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The Teddington Centre offers individualised maths and English study programmes which help children o

This page is administered by a Kumon franchisee and whilst there may be facts expressed on the page, any opinions given are not necessarily representative of Kumon. I have been helping children reach their potential in maths and/or English for over 10 years, and I am passionate to reach as many children in the Teddington area, whether they are struggling at school, or are wanting to improve overal

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Speaking of technology - we think our digital offering Kumon Connect is the perfect blend of old meets new. Better monitoring of our students and easier to transport (to name a few) with all the benefits of handwriting and pencil skills through its stylus only operation. Email [email protected] to find out more.


Technology is a wonderful thing but leaves little to the imagination. Here at Kumon, we encourage all our students to get their brains active and promote creative thinking. To find out more visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington


With text and email on the rise, the skills of essay writing are on the decline. Be it spelling, grammar or punctuation, our study techniques cover all these elements - plus handwriting! Email [email protected] to find out more about how our daily study routine can get your child enjoying essay writing again!


Our study programme comes without age or ability restrictions. We have students across the world from as young as 3 to over 80 years in age. Because of how our study program works, student development is based on their ability, but we always recommend starting younger to reap the biggest rewards. To find out if Kumon might be right for your family, please visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre 18/02/2024

Get it whilst you still can. Whether you're looking for your child to start a second subject, interested in a sibling joining or are new to Kumon altogether. Our free trial is a no obligation pass to try one week of classes (and homework) so you can discover just how easy our study programme fits into your daily schedule. Visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington to get your free trial started.

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre The Kumon Teddington Study Centre provides programmes for students of all ages and abilities.


Our assessment is a relaxed way for our instructors to get to know your child. We're not there to test how much they know or put them under any unnecessary pressure. Instead, it's an opportunity for our experienced instructors to find out where they may have sticking points in their studies and start planning a way to guide them through those obstacles. To book your free assessment email [email protected]


Kumon was started way back in 1954, meaning our study methods have been studied for the last 70 years across the world. Toru Kumon saw that his son Takeshi was not excelling in maths at school. To help him improve he wrote out maths worksheets for his son to complete daily and so the Kumon method of study was born. Learn more at www.kumon.co.uk/teddington


Our free trial campaign is a chance to give Kumon a go, with no obligation to sign up at the end. It gives you access to a normal week of Kumon including class and homework, so you can discover just how easy it is to complete your daily study routine. To get started, book your free assessment at www.kumon.co.uk/teddington


Have you heard about our digital study platform? It packs all the benefits of our traditional paper methods, but allows our instructors daily feedback, monitoring and marking of your child’s homework. To learn more about the benefits of going online, please email [email protected]

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre 09/02/2024

Children have many wonderful ways of getting the right answer, although many lead to lazy or bad study habits. Our programme provides a platform for children to start taking ownership of their own studies, providing confidence and independence along the way. Visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington for more information.

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre The Kumon Teddington Study Centre provides programmes for students of all ages and abilities.


Here at Kumon, we offer the option of paper or digital study. If you’re worried about the amount of time your child spends on the internet, search ‘Safer Internet Day’ for more information on how to keep your child safe online. Alternatively, if you would rather them use their digital allowance to further their studies, give us a call on 07905 246 335.


Still not sure if a daily study programme is right for your child? We think you’ll find it surprisingly easy to fit it in your schedule. As such, we’re giving you the chance to try it free for one week and if you’re not satisfied, there’s no obligation to sign up at the end. Email [email protected] to book yours now.


Many young children fall out of love with reading and stories, because they don’t have the comprehension to match their reading ability. Imagine reading a book in French. Most of us could read it, but not many would understand the words. To help your child discover the world of storytelling, please visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington


Take a break. If your child studies both subjects with us, allow them a short break in-between subjects to refresh their focus. Alternatively, have them complete their least favourite topic at breakfast and the second when they get home from school. For more tips on how to make the most of your studies, please call 07905 246 335.


For a limited time only, we’re bringing back our free trial offer. Not sure if Kumon is for you, or wanting to trial a second subject? Now you can do it for a week, with no obligation to sign up at the end. Email [email protected] to find out more.

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre 30/01/2024

Is now the time to try our free assessment process? It's a stress-free way for our instructors to determine exactly what your child knows and where they find things more challenging. We can then explain exactly how the process works and how it will benefit your child. Ready to get started? Visit

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre The Kumon Teddington Study Centre provides programmes for students of all ages and abilities.


Storytelling is a great way to boost a child's handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar whilst also providing an environment for their imagination to flourish. If your child struggles with any of this, why not speak to our instructor about how our English programme can support their development? Call 07905 246 335 for more information.


Putting your own mental health first is a great way to boost your child's stability. Kumon can help remove any worries, in regard to their education, whilst providing students the strength to be independent and help release tension within the family unit. Visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington to find out more about how Kumon can support your family.


Your referrals and recommendations are what allow us to keep offering an unbeatable service - but did you know you can earn a £20 Love2Shop voucher for each family who sign up through your referral? Email [email protected] for more information.


A celebration of the famous Scottish poet and author. Our Kumon English programme covers events from across the world, to provide a great understanding of the English language but also educate students on different cultures, history and more. Call 07905 246 335 to find out more.


Kumon Connect is growing in numbers week by week. We've seen student handwriting improve, sums calculated faster and a higher percentage of homework completed since moving to the digital platform. To find out more, please email [email protected]


As well as math and English skills, our programme put emphasis on accuracy, speed and independence to ensure our students have all they need to excel in any exams they face. To find out more, please visit www.kumon.co.uk/teddington


Do you think your child's school could benefit from a partnership with Kumon? Email [email protected] to find out exactly how our program can integrate with their school curriculum.


The adventures of Winnie the Pooh have been translated into over 50 languages, meaning no matter where you study Kumon, there's a chance for you to enjoy the writings of A. A. Milne. Reading is a wonderful way to expand your child's vocabulary and comprehension. For more help with English studies call 07905 246 335 to find out more about our Kumon English program.


Whilst we may be known internationally for our Math and English programmes, Kumon provides much more value to a student's education than just academic improvement. By providing a student with the skills they need to succeed and the confidence to tackle problems, no matter how hard, we can provide each child with a lifelong love of learning. Email [email protected] to find out more.


Our methods put a lot of emphasis on independent learning. This allows a student to develop at their own pace and tackle more challenging problems head-on. In the long term, this confidence transfers into exams and life giving all our students a stable base to build on. Call 07905 246 335 to find out more.


We love this quote from Dr Suess. Reading not only improves language skills but helps a child's imagination flourish. The knowledge they learn along the way will also help them develop, broaden their horizons, and open up a world of opportunities. Reading is at the heart of everything we do in our English programme. To find out more please email [email protected]

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre 09/01/2024

For those students who are intimidated by time with their studies, Kumon Connect may offer the perfect solution. Students can either actively time their worksheets or have the app monitor them in the background (unseen). To find out more about Kumon Connect, visit

Welcome to the Kumon Teddington Study Centre The Kumon Teddington Study Centre provides programmes for students of all ages and abilities.


Did you know that the Kumon method of study is an international success story. Outside of the UK, Kumon is studied in over 60 countries and on almost every continent, proving that no matter what your background or ability, our instructors can help you shine. To find out more please email [email protected]


Marking your child's work may feel like a hassle but it's a great way to accelerate their learning. By highlighting their mistakes, a student can identify where they've gone wrong and develop a deeper understanding of the topic. It also prevents them from forming bad habits that can be time-consuming to correct. If marking is an issue for your family, email [email protected] to find out how Kumon Connect may be your solution.

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