costs down more than other summers. and the boys won’t have a clue, they just enjoy doing anything fun.

A lot of us are in the same position at the moment, trying to keep costs as low as possible preparing in our heads for the unstable financial times that we are currently in and possibly coming.

It’s ok to want to budget, to look at the future and plan and try and get yourself straight. A lot of us have debt that we don’t want but sometimes cars break, people lose jobs, the country gets shut down! And we have to deal with it when it happens.

Budgeting, cutting costs and saving if it’s only a little is nothing to be ashamed off - to me it’s being sensible and it’s something I’ve been doing a lot much recently and it’s making me realise that I get the debit card out far too often !

Anyway, back to the summer, as well as the above … we’ll be building dens in the woods, playing in the pool in the garden, having homemade pizza and films nights, getting creative with art and crafts things made from things we find in the house and garden and having friends round for play dates (and mummy drinks of course 😛) ….

Comment below with what things you’ll be doing this summer to keep the kids entertained at low costs # #


We have been watching our potatoes grow and learning about taking care of plants. Making sure we look after them by watering them. Today the children picked the potatoes and we will be tasting these soon. Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of our world.


⚠️Recall alert: Asda is recalling eight George Home sleeping bags for ages 0-36 months. This is because there’s a risk that the snap buttons on the bags can become loose and may detach. This makes them a potential choking hazard.

If you own one of the affected bags, stop using it immediately and return it in-store for a full refund.

The affected products are:

Happy Floral Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5057172999958, 5057172999965, 5057172999972

Stitch Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5063089070925, 5063089070932, 5063089070944

The Lion King Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5057172999835, 5057172999842, 5057172999859

2pk Natural Safari Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5063089070895, 5063089070901, 5063089070918

Rainbow Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5057172999897, 5057172999903, 5057172999910

Dino Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5057172999989, 5057172999996, 5063089000007

Dumbo Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog.
Barcodes: 5063089000014, 5063089000021, 5063089000038

Bunny Floral Sleep Bag, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months, 1 tog
Barcodes: 5057172999927, 5057172999934, 5 5057172999941

Photos from Puddleducks Under Fives Ltd's post 19/06/2023

Today we have started to look at sunflowers and part of our role play is set up as a garden centre.


Lots of excitement today to discover our caterpillars have gone into cocoons over the weekend. Watching now for our butterflies to emerge.


PODS are delighted to be running another SEN holiday scheme over the Summer period. We have made a further alterations to the program based on feedback, we will be offering sessions of varying lengths and differing themes, so hopefully something for everyone.
Please carefully read the details and costs for each session before making your selection as they differ for each one.
As before all children/young people aged 0-25 with an additional need and/or a disability are welcome, including their siblings. All children/young adults will be provided with lunch and refreshments to either eat during the sessions or takeaway, we will also be trialling picnic lunches for parents for a small cost at some sessions. There will be plenty of staff on hand to support and assist families, but please note parents/carers must remain onsite at all times. Each family will only initially be allocated one date, to allow as many families as possible to access the scheme.
Please request your session by following the link below, booking closes midday Monday 26th June, you will be notified of your allocation by 3rd July, payments for the sessions will be due no later than 10th July, failure to pay will result in the cancellation of the session, if you have any payment difficulties please contact us in the strictest of confidence as we can help. For any queries or questions please email [email protected]


Wednesday 26th July 10am - 1pm Help us make our next cookbook by joining us for a fun session of baking at the Hub, all ingredients will be provided. £3 per child.

Saturday 29th July 8.30am - 7pm Rhyl coach trip for all the family, either join us at our base camp on the beach or go off and explore the area. £5 per person.

Tuesday 1st August 9.30am - 3pm British Ironworks coach trip, join us on the walk and spot all the different animals, before enjoying the park. £5 per person.

Thursday 3rd August 10am - 1pm Help us make our next cookbook by joining us for a fun session of baking at the Hub, all ingredients will be provided. £3 per child.

Friday 11th August 9am - 3.30pm Crocky Trail coach trip, are you brave enough to take on the huge slides? Can you find your way around the trail? £6 per person.

Monday 14th August 10am - 12pm Join us at the hub for a session of Minecraft, coding, games and Lego £3 per child.
Friday 18th August 10am - 1.15pm Fancy cooling down in the heat? Then join us at the Ice Ring for a session of skating followed by fun in the soft play. £4 per child.

Wednesday 23rd August 10am - 2.15pm Cosford coach trip, a great day out for plane fans and after exploring the museum why not try out the park. £4 per person.

Friday 25th August 10am - 12pm Do you enjoy gardening? Then come along to the hub and plant some seedlings to take home and watch grow. £3 per child.


Happy Father’s Day. We hope you have a lovely day whatever you are doing 🥰

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